How the installation of Social Media Icons can help you to build an online business that may lead to a wealthy retirement .

“My original goal was to retire at 55 by investing in the stock market.  That didn’t work out so my new goal is to retire at 60 by building an online business.” ~ Yanob


social media icons and buttonsOne important aspect of building an online business is knowing how to understand and effectively use social media.  Social media icons (or buttons) are everywhere these days and if you have an online business and you’re not using them you’re leaving money on the table.

Just think of the benefits of using them;

1.  They allow you to share to share your best content (which should be all of your content) with your audience.
2.  They allow your audience to share your content with everyone in their social networks.
3.  Making your site more social makes it more engaging which builds trust.
4.  Making your site more social extends it’s reach which translates into more traffic.

If you’re building an online business there are three things you need to know about social media;

1.  You need to know how to install social media icons.
2.  You need to know which ones to install.
3.  You need to know what social media mistakes you need to avoid.


How to Install Social Media Icons and Buttons on Your Word Press Website

This video from Kyle from the Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Boot Camp will walk you through the process of installing the appropriate icons and buttons on your Word Press website;

how to add social media icons to wordpress

add social media icons buttons to word press


Which Social Media Icons and Buttons You Should Install and Why

00 a google plus buttonI like Google + a lot because it’s a trusted platform and it’s really starting to take off.  It took a while for me to figure it out but it’s really easy to use and it really helps you to extend your reach.


facebook like iconFacebook is still one of the big kids on the block but you may want to create a separate page strictly for your online business.  The nice thing about the like button is that, for many people, clicking the “like” button is not as intimidating as writing out a comment.  So don’t be surprised if you get more likes than comments.

twitter iconTwitter is great and as long as you’re not posting anything stupid (which a surprisingly large number of people do) you’ll be able to extend your reach and expand your audience.  And like the Facebook like button, re-tweeting content is something your audience will find quick and easy to do.  Let’s face it, most people won’t take the time to leave a comment unless they are really compelled to do so.  So make sure your content is as good as it can be (and it doesn’t have to be perfect).

pinterest iconPinterest is great especially if you have a lot of great images to go along with your awesome content.  Pinterest may still be a little under the radar for some but it is growing very fast.  It’s also very easy to get followers, re-pins, and likes.  One piece of advice; don’t give your audience the impression that you’re just trying to sell them something.

you tube iconYoutube is good if you have videos to share.  Again it may be a good idea to create a separate business account.  Some people are put off by creating their own videos but if you look around you can find Youtube videos that are relevant to your website that you can embed on your site.


00 a linked in buttonLinkedin is another icon you want on your site.  There are a lot of professionals on Linkedin and you may find mutually beneficial networking opportunities.


What Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Spam anyone.  This will get you banned and your site will rank so poorly that anything you ever do online will be a total waste of time.  Don’t ever believe that you can copy and paste someone’s crappy ad copy and expect to get traffic.

Don’t Over Do It.  No one wants to see your status updates and pins and tweets every 5 minutes.  It makes you look desperate and like a robot and it leaves you with little time to create quality content and the ability to engage with your audience.

Don’t Duplicate.  Duplicate content is very, very bad.  Keep your status updates and your tweets unique and original and SEO optimize them whenever you can.   And don’t forget the hash browns…I mean the hash tags.

Don’t Repeat the same thing over and over again.  This can get you banned.  No one wants to see the same update, tweet, and/or blog post that you wrote last week.  Keep it original and keep it fresh.  There is a time and place to re-purpose your old stuff but that’s a lesson for a different article.

Don’t add people to Facebook groups without their permission.  This is one of the most reprehensible things you can do to your Facebook followers.  It makes you look greedy and insensitive and it is a total insult to the intelligence of your audience.  Not only that now you’re making them do work because they have to remove themselves from the group.   And it might stain their reputation because you’ve added  them to a group without their knowledge and others might see that and question that persons judgement.  “Don’t go visiting my intentions.” ~ Jubal Early

Don’t hide from your audience.  Reply to comments promptly. Ask questions. Answer questions. Invite feedback. Ask for opinions and comments.   The whole purpose of social media is to engage with your audience.

Don’t be ungrateful.  Reply with a thank you and an acknowledgement when you get a comment.  Say thanks when you get a re-tweet or a like and don’t forget to reciprocate.


00 falling off cliffSocial media is a very important part of creating an online business these days and it will continue to evolve.  If used ethically and effectively it will be a major factor in your online success. Used in a negative or improper way it will lead to your online downfall as it has for so many others.


I want to thank you for stopping by. If you have a question drop me a comment below or you can visit me at Wealthy (here is a link to my profile).

RC Bonay

Your friend,

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  1. Mel says:

    Thank you for sharing this. This is very helpful. This post is very engaging as well.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Mel. The holiday season is a busy one and we are all strapped for time so I really appreciate that you found time to stop by! Happy Holidays and I wish you much success in 2014 and beyond!

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