If Better Living Global Marketing (aka BLGM) is a Scam Why Are So Many Members So Excited?


BLGM Better Living Global Marketing

I wrote this as advice for people who were thinking about joining BLGM.  If you are already a member of BLGM you might be better off reading this;  How to Get Your Money Back From BLGM

Several months ago someone, a friend, someone I trust, someone I like, invited me to join a Facebook group that was promoting Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM). I joined him on a 3 way call with one of the top earners and upon learning that I did not want to spend $1200 to join, he (the top earner) thanked me for my time and left the call without explaining what I’d be getting into or what I’d be doing for my money. I stayed on with my friend and told him that I’d keep an open mind and get back to him if I decided to join.

I stayed in the group and watched as the two top earners announced their growing profits on a regular basis but I never noticed anyone else reporting out on how they were doing. Then one day I was removed from the group without an explanation (due to inactivity I guess?). I really wanted to know how my friend was doing but I thought it might be rude to ask. I figured it might be better to do a little research and write a review which would allow me to better decide if this was something I might be interested in.

When I review a product I try to get enough information to help me answer the following question;

Will I Feel Comfortable Promoting This to My Friends and Family?

The first thing I do when reviewing a product or service is I look for testimonials and/or complaints.

If the complaints far exceed the testimonials the review process comes to a screeching halt.

The next thing I look at is price. How much will this cost me? Are there hidden fees? Are there unexpected up-sells? Is there a fair refund policy in place? Can I try it before I buy it?  If the cost is too high the review process comes to a screeching halt. Or if there are hidden fees, multiple up-sells, and an unfair refund policy it comes to a halt.  Now if there’s a free trial of 7 days or more I may give them the benefit of doubt and continue the review process.

The next thing I look at is the compensation plan.  How will I be getting paid? How often will I be paid? How long does it take for me to get paid? Will I be paid by check, direct deposit, e-wallet, PayPal? Basically I tie this to the testimonials and complaints; if people are complaining that they are not getting paid then it makes no sense in continuing the review process, does it?

The next thing I look at is training. I tie this in with the overall cost; if I have to pay a lot of money to fly here and there to get training at some event/pep rally, then buy your book and your DVD, I may have to pass on your opportunity because I would not feel comfortable promoting that aspect to my friends and family and if you tell me that attending events is crucial to my success then the review process is over.

BTW, my friend, who has been in for several months, still can’t explain how it works.  This is a clear indication that there is little or no training being provided to members.

Finally I need to know if support is available.  Do they answer the phone? Do they return emails? Is there a refund policy? Do they even have a mailing address? This is also tied to testimonials and complaints. If I see in the complaints that your customer service is bad then I’m afraid the review process has come, again, to a screeching halt.

Let’s look at each of these qualifying factors in greater detail; Furious

Testimonials and/or Complaints

I found hundreds of complaints and bad reviews for Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) and only a handful of testimonials. I found so many complaints and bad reviews I decided I would share a few of them with you;

These are complaints from some unhappy affiliates…

Better Living Global Marketing complaints 1

This is from someone who might know a thing or two about the law…

Better Living Global Marketing complaints 2

Better Living Global Marketing complaints 3

Just to be fair here’s one of the testimonials…

“I just heard that Better Living Global marketing is expected to release millions in funds to who have been waiting several  weeks for a return on their investment. That’s great news for the hundreds of BLGM affiliates who have been waiting for their withdrawal requests to get processed.”


But it still doesn’t change my opinion about Better Living.

At this point, without even doing any additional research on cost, compensation, training and support I feel I can answer the question, Would I Feel Comfortable Promoting This to My Friends and Family?

The answer is a resounding NO! They say that where there’s smoke there’s fire and boy was there a lot of smoke.

I’m going to pass on this one and move on to my next review.

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What do you think? Is Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) a SCAM?

Leave your reply in the comment section below.

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524 Responses to My Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) Review

  1. Rosalind says:

    I wonder if this brokers demanding negative balances understand what a damage they do to
    their enterprise. What are they hoping for?

  2. kute hasso says:

    hey guys how i get my money back? can you give some information about this company please

    • R. Cleansing says:

      The only way for you to get your money back is to find out where Luke Teng lives, and then pack some heat and go there.
      And, don’t leave until he pays you. Bring a tent and a portable kitchen.

      You may even need to dispense some threats too.

  3. tengbang says:

    got tis email 6/12/15

    Here is an update as of this morning…

    At the moment, not any immediate updates from China funding yet.

    The most recent biggest news is that Sweden-BP8 will hold a Grand Opening by the end of this month.

    ð Mr. Teng will be in Sweden Gothenburg for 5 days accompanied with some of the HK leaders.

    Bailey will not be going to Sweden as he has to stay in the home-front.

    ð He said because if the HK office is closed, people will get panic. J

    They hope that the Sweden team will be a role model for all our BP8 teams, as they are being productive and moving forward!

    BP8-Sweden is like a Branch of BP8-HK, except they do not have staffs from HK and no expenses to be paid from HK.

    ð BP8-Sweden is mainly for advertising.

    ð It is also serving local members, recruiting!

    ð People there are still making money. The business is maintained in itself by selling cash wallet generated from their withdrawals.

    ð People there explain the current situation to new people and tell them why are they still supporting, and that no one will apply withdrawals right now until phase 3 commences.

    I asked which one specifically will take care of the withdrawals, the Funding or Phase 3?

    The answer was – “It depends on how big the Funding is. We don’t know yet.”

    I asked for a public update for the U.S..

    ð It is possible after Mr. Teng’s trip back from Sweden.

    ð He will surely have something good to share with everyone by then.

    I asked for Mr. Teng to step up give us the updates after the trip.

    ð I will persue Bailey and Mr. Teng for that.

    Will keep you more updated as it goes! Stay tuned!

    Meanwhile, it is important NOT to let your units expired (annually) –


    Important to do it, otherwise your units will be forfeited.

    Each unit has to be renewed annually (HK$98). Here are the steps –

    ð Log in your BLGM back office.

    ð Click on Transaction

    ð Click on Renewal

    ð Choose * click Next

    ð Pay from E-Wallet 98 (HK$)

    ð Click Confirm

    ð Double check it on Detail List

  4. Michael says:

    Did anyone else see on Behind MLM the report that Luke Teng and few others were arrested?


    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for sharing this Michael. I only had time to skim through the report and will review it more thoroughly later. I do hope this report might provide insight on what investors might be able to do to recoup their losses (note the emphasis on “might”).

  5. southfromtherealz says:

    Not sure why that didnt work. But good news I have the recorded call. Hope it helps. I didn’t bother to listen but if anyone can give a summary that would be great.


  6. southfromtherealz says:

    Better Living Team
    Got this from my sponsor. In case u still care. This is upcoming Luke tang Phone call update. Could be a comical, we all know this is deal is over…You will never get paid. It might be interesting to see what this parricide tries to spew…Email followed

    We are having an update call Dec. 8th Monday Night 9:00 Est. 8:00 central 7 Mtn 6 pacific with Edward Kimchin who just returned from Hong Kong.

    After a long visit with Luke Tang at the home office,he brings back exciting updates as to what’s going on, and what we can expect in the future in Better Living.

    Don’t miss this important update call.
    Pass this on and let your team know!


    Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200
    Participant access code: 136102#

  7. F' Luke Pooontang says:

    Today’s news Blast November 11, 2014: (using Google to translate)
    根據與一眾風投基金及廣告業界深入交流有感:「本公司目前是全球最具潛力及價值互聯網創業企業。其一,公司廣告模式的創新乃是對金融資本價值的創新,屬 “獨一無二”,之舉;其二,公司平台在全球的營銷所取得的互聯網廣度,即参與的國家和地域,非一般互聯網公司可比,難能可貴,極具價值。
    Google translate:
    In accordance with a public venture capital fund and the advertising industry in-depth exchange of felt : ” The company is currently the world’s most potential and value of the Internet start-ups first, innovative companies advertising model but the capital value of financial innovation , is a” unique. ” move ; Internet breadth Second, the company ‘s global marketing platform achieved , namely the participation of national and regional non- Internet companies generally comparable , valuable , valuable

    公司將一如既往,帶領全球同寅“與時並進、繼續創新”;並在不遠未來,與具前瞻眼光之大機構丶財團合作,全面進入 “非創會會員” 領域,並實現公司與 “創會會員” 攜手,長久持續運營,讓 “商家丶公司丶創會與非創會會員” 全面共赢,進而做強資源整合丶充分發揮及延伸價值不菲的大數據值。
    Google translate:
    The company will continue to lead the global colleagues ” with the times and continue to innovate ” ; and in the near future , with a forward-looking vision of the big agencies Dian consortia cooperation and fully into the ” non- founding member of the ” field , and to achieve the company and the “Year Council members “hand in hand , long-term continuous operation, so that” businesses Dian Dian founding companies and non- founding member of the ” comprehensive win , and then Dian stronger integration of resources into full play and extend valuable large data values.


