surgery prepDid you know you can use meditation to eliminate pain (headaches, toothaches, etc.), control bleeding, make better decisions, solve problems, find misplaced objects and more? These concepts may be hard to accept if you have not tried them but once you do you will be amazed at how effective they are.

“Ignorance does not exempt us from suffering.” ~ Laura Silva

lesson 4 healing

Module 4 Healing Yourself From Within

Lesson 1 – No More Headaches (Duration 11:56)
Lesson 2 – Eliminating Pain – Glove Anesthesia (Duration 14:13)
Lesson 3 – Using Water for Special Problem Solving and Healing (Duration 13:39)
Lesson 4 – Mental Exercise (Duration 25:49)

Lecture (key points): This module contains information that will teach you how to heal yourself.

You can learn to relieve the pain of tension and migraine headaches through the Headache Control technique.

Glove Anesthesia is a technique that you can practice to develop control of physiological pain and in many cases control of bleeding and hemorrhaging. The Glove Anesthesia pain management technique is a powerful tool to relieving pain and promote healing. Watch as Laura Silva discusses the secrets to making this technique work.

The Glass of Water technique is used whenever you need information or guidance. It is excellent for making decisions, finding misplaced objects and gaining a deeper understanding of life’s challenging situations.

“When we do not know the solutions to problems, we lack the necessary information. Once we have enough information, answers and solutions usually become obvious. We must do our best to search for information that can assist us in solving problems.” ~ Laura Silva

Assignment: Review short, medium, and long term goals

short term goal

med term goal

long term goal

Exercise: This module contains a 26 minute mental exercise that will program the following formula techniques into your subconscious mind:

  • The Headache Control Technique
  • The Glove Anesthesia Technique
  • The Glass of Water Technique

Conclusion: At the beginning of the Silva mind expanding training, Laura Silva says that some of the tools, techniques and concepts described in the course may be difficult for some people to accept. You will buy into much of the information and other information will be harder to swallow. She asks that you set that information aside (put it on a mental shelf) where it will be available when you understand it better or have use for it.

DON’T SKIP this lesson or dismiss it outright. It’s a good thing to keep an open mind, take what you can use and set aside what you can’t use.

The headache control and glass of water techniques are amazing.

I use the Glass of Water technique every single night. As a result I’ve had several new and creative ideas pop into my head throughout the night. I write them down, go back to sleep, wake up in the morning, finish my water, do my morning meditation and then I work on implementing the new ideas.

I don’t get headaches that often but I used the Headache Control technique once on a foot cramp and once on a toothache and I experienced relief in both cases. I had an abdominal abscess that required surgery. I used the headache control technique (along with the 3 fingers technique) and the abscess went away and my surgery was cancelled.

Can Meditation Cure Diverticulitis?

I have not tried the glove anesthesia technique. It is difficult for me to accept at this time. I’m putting this information on my mental shelf until I understand it better and when I have a use for it.

Question of the day: Do you believe in the power of meditation? Leave your answer in the comment section below…and thanks for stopping by!

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