do you hate your boss

Are you afraid of your boss? Is there someone in your life who is difficult to deal with? Fear and nervousness are not limited to speaking in publc. They also interfere with your ability to deal with difficult situations and people. We experience difficult situations and difficult people everyday. Sometimes it seems easier to ignore the problem than confront it head on. But the problem does not go away; it often gets worse.

I copied the following conversation from the book “Your Perfect Presentation” by public-speaking coach Bill Hoogterp and I think of it every time I’m confronted a difficult person or situation;




According to Bill Hoogterp, “…almost everyone has one or two things that block them from going to the next level, at work, and in life. But, those things are different for each person, and they are not easy things to talk about.”

In other words, everyone has issues and that’s what shapes a person’s personality and that’s why people react the way they do to situations and other people.

If you are faced with a difficult situation you have to crash through the paper wall and see what happens.  Once you start ripping down paper walls you’ll gain the courage you’ll need to tacke difficult situations and people in the future.

“Great speakers and terrible speakers both make mistakes, but there’s one big difference. What do great speakers do when they realize that they’ve made a mistake? They don’t care. They are not hemmed in by paper walls. It’s not about them. Great speakers know that it’s not what they come in with that matters; it’s what the audience goes out with that matters. As expert political pollster Dr. Frank Luntz says, “It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.”  Communication is about leadership, and leadership is always about courage. Throw yourself into your content, your ideas, and your audience—and let your magic happen.” ~ Bill Hoogterp


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