    在全球市場的催生下,公司將作出以下調整,望市場快速有效領悟及傳達。祝各同寅 “創業成功”!
    Google translate:
    Wang Ling-hui unique global membership , pay close attention to the company to create , and the hard-earned entrepreneurial Dian limited period of time ( the first stage ) , Extension of financial resources to Dian rich life , to witness history !

    In the global market, the birth , the company will make the following adjustments , hope the market quickly and effectively comprehend and communicate . I wish my colleagues ‘ entrepreneurial success ! ”

    1. VlP 可提款期從五個月(151日),延長至九個月(271日)。
    2. 首次提款日由最後一張新單加三十日計算。
    3. VlP門數最少七單,最多十五單(非VlP則不限)。
    4. 以後每隔三十日可提一次,每次上限為入單總值15%;無論門數多少,總可提款額為入單總值65%。

    Google translate:
    From 17 November 2014 onwards :
    1. VlP may withdraw from five months (151 days ) , extended to nine months ( 271 days).
    2. The first withdrawal date is calculated from the last 30 days for a new one costs .
    3. VlP gate count at least seven orders, up to fifteen single (non VlP is limited ) .
    4. After every 30 days can mention once a ceiling of 15% into a single gross ; no matter how many doors , total withdrawals amounted to the total value of the 65% single .

    Another: Since December 1, 2014 by , until further notice , no matter how many gates , open VlP account must use at least 40% VlP account points.

  8. Geller says:

    Hi all, we are based in Canada and we have a group of about 20 people that is on this same boat. Recently my upline offered to pay us 20% of the total invested amount to settle the account. Anyone have any news about this

    • Leslie says:

      Your upline owes you ALL of your original investment, no strings attached. Any of your net winnings, if you had any in *real* USD, should go to investors who came in after you. You should also contact law enforcement in Hong Kong.

      BLGM is completely out of money. I suspect Luke Teng’s accounts have been frozen, although he hasn’t admitted anything other than his accounts have been “closed.” Here are his last-ditch scams:

      1. Bogus oil product scam
      2. Some king of anti-aging product scam
      2. Web-based ad click scam

      It’s unclear whether Teng actually has someone making snake-oil products or he’s just paid to advertise them on the Internet. The ad scam seems to be entirely to entice people to use the penny auction site.

      • F' Luke Pooontang says:

        I don’t think his accounts are frozen because it cost money to maintain the servers, internet access and of course to pay for his employees. He’s just being an asshole and keeping the money for himself. Also…he needs to pay the HK OFFICIALS not to intervene. So contacting the HKPD is useless.

      • Ryan Cannady says:

        Yes.. The up lines are fully responsible, the ones with the back room banking / boiler room classes, promises… Gabrielle Lancina.. $40,000.00 per month for months of everyone’s money..

  9. F' Luke Pooontang says:

    會員合約終止政策 2014-10-22


    BLGM公司可隨時根據公司政策終止合約 – 任何會員意圖或企圖、故意捏造並散佈虛構的事實、以言論或不當或不法行為、間接或直接損害公司聲譽或公司及會員之利益,會被立即終止會員合約,於合約終止當下,該會員即時喪失以折扣入貨權利;被褫奪公司「市場推廣人員」身份及職級;喪失其於BLGM公司所有包括獎金等收益。

    using google translate:
    Membership termination policy 2014-10-22

    Member termination :

    BLGM Company may at any time terminate the contract in accordance with company policy – the fact that any member of intent or attempt to deliberately fabricated and spread fictitious, with speech or improper or illegal acts , directly or indirectly damage the company ‘s reputation or the interests of the Company and members , membership will be terminated immediately contract , the contract is terminated the moment, the members of the immediate loss of the goods at a discount right ; was stripped of its ” marketing officer” status and rank ; lose all their in BLGM including bonuses and other benefits.

    Monthly Threats again by LUKE TENG BLGM lol

    • Roland Bonay says:

      At this point I would not think there would be anyone left to terminate.

      • F' Luke Pooontang says:

        It’s BLGM’S way of reducing the amount of withdraw requests that’s pending. By termination accounts, it reduces the financial burden on this ponzi-Ass scheme company. Luke Teng should be prosecuted..but then it’s in Hong kong…he’s already paid off all police officials/authorities…. lol

    • Ryan Cannady says:

      Hey lets look Dubli.com Gabriella Lancina from better living global marketing has been pushing this new hot item.. it screens MLM ponzi to me…

      • F' Luke Pooontang says:

        Better yet, let’s look into Judingusa.com located in Brea, CA. a HK company took off and took all our money including mine. Damn company stole everyone’s money! Already filed with BBB.

  10. The Swede says:

    The video is from the Swedish Group. It’s about ten Days old. Pay attention to what Luke Tengs says about the VIP-programme. If a member in BLGM refferes a new member, the sponsor gets the Money transferred to his/her private bank-account. The sponsor then sends 30% to BLGM i HK, then keeps the rest. The new member can then withdraw the bonus from the sponsor. The rest of the Money is as Luke Teng says “a way to cash out for the member”. The new member can then withdraw 15 percent of your invested amount every 30 Days…FROM the Company ? This is said by Luke Teng in the same meeting where he says that the Company has problems with payouts. The have not paid any member since Nov: 2013 . This must be a way to keep members to continuing recruit new members. It’s a big shame that these leaders still brings in new members. And they still tell people to hurry up and buy more units Before the MLM is closed. Bailey from USA, is Writing this about the VIP-programme: “”By doing this, BL will get much more new members and our alexa will fly,
    then we will be able to turn the huge traffic into income and end the phase 1.”” lol

    • nicky says:

      Oct 4 at 8:25 AM

      I hope you examined Luke’s video carefully. Going IPO is almost impossible for BGLM. The only way to make money is to lure more new members to join in which you’re putting yourself in great danger of going to jail, and also to be fair, upline should buy back ewallets from their downline to recoup loses. I suggest start doing this as early as possible to clear your name from lawsuits. THIS IS THE LATEST FROM THE UPLINER EMAIL AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS THIS..ANY MEMBER WHO GOT THIS EMAIL PLS TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON..

    • Ryan says:

      Interesting: This fraudulent luke teng, scandalous and oviosely well equipped to maintain the hong kong scams…
      Not sure as to what happened to all the threats that were on the table.. but if watch the award winning scam show it sure should restart hurt, ripped off fillings..

      As for me, Gabriella is still threatening me with put up and shut up legal action.. She stole our money and we are the bad poeple…

  11. Magnusson says:

    Oh my good.
    Why not just confront the people at a open meeting? Ask for proof instead of crying like a little baby.

    Roland, I’m not sure about Better Living. But you are trashing even serious network marketing business. I don’t understand why you are doing this. Probably since you failed hard and ran away, instead of asking people who knew a little bit more about how to succeed.

    There are a loooooot of scams out there. But make sure not to trashtalk the ones that makes a huge difference in the positiv way for a lot of people out there.

