This review is about effective problem solving and the different facets of intuition with the Silva Life System.Problem Solving

This is a record of my experience after studying the lessons and participating in the exercise contained in module 9 of the 10 part Silva Life System course. I’m not going to get into the lesson details. I’m not going to get into the science, or lack thereof, behind the Silva Life System. I’m only going to share the results of the mental exercise. This is my own experience. You, of course, will only be convinced by your own experience.


Lesson 1 – Subjective Energies and Faith; Desire, Belief and Expectancy (Duration 08:24)
Lesson 2 – Ingredients for Successful Manifestations (Duration 11:17)
Lesson 3 – The Mirror of the Mind (Duration 12:53)
Lesson 4 – Working With Feedback (Duration 11:38)
Lesson 5 – Mental Exercise (Duration 19:04)

Key Points:

  • Sensing Accurately With Your Spiritual Senses
  • Effective problem solving; how to accomplish it.
  • The different facets of intuition. A detailed explanation.
  • Experience the fascinating journey from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm.

Watch as Laura Silva explains how the Mirror of the Mind technique works;


This is a very interesting module. The Mirror of the Mind technique sounds like it can be a very effective problem solving/goal attainment tool. I am just getting started with it so I really don’t have any results that I can report on. I will continue to practice this technique and will report back when I have experienced results.

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