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Here’s a bit of info on the latest 2015 CSR Racing Update


The latest CSR Racing update features a new multi-player season and a new user interface. To play play you click the “play online” icon in the upper right corner of your screen. Then click “next” in the lower right corner and you’ll be presented with several race options:

Race the World — race the world to win cash, gold, and PRO cars
Pro Club — race with PRO cars for double RPs
Open Doors (the 1st Special Event) –limited time event earns triple RPs


Race the World is a great place to begin while you’re waiting for the Open Doors event to unlock.

The Pro Club is an excellent venue in which to earn a bunch of RPs and rise to the top of the rankings while waiting for the Open Doors event to unlock.

When the Open Doors event unlocks you will be very happy with the cash and RPs awarded for each win. I won between 3,000 and 15,000 RPs each race during my first streak! Yes, that’s not a typo — 15,000 RPs for one race! I couldn’t wait to move on to streak number 2.

Holy bait and switch Batman…we’ve been duped!

All of a sudden the difficulty for each race went through the roof! I hired the Pro Tuner and the Blogger as I normally do and I lost the first race. OK, that must have been a fluke. The blogger scrubbed that result after I watched an ad. I lost the second race and watched another ad for the opportunity to try again. By this time the Pro Tuner and the Blogger timed out so I turned the game off.

I thought about it for a while and started the game again, entered the Open Doors event and hired the Pro Tuner, Tire Mechanic, N20 Maniac and the Blogger. This time I won every race. It occurred to me that CSR Racing hopes that you will spend real money on the full Race Team. Some people think that this is somehow wrong or sneaky. There’s nothing wrong with what CSR Racing is doing because they ARE a business and they are doing this to make money (and at the same time offering you something of value — a fun gaming experience).

Once the Open Doors event is over you’ll have to wait a few hours to participate in the next event which is the Shelby GT350R event which is a two day event and it awards RP X 5 which is amazing. But that won’t do you any good unless you actually own a Shelby GT350R. And you can’t buy one with cash. It’s available in the dealership for 120 Gold only. I think I’ll pass…I’m earning ample RPs racing in the Pro Club.

I’ll be back in a couple of days to let you know what the next Special Event is.

I’m back.  The next Special Event is the Cash Flow Event and it starts in 2 hours and 46 minutes.  It earns RP x3 and that’s all I know right now.  I’ll come back with more info when it starts…

The Cash Flow Event has started.  You have to switch to a Tier 1 car to participate in this event.  The prizes for winning streaks are cash and gold (up to $100,000 and 12 gold coins).  The first streak is easy but they get more challenging as you advance so it is imperative that you hire the race team.

The final Special Event is the Perfection.  The goal is to get as many perfect starts and perfect shifts as possible for which you will be rewarded with cash and gold.  You are allowed to use any car in your garage so I recommend you use the one you are most comfortable with.  Be mindful that you can’t win every race based on perfect starts and/or perfect shifts.  The key to winning is discovering a car’s perfect shift pattern (PSP).

The current season will be over soon and I’m curious to know what you think/thought of it.  Or if you need or have a PSP for a particular car ask or share in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to New CSR Racing Update

  1. Juan Rivas says:

    Can anyone give me some advice on the FXX K races? Dunno if it was the right choice, but I picked Nitro as my first upgrade, figured it would have the most impact. But I keep getting my ass handed to me in the following 3 car relay. No matter what cars I’m given, even if I manage to get perfect shifts on just about everything, I barely beat the lower tier car but lose to the T5 cars every time.

    On another device I have it saved to just before I pick out my first part, so if I have to I can use that to basically pick a different part if you think it’ll help more. But assuming I get past these guys, is there also a recommended order I should get my parts at?

    I usually get Nitro to at least 3, then I get every part one point in this order: transmission, tires, turbo, engine, and intake. Then I’ll max transmission, get tires to 3 or 4, get engine, turbo, and intake maxed, max nitro, max tires, and then leave body for last. It’s been working great for me but maybe I need a different priority starting with this car. I happened to get unlimited fuel for 24 hours and I’m glad I did (first time I ever tried it), but time is ticking and I need to figure this out fast haha.

    • Juan Rivas says:

      Okay I finally got past the first relay, gets easier after that. And I see you have to get at least one point into each part before you get to the next tier, weaksauce. 😛 I did nitro, trans, engine, turbo, tires, intake, and body for mine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we have the psps for each of the ferraris? I’m trying to complete the italy crew to unlock the international. Any tips would also be appreciated, and if anyone’s got a reliable, good way of earning quick money please tell. Thanks!

  3. Arnold Geerts says:

    Hi Roland,
    Yes the new multiplayer setup is much more fun and entertaining to do since the old world tour lacked some real challenge and variety.

    I agree and experienced like you did that the increase in diffulty goes much faster in this new event….of course thats part of their business model like we can ‘see’.

    Anyway those new elements keep CSR interesting.
    Enjoy and best wishes

  4. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    The new update removes World Tour Club from multiplayer, which is a big letdown, since now the non-pro 720pp cars aren’t useful anymore. Not to mention some of the time limited events require a lot of effort to complete.

    Otherwise, I still play CSR Racing regularly. Btw I can’t wait to play CSR2! ^_^

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