Silva Life System Reviews; Part 10

Develop Your Psychic Ability with the Silva Life System

silva life system reviewsThis is a record of my experience after studying the lessons and participating in the exercises contained in module 10 of the 10 part Silva Life System course. I’m not going to get into the
lesson details lisinopril price. I’m not going to get into the science, or lack thereof, behind the Silva Life System. I’m only going to share the results of the mental exercises. This is my own experience. You, of course, will only be convinced by your own experience.

Module 10 Getting Help from the Other Side


Lesson 1 – Your Counselors – Intelligence Personified (Duration 14:50)
Lesson 2 – Psychic Tools for Problem Solving at Your Laboratory (Duration 09:20)
Lesson 3 – Doorway to the Other Side (Duration 09:06)
Lesson 4 – Special Case Working Applications, Case Working for Universal Healing (Duration
Lesson 5 – Special Closing Exercise with your Counselors (Duration 23:00)

Key Points:

  • The hidden doorway to effortless problem solving.
  • Trans-dimensional problem solving; how to develop your psychic ability.
  • Enjoy a special closing exercise with your counselors.


Review short, medium, and long term goals

short term goal

med term goal

long term goal

Here’s the plan I’ve been waiting for;  The PLAN


At the beginning of the Silva mind expanding training, Laura Silva says that some of the tools, techniques and concepts described in the course may be difficult for some people to accept.  You will buy into much of the information and other information will be harder to swallow. She asks that you set that information aside (put it on a mental shelf) where it will be available when you understand it better or have use for it.

DON’T SKIP this lesson or dismiss it outright. It’s a good thing to keep an open mind, take what you can use and set aside what you can’t use.

I’ll report back when I better understand the concepts described in this module.

“All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.” ~ Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

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RC Bonay

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