How Does MLSP Compare to Wealthy Affiliate and the Empower Network?


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I’ve been getting getting emails from my friend for 2 years about joining My Lead System Pro. I ignored them because I’m busy with other stuff but I finally decided to review MLSP and I’m pretty glad that I did. Now, I’m not going to join because I’m too busy building my online business with Wealthy Affiliate but at least I know more about it and I think I know enough to give you enough information for you to determine if it is something that might appeal to you and help you make money online for your retirement.

My Lead System Pro was created to help you build your primary MLM or business opportunity and at the same time profit from the overwhelming majority of people who will say NO to you and your MLM or business opportunity. For example, if I were to promote Wealthy Affiliate (which happens to be my #1 rated program for creating online wealth) to you, you might say, ” NO thanks Roland!” But you may still buy a MLSP product (or maybe even MLSP itself) because you might see the value inherent in that product(s). In other words you may sign up for MLSP because of all the things it has that can help you build YOUR MLM or business opportunity.

These are some of the things MLSP has to offer to help promote your MLM or business opportunity (as well as how they compare to Wealthy Affiliate and the Empower Network):

MLSP offers live weekly lead generation training. Even if you’re not a paid member you can access this FREE training. This training is FREE and is presented each week by some of the best marketing minds in the business. Topics include; how to generate leads using Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Solo Ads, Blogger, Article Marketing, Advanced SEO Techniques, Pay Per Click Strategies, and much more.

Note: Although I think MLSP lead generation training is great I believe Wealthy Affiliate does it better…check out my WA review. The Empower Network does not offer free training of this caliber…check out my EN review.

MLSP has a large training library. You get access to a vast training library that contains hundred of hours of training covering areas such as; Marketing, Lead Generation, Positive Mind-set Training, Sponsoring New Recruits, Recruiting New Prospects, Team Building, Leadership and much more!

Note: WA also has a vast training library but the emphasis is on creating your own profitable online business by focusing on a profitable niche as opposed to learning to promote MLM which is incredibly hard. The Empower Network does not have a training library of this kind.

If you want to go all out (as opposed to getting all in over at the Empower Network) you can sign up for the Mastery Membership for $149.97 per month. This membership level allows you to market lead generation products from industry leaders and keep 100% of the profit (minus a small fee). This feature is very similar to that offered at the Empower Network but with MLSP you do not have to buy the products in order to sell them and make a profit. These products range in price from $7 to $497 (as opposed to Empower Network products which range from $49 to $5000).

MLSP has a bunch of Attraction Marketing Tools that will allow you to create custom websites, marketing funnels (splash pages), and even Facebook fan pages. This will help you establish your brand which is an effective attraction marketing technique.

Note: WA has a Premium membership for $49 per month which is loaded with features.  See Getting Started for details.

MLSP allows you to give away lead generation trainings to your prospects. This helps build relationships and trust. By providing this type of value to your prospects they recognize you as a leader and they will naturally want to do business with you.

WA allows you to share training material as well. Here’s an example of one of the most popular training videos; How to Create a Website in 30 Seconds. The Empower Network does not allow you to give anything away for free.

Support – – MLSP has a large community of talented and supportive people who are available to help you every step of the way.

WA offers live 24/7 support.  EN has a support staff but it is not large enough to handle an organization of its size.

Free Auto-responder.  MLSP has a free auto-responder to help you get started building your list or you can integrate the auto-responder of your choice. WA does too…EN does not.

Feeling GoodMLSP is 100,000 members strong and No Complaints! Or at least I could not find any. Try it yourself by Googling “My Lead System Pro complaints”.

Ha HaWA is 10,000 members strong and the only complaint is that WA has too much information — it can be overwhelming! My answer to that is stick to the task oriented training modules and stay focused. Try it yourself by Googling “Wealthy Affiliate complaints”.

Too SadEN is over 500,000 members strong and they get thousands of complaints every day! Google “Empower Network complaints” and see for yourself.

MLSP has a 30 Day Risk Free Trial. WA is FREE to try. EN has a 3 day refund policy

Cost Comparison;

MLSP Mastery $149.97/month
MLSP Gold $49.97/month
MLSP Academy $19.97/month

WA Basic Membership FREE
WA Premium Membership $49/month

EN Basic Membership $25/month
EN Merchant Fee $19/month
EN Inner Circle $100/month
EN Costa Rica Intensive $500 one time
EN 15K Formula $1,000 one time
EN Master’s Retreat $ 3,500 one time

Basic Comparison Chart;

wa en mlsp comparison


If you do an online search you will find thousands of testimonials for each of these programs. That’s because there are people out there who are having success with these programs. I n order to make a better decision in regards to which program you decide to join you need to compare the positive testimonials to the negative complaints.