    If someone are scam in this case Roland, it is you.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I appreciate that you took the time to post your comment. But I think you have me confused with someone else. You accuse me of “trashing even serious network marketing business”. Have you even read any of my reviews? Or did you just look and the article titles and assume I was trashtalking the companies that were being reviewed? I don’t expect you to read any of the reviews in their entirety so to make it easy for you I’ve posted snippets from some of my reviews;

      Send Out Cards is not a scam and is, in my opinion, one of the best MLM companies around mainly because the product is so appealing. I’d compare it to AVON, Tupperware, and…I think that’s it. What I mean is I’d buy Avon and Tupperware products but I wouldn’t try to sell them nor would I recommend that anyone sell them but if you want to sell them go ahead (you won’t be breaking any laws). http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/my-send-out-cards-scam-review

      My Lead System Pro is definitely NOT a SCAM. They have thousands of satisfied members and they have paid out millions of dollars in commissions. Their training is first rate and their customer support in very good. My only reservation is that I think the Mastery Membership option is a little too expensive for most people who are just beginning to build an online business. http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/my-mlsp-my-lead-system-pro-review

      This program (DS Domination) may not be a scam but because of the red flags I’m going to pass on this one. If I’m wrong about anything that I’ve stated in this post feel free to post a rebuttal in the comment section below. Or if you think it IS a scam I’d like to hear from you too. Most of all I’d like to hear from people who are just not sure and who have questions they’d like to have answered by people who know more about this than I do. http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/is-ds-domination-a-scam-read-my-shocking-review

      Based on my experience I would not recommend Talk Fusion to any of my friends, family and loved ones because it is just too hard to build a profitable business as an Associate. I mean come on, the failure rate is over 97% and that’s in spite of an interesting product line and and a reasonable entry cost. http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/my-talk-fusion-review-is-talk-fusion-a-scam

      I’m going to pass on the Empower Network right now because to be honest, as excited as I was to promote this before, I don’t think I can sleep at night promoting this to people knowing how difficult it will be for them to promote it to others. However I do realize that EN is very popular and some people are going to promote it no matter what so I wrote an article on how you can promote EN despite all of the negative comments and reviews that are circulating on the internet. Click the following link to read it; http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/how-to-market-the-empower-network-system and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you think (your site will get more exposure if you do).

  12. Scamcentral says:

    Hello everybody. I’m not in Bglm. But have been following. I got this new video from lunk tang meeting. Supposedly it from a few days ago. Hope it helps.
    passwd – blgm123

    • Leslie says:

      Did whoever forwarded it to you tell you where it was recorded?

      • Roland Bonay says:

        After watching a portion of this video I wonder if this is the group of 15 from Sweden who recently went to HK.

        • Leslie says:

          Yes, these were the Swedish affiliates.

          Ho-ly crap. He said he was transparent–I didn’t expect him to admit to being a criminal (and then throw his leaders into the same category.) In the FIRST 5 MINUTES he admits it’s a pyramid scheme and defines the pyramid scheme as clear as he possibly can:

          1. BLGM is having cash flow problems BECAUSE

          2. They have no retail income BECAUSE

          3. They are strictly network marketing BECAUSE

          4. They promise their affiliates PASSIVE INCOME

          Then, just to put an exclamation point on it:

          1. The “sales” (and payouts) are not real cash BECAUSE

          2. The sales are generated by existing affiliates and WORSE

          3.Some leaders (Everett C. Hale??) are accepting real dollars from new affiliates anyway AND WORSE YET

          4. He KNOWS it’s a pyramid scheme, but wants his affiliates to FIND HIM CUSTOMERS — IN CHINA — for his MSP business.

          Wait, did he just say Berkeley is better than UCLA? Someone should tell him UCB also stands for Upright Citizens Brigade. Ha! I think he just clicked on spam and pretended it was published by UC Berkeley. Oi. I HAVE to stop watching now. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

          Everyone in that room has been informed that they’re investing in a DEAD pyramid scheme as shills to build up a retail customer base for his MSP products (and possible other fake products because I stopped the video at the paid press release nonsense). I honestly thought he would be a lot smarter, but he wears his, “I’m a crook, ask me how!” button with pride. That said, I don’t think he knew he was being taped.

          I am not an affiliate of BLGM (or any other network marketing program). If you are, please go here: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Details#crnt to fill out a complaint. Unfortunately, this video is filmed in Hong Kong with Swedish investors, so be sure to include specific information about your upline in your FTC complaint. Anybody in Sweden should contact whatever agency oversees financial fraud in Sweden and direct them to this video.

          [Post Script: Part of me hopes that the person with the camera is undercover. Maybe it was Lisbeth hacking in to get information and Mikael Blomkvist will write an expose on HK scams in Sweden. That, ladies and gentlemen, concludes my knowledge of Sweden.]

  13. The Swede says:

    Hi, I’m a member in BLGM. I’m from Sweden and here some still think that this is a wonderful oppurtuninty to make serious money. The leaders still marketing this and it seems like they are more Investors comming in to this. We got an update from Everett Hale recently and he says:
    We have received some phone calls about a rumor that payouts are close. We are in constant contact with the Hong Kong office and we have not been told that things are CLOSE. We will let you know ASAP if we hear any more news. If you hear it from us, you can believe it. If you hear anything from anyone else, be suspect and careful before acting on it.
    It’s very strange because BLGM told us in april that all withdrawals will be on ice until the 50 M.USD contract is closed. This was obviously one more lie. It’s really sad that more people is still dragged in to this scam.

      • Per says:

        Does anyone know how many units BLGM sold currently?
        And how many they plan to sell?
        I wonder also about the size of the daily profit share as promised, have heard that it is $ 10 per day / 5 days a week per unit?

        • Billy says:


          Here’s a quick calculation for you. Take how ever many units you have and multiple by Zero and you will have your total. Your profit share = $0, they have sold as many units as they can and will continue to try to sell units to get your money.

          I assume you haven’t scrolled down or read any of the 100’s of terrible reviews of BLGM or read that they haven’t made ANY payments in over 9 months. That the company is not profitable and it is a PONZI scheme.

          Are you seriously considering investing in this? You have much better odds betting on the lottery than getting paid out from BLGM.

          • Per says:

            I have never thought of investing in BLGM
            just want to show an example counting how unreasonable their returns are
            it seems that many who invested not mathematics at all
            But I need to confirm how many units have been sold and how much the daily profit share is
            I do not have access to this information because I have not invested

          • Leslie says:

            “just want to show an example counting how unreasonable their returns are”

            It’s unreasonable because the returns are contingent on new affiliate income. No more explanation necessary.

            “But I need to confirm how many units have been sold and how much the daily profit share”

            Why? It literally makes no difference to anyone, even those who have invested.

            If you want more detail, a comprehensive review of the initial plan can be found here: http://behindmlm.com/companies/better-living-global-marketing-review-99-day-rois/ The most recent update is here: http://behindmlm.com/companies/hong-kong-police-launch-blgm-investigation/

            I recommend scrolling through the comments on each post for updates as various leaders have been tweaking the information they send out since the scheme ran out of money last year.

        • F' Luke Pooontang says:

          UPDATE FROM BLGM 9/25/2014
          After 2 brilliant years of hard work(with 1.5 million units & USD3.5 billion sales), our BLGM back office must inevitably be overhauled to tackle further needs We have scheduled to take place on October 1st. & 2nd.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Seriously, what does this mean?

          • F' Luke Pooontang says:

            I really don’t know…they say they made that much money in sales….why is it that they can’t pay out? i’m confused like you.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Sounds as crazy as the claim that Jonathan Mendoza has hit the $460,000 per month mark with his Lucrazon Global distributor ship (Leslie sure hit the nail on the head on this one). It’s claims like this that lure people in. Is the shame greater on the marketing genius who lays the bait or the fool who takes it?

    • BLGM Victim says:

      they misspelled the Word they mean CLOSED means No more, Nada, Finito, its Over

      look At my Account withdraw List i have 150 Units

      2013-12-03 000000 72,548.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-01-29 000000 76,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-03-01 000000 76,000.0 Remittance Processing
      2014-04-01 000000 76,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-05-02 000000 80,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-06-03 000000 80,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-07-04 000000 80,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-08-05 000000 80,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]
      2014-09-06 000000 80,000.0 Remittance Processing [Cancel Withdrawal]

  14. Summer says:

    Thanks for your anticipation into this. I’ll wait for your news if someone her can find this piece of info.
    Have a good one, guys.

    • Leslie says:

      Why can’t you just go after your US upline?

      • Summer says:

        Actually, this is another option which I was thinking about,too but I’m not really sure how and where to start, do you?

        • Per says:

          Hi, I’m from Sweden and have some friends who invested in BLGM
          All still think they will become millionaires and a group of 15 people will visit Hong Kong in September. Why they’ll visit HK I do not understand. none of them have been paid any dividends and is now trying to sell some its unitary.
          Question there unitits for sale in the United States? and how much they try to sell them for?

