My 2020 Wealthy Affiliate Program Review – Phase 2

The purpose of this Wealthy Affiliate Program Review is to show you how the 2nd phase of the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp can show you how to create a successful online business which can allow you to realize your dream of retiring healthy, wealthy, and wise. Upon completion of this intensive training you will go from a bald headed affiliate marketing newbie to a money making Internet Marketing Warrior!

Wealthy Affiliate Program Review

WA Bootcamp Review – Phase 2

This Wealthy Affiliate Program Review is intended to provide an overview of the lessons contained in Phase 2 of the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp. Phase 2 is an advanced internet marketing course (compared to Phase 1–click here to read My Phase 1 Review) and is only available to premium members.

It’s like going to regular boot camp and then graduating to advanced training where you will be able to enhance your skills and further sharpen the saw.

Upon successful completion of this course you will know;

1.  How to create content that your visitors will want to read.
2.  How to master the flow of your content to maximize conversions.
3.  How to effectively utilize affiliate links.
4.  The six rules of creating great content.
5.  How to avoid the biggest imaging and graphics mistakes on your website.
6.  How to profit from products you are NOT endorsing.

This Wealthy Affiliate Program Review will break down the course curriculum which is comprised of the following 10 lessons:

1. How to Create Readable Content
2. How to Properly Use Affiliate Links
3. How to Understand Keywords
4. How to Write Reviews Using Keywords
5. Time to Take a Break and Catch Up on Unfinished Tasks
6. How to Back-up Your WordPress Website
7. How to Enhance Your Website Experience
8. How to Build on Content Using Internal Links
9. How to Write and Share a New Review
10. How to Offer Bonuses to Increase Conversions

This Wealthy Affiliate Program Review will explore the benefits of the Phase 2 training. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.  Better search engine rankings (search engines hate it when you have affiliate links all over the place).
2.  People who visit your site will be more comfortable and more willing to read your content (people hate it when it looks like all you want to do is sell them something).
3.  Increased range of income created through your website (via multiple affiliations).
4.  The opportunity to take full advantage of all of the affiliate options for WA affiliates.

This Wealthy Affiliate Program Review will now explain, in greater detail, what you will learn in each of the advanced lessons.

How to Create Readable Content

In this video lesson you will learn the 6 rules that will enable you to write “readable” content.  Readable content is basically content that your site visitors will want to read.  You’ll be instructed to write a brand new blog post using the 6 rules.  You’ll also apply these rules to your existing posts making them more readable.  When you’re  finished writing the new post and revising the existing posts you’ll  learn how to share the new post and at least 2 of the revised posts via social networks and/or email.  Here’s an example of a blog post that I was able to revise (and improve) based on the information I learned in this lesson; Getting Started.

How to Properly Use Affiliate Links

In this video lesson you will learn an affiliate link technique that will allow you to centralize your offers and manage your promotions.  Here’s an example of how I used the technique I learned in this lesson to centralize my WA program offer;  My Wealthy Affiliate Review.   Instead of plastering my WA link on every page of my site I’ve added a link that takes visitors to my WA Review page.  The video lesson explains why this technique is so important and so powerful.

You will also learn the benefit of shortening your affiliate links.  This will be accomplished using a WP Plugin called Pretty Link.  You will be instructed on how to install and use this important plugin.

How to Understand Keywords

This video lesson will teach you an important lesson about keywords.  The proper use of keywords will result in better search engine rankings, increased traffic, more conversions, and greater profits.  You will also learn a simple and effective technique that will allow you to generate an endless stream of targeted keywords for virtually any topic you can imagine.  This particular lesson focuses on “selling” keywords.  An example of a selling keyword is “how to sell on amazon”.  In this lesson you are given free access to Jaaxy, one of the most powerful keyword tools on the planet.  Using this tool will enable you to generate 10 “selling” keywords that have the most profit potential and very little competition.  One of the lesson tasks is to write an article that targets one or more of your selling keywords.  Here’s an example of an article I wrote after I completed this lesson;  How to Sell Amazon products Online.

