Best Free SEO Keyword ToolThis walk-through of the Jaaxy SEO Keyword Research Tool is designed to show you how quick and easy it is to find high quality low competition keywords.

If you want to make money online you have to understand Keyword Research.  If you want to understand Keyword Research  you need the proper training and the proper tools.

After days, and weeks, and months, and years, of spending time and money on crappy advice from crappy self professed gurus I’ve finally found the proper training and I’ve finally finally found the proper tools.  It’s only been a month and a half but already my rankings have increased, comments have increased, and my website looks better than ever!  It’s all in one place and at a very affordable price (FREE!)  

More on that later…let’s move on to the walk-through;


There are three basic steps to conducting keyword research in this walk-through;

Step 1.  Finding Keyword Concepts

The first thing I did was visit and enter “keywords” in the search box.  I selected 2 out of 10 of the top questions (keyword concepts).  I’ve listed my selections below;

  1. How to optimize your website keywords
  2. How to Check Keyword Popularity

Then I went to Yahoo Answers and searched the same “keywords” term and selected 2 out of 10 of the resulting questions.  I’ve listed my selections below;

  1. What are keywords?
  2. What is keyword research in SEO?

Then I went to Google and entered”keywords” in the search box. I selected just one of the phrases from the list that was generated as indicated by the arrow in the diagram to your right;

google search

Now we can take these 5 “concepts” and enter them into our Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to expand our research.

Note:  If you’d like to follow along from this point forward with your own keywords I recommend you get sign up for your own Free Jaaxy account by clicking;  Free Jaaxy Account 

The Free version of Jaaxy has some limitations but for the purpose of this article it is still powerful enough to demonstrate the awesomeness of the tool.




 Watch this video to see how easy keyword research can be using Jaaxy;



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Just Click;  Free Jaaxy Account 



Step 2.  Expanding Our Research

I entered “keywords generator” into Jaaxy and here’s a snapshot of the results;

jaaxy results

Had I settled on “keywords generator” as the keyword for my article it would be very difficult to land on page one because the competition is too great as indicated by the high QSR.  But thanks to the research tool I was able to identify 3 high traffic keyword phrases with low QSRs.  My chances of landing on page one are much greater for these keywords.

 Before moving on let’s explain some of this internet marketing jargon;

jaaxy definitions

It’s pretty obvious which keywords we should focus on (the ones where KQI is green) and which ones we should avoid (the ones where KQI is orange or red). Now that we have our awesome keywords we can create ideas for articles we can write around each keyword.


Step 3.  Create Ideas for Each Keyword

We now have three new keywords that should rank very well when the articles are published.  All we need to do is create a title and a topic sentence for each keyword phrase.

First we’ll list the Keyword Concepts;

  • Free Keyword Generator
  • Keyword Generator Software
  • Keyword Generator Download

Then we’ll create the titles based on the Keyword Concepts;

  • What is the Best Free Keyword Generator?
  • Jaaxy is the Best Keyword Generator Software
  • Why You Should Avoid a Keyword Generator Download

 Finally we’ll create the topic sentences;

  • I think Jaaxy is the best free keyword generator because it’s web based, it’s scalable, and it’s reliable.
  • I think Jaaxy is the best keyword generator software because it’s fast, it’s powerful, and it’s affordable.
  • I think you should NOT EVER download a keyword generator tool because the data is not fresh, the data can be unreliable,  and the tool has limited portability.

So now we have 3 article ideas that are in which the keywords have been optimized.

Click My Jaaxy Review to see the review I wrote based on one of these ideas.

I needed a title and topic sentence for this article so I typed “What is keyword research in SEO?” into Jaaxy and came up with the following gem;

jaaxy results 1 row only

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll be back in a day or so to show you how to find out where your site appears in Google using Jaaxy.

I want to thank you for stopping by. If you have a question drop me a comment below.

RC Bonay


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