          • Leslie says:

            There were rumors of leaders trying to dump units a few months back. They’re worthless, so I’m not sure if they were successful.

            Was the group of 15 recruited by a Swedish citizen, or someone from another country? Do you know if they were recruited online or in person?

          • nicky says:

            I was trying to sell the units from the time I knew something was wrong when some up liners went to H/K and never got any money at all; nobody wants to buy. Good luck to all but we have to get together I consulted and attorney and he said it might be hard because its in H/K.My jaw dropped!

          • Per says:

            The Swedish group consists only of Swedes. The group is led by https://www.facebook.com/alexander.engstrom.395?fref=hovercard scroll down on his page so is there any pictures from his revival meeting.
            Alexander has a new meeting this Saturday in Gothenburg. And on Monday, September 6 go 15 people down to Hong Kong. There is rumor that the Phase 1 closing soon and phase 2 begins, what now phase 2 is?

        • Leslie says:

          How were you planning to file suit against the BLGM entity? What state are you in? In my state (California) it’s relatively easy: http://www.courts.ca.gov/9616.htm
          Do you already have an attorney?

          In many counties you can also do a civil case search online and plug in your upline’s name(s) to see if they’re already being sued. (Some counties, like LA, charge a nominal fee.) If there is existing litigation against your upline related to financial scams, it might be worth trying to track down that plaintiff. https://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/onlineServices/civilIndex/

          Btw – I’ve done Secretary of State searches in CA for “Better Living,” and I can’t find any LLC, LP or Corp. There are, however, a bunch of MSP entities that *could* belong to Luke Teng and using a different agent for service of process. If Teng is anything like every other HK Ponzi jerk, he’s got several entities in multiple countries and states.

          • Summer says:

            Hi Leslie,
            Thank you much for your value info. Recently, I’ve contact a class action law firm in LA to ask for help. I told them about BLGM and how did
            I get involved into this kind of thing. After they considered about the fact that BLGM was really
            exist, then they told me to get more info in order they can help to file the claim as a class action.

            Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for someone you will contact me for this piece of info which we will need for the claim. And you are the first one
            who can tell me this much in details. If what you just brought up is true, then it will be hard to nail down BLGM as the attorney has once told me. Do you have any other plan to work toward this problem as next if we fail on this…???

          • Billy says:

            Let’s be clear here- all the money didn’t go to Luke Teng. Much of the money went to the upliners that sold you units- they kept your money and transferred worthless units over to your account. Most of the money never made it’s way to Hong Kong.

            How much is a unit worth? $0.0, unless you can find someone that wants to buy a unit. Then you keep the cash and transfer that unit. You get to create your own Ponzi Scheme.

            I’m sure there are tax implications for those that sold these units and never recorded the profits- either from getting your money or those that originally got some $$ from HK. I imagine most people didn’t report those profits to the IRS.

          • Leslie says:

            If you don’t mind sharing, what’s the name of the law firm?

            It doesn’t seem quite right to me that their very first question wasn’t to request all of the information on the person or persons you actually handed cash to. Did they ask for any documents from you? Presumably, who(m?)ever recruited you is the first point of contact in tracking down BLGM. At the very least, I’d think any attorney would be eager to sue your upline just for the legal fees, especially if there was a chance of a bigger fish (and more legal fees) upstream.

            You might want to try to track down a better attorney. Alternatively, you could hire a financial fraud private investigator to do the leg work for you. There are some that specialize in Ponzi schemes. He or she would probably be able to at least get the name of the HK entities and their agents of service for you.

          • Summer says:

            Hi Leslie,
            The law firm (which I contact for this)didn’t promise anything or charge me for any fee for their service, yet. All they told me is just find more information for them then they will evaluate and confirm with me if they can do it or not. And from there we might have to talk about fees and anything else. Thanks for your suggestion, I will consider it as a second option if this law firm say that they cant take the case. However, I think that they are real attorneys because they were rated super attorney by the US attorney associate for many years.

          • Summer says:

            Hi Bill,
            I don’t know how is other people think but to me, I think that since BLGM still has a control of all units in my accounts, then it hard to say if the money make it all the way to HK or not. If they didn’t collect the money (for those registered units) then why they bother to have our units in their system and most important that it all in active until today…!
            Bottom line, I’m still thinking that BLGM own their clients the dividends of profit that suppose paid into each account that we have registered and purchased…

          • Leslie says:

            Curiouser and Curiouser. Sorry, but I’m going to jump down the rabbit hole with you for a sec. First, you said you contacted a “class action law firm,” but then you mentioned an association that doesn’t exist, but interestingly, sounds like the National Association of Assistant US Attorneys. US Attorneys work for the government. You don’t “hire” them.

            The alternative is that they gave some bogus association or they paid for a rating with some bogus association (spoiler alert: most attorneys have to pay for listings with pretty much any association.)

            Something’s fishy.

          • Summer says:

            Hi Leslie,
            Let’s make 2 things clear at here.

            First, I got to confirm that I’m not here to discuss about who and what to do to hire a attorney. I’m not here to ask for anybody opinion of what to do. If you are “A VICTIM” of BLGM, then there are 2 options for you to pick. Either you’re in or you stay out of this just simple as that. Believe me, I will not stop you either way.

            Second, I got to confirm that I’m also a victim of BLGM just like anybody else in here. I’m here to look for the info that I need to pursuit the claim. I DO NOT care if anybody here feels it fishy or not because to join in the claim or not it always an option that free of charges, willingly and absolutely no hassle…! Nobody here will lose anything more than what they’ve already lost for BLGM.

            Last, I think that I have done talking with you because seems like the conversation will not get to where I wanted it to be. Thanks for stopping by, anyway…

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Hi Summer…you may have misinterpreted Leslie’s comments…she is only trying to help. She knows more about identifying and resolving SCAM and Ponzi issues than anyone I know.

          • Leslie says:

            “I’m here to look for the info that I need to pursuit the claim…to join in the claim or not it always an option that free of charges, willingly and absolutely no hassle…!”

            What claim? You came here looking for information on BLGM because an attorney you met with would not file a class action suit. It’s already been a hassle for you to even find an attorney to think its worth his or her time to do the minimal amount of effort it would take to track down a party to sue.

            Incidentally, there’s still nothing to keep you from suing the individual who actually took your money (who is presumably known to you.)

            No, nobody who has ever invested in a Ponzi scheme has ever cared much about something looking fishy. That is a true statement.

          • Summer says:

            Hi Roland,
            First I’d like to say thanks to you for this blog. Because of you, we have a place to stop by and to talk about BLGM.

            Second, I’d like to thanks again for your opinion about Leslie and I totally understand that you just try to neutral the tension in here…

            I’m pretty sure that I have brought to attention of everyone in here about my intention and what I wanted to do in my very first message, and I don’t mind to repeat it one more time…

            I’m here to look for someone who can bring up the information about BLGM registration in the US. So, I can file a class action law suit to go after BLGM with a hope that I can get back some money from it. Once I have the info and the claim is filed, I will open to everyone who wish to join in as “A BLGM VICTIM” (unconditionally). This is my plan.

            All I need is just that, and I don’t need any opinion from anyone about how to pick and hire an attorney and whatsoever…! If someone think that he (or she) can help…, than bring me the info that I need. Otherwise whatever he or she talk about, it’s just useless, helpless and I don’t need nonsense talk…!!!

            I will wait and grateful for someone who can bring up the info of BLGM registration to help me to pursuit my claim which I think it’s a right thing to do. And again, I will more than welcome “EVERY VICTIM OF BLGM” who wish to join me. (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND).

            Last, thank you very much once again for setting up this blog, Roland.


          • Roland Bonay says:

            Thank you Summer for your understanding (and kind words)!

            I’m no expert on this issue and I only started this thread because I am sick and tired of falling for false promises and I wanted to help other people from falling for them too. I read your reply very carefully and I want you to know that I am not offering you advice or any recommendations…just some extra info I found that may or may not be useful to you. Here’s what I learned;

            There is no record of BLGM having ever registered in the US. It seems they learned from Zeek Reward’s “mistake” and distanced themselves from the long arm of the law — in this case the US FTC and SEC. BLGM is registered and has always been registered in Hong Kong.