How to Write Reviews Using Keywords

In this video lesson you will learn how to write structured product reviews that convert.  The first thing you’ll learn is how to create a template for your reviews.  This will allow you to write reviews more efficiently and consistently.  This lesson includes a template that you can use to create a customized template for your reviews.  This lesson also includes a long list of products that you can review.  This lesson also identifies several online databases that can be used as resources for your reviews.  Here’s a link to a review I wrote after completing this lesson; My Talk Fusion Review – Is Talk Fusion a Scam?

Time to Take a Break and Catch Up on Unfinished Tasks

This is a day to take a break and catch up on any unfinished tasks and to tweak your site.  I used this “time off” to apply some of the techniques I learned to some of the earlier blog posts.  I also used his time to go through my posts and correct typos and mistakes and to add or delete images and so forth.  I also used this time to clean up my Pinterest boards (had some Empower Network stuff that I’m no longer promoting — click link to learn why).

How to Back-up Your WordPress Website

This video lesson will teach you how to back up your site.  It will also explain why backing up your site on a regular basis is so important.  Some people post pone backing up their site(s) because they think it’s tedious, or difficult, or they just procrastinate for some other reason but it only takes a minute or two once you know the secret that is revealed in this important lesson.  So go ahead and back that thing up!

How to Enhance Your Website Experience

In this lesson you will learn how to organize your website.The benefit of having a well organized site is that it will enhance the visitor experience by allowing them to be able to easily and intuitively navigate your site.  A happy visitor is a returning visitor and returning visitors will eventually become happy customers and  happy customers usually tell their friends about your site.  This lesson will show you how to add drop down menus and custom sidebar menu widgets to your site (as I have done here at this site). It’s going to take some time before you settle on how you want your top and sidebar menus to appear but that’s the beauty of having your own site; you can change it anytime and as often as you want.

How to Build on Content Using Internal Links

The search engines LOVE when you create internal links on your site (as long as they are relevant).  This lesson will show you why internal linking is so important and exactly how you should do it.  I was taught by someone else that I should rely on external links as a means of providing solutions to my visitors problems.  This lesson reveals why that is so untrue and why too many external links can hurt your search engine rankings.  Besides you want to keep your visitors on your site and you want them to visit as many pages as possible.  The vast majority of links on this post are internal links and I learned how to do it at the Wealthy Affiliate (check out My WA Review).

How to Write and Share a New Review

In this lesson you’ll be asked to write a new product review using everything you’ve learned to this point. You’ll also be asked to submit your review to the WA community discussion page where you’ll get feedback from the WA community.  Then you’ll make improvements to your post and share it on the various social networks.  This is something that you’ll be doing on a regular basis from this point and you’ll soon notice an increase in traffic and comments.  This is when it starts getting exciting and you start to realize that everything you’ve done so far has been worthwhile.  You’ve come a long way in a short period of time and there’s one more lesson in this phase to complete before moving on to Phase 3 (if you decide to do so — you’ve come this far — you may as well keep going).  Here’s the product review I wrote upon completion of this lesson; My Social Oomph Review.

How to Offer Bonuses

The main reason I decided to become a WA premium member is because I wanted to make money online so I can retire healthy, wealthy, and wise.  The only way I can make money doing this is I have to recruit new premium members.  When I was in the Army and later in the Navy I saw that the best way to get people to sign up for anything was to offer them a bonus.  It’s the same in civilian life and here at WA; the best way to convert someone from a free membership to a premium membership is to offer a bonus.

This is so great because you don’t have to come up with a bonus on your own (although you can if you want to).  Check out my bonus offer on my updated WA review page;  My Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Wealthy Affiliate Program Review as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for stopping by. Cool

If you have any questions or comments about this Wealthy Affiliate Program Review, leave them in the comment section below.

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  6. How to Motivate People to Read Your Article
  7. How to Write a Blog Post in Less Than 20 Minutes
  8. How to Write a Simple One Paragraph Article Part 1
  9. How to Write a Simple One Paragraph Article Part 2
  10. The Secret to Good Writing
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