The Lamborghini Veneno Bull Run is the first event in CSR Racing’s newest update; The International.

In order to qualify for the Bull Run event you have to defeat one of the World Tour crew bosses. I chose Shifty Jack. I tried to beat him and failed. After three straight losses I decided to quit and declare the International unworthy of my time. Then I noticed some positive reviews trickling into the comments section and on the CSR Racing Facebook page.

So I went back to race Jack and reluctantly handed over my last 7 gold coins for some help from the Mechanic. I beat Jack and a whole new world was laid open before me. It’s called the Lamborghini Shakedown and it features a series of 16 sub-events that I will explain in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

1/16 – Hitlist T1 – In this race you choose a Tier 1 crew member to race. I chose Ale$ha and her Altima. This was an easy victory. I earned $18,146 for this race.

2/16 – Hitlist T2 – In this race you choose a Tier 2 crew member to race. I chose Junji and his Mustang GT. This was also an easy victory. I earned $22,748 for this race.

3/16 – Relay – In this race you compete in a relay event against multiple opponents (2). I beat Ale$ha in round 1 which earned me a 1.148 second head start against Junji in round 2. This was very cool! Won $35.100.

4/16 – Faceoff – The object of this race is to take down a competitor in a single race. For this race Ale$ha came at me in full effect with a fully upgraded Altima. Very difficult race. I lost the first race and came back to win the re-match which was quite a relief because I didn’t have enough gold to hire the Mechanic. The key to winning was to deploy the nitrous the exact moment my wheelspin stopped. Won $42,529.

5/16Hitlist T3 – In this race you choose a Tier 3 crew member to race. I chose Raquel and her Corvette C6. This was also an easy victory. I earned $53,948 for this race.

6/16Relay – In this race you compete in a relay event against multiple opponents (3). I beat Junji in round 1 which earned me a much needed 0.547 second head start against Ale$ha in round 2. I beat her and earned a 0.460 second head start against Raquel. The Relays are awesome! I earned $82,761 for this sub-event.

At this point another race category becomes available. It’s called the Hot Seat.

My friend Arnold tells me the Hot Seat is  INCREDIBLE!!!   That’s all I need to know! I can’t report on this right now because…

  1. I need a tank of gas before I can continue
  2. I need some more Gold
  3. I need to spend time with my wife

Just completed the Hot Seat Relay. Hats off to whoever came up with this cool concept. Here’s how it works;

In my particular relay, I had a team of three cars; a Tier 1 Mini Cooper, a Tier 4 Pagani, and a Tier 4 Jaguar. The first leg of the relay featured my T1 Mini Cooper against a T5 Challenger Drag PAK. Obviously I lost by a lot. The second leg of the relay featured my T4 Pagani against a T1 Ford Escort. Obviously I won this race by a lot. The third leg of the relay featured my T4 Jaguar against a T2 Mustang. I won this race by a respectable margin. My total race time was 35.097 seconds. My opponents total race time was 35.473 seconds. Ergo I win the Hotseat Relay by 0.376 seconds.

7/16Faceoff – As stated before, the object of this race is to take down a competitor in a single race. For this race it was Junji and his bad ass T2 Mustang GTS rated at 451 (I assume that’s fully upgraded).  I lost four times before I decided to spend 7 gold coins for the Mechanic’s help for 5 races.  Wise investment in that it helped me beat Junji but the next few races were so easy that I didn’t need the mechanic’s help.  But since he was bought and paid for his services were used up before I encountered the next Faceoff where I needed him again.   Of course by that time I didn’t have anymore gold.  I think you should be able to bank the mechanic’s help and use it only when you need it.  What do you think?  Anyway, I won $88,692.00 by taking Junji down.

P.S. My friend Felipe said, “Am I the only one who beat the Bull Run Cup without spending a single gold coin? I simply didn’t see the need for it.”  You can respond to his comment or ask specific questions about what he’s doing (he’s obviously doing something right) in the comments section below.

to be continued…

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31 Responses to Tips for the CSR Racing International Bull Run

  1. Mang says:

    Has anyone else found the trick in which you can compete in the high stakes challenge with whichever car from your garage you prefer, I.e. win the Papa Biz Mini by racing with your McLaren P1, obviously ludicrously easy. I won’t share it as it’s a bit against the spirit and fun of the game. And maybe only in the update I’m running, who knows. Just wonderimg if it’s well known. Doesn’t make the LaFerrari any easier tho.