            From what I have been able to determine only 4 complaints have been filed to the FTC against BLGM (compared to over 80 against Empower Network). And there is no current SEC investigation. Even the Hong Kong PD investgation seems to have come to a halt.

            There are no class action suits against BLGM and if you are able to get one started it will be the first.

            According to it’s website, Harris & Moure is a US law firm that has been handling international law matters in Asia (especially China) for more than 15 years. I’m not recommending or endorsing them…just letting you know that they exist as a possible resource.
            Here’s their contact info (and link to their blog); http://www.chinalawblog.com/contact/


        • Roland Bonay says:

          The first thing you should do is gather all of your documentation.

          This should include cancelled checks, bank statements, credit card receipts; basically everything and anything you have that documents all financial transactions between you, the company, and your sponsor or recruiter. This should also include records of all correspondence between you, the company, and the recruiter. If you were part of a Facebook group chances are much of this documentation may be found on your group’s page (if it hasn’t already been shut down).

          The next thing you should do is consult an attorney.

          Preferably one who specializes in investments and fraud. You can find one online or via the yellow pages. The first thing an attorney can tell you is if you have a case. If you do, an attorney can help you file a claim with the right federal and/or state agency. An attorney can also advise you on what you need to do file a lawsuit against the person or persons who recruited you into the scam. An attorney can also let you know if you can claim some or all of your losses on your income tax return.

          Hope this helps!

          • Summer says:

            Hi Roland,

            Thank you very much for your very value information that you have brought up in the two recent messages of yours. This is exactly what I look for to take another step toward my claim.

            And also, I’d like you to know that I’m very appreciate your straight forward style of communication. With your info, I think that I have some thing to talk to the law firm which I have contact to see what they say. At least, may or may not they will suggest me what can I to do next in case that they can’t take the case.

            If there is some hope of positive position for the claim, I will definitely come back here to let you (and everyone who concerns about this) know how and what is going on after I talk to the law firm. Once again, thanks you for your time and your concerns about helping on this matter. You have a nice day, Roland.


          • Roland Bonay says:

            Thank you Summer. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing how your situation progresses.

  15. Summer says:

    Thanks guys. Soon as we found this piece of info, I’ll let you guys know if we can file a case of class action.
    Eventually, we will need as many people to sign up as better for the case. Thanks again and you guys have a nice day.

    • Katie says:

      Hi Summer, where do we sign up?

      • Summer says:

        Hi Katie,
        I’m still waiting for the info of BLGM location registration. Once I have that I will talk to my attorney to file the claim, then I’ll let you all know where and how to sign up for this claim. Thanks for your anticipating.

    • F' Luke Pooontang says:


      BLGM has always been in Hong Kong from day 1. They never had a US office. Money was always wired to the company when it first started. I’ve been in BLGM since the early stages. Even before the first bonus dividend payout.

  16. Summer says:

    Does anybody here knows where was first location of BLGM in the US before they actually moved to Hong Kong? I meant, the physical address of the business??? Please reply to me on this. If we can find this piece of info, we probably can file a class action law suit again them even they are in Hong Kong by now. Thanks for your time and information that you input to make thing happen.

  17. Billy says:

    Sure is quiet out there in BLGM land. Any updates on Phase 3? Is Everette Hale still recruiting or doing update calls? What’s the word on the street? Ryan- are you still shaking the trees?

    Recap: We went from a company making a billion dollars but unable to pay because of the big mean bank, to a company that now says they are not profitable but has a super cool idea that can’t be copied.

    Unfortunately, from what I understand, their big idea is “incentivized clicks” which has been around for over 10 years. Good luck in getting that patented.

    • Ryan says:

      BLGM, IS DOWN FOR THE COUNT…I have pasted luke tengs email address all over the internet, hes in full blown hiding mode..He is one deep fried scandalous egg roll running form all his clients that he has idmitatly jacked… As for the huge players like Gabriella and others they are bad mouthing me and claiming that they will see me in court because I have been destroying reputations.. lol..

  18. Sammy says:

    Could someone e-mail me the information needed to
    contact Phillip D. Banks for the action he is taking against upliners? Sammy

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Mr. Banks stopped practicing law the exact moment NBC cancelled the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1996.

    • I honestly dont undestand anything look at this guys celebrating their anyversary this is the translation

      Celebrating the first anniversary of BLGM in the Coachella Valley. No doubt were long tablecloths with the awards, raffles and success stories. More than 90 people were witness to the massive growth in a year. Hold the Chair because what is coming is historic.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        That has to be an old picture.

      • Leslie says:

        1. There’s no link to the actual Facebook post, so we have no way of verifying the date.

        2. This could be a group that’s actively recruiting despite BLGM’s financial problems. I see no Luke Teng, so it could very easily be some leader’s desperate attempt to keep fresh money coming in.

        3. This could be a side scam operating independent of BLGM.

        4. None of the above matters. It’s still a Ponzi scheme. Even if this were some fresh reboot of BLGM, it would still be a Ponzi scheme. They’re all celebrating stealing money. Hooray.

      • Evelin says:

        Hello there .. Are you from the Coachella Valley? Unfortunately they ripped me off, I’m still waiting to get “pay” by false promises from Segio and Berenice the leaders of the group.

  19. Toby says:

    I too fell for the scam because I trusted someone. My question now is what do I do with the 140 units that I have now? Do I just delete everything off my screen and forget about it and move on or do I keep all the repurchases and renewals up to date. What are you folks doing now?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      140 Units! Wow, that’s a lot of money (not sure what it’s worth now). Not sure what you should do but maybe someone else on this thread can offer some advice.

    • Leslie says:

      Your units are worthless, but don’t delete anything! I would gather all your correspondence, take screenshots of whatever you’re looking at and get copies of bank statements and cancelled checks. Assuming you’re a net loser, your best bet is to take it preemptively to a fraud investigator.

  20. Luke Teng says:

    I regret that BLGM will not be able to make dreams come true as I had planed for it to.

    My company my fualt, I miss lead all of you and I take full responsibility for it.

    I am in no position to pay out to any one so please don’t ask.

    I am a criminal and you should be angry, send me all emails Luke@blgm.hk so I can hand over your up line contact information so that you might collect from them. After all they had your money, none of it was sent to me..

  21. nicky says:

    sad to say I lost my money to this scumbag.i have 6 withdrawals pending as I go deeper and read some folks like me I said to my self why I did not investigate first.Too late now.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Many people saw no reason to investigate because they were introduced to this by someone they trusted.

      • nicky says:

        Your are right I trusted them so well and one of the said (sponsor) I gave her this link and she was so upset and call me a monkey. I’m pretty sure her heaven is hell now .Tough luck you all scumbags no one is above the law because the law is always eyeing on you. I should have thought from the beginning, that why in Hong Kong??and to top of the we are all having a HONK here and there..

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Hi Nicky,

          You are not alone…many people signed up because they trusted someone…I almost did. It’s funny, or maybe it’s sad — my friend does not talk to me any more. Maybe she’s embarrassed. I’ve told her that it’s OK…oh well, consider it a major lesson learned and move on.


  22. BLGM = Ponzi Scheme says:

    Thank you Roland for starting this thread, and to all of you who’ve contributed. I didn’t invest in BLGM, but I am very close to someone who has, and after hearing all the unfortunate and sad stories from ALL I’ve heard who’ve invested, it truly breaks my heart. I’ll admit, I, myself, was someone naive and blind to the existence of these professional con artists. Now, having been affected by this through a close family member, I wish I had been more aware, and regret not having paid more attention.

    Awareness is the best weapon we have against these thieves, and I will do my best to do my part, to spread the word of the horrific actions of these criminals, so that no longer will the helpless and less fortunate be taken advantage of!


    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thank You! Awareness is the best weapon.

      • Mr. Ryan says:

        A must read.. http://www.investor.gov pozi scams government website, a super fun read…

        • Leslie says:

          I think this: http://www.sec.gov/answers/ponzi.htm
          is what you were looking for.

          Most Ponzi schemes, including BLGM, instruct their people not to call it an investment, so people actually need to look at the structure of the company and where its revenue comes from, rather than get caught up in the word “investment.” Many modern Ponzi and pyramid schemes, including BLGM, utilize (fake) products to pretend that the ROI is not actually a return on investment but revenue generated from retail sales.

