meditation manThis is a record of my experience after studying the lessons and participating in the exercise contained in module 5 of the 10 part Silva Life System course.  This module is designed to teach you different meditation techniques that will allow you to become more intuitive and creative, more understanding and caring, less forgetful, and more confident.

Silva experience

“You can program yourself to be more intuitive, more understanding, more persuasive and more loving, as well as less hungry, less nervous, less forgetful and less antagonistic.” ~ Laura Silva

Module 5 Speed Learning


Lesson 1 – Function Like a Genius Using Visualization and Imagination (Duration 12:58)
Lesson 2 – Super Learning Makes Learning Easy (Duration 13:10)
Lesson 3 – The Three Fingers Technique and Many of Its Applications (Duration 09:19)
Lesson 4 – Your Mental Screen for Problem Solving (Duration 12:40)
Lesson 5 – Mental Exercise (Duration 14:48)

Lecture (key points):

  • This module contains information that will teach you how to learn anything quickly and easily
  • For successful recall of information, it’s best to use visualization and imagination
  • Develop your inner genius. Your senses hold the key
  • Beyond mainstream learning—unleash your mind and achieve super learning
  • Discover the power of intuition

PLUS: The famous Mental Screen technique;

  • Learn to use the “3 finger technique” to enhance your learning capability
  • The Silva 3 finger technique has been used by medical students and physicians
  • The Silve 3 finger technique has been used by attorneys taking bar exams
  • The Silva 3 finger technique has been used by state and government officials taking civil service exams
  • The Silva 3 finger technique has been used by HS students taking SATs


Review short, medium, and long term goals

short term goal

med term goal

long term goal


This module contains a 15 minute mental exercise that will program the following formula techniques into your subconscious mind:

  • The 3 Fingers Technique is a fast and simple method of achieving a meditative state anytime or anywhere
  • The Memory Peg Technique for Super Learning is a fast and simple way to remember anything
  • The Mental Screen Technique for Problem Solving is a fast and simple way to develop ideas that will help you solve problems and reach your goals


Since using the Memory Peg Technique for Super Learning, I am able to remember things from weeks ago. This includes mundane things like shopping lists and important things like oral presentations.

I have not really used the Mental Screen Technique for Problem Solving technique that much…I will report on it later because I think it may serve a purpose in my life.

But here’s a technique that I use every day;

Why? Because it’s so easy and it works the vast majority of the time that I use it.  The only reason I don’t use it more often (like a thousand times a day) is because I am sometimes so amazed by the results that I am frightened by its power.  Here it is ladies and gents;

The Amazing 3 Fingers Technique

The 3 Fingers Technique has enabled me to get much more out of the business and self development books I’m reading as well as seminars and conference calls I’ve attended. It has also allowed me to become much more knowledgeable about my company’s policies, products, and services.  Here are just a few of the ways I’ve used the 3 finger technique;

  • I have used the 3 fingers technique to change, within a short period of time, a hostile environment into a more harmonious one.
  • I lost my glasses, I searched for them for 20 minutes. Finally I closed my eyes and employed the 3 fingers technique and when I opened my eyes my wife was standing there holding my glasses.
  • I had a painful foot cramp. I used the 3 fingers technique and moments later the cramp went away.
  • I had an abdominal abscess that required surgery. I used the 3 fingers technique and the abscess went away and my surgery was cancelled.

Coincidences? Maybe…I’ll take coincidences like this every day. 

I am so grateful that my friend Andrea Page recommended the Silva Method to me.

Question of the day: Have you ever been thinking about a friend, and then later that day you see them in the street, or you get a call from that person? Leave your answer in the comment section below…and thanks for stopping by!

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