  2. Hassan says:

    Just defeated the first contender in the International (Zoe) for her Veneno. Must say, it was the very tricky trying to master the perfect shift pattern to achieve 7.457s (with Mechanic): a fluke really since I’d been trying for the anything under 7.460s for a whole off days. My way has been to play on two devices and keep reloading from the cloud if an attempt fails. This time I had to try 11 times to defeat Zoe for her Veneno.

    Onwards and upwwards CSR.

    Greatr work btw Ronald on the quite a helpful website.

    One question: does the order in which the cars are shown in your ‘my cars’ collection significant as to the spped or worth of the cars?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for stopping by Hassan! Yes, the order in which the cars appear is an indication of the overall ranking. But that doesn’t mean that the top ranked car is the best for YOU. Find your car, find your perfect shift pattern, and enjoy the journey!

      • Hassan says:

        Yup. on it.

        Is there any wisdom in trying for the pro level ‘boss’ cars, other than bragging rights?

        Haven’t started the Multiplayer mode yet. Maybe they can be useful there?

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Sorry Hassan for the slow response…I think the acquisition of boss cars is for bragging rights only. After all, if you beat the boss in your car why would you need his (or her) car? Also, in many cases, you will need the $5.00 “special nitrous” to gain an advantage and there is still no guarantee you will win (I know this from experience). Also (I can go on and on) the boss cars are not customizable and prefer to be able to tinker with my paint and decal options from time to time.

          Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by!

          • Hassan says:

            Well in that case, let me brag and state that I’ve won all the tier 5 boss cars and have just defeated Nitro for his as well. Btw, is it me, or was defeating him for his car the easiest of all the bosses? Maybe Ferrari and I are a natural (virtual) fit.

            What do you mean “special nitrous”? I’ve never used it. Only mechanic. Didn’t even need that for Le Ferrari. See; me and Ferrari again!

            Anyways, after defeating all the bosses, owning 83 cars, having swept a great moola (500+ gold coins to date) I now feel rudderless. Kinda sad even. Where to next? CSR2 ain’t here in my country App store yet. Guess it’s goodbye CSR for sometime.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Brag on Hassan!

            The special nitrous is an in app purchase that the blogger offers when u beat a boss and he or she wants a rematch. Obviously you never needed it.

            I know how you feel…you conquered the game and there’s nothing left…you may want to check out CSR Classics until CSR2 (or something else) comes along.

            Thanks for your valuable contributions to my site!

  3. Yudistirahanif says:

    are we must have a lamborghini veneno to play the bull run?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hello Sir,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You do not need the Veneno for all bull run events but you will need it for some. For those races that require the Veneno you will eventually have to purchase upgrades in order to compete (win).


  4. Pavel says:

    Hi roland. I often read your tips and other writings and i just have to say that i really like them. And that you lay down time doing them. Your guides have helped me in CSR pretty much actually. I came top 1% once. I often come 3%, but i can thank you for that too

  5. Sukhraj says:

    Just finished this whole event
    I’m upset I didn’t get Zoe’s pro car, unlike other event you done use the lambo that much do it’s difficult to practise using it in the actually event mode. But thanks to Roland I been playing loads of online CSR racing and won loads of loot! So upgrading it wasn’t to difficult 🙂
    Currently in the top 2% at 436309 RP
    Any tips on how to earn more rp other than the standard 299-350 for winning in the LaFerrari? Any tips would help playing in the world tour mode:)

  6. Felipe says:

    My PSP for LaFerrari is L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S.
    1) Perfect launch, but with the needle at exactly 6000. If it is higher than that there are 2 scenarios: a) slightly higher – when you reach 5th gear, the needle will drop back to 5000. No biggie, go for the next step. b) Higher than 6000 – don’t go straight to 5th, or the needle will drop back to 2000 and the race is lost. Instead, go straight to 4th, wait half a second and then shift to 5th and apply nitrous.
    2) After the launch, go straight to 5th gear and apply nitrous.
    3) Perfect or good shifts to 6th and 7th.
    Without any team, I got times as low as 7.1xx. With Pro Tuner, 7.052 is my best.

