bmw gt3 tier5 stage 3

Performance data based on stage 3 upgrades

How to beat Errol and his crew…

I’ve added a stage 5 sequential transmission to BIFF and in doing so increased her overall rating to 666. I also got a new paint job and decal. Her tires squealed in appreciation.

CSR Racing TrucksTime to enter the Crew Challenge. My opponent this time is Trucks. Errol introduced him to me;

“This is Trucks, my old mate from the skate parks. What he don’t know about wheels ain’t worth learning.”

Trucks will be driving a Mustang Cobra Jet with a 460 rating. This should be easy.

Apparently there are some things that Trucks doesn’t know about wheels that he should learn because I just smoked him in the 1/2 mile. The four perfect shifts played a part I’m sure. I just won $22,328. Lets see what Errol has to say…

“You’re turning into a right nuisance. I’ll have Trucks’ head for this.”

CSR Racing NeonjaI’m on a roll…may as well compete in another Crew Challenge. This time I’m racing Neonja.

“Neonja, he calls himself,” said Errol. “Nobody knows his real name. And nobody cares. So long as he keeps winning.”

Neonja is driving a silver BMW Z4 just like mine except his car is rated at 644. This is more of a challenge but the way I’m shifting gears his winning days are over.

I managed to recover from a wheel spinning start and win the race with ease. That’s another $23,231 in the bank. I’m saving for a tire upgrade to minimize the risk of future wheel spins. Errol responded to my victory by saying,

“First time Neonja’s lost in a long time! But don’t get cocky, you’ve still got a long way to go.”

Before I take the next Crew Challenge I’m going to head over to Round 18 of the Ladder Race. The competition at this level is stiff but the only way to get better is to compete against people better than you (yes, just like in real life). Plus I’ll get a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

I just beat a dude driving a car rated at 665 and won $17,223. I learned that I’m getting better at shifting but the perfect start still alludes me. I think I’ll keep racing until I’ve mastered the art of the perfect start before going back to the crew challenge.

I’ve been winning a lot of races lately and I have enough make believe cash to upgrade my tires. Unfortunately it will take 30 minutes before they are delivered (unless I spend 6 gold coins for immediate delivery) but I can wait. While I’m waiting I’m going to keep racing the difficult races because the prize money is higher and it’s good practice. I may lose a few races but I think it’s worth it.

Oh darn, I lost five races in a row before I ran out of gas. Like I said it was good practice and I know exactly what I need to do to improve. Like a Stage 5 racing inlet manifold for starters. While I’m waiting I may as well take a shot at the Crew Challenge. My agent hooked me up with enough gas for one race. This time I’m up against Harmony Breaks. Errol says her engine plays a mean tune and he hopes I like breathing exhaust.


Harmony (the lady on the right wearing the shades) got off to a great start but I caught up and passed her in the back stretch to secure the win. Good thing this was a 1/2 mile — if it was a 1/4 I would have lost.

CSR Racing Errols crew the silver skulls


I’ve dispatched Errol’s entire crew. He must be sweating a little because he’s next. As a matter of fact he just informed me of the following;

CSR Racings Errol Tier 5 Crew Boss


Decided to go to Multi-player Mode to see if I can earn some rewards by winning races online. There was a $16,000 entry fee and an option to hire a Race Team. You hire team members for a specific amount of time (5 gold coins buys you fifteen minutes of help) or you can hire the entire team for $4.99 (real money) for 24 hours.


CSR Racing Race Team

Thanks to 15 minutes of Pro Tuner’s expertise I won all 6 races in round 1 for a total of $63,000. There was no entry fee for round 2 so I went for it and hired the NZO Maniac for 5 minutes (I only had 6 minutes left to get help from Pro Tuner). Time to move very quick. I won the first 2 races of round 2 but lost the 3rd due to bad shifts. Could it have been because I never took the time to practice driving with the improvements that were made to BIFF? My streak was over but the Blogger said she could scrub that result and keep my streak alive for $10,000. Decided not to continue.

If you do the math you’ll see that I could have made more money racing offline in the single player mode. But it was still a lot of fun and the fast pacing and all the critical decision making involved made it very exciting.

I’m going back to the single player mode. At this point the level of competition is fierce. If I’m to stand a chance at winning the Ladder Championship and defeating Errol I’m going to hire a mechanic to keep my car tuned. It will cost 12 gold coins for 10 races.

