Can Talk Fusion put you on the path to an early retirement (or is it just another scam)?  Let’s take a look and see…

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Product Name: Talk Fusion
Website:  (this is not an affiliate link!)
Price: Details below
Owners: Bob Reina
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 Stars

Talk Fusion Overview

Talk Fusion offers Video Communication Products. They were created to allow the user to communicate more effectively with people using video. The product can be used for personal and/or business communications. The basic (and least) expensive means of communicating is via video email. Other packages will allow the user to communicate via video newsletters, video conferencing, live broadcasting, video blogging, and more. The basic video email package is inexpensive and easy to use. The price goes up as features are added.  The Talk Fusion products were favorably reviewed in Forbes magazine on 11/10/2010. You can Google “Forbes + Talk Fusion” if you want to read the article.


forbes article



Talk Fusion


PRO #1 Interesting Product Line (I think the products are kinda cool)
PRO #2 Low Start-up Cost (of course this depends on what you consider “low”)

CON #1 Hard to Market (as most if not all MLM programs are)
CON #2  No Free Trial and No Refund After 3 Days
CON #3 Too Many Negative Reviews and Complaints (major deal breaker if you ask me)


Talk Fusion complaint 2

Who is Talk Fusion For?

Businesses and individuals who wish to improve their relationships by enhancing their communications using video. It is also for people who are looking to make money in the Network Marketing Industry.

Tools & Training

There are plenty of videos and tutorials and tools that will teach you how to use the products. There are also plenty of videos and webinars that were designed to motivate you. There are contests and conventions and all the other stuff designed to inspire and motivate you if you are an affiliate trying to make money selling the “dream” to your friends and family (and maybe a few strangers). Like most MLM companies there is very little training on how to effectively market on the internet.


They do have customer support but I never needed to contact them although there are complaints galore on the internet about emails and phone calls not being returned. Most, if not all of these complaints have been rebutted by the company. I’d be willing to bet that if you were a customer (especially a business owner) and you had a problem with the product you’d get good support.  But if you need help building your business yo’ll have to reach out to your upline and that’s where you’ll start having trouble getting help. I don’t recall my upline ever contacting me the entire time I was an associate. I’m not saying I needed help I’m just saying no one ever contacted me (other than daily Talk Fusion email updates).

Talk Fusion Price

There are three packages to choose from in order to get started;

  • Exectutive Package; one time $250 plus $35 per month
  • Elite Package; one time $750 plus $35 per month
  •  PRO PAK; one time $1,499 plus $35 per month

There is no free trial and no refunds after 3 days. That’s right…you have 3 days to decide if you’re going to use the product all that much (I didn’t use it at all!).  You have just 3 days to decide that you’re really not cut out to sell this product to your friends and family and hopefully a few strangers (turns out I wasn’t cut out for it).

My Final Opinion of Talk Fusion

The video email product seems like a good idea if you have a business and you see the value in using this product to communicate with your customers. That was not the case with me. During the 6 months that I was an associate I never created a single video email because I never saw the need to.  I wanted to try it  because it really did seem cool but I didn’t see the need to figure it out in light of the fact that my current methods of communicating with my customers were sufficient.

In terms of making money I never signed up anyone and I never made any money as a Talk Fusion Affiliate (TFA).  Maybe because I didn’t try hard enough.  Maybe because I’m un-trainable.  Maybe because I’m too lazy.

Based on my experience I would not recommend Talk Fusion to any of my friends, family and loved ones because it is just too hard to build a profitable business as an Associate.  I mean come on, the failure rate is over 97% and that’s in spite of an interesting product line and and a reasonable entry cost.


Product Name: Talk Fusion
Owners: Bob Reina
Price: see above
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 Stars

Final Analysis:

The Talk Fusion business opportunity can be lucrative to those that have a lot of Network Marketing experience (and maybe those who have a list of dedicated followers). But once you exhaust your warm market (friends, family, people you know) you will have to become very adept at recruiting strangers (good luck with that). If you do succeed at recruiting strangers be aware that most of them people will quit because most people lack the persistence and the thick skin that is required to get past all of the rejection that is a big part of MLM. So, to answer the question, no — Talk Fusion is not a scam but the odds are very slim that you will achieve success with it (as an associate anyway–maybe you can use it for your other business).

I want to thank you for stopping by. If you have a question drop me a comment below or you can visit me at Wealthy (here is a link to my profile).

RC Bonay

Your friend,

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5 Responses to My Talk Fusion Review–Is Talk Fusion a Scam?

  1. Cindy Baker says:

    Hi Roland, Hey, I’m a Talk Fusion Associate and things have changed for the better here. Free Trials are now available with no obligation or credit card. I don’t know about corporate but if you’re skilled in communication and have some marketing skills, this is the perfect medium to make a profit. I believe the failure rate is about 65% now. So check out my page at TalkFusion.Buzz and give it a try now. No more initial investment. Just a monthly fee of $25 up to no more than $75. OK? Cb

  2. Yenni says:

    Don’t even think about joining talk fusion cuz… My dad already join and after joining it my dad doesn’t have any advantage of it! This talk fusion is a product from America, if we cant use this product if we doesn’t pay and it cost $35/month! And that really expensive for only this product do you know why I said it expensive? Cuz… We already have the free product like Skype,FaceTime and others that’s all I should say!