        • Roland says:

          And thank you Mr. Ryan for your contributions! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you have stepped up and have been un-afraid to call BLGM what it is and always has been — a SCAM. You have educated a lot of people about BLGM and the dangers of getting involved in SCAMS and I know that you’ve helped many people from losing money. I appreciate you, Leslie, Billy, and everyone who has shared their wisdom on this site.

  23. Mr. Ryan says:

    After checking the on line blmg hit meeter.. it clearly shows that blmg gets very little hits and mostly in the United States.. all bidders have to log into the blmg site to track daily ptoffit sharing… The numbers Suck and are not even close to what Luke@blgm.hk is talking about..

    World wide nothing as far as hits go, the blogs are doing better than both of his stupid web sites.

    Luke@blgm.hk has made it clear that he reads the blogs, Gabriella has made it clear that she has read the blogs back in February and last week cover to cover. .

    Why no debate? Why just sucks to be you disclaimers?

    Luke is always just a click away from being a lier..

  24. Mr. Ryan says:

    Gabriella has chimed in.. Reportedly name calling, posting old reviews from yelp about me, like that dead horse has not been kicked to death & explained..
    And saying that she stole no cash & that we gave it to her.. “Buyer beware disclaimer”..
    Gabriella is opening an office reportedly to have a legitimate business and I’m affecting such a possibility.. So she is going for legal help to shut me up…
    I have a rep for Legal Shield mlm style that can help you.. you can have a boiler room for that too..

    Wouldn’t it just be better to give back money that you stole from your boiler room? just saying

    • Mr. Ryan says:


  25. Ashley Dempsey says:

    —This was my most recent email to BLGM—
    Hi My username: (****)

    I have had 5 pending withdraws and I have not seen any money come through to my account. I will be headed out in September to your offices in China to collect my pending withdraws from your company directly unless I receive them through my bank before then. I will still be there in September either way to collect some of my items as well.

    —This is there reply below—

    We welcome you to visit us but just to let you know ahead that,we cannot prepare the payment for you even you’re here in Hong Kong,I understand we have a delay which is our bad but as stated in the announcement,our bank now is understand auditing since we are dealing with a funding,this will surely help to speed up the withdraw time.

    –This is my response to that below—
    We have already made flight arrangements to be in Hong Kong on September 16th, please have our money ready for pickup.

    —This is there response below—

    According to our company policy, the withdrawal will be released once the funds come in and will release in a timely order. So we cannot specially arrange the withdrawals requested by members.

    —Just thought everyone should know what’s going on, I will be sure to inform everyone of my trip over there and see what the outcome is. Thank you Roland!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You’re welcome Ashley! I wish you could take a television news crew with you when you visit the BLGM office (if there is even such a thing). You may even want (for your safety) to make the local authorities aware of your intentions. Have a safe and productive trip!

  26. Billy the ponzi watcher says:

    Well his comments really don’t match up to the update call he provided or the information that I have seen being sent out on delays. HLuke said they made over 1 billion dollars last year, they had plenty of money and the only reason they couldn’t make payments was because the mean banks would only let him transfer out $14k a day. He was going to create his own bank so they could pay everybody out. So yea, this is a crock of SH&%.

  27. Marcel says:

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  28. Mr. Ryan says:

    What have we discovered in our ponzi rip off class today.

    We now know that MLM blgm was a scam from the start.
    We now know that Luke Teng is not honorable as he claimed..
    We now know that I blgm is using a cwack clause to not pay out..
    The hole deal was based on lies, boiler rooms and back office banking, theft and cons..

    Thank Luke

  29. GARY says:

    If anyone wants to email Luke Teng go to luke@blgm@hk If everyone emails him for answers maybe he will respond

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hey Gary, I doubt very much that Luke will respond to any emails other than with that sad canned “we’re sorry, we understand, we’ll get back to you” statement.

    • Mr. Ryan says:

      Correction on lukes email..

      He does not respond at all, because he cant lie or spin, he is letting the upliners take the fall and he is fighting to stay out of jail / fighting off collection head hunters at the same time..

      But lets all email him and ask about buying more units… lol

    • Mr. Ryan says:

      Woops, Luke Teng did reply.. He sounds angery.. lol..Its a good read for sure..
      What does Roland think?
      I asked about hong kong police, asking me for information this was his reply.. LMAO

      Luke Teng’s Reply

      So you’d better tell them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth that:
      1. You paid USD1,150/unit in return of 2,000 bid-points. The deal is completed. At this point, all other things are
      added values, and it’s been stated very clearly that there’s no guarantees;
      2. The bid-points are fully usable at the penny-auction site;
      3. The site is real that people keep winning all the time.
      4. From the time you joined(voluntarily) till present day, you have been receiving “profit-sharing” points pay-outs
      which can be withdrawn into cash until we faced financial difficulties.
      5. During such period, you having been transferring the points with your upline. The reasons for such activities is
      unknown. Probably cashing out from her. She is recognized as Rose Rxxxx.
      6. Profit-sharing, as its name suggests, is only possible when we are making a profit. BLGM has a 6% deficit in its
      20 month operations. However, we are having a long term strategy like our unique way to do advertising which
      cannot even be copied. We are set to beat even the giants like Google & Facebook who just cannot complete with us.
      7. BLGM has never denied your withdrawal request. BLGM has been trying its very best to rectify the current situations.
      Potential investors are there negotiating with us. Big programs like these just take time to complete.
      8. We can just file for bankruptcy & wind up as we are a Limited Company(LLC in USA). But since we are responsible
      people, we won’t do that. We will hang on. And we shall prevail.

      I could see that you spent a few thousand dollars but got stuck. So you are spending every efforts to bring us, your church fellows, the other innocent Members who trust in us, down. Go ahead. Tell your story to the world, the Hong Kong Police, the FBI, etc. Tell them how you’d got scammed. Tell them how we “stole” money from you.

      Cordially yours,
      Luke Teng

      2014-07-08 21:16 GMT+08:00 Ryan Cannady :

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Mr. Ryan,

        So Mr. Teng wants you to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” I think that’s what you’ve been doing all along. How does it help him and BLGM if you tell the truth? It doesn’t–it only helps build a case against him and BLGM. I just wish more people were willing to step up and share their stories and tell the truth about Mr. Teng and BLGM.

        • Mr. Ryan says:

          Luke, just said to bad to sad and yes I burned you, my business is and should be bk. He forwarded my email to Gabriella and she is calling people and freaking out..

          Back to the truth, Luke is lier here not me..I welcome a debate, all I ever get is name calling and threats….

  30. Ashley Dempsey says:

    —I sent them another email this is what I said—
    Hi My username is: (****)
    I have had 5 pending withdraws and I have not seen any money come through to my account. I will be headed out in September to your offices in China to collect my pending withdraws from your company directly unless I receive them through my bank before then. I will still be there in September either way to collect some of my items as well.

    —below is there response—

    We are really sorry for the delays. We totally understand your confusions since it has really been a long wait for some members. We are still finalizing the details of the contract; it is not a very easy thing since there are so many things to mention. We will release all withdrawal requests in a timely & orderly manner once the fund is injected into our bank accounts. As we have previously stated in our notice, requests made (responded) prior to January 1st., 2014 will go out first. Then the January & February ones will follow. Then March & April ones, and so on. Your understanding & patience in this regard is much appreciated. Hope we can confirm and cover everything in a very short period !
    Wait for our good news!

    —And to anyone wondering if I’m serious about going, the answer is yes, I am going to China in late September for business and I will going to try to collect something from better living—

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hi Ashley,

      That canned BLGM response is a lie. They are not sorry, they don’t understand, and they are not finalizing anything (other than a plan to stay out of prison). Looking forward to hearing the outcome of your trip.


    • Mr. Ryan says:

      Going to hong kong has had some reported success, and has had been reported to have no luck.. Luke was reportedly in hiding claiming to be out of town “no check for you” head hunters waiting and watching lukes every move seems to be affective..

      Some up liners have been crying like babys to luke saying please pay out due to legal action… 1 up liner purchased a home for 200k all with stolen blgm cash, he claims “not my fault” and you cant take my house..lol.