I’m coming for you Errol!

I was starting to think about winding down and retiring from sharing my CSR Racing experience because how much further can I go? What else can I show you?

Then my agent sent me a challenge from Errol;

“Race me and if you win I will pay you $480,000. “

Whoa! How can I refuse?

Challenged Errol twice and lost both times.

I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

Entered the Ladder Race Quarter Final and won $56,274. Entered the Semi-Final and won $100,000. Entered the Final and won $200,00.

Spent almost all of my winnings on a stage 5 nitrous system and a stage 4 light weight body. I paid the mechanic 7 gold coins to keep BIFF tuned up for 5 races. Still can’t beat Errol. Guess I have to save some money and get the stage 5 body and reduce her weight a bit more.

Just earned enough to purchase my final stage 5 upgrade; a stage 5 body. It features painted fiber panels which are designed to reduce the weight of the vehicle which will improve acceleration. I take delivery in 30 minutes.

Just got BIFF a new coat of paint to go along with that beautiful, svelte body of hers…check it out;

bmw gt3 tier5 stage 5 parts

Performance data based on stage 5 upgrades

Also just paid the mechanic 7 more gold coins to keep her tuned up for five more races.

Smoked Errol in record time. Good job Mr. Mechanic! With shift and decal bonuses my prize money for this race is $486,609. Looking forward to hearing what Errol has to say after all the trash talk.  But first let’s hear from the Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 crew bosses;

CSR Racing crew bosses pay their respects

So, Errol, that was some race. I’ve never met a tougher opponent than you. You taught me a lot. You’ve made me a better man.

I reached out to shake his hand…he drew back and hissed;

“You haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll be back…That crown is mine!”

You won’t believe what happened next.  This game is going in a totally new direction. I can keep telling you about  it but it will be more fun if you start playing the game and find out for yourself. Oh, and just so you know, Errol challenged me to another race…winner takes all. I won (with a little help from my friends and here’s the car I won;

How did I win boss errols Car

Sorry Errol…perhaps we could have been friends.


Just got a message from my mechanic about Harmony (the one with the pretty red Corvette)…

advice from my csr racing mechanic

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I’m not done yet but I want to say that if you’re retired and bored and looking for an alternative to Candy Crush, CSR Racing is an awesome game.  I will provide a more extensive summary over the course of the next few days so please come back and like, share, comment, and challenge me to a race (if you dare).

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11 Responses to My CSR Racing Tier 5 Review

  1. shaloom says:

    agera R is best its 1/4 mile is7.832 sec better than BMW

  2. Felipe says:

    Now Errol is back for Payback. He wants revenge. Any thoughts on how to beat him to win his car?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I hired the mechanic for 7 races and was able to win Errol’s car after a few tries. I didn’t need the special nitro. You also need to know the perfect shift pattern. Let me know if you need help with the perfect shift pattern.

      PS – I purchased special nitro 3 times (to win other crew boss cars) and only won once. There is no guarantee you’ll win a race if you purchase the special nitro formula. You still have to race a near perfect race to win. Plus I don’t see the benefit of owning a crew boss car if it’s just going to sit in my garage.

    • Felipe says:

      Nevermind, I have just won his car.

  3. Akmal says:

    i can get 7.7 something with 704pp z4 gt3. you can try it

  4. virgie says:

    Took me a while to understand what this post was about because I’m not a cool granny that keeps up with the games of the younger generation however, I will say I love your new heading and your post will kick butt with my grandsons. Can’t wait to show them.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hi Virgie,

      That’s funny. It all started when I was looking for a racing game to keep my grandson occupied. Looks like I’m the one who got hooked.

      • Saptarshi says:

        Hi Roland,
        I have a T5 Berlinatta rated at 685. And the new price when you beat Errol is not 480k
        It is 1.5 million

  5. Peter G. says:

    Even with the comic pictures, your page somehow remains to have this very professional, noteworthy look to it.

    That is in no way an easy feat to accomplish, and I think you’ve done an amazing job here.

    I really love the way you’ve written our your content in such an intriguing and highly insightful manner.

    The story telling, use of quotations, the pictures, they all add up so nicely making for a very convenient review. I’ll be sure to visit back. Until then keep up the creativity!!

    Many Thanks,


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