United Workers Credit Services UWCS Scam Review 1This is my Union Workers Credit Services (UWCS) Scam Review. There are many like it (and many complaints) but this one is mine. If you visit the UWCS website you will be greeted with a message that might be very appealing to many people who are looking for ways to enjoy life and save money;

United Workers Credit Services UWCS Scam Review


That sounds like a great deal! Who wouldn’t want a $10K line of credit and discounts on travel and restaurants and the opportunity to buy cool stuff with a prestigious PLATINUM card with a low interest rate and low monthly payments?

But you may never know about it unless you get a notice in the mail that says;


That’s what it said in a letter that came in the mail a few days ago. My wife showed it to me and asked if it was real. I read it very carefully and quickly determined that it was “real” but VERY misleading. What credit card company in their right mind is going to offer someone a guaranteed $10,000 credit line that easily? I went online and did a bit of research and discovered that sure enough there were hundreds of complaints against this company.

First, here’s a copy of the letter;


Before I show you just a few of the complaints I wanted to make you aware of a few things about UWCS and this ridiculous $10,000.00 credit offer;

  • This is NOT a VISA or Mastercard credit card
  • You can not use this card to buy stuff at Walmart, Taco Bell, or Amazon
  • You can not withdraw cash from an ATM with this card
  • You can only use this card to purchase stuff from the UWCS catalog
  • UWCS is NOT affiliated with VISA or Mastercard
  • UWCS is NOT affiliated with any bank
  • UWCS is NOT affiliated with any Worker Union

As you can see, the UWCS has a BBB rating of F (that’s the lowest rating possible) for a variety of reasons;


That should be enough to scare you away from the UWCS offer but if that’s not enough maybe you’ll be convinced after reading these complaints and reviews written by consumers on the Better Business Bureau website;


If that doesn’t deter you maybe the fact that they are being investigated by the NY Attorney General’s office will set off an alarm;


I know there are people who don’t trust the BBB and some who don’t trust the Government so I want to add a couple of  comments that I found on Yelp (everyone trusts Yelp  );



I’m not going to get into a long article about this company because I’d just be beating a dead horse. You can just as easily read all the complaints and reviews and see for yourself that this is a total waste of time and money.

It’s your money, keep it safe!

Do you have a UWCS story you’d like to share? Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

And, as always, thanks for stopping by! 

RC Bonay

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