      Roland is 100% dead on its all lies from conseption..(0) pay outs & go fish…

  31. Ashley Dempsey says:

    For anyone who wanted to know I translated the news that was put up on june 24th 2014. this is what it said word for word. I don’t quite understand it, but I thought you all should know.

    The following notice concerns Mainland China members only. Disregard if you are not.

    Member Note:

    Since many members have misunderstood the earlier calculation VIP system, so earlier in the choice of nationality checked “VIP” one. If you are sure this plan, at least 30% of cash in July 15, 2014 to pay the company, only to be sure your VIP status, otherwise it will be treated as non-membership deal with VIP membership , since July 16 by the countries concerned will change back to “China.”

    Copyright© 2010 Better-living Global Marketing. A subsidiary of MSP Power Marketing, Hong Kong. All rights reserved. Original text

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Ashley for adding to this conversation. Thanks for the translation. I hope we’ll know more as the days go by.

    • Ryan says:

      Luke is desperately trying to get a pay check.. looking at his local village as a revenue opertunity, grasping at straws as the the big dogs are biting at his heels.. his auction is trash with out bidders, he has to have make believe bidders..

      Did ya all catch the Hale very sad up date? Crying about rumors.. If luke has something to say and wants to keep us all up to date he could do a weekly call.. But he can’t because he is all out of lies..

  32. Billy the ponzi watcher says:

    Ryan or anybody-

    I’m curious, are you still going onto the main website and bidding? I jumped on HB8.hk (horrible site by the way) today and it looks a bit suspicious. The counter will go down to 0:00 and then a bid will go through after a few seconds- like the bid is automatically being bid on the back end to falsely keep the price high.

    I also noticed that the bid clock went to zero and the same bidder that had the winning bid was shown as the person putting down the next bid.

    I assume that most people have given up on bidding and that Bidders Paradise is unable to generate enough real traffoc so they are doing fraudulent bids to keep the prices up.


    • Roland Bonay says:

      Yes it is a horrible model…not to shift gears but people are asking me about bitcoins…sounds scary…what are your thoughts (not just you but anyone)?

      • F' Luke Pooontang says:

        No…people are putting their bids on caddy. Like myself. Couple of months before the company let us give the bids back to the company. The company then bid for us.

      • Leslie says:

        Depends on whether you’re talking about Bitcoin ponzi schemes or Bitcoin in general. There are several Bitcoin based Ponzi schemes, and at least one that I know of that was shut down by the SEC. As for Bitcoin in general, I haven’t decided. I don’t think it will last, but I don’t know if I would call it a Ponzi as it is now.

        Planet Money did a podcast on Bitcoin awhile back: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2014/02/05/272113082/episode-515-a-bet-over-bitcoin

    • F' Luke Pooontang says:

      Don’t know what happened to my yesterday’s reply…but people are putting their bids on Caddy so they don’t have to do their dailys to get paid. Prior to this, we were given an option to give the bids to the company so we don’t have to do our dailys to get paid.

        • F' Luke Pooontang says:

          When u log in to bid on to an item, towards the bottom of the page there is a “CADDY” Tab. You then select at what $ amount you want to start and end and the total numbers of bids. With this caddy set, once the timer counts down to zero, the caddy kicks in and places a bid for you. If 20 people activated the caddy for that particular item, the 20 bids will be added that equals to an increase in 20 cents. I have over 100 units…so I set several caddies on multiple low items. So I have no need to do my daily to get paid. I personally won over 100 items on bp8.hk got paid for the difference after sending in my receipt. I stopped bidding when the company started to accuse people from cheating. I have about 30 more winnings that I have not bothered to request. It sucks that Luke screwed a lot of people from their investment. I came in super early and got back all my seed money and more…now I’m just waiting for 7 or 8 pending withdraws since nov/dec time frame. Luke better start paying…

  33. Mr. Ryan says:

    I must say that I shook this tree so hard and for so long to get all of the poison fraudulent apples to hit the ground.. I was threatened called names & had to break up with a church & church friends.. So that others would not join in.. A lone voice Spammer

    With that said Leslie & Billy are good folks..

    A quick recap about how we were asked to join better living, Gabriella from church opened a large pricey office and invited us to a class on Tuesday nights with a full proof presentation complete with inter office banking & cash outs..

    We did not line up to join a Ponzi scam it did not say that on the door..

    I figured it out in late November 2013 and started posting in January 2014..

    I do resent the “we chose to do this Ponzi deal” statements from Leslie & Billy.. We did not choose it, our church friend did one heck of a great job selling it..

    Now my mission is to pinpoint the fallout, Gabriella is driving around in a new BMW + her new amazing life style and Frank has a Garage full of toys plus an amazing life style 1.5 to 2 mil is my estimate stolen money.. all purchased with class room fraudulent money..

    Very Well Done Gabriella – Frank – Mr. Hale
    Boiler Room Operators

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hi Ryan, I agree that the majority of the people who signed up did not line up to join a Ponzi scam. I like that you said that Leslie & Billy are good folks because they are and I know that you are too. Your voice is not alone and people know that you are not a spammer.

    • Mr. Ryan says:

      Billy & Leslie
      You can most defiantly accuse me of having some cheese with my wine.. But please don’t do that to the seniors that got boiled in a room by true professionals and used prescription money to pay for it… No one in Gabriella’s boiler room could properly I.D. the PONZI..

      • Roland Bonay says:

        hey Ryan…am i missing something? Are we not, you, Billy, Leslie and I, on the same team? If not on the same team, are we not on the same page?

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Hey Ryan, I do agree with you that a bunch of people who could not afford to get burned got burned… I appreciate every thing you do to help the people who have fallen victim to scams. There are more people fighting scams. More people than you know are on your side.

        • Mr. Ryan says:

          Roland I agree & count me in.. The monday morning arm chair quarter backing requires some compation.. Thats my only point: )
          Good Job & Thanks Again Ya All

      • Roland Bonay says:

        I almost fell for it too…because I trusted the person who invited me. So glad I did research first. I still trust and like my friend but for some reason he won’t return my calls. Embarrassed?

    • Billy the ponzi watcher says:


      I’m sure you didn’t enter this knowing it was a Ponzi scheme. I am not accusing you of anything like that. I’m sure the smooth talking Everett Hale and his ilk touted this as a penny auction site that you were getting in on at the ground floor. Most Ponzi schemes have an element of a legitimate business that they use to cover the operation and most people involved don’t know that they are actually participating in a scheme.

      For anyone that follows Ponzi schemes they would be able to sniff this out as a classic after one whiff. But the lure of easy money and seeing others making moola is almost irresistable, especially to those that don’t have any experience in dealing with hucksters like this.

      I’m sure Lord Emporer Hale knew exactly what this was when he first entered and saw it as his next avenue to milk his followers, friends and downline. It pays to get into these early, it’s those that come in later that are left holding the bag.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Nice comment Billy,

        Often these wolves travel in packs and disguise themselves in sheep’s clothing. They join the latest scam as a group and then they lure unsuspecting people in. They start making money and they use this as proof that the program is legitimate thus attracting more sheep. Eventually it crashes and they move on to the next scheme.

  34. Mr. Ryan says:

    AND A NOTHER THING: ) If Luke cant pay out till next year then why bid on anything in his stupid auction? If you win, Luke cant pay..

    Its not like he has product to send to you!! HE MAKES YOU GO PURCHASE THE CRAP AND YOU HOPE THAT HE PAYS YOU BACK..

    E MAIL HONG KONG P.D. & LETS GO AFTER ALL UPLINERS, Small claims can work and CIVIL is the best… Gabriella claimed that she was rocking 40 k per month.. E MAIL TO PHILLIP IF YOU GOT JACKED LIKE I DID!!

    • yea all ballshit …. at least for the members outside of hong kong and by the way does some one know what the VP Wallet is for ???

      • Mr. Ryan says:

        I sure couldn’t care what the VP scam could be about.. I’m getting emails all mixed stuff, some investors are depressed, scared, hurt, relieved.. couple of them are saying that they are going to do damage..

        Luke Teng has some splaining to do..

        Making up lies due to police questioning, about his new partner, If he makes up anymore lies the crime gets larger.. Has he decided to just say sucks to be you??

        Looks that way..
        My inside guy said this 2 months ago & I posted it..