    • Felipe says:

      One thing: after launch, go straight to 5th gear, but don’t hit nitrous just yet. The needle will stop at around 6000 RPM. Wait for the needle to move again and then hit nitrous. After that, perfect or good shifts to 6th and 7th.

    • Steven says:

      I also use the same shift pattern my best with full crew is 6.975 sec but with no crew running in at 7.4. I have not seen times quicker with any other car

  7. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    It’s possible to beat Junji without mechanic. In my case I simply skip to gear 2 after launch, perfect shift to gear 3 + Nitrous, and perfect shifts for the rest. I beat him by a small margin with that pattern. Skipping gears is neccesary for certain cars, because not every race can be won by obtaining perfect start and all perfect shifts.

  8. Arnold Geerts says:

    Hi Roland,
    I see quiet often that racers use a lot of gold particularly on this new event.
    Maybe good to know that earning gold is best to be done by participating in the daily challenges. Once every 3rd day you can race, with a maximum of four succesful times a day, for 3 goldcoins.
    That way its pretty easy to earn like 24 gold a week and together with the small prices on multiplayer and levelling up the weekly ‘harvest’ is at least 30 gold coins.

    Since my time is as valuable as anyone elses lol, i usually race multiplayer after work till streak is either done (2 streaks with full tank and ads) or i play bit longer if i win gold coins or a full gas refill when turning cards. I repeat that couple of times during the evening and before hitting the pillow.
    That way i can easily maintain top 1-2 percent position.

    Bit in order to even be able to maintain this position i make one exception……i spent time and gold the first 48 hours after a new season starts. This is critical !! At season start having at least a 2 hour break (read focus) and repeating that with shorter stints places you at, on average, 350,000 – 400,000 RP after 48 hours. Yes its boring too because i mostly only use the LaFerrari for that reason since the gap with my competitors peaks when driving this car and therefore the bonus too.

    Since i do own sort of the whole fleet of cars and upgraded them to max in time before the International started, its kinda ‘doable’ to go pretty fast in the first series of 16 races and also after completing those in the second series of 20 races.
    Its fun, entertaining and also new and different.

    The fact that i kept records of my cars since i started playing CSR in january (Excel, shift patterns, start and NOS per car) gives me a huge advantage during gameplay.
    No need for gold this way !!

    Where do i spent gold on?
    – start of season to fill up gastank
    – trying record times at 1/2 mile races
    – beating bosses in final stage when he/she is fully upgraded and at payback to win bosses car
    – buy cars which are not available with cash (upgrades on cars i pay cash till 200k, for more expensive upgrades i use the free upgrades earned in multiplayer)

    PS thanks for mentioning me in your article !!
    The hot seat races are amazing and with my overview nearby its also very doable to win the 5 car relay. If overview seems handy to you, know that its available on request.
    Good luck racing but more important have a good time together with your wife 😉

  9. Felipe says:

    I’m on the last race of the Bull Run. Against Zoe. $ 1,000,000 and 5 gold worth. But I can’t make the Veneno go faster than 7.75x, while she gets down to 7.670. I ran the Veneno on some match races on hard mode and the computer nets 7.625 – yes, lower than Zoe. All without mech. been trying some PSP’s but I didn’t find the right one yet.
    On a side note, I’ve won over 2,000,000 in prizes on the Bull Run Cup just to get to the final race. It really pays well.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Yes, the Bull Run pays very well…which is great because if you don’t finish in the top 3% to win a car in Multi-Player you’ll be able to afford it when it goes to the dealership.

  10. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    I think the International requires a vast knowledge about the right shift patterns for the required cars. It’s still possible to progress without spending too many golds, but it requires a lot of practice to do so. Still, the International is a nice addition for CSR Racing. Quite enjoyable and satisfying.

  11. Blu says:

    I started the bull run and up to 15/16 where I chose Lee with the SLS AMG GT3. The rewards about 10+ are pretty good (100k+). Just waiting for some upgrades to come.
    What I’ve noticed is that there are hitlist for the tiers, a relay with a few of the crewmembers and a face off with the crew member in their fully upgraded car. The last event from what I can see is most likely a relay involving all the crew members in their fully upgraded cars.

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