sammy strong blind folded“You cannot recognize feedback if you are in denial. There may be times when you want something so desperately that you are blind to the truth of the response, and you choose to ignore it.” ~ Laura Silva

This is a record of my experience after studying the lessons and participating in the exercise contained in module 6 of the 10 part Silva Life System course.  I’m not going to get into the lesson details.  I’m not going to get into the science, or lack thereof, behind the Silva Life System.  I’m only going to share the results of the mental exercise.  This is my own experience.  You, of course, will only be convinced by your own experience.

Module 6  Finding Answers With Enhanced Intuition

Lesson 1 – The Three Fingers Technique and Intuition (Duration 10:08)
Lesson 2 – Problem Solving (Duration 14:21)
Lesson 3 – Accessing Resourceful States (Duration 06:54)
Lesson 4 – The Five Fingers Technique (Duration 08:25)
Lesson 5 – Self-Actualization (Duration 08:19)
Lesson 6 – Mental Exercise (Duration 14:51)

Lecture (key points):

The Three Finger technique: using your intuition to solve your problems.

Things you can do with the 3 fingers technique:

Locate lost things, Conquer fear, Locate a great parking space, Change mood, Change traffic lights, Circumvent traffic,   Negotiate effectively, Weight management, Recall information, Contact others, Locate old friends


Review short, medium, and long term goals

short term goal

med term goal

long term goal

Exercise: This module contains a 15 minute mental exercise that will program the following formula techniques into your subconcious mind:

Three Fingers Technique (Advanced)
The Five Fingers Technique


According to Laura, you can solve any problem and/or achieve any goal by “transfering the problem from the objective dimension to the subjective dimension where you can use your imagination to alter it.” The reason for this is that you can’t mentally change anything that already exists but you can imagine any outcome that you want. And if you truly desire it, believe in it, and fully expect to receive it, then you shall have it.

But what happens when you don’t get the results you were looking for. Laura suggests that you ask yourself the following questions and that you answer them as honestly as possible:

“What is it I desire?”

“How will it make my life different and better?”

“Who (or what) is going to give me feedback?”

“When do I expect to achieve this goal?”

“Why is this important to me?”

It is very important to know the answers to these questions and you also need to know how to analyze the feedback so you will know if you’re on track to reach your goal.

Using the 3 fingers technique I have been able to locate lost things, locate parking spaces, and change mood. In fact, just yesterday, I was able to locate my wife’s favorite CD and several SD memory cards that have been missing for months. I have not yet tried it to change traffic lights or recall information but I plan to start doing so.

Had I not kept an open mind my wife’s CD and my SD memory cards (with hundreds of family photos and other documents) would probably still be missing.

Question of the day: Have you ever been thinking about a friend, and then later that day you see them in the street, or you get a call from that person? Leave your answer in the comment section below…and thanks for stopping by!

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