Can you make money online with Send Out Cards or is just another SCAM?

Name: Send Out Cards
Price: Free to try (see chart below for  option details)
Owners: Kody Bateman
Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 Stars

Overview:  I have a love/hate relationship with MLM  (check out my About Me page to read about it) so you may be surprised by the 4 out of 5 star rating I’ve given to Send Out Cards.  So it’s obviously, in my opinion,  NOT a SCAM!  I wrote this review to explain why.  Send Out Cards is a service that allows you to send greeting cards and gifts online.  It was established in 2005 by Kody Bateman and has since grown into a Multi-Million dollar a year enterprise.

PROs & CONs:

send out cardsPRO #1 High quality products — SOC products are great.  The cards are top quality and are produced in a state of the art facility.
PRO #2 Helpful customer service — if you ever have a problem you can call the SOC customer service division and you will be greeted and dealt with in a timely, friendly, and professional manner.  Something quite unheard of in MLM.
PRO #3 Low prices — it is much cheaper to send a greeting card using SOC when compared to the traditional method of going to the store, selecting a card, and then going to the post office to send the card.  Something quite unheard of in MLM.
PRO #4 Convenience — it is much more convenient to send a greeting card using SOC when compared to the traditional method of going to the store, selecting a card, and then going to the post office to send the card.
PRO #5 Free to try — Unlike most MLM programs, SOC encourages you to “try it before you buy it”.  This is the only MLM company that I know of with this policy.  It’s what got me interested in it in the first place and it’s the only reason why it’s the ONLY MLM program that I participate in and endorse.

CON #1 Hard to Market the Opportunity — the MLM model is very hard to market.  The products are usually over priced and the compensation plans are usually very hard to understand.  The success rate for most MLM opportunities is very low.  Most people who join MLM programs usually quit before they make any money.  That’s because they quickly realize that they won’t make any money.  Ahh, but hope is a powerful elixir.  The lucky ones quit early, the unlucky ones quit after losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.  Not to mention the fact fact that they alienate friends and family and damage their credibility in the process.

Who is Send Out Cards for?  Business owners, retirees, home makers, and just about anyone who wants to stay in touch with friends, family, and customers by sending greeting cards and gifts online for less than it would cost them offline.  I think SOC is especially good for photographers, real estate agents, and graphic arts professionals (like me) because they deal in images and it allows them to stay in touch with their customers and offer them cost effective products and services.

Tools & Training:  Treat Em Right seminars are held around the country.  I’ll explain more about this later.

Support:  There are a number of Facebook Support groups online but if you’re lucky enough to have a great sponsor (like I do) you’ll have even greater support.  You can go on your own or you can join me and my incredibly successful sponsor who will help you.

Pricing:  This is the pricing options for customers.  I refuse to show you the distributor options because I don’t think you should even think about becoming a SOC distributor until you’ve tried it out for Free and then for trying it as a customer for at least 30 days.

send out cards pricing options for customers



send out cards complaints

Complaints;  One thing that will make me give a program a low rank is if I see a lot of people complaining about the program.   In all the years’s that I’ve been a SOC member I’ve never really encountered anyone who had a major complaint.



Here’s  the only complaint’s I could find so far;

send out cards complaint


matt conner

mary wilhite

send out cards testimonials


My Final Opinion of Send Out Cards:

First of all, people often ask me if I’m making money with SOC and I just share some of my stories with them;

  • immanuels imageI sent a card to a friend and she signed up because she wanted to use it to promote her radiology business.  She also paid me for other graphic design projects.


  • I sent a card to a musician friend who decided that MLM “wasn’t his thing” but he has paid me on several occasions to create artwork for various projects.00A cosmos studios


  • I sent a card to my sister’s friend and she paid me to create and send over 60 cards inviting people to her Master’s Degree graduation party.

debbie han


  • Lady TornadoesI sent a card to a friend and she ended up paying me to design a logo for t-shirts for her family in support of her daughter’s basketball team.



  • I’m collaborating with a talented writer/artist on a humor based greeting card project.

5 dollar tan

So yes, even if you’re not making money directly with SOC, you can make money indirectly by using it to promote your business.

Send Out Cards is not a scam and is, in my opinion, one of the best MLM companies around mainly because the product is so appealing.  I’d compare it to AVON, Tupperware, and…I think that’s it.  What I mean is I’d buy Avon and Tupperware products but I wouldn’t try to sell them nor would I recommend  that anyone sell them but if you want to sell them go ahead (you won’t be breaking any laws).  While I wouldn’t recommend the business opportunity side of Send Out Cards to my friends and family I’d highly recommend that they sign up as customers because it does provide a good value and it will allow you to improve your relationships with everyone in your life (I know this from experience).  If they enjoy being a customer and they decide for themselves to become distributors that’s great and I’ll do everything I can to help them but my days of chasing friends and family are done.

Send a Free card and check it out for yourself;  Send a Free Card

RC Bonay

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5 Responses to My Send Out Cards Scam Review

  1. Sara says:

    I tried this company and it was a complete joke. Their website is NOT user friendly. The people I sent cards to from their site, didn’t even receive their card. Then to top it off, you have to purchase “points” to use a card, plus purchase postage. I had purchased points at the beginning thinking it would a great thing…but it turned out to be difficult to use and when I found out my people didn’t even get their cards, I was very unhappy. So I went to cancel the account and get my money back, they wouldn’t refund any of the money I used to purchase “points” – what a joke and what a scam.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Sara for your comment! I agree that the site can be difficult to get around. I never had any issue with cards not being delivered. My only problem with SOC is that, just like any other MLM, it’s a hard business to succeed in. Not impossible – just very, very hard.

    • Vanessa Mercado says:

      Sara, I believe you would have had better success if your sponsor who told you about SendOutCards would have taught you how maneuver around the website. Once I was shown how, it was very easy. There is also another part to the program that allows you to share with others the cards you and they have created. With small changes you can make these your own and send them. I believe good customer service comes with your sponsor being the “customer service” until you are comfortable with the purchase you made. You just needed that relationship that you did not get. I sent a card and gift to someone and I did not have the Suite # on it. I just received all 23 of my points spent on card and gift plus the entire amount of postage spent on an undeliverable package. That speaks volumes of this company. They did not have to refund postage, because I am pretty sure the post office did not!! Please find another sponsor to be a customer with and try again.

  2. Neat ideas that you share here of how you have used the cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

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