If you do an online search you will find few if any complaints for MLSP or WA. On the other hand you will find hundreds if not thousands of complaints directed at the Empower Network.


Like Wealthy Affiliate (and unlike the Empower Network), MLSP gives you the tools you need to provide value to your audience. When you provide value to your audience they will begin to like and trust you. When your audience likes and trusts you they will buy your products and join your business. It’s really that simple.


My Lead System Pro is definitely NOT a SCAM. They have thousands of satisfied members and they have paid out millions of dollars in commissions. Their training is first rate and their customer support in very good. My only reservation is that I think the Mastery Membership option is a little too expensive for most people who are just beginning to build an online business. I would recommend WA over MLSP to new people because you can learn everything you need to know about building an online business for free. After you get your feet wet you can upgrade to a WA Premium membership for $49/month or you can join MLSP for $19.97, $49.97, or $149.97/month. I would recommend either of these before I would recommend the Empower Network.

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19 Responses to My MLSP (My Lead System Pro) Review

  1. Hi Roland,

    I am just getting stared with WA and I was previously going to join the MLSP program but the cost for MLSP for the premium membership compared to WA’s premium membership while offering, what I thought based on how I understood them, the same training made it easy for me to make my decision.

    I also just started with a business called Damsel in Defense as a Damsel Pro selling women’s self defense products that come in a variety of colors and quirky names. The company also does a lot of charity work for Victims of Domestic Violence & Sex Trafficking. Most recently the initiated The Damsel House Project in Cambodia providing housing for those victims and 5% of sale goes to their charities.

    I felt DID was for me because I have had first hand experience with domestic violence and I LOVED the colorful products along with their names!!! It was love at first sight to be honest!!

    I’m hoping WA will help me to market my DID business along with branding myself for other things. I am ask going to work with WA in promoting them to earn some extra money & whatever that leads to!

    Anyway, your article was AWESOME because it basically validated everything and reason as to why I passed on MLSP and EN – I viewed EN as an “old” program anyway because the woman that I was speaking to who was promoting MLSP and is a top earner there is a member of EN as well but probably has so much residual income from that venture that she can now just sit back or with little effort do well.

    I have been wondering if WA was part of MLSP because it seemed so similar and honestly I don’t even know how I came across their website!! ?? Glad I did though!!

    I noticed the section below that asks to enter my website, I’m going to enter my DID website for now but let me know if it is meant for the WA site or if it doesn’t matter…

    Another thing I wanted to ask you…does WA let us post our links to our business and talk/promote/post images about it? I’m currently watching the videos and doing the training so it may answer those there…GREAT article!!

    I hope to writing blogs/reviews in the near future as well! I’m a single mom of three girls with no help from anyone not even their father so I am trying to do some alternative/non-traditional business ventures that will allow me to provide them with an amazing life because they are such great kids!! I am so lucky and I’m not just saying that! ; )

    Take care & thanks for the read!!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hi Larisa,

      It’s perfectly OK that you entered your DID website (I plan to visit it very soon).

      I don’t think WA allows us to post links to our businesses and/or promote it. If I can find their policy on this topic I’ll let you know.

      Good luck on your journey and stay strong for your girls!


  2. Great article and info on MLSP. I found this MLSP overview / walk through video very helpful in showing you how MLSP can help grow your brand online and generating more leads/prospects online! Watch MLSP overview video here:

    PLUS this MLSP review article was helpful as well:

    Nathan Argenta 🙂

  3. power says:

    Hi Roland,

    Thank you very much for providing the Honest Review on MLSP,WA and EN.

    Keep Rocking… 🙂


  4. Dexter Roona says:

    Great write up and comparison for Myleadsystempro
    Thanks Roland keep up the good work
    regards Dexter

  5. Doug Allison says:

    Thanks Roland. Was looking for a review of the different systems and your page hit it head on. Grateful for the information.

  6. pas1745 says:

    Hello Roland, I enjoyed reading your blog. The information is very useful. Thank you.

  7. James G says:

    I really found this post helpful, I had come to the same conclusions in my own research. I have one other “system” I would appricieate your opinion on.
    “Prosperity Central”.. ever heard of it? Does any of your followers have an opionon on it?
    Thanks for your time and thoughts.

  8. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Im glad i Ended up in wa i did do some research off mlsp but one think i didn like was it was their own payment system and i had in the past whit the Jonathan Butt system bin carged for much more then i had wanted to bye so i don’t trust system who don’t have a free trial and a well know payment

  9. ANDREA says:

    Scams are terrible! I am glad you are writing reviews and exposing the lies. I see a lot online about empowernetwork too…Keep up the good work!

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