  3. Evan says:

    The Talk Fusion opportunity does in theory appear to have potential. However like any home based business, it requires initial investment.

    Before making any investment in your home based business, It is best to do your research to see if you are picking the best option.

    That is what I did, I Searched around and compiled a list of all the home based businesses available to me so that i could figured out the most lucrative home based business. In this post I would like to display to you the honest differences between Talk Fusion and my business EBN (Elite Business Nation).

    In the following paragraphs, i will compare the following points:
    1.) The Product
    2.) The Income Opportunity
    3.) The Community

    First The Product!

    Talk Fusion: The main product is called Talk Fusion Connect and it is designed to connect large groups of people together in Video-Audio teleconferences. The Idea is it saves people a lot of money on traveling to have these conferences in person. Unfortunately, this market is filled very nicely already by a company known as Skype. Skype is a program you can download for free, and conference with people all over the world in real time, for free. The need for Talk Fusion’s product only exists with people who haven’t been exposed to Skype, and other companies like it. Talk Fusion also provides a marketing tool for “Imbedding videos in email” but youtube offers the same service for free.

    EBN: The product offered by EBN is the largest collection of Audio and Video classes from the top people in the industry on Every Aspect of running a Home based business in Depth. The Knowledge offered in these courses transform lives all over the world not only in business, but improves their mental health and personal relationships as well. Education is a 7 Trillion Dollar a year Industry, And the 188 Hours of Education is some of the Finest in the world. Better yet, When you Purchase these classes, you have purchased the Resell Rights to these classes! This means the product is truly yours. This product easily makes the difference between a Successful Venture, and a Failed one.

    Second, The Income Opportunity

    Talk Fusion: Talk Fusion is your classic MLM structured company. This means commissions are low, but they are also cumulative. You utilize Direct Sales to bring people onto your teams by selling them the $125 – $750 Packages. As you get more people on your teams, they will help build your teams as well, but to a lesser extent. Payout with Talk Fusion is based on a complicated system that deals with Weekly Cycles. According to their commission structure, you make 5% – 15% commissions, which means anywhere from $6.25 USD to $112.50 USD per sale of the Product. Talk Fusion’s Residual Income uses a “SV” (Sales Volume) system. Using their example, a 20 SV package sold 10 times (must be 5 on each tree) will make you an extra $25 USD / Week

    EBN: EBN uses a Unique 1-Up system that is very different from a classic MLM. For starters, we immediately teach you how to market online, and be successful without a warm market. Our product packages range from $500 packages, to $20,000 packages, and we have 100% Commissions which means that is $500.00 USD to $20,000 USD per sale in your pocket. About 80% of people join at the $3,500 USD Gold package, so I will use that for future examples. EBN’s Residual income uses our “1-Up” System, such that every member’s first sale goes to their sponsor. This means after your qualifying sale (your first sale), If you bring Tim on at the Gold package, that is $3,500 for you. Then Tim brings on Barbara at the gold level for his qualifying sale, That’s another $3,500 USD for you, and Tim is now working for himself, and Barbara takes his place under you. Now Barbara brings Lisa on board at the $3,500 Gold level as her qualifying sale, which puts another $3,500 USD in your pocket, and Barbara is on her own with Lisa taking her place. The trend goes on and on. So essentially, from the Time and Effort it took to bring on Tim, you have gotten $3,500 from Tim, $3,500 from Barbara, and $3,500 from Lisa totaling at $11,500 USD effectively from 1 of your sales. Every person you bring on starts a downline like this of people constantly paying you from $500 – $20,000 USD.

    Third, The Community

    Talk Fusion: Talk Fusion has an impressive Community. Offering Conference calls, Mentoring, and Enthusiastic members. I have done a lot of research on many Home Based Businesses, and Talk Fusion definitely has a strong community to help members, Talk Fusion gets close to EBN in this regard, and for that it has my respect.

    EBN: EBN Has one of the best Communities I have come across. Daily Conference Calls, 1 on 1 Mentoring with the top people in the company, and Down to earth people. EBN also uses live Skype chatrooms for answering questions. EBN goes above other great communities because our 7 Figure earners are willing to actually personally close your deals for you, while you get to listen and learn. The Idea is you are in business For yourself, not By yourself.

    You may ask what you would be doing exactly if you join up. Simple! You would be like me, an Overpaid Tour Guide, giving people information, and letting them make informed, researched decisions which ultimately ending in them deciding if they are ready to start a home based business, vastly improve their current one, or not.

    If you are Interested in learning more about the product or the opportunity, Call 844 – 323 – 6797 Toll free and listen to the Overview. Then leave a message with your Name, Phone Number, and a little about yourself and I will get back to you!

  4. pas1745 says:

    Hello Roland,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Your website looks great. I wish you much success here at WA. Take care.

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