        WOW.. Ryan was dead on again
        I was saying this back in February & March.. Why or How did I know that this was a scam?? & why did I take so much heat?? Certainly some of you all knew as well?? right??

        It was a crime to sell this product from January 2014 forward in my opinion.. I called back then, Gabriella read my posting around that time a called me all kinds of names & kept selling..

        What do you think now??

        • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

          Ah Ryan, as Leslie has pointed out, it was a crime to sell this since it’s inception. Just because you didn’t get paid in Nov/Dec/Jan doesn’t then make it a crime or a scam. It was and it still is a Ponzi scheme.

          Unfortunately (or fortunately) there are no new investors coming in from the USA- so you are not going to get any money. Even if you did- it’s still a Ponzi scheme.

          There is no Phase 3, no investor who is going to make everyone whole and no legitimate advertisers that are going to save this by having the Ponzi base click on ads.

        • YEa I think we all were fooled Since October BUT the rats that sold this golden oportunity on january they deserve to be on jail cause they knew this ship was already doomed

          • Leslie says:

            BLGM has been around longer than that. I was pitched in April 2013, and it did say “Ponzi” on the door. It started as a deliberate Zeek clone. Teng wanted to avoid the regulatory pitfalls of Zeek, but he didn’t make any effort to create an actual business that could generate income. Make no mistake: BLGM was never anything other than a Ponzi scheme. October is just when it ran out of cash.

            The only reason investors thought it might be different than Zeek is BLGM doesn’t sell unregistered securities (that I’m aware of). It still started as 100% investment fraud, and, frankly, it didn’t do a very good job of pretending to be anything other than fraud.

            The people I have compassion for are those who are 1) unfamiliar with penny auctions and/or the Internet, and 2) those unfamiliar with Ponzi schemes, which I’m sure is a few people.

            I have no doubt there are victims of BLGM. I also have no doubt that when the SEC comes along, EVERYONE will claim to be a victim–even Everett Hale.

  35. Mr. Ryan says:

    Luke Teng from our Asian secret source 2 months ago said that he could go a year and not pay out..

    Luke Teng has no deal it was all a stall tactic..

    Luke Teng had no Samsung deal.. It was a lie

    Will Luke Teng participate in a tell all call? NOPE


  36. Mr. Ryan says:

    Better Living Paying Out Next Year What?

    All of sudden after posting legal drama Gabriella & Hale are rocking Luke Teng’s Email and posting on the potential of weekly conference calls & up dating us all..

    Ya B.S. & Total B.S. Will never happen

    Read This

    BLGM Update by Everett Hale –


    DISCLAIMER: Sheila, Robert and I are simply distributors in BLGM. All of the materials we produce are from us only and are not from the company. We are not agents of the company in any way other than as distributors nor are we Customer Service. We just try to help all BLGM Members as best as we can. The information we share is always based on the latest that we have been able to verify with the home office.

    Dear Ryan,

    I guess I need to send out a clarification to my statement.

    “I still believe that Mr. Teng will ultimately receive the funding, get Phase 3 up and running successfully and pay us all from Phase 3 per unit next year. I know it is not what we all want right now and that all of us are really not sure anything will come of this.”

    This does not mean that Mr. Teng is not going to pay us until next year. I am simply stating my long held belief that Phase 3 will not be fully implemented until next year. This has nothing to do with the investor and with the payment of existing bank wires. I do not know when that will happen but expect it to be when the investor funds sometime this year.

    Please be kind and considerate of our time in my home office. Please call only between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific, M-F. The phone will NOT be answered outside of these times. AND DON’T CALL WITHOUT LEAVING A MESSAGE. That is just rude. If you REALLY need immediate help outside of those hours, you may text, not call, Robert at 702-530-3869.

    Better Living Global Marketing – BELIEVE in a Second Chance to Change and Prosper,

    Call or email us with questions or to ask for support:

    Your Second Chance Team

    Everett Hale

    International Distributor

    702-357-0748 Cell

    702-541-6220 Home

    Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri


    Robert Maier

    Assistant to Everett Hale

    702-530-3869 Cell

    Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri


    Sheila Oien

    International Distributor

    949-363-3868 Cell


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    Better Living Global Marketing | 142 Turtle Ridge Ave | Las Vegas | NV | 89183

  37. Phillip D. Banks says:

    The start of the civil cases are under way, thank you all for your information.

    A little to late for the up lines to put pressure on Luke Teng. Some have just started applying as I posted this blog and sent Luke Teng his email..

    A large quantity of civil judgements will keep this business structure from growing and protect the public.

    Please keep the emails coming..

    Have a bless day

  38. Phillip D. Banks says:

    I’m going to make this simple, Luke Teng will not be be paying out…

    Luke Teng has been running in the negative

    The only way to shut him down in the United States is to prosecute all that received money.

    This is my job.. sponsored by a friends helping friends..


  39. Mr. Ryan says:


    So good to see a true professional on the job.. I will personly help with costs..

    I have 3 here in Wildomar b

    • Phillip D. Banks says:


      You are truly the best spamer I have ever seen and yes we have some heavy lifting to do on this Asian take out TRASH..

      NUMBER 1,Luke Teng had no intention of paying out..

      NUMBER 2, If he had a plan to pay out he would have been on line protecting his image.

      NUMBER 3, He has no customer service.

      NUMBER 4, All you have is lies.. Name one thing this man has said that has been realized?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I thought this was about helping people figuring out how to get their BLGM money back…that was my intention…I have so many friends who lost money

      • Phillip D. Banks says:


        THANK YOU!!

        Lets not just blaim BLGM lets go after bad behavior, the up line contractors stole more money than Luke Teng.. They knew it was trash and I can prove it.

        • Phillip D. Banks says:

          I HAVE A QUESTION FOR LESLIE: How are you helping?

          Are you just a mean lady by nature?

          Picking a fight with poeple trying to help are you mental?

        • Mr. Ryan says:

          Hey guys,
          All we need is Leslie, she has proper ponzi rip off inside-outside prosecution processing down..She is schooling me and trying to shoot the mesanger & educating us all on the most proper way to behave when our loved ones are gettiny ripped off..
          I’m thinking that she is working for the other team what do you think?

          • Phillip D. Banks says:



            Leslie for sure is swinging for the other team, or is just trying to be popular at the end of the game

            Or just has a hard on for the truth and has a distaste for your opinion..

            She is cracking me up..


      • Leslie says:

        Roland – I’m not sure what you mean by “get their money back”. It seems like everybody involved is complaining about getting money back but unwilling to do any of the work to do so.

        1. They need to gather all of their documents, including correspondence and bank records. If possible, they should get copies of cancelled checks from their bank statements showing that they invested in the scheme. They should gather anything they were given in writing from their recruiter about the compensation plan, business plan, bidder’s paradise, etc. It would be helpful if, once compiled, they organized it in chronological order with a cover page outlining the documents.

        2. They should visit a reputable attorney that specializes in investments / fraud. This takes research. Ponzi schemes have lawyers too–often they get attorneys to sign off on the business plan knowing full well it’s a Ponzi, so they need to get a referral from a reputable source (not a fellow affiliate). The attorney can help them file a claim with the right agency (federal and/or state), and the attorney can likely advise them on whether or not filing a lawsuit against their upline makes sense. In this case, I would imagine neither would be very productive given that 1) Luke Teng is still the primary “leader,” and he is based in Hong Kong, and 2) BLGM hasn’t been officially stopped by any US authorities. Since they’re not likely to recover funds until someone in the U.S. shuts it down, they really need to consult an attorney.

        3) At some point they can claim losses on their tax return, but, again, they probably need to see an attorney because see above re: US authorities not involved.

        4) If BLGM were to be officially shut down, a receiver would probably be appointed. THIS ISN’T RELEVANT YET TO BLGM, which is why people like Ryan are pointless. No one can recover their money as long as affiliates are moaning about losing money but not actually filing any complaints. If you think the SEC was slow to respond to Harry Markopolos, they’re not going to respond to BLGM if none of its affiliates do anything about it.

        5) For all the people, like Ryan, who think they can get a one time payout to make it all disappear–if the scheme did collapse and you netted cash, you could be on the hook, and the receiver will be coming after YOU.

        This is mostly common sense. I’m sensing that the resistance is primarily from people who want to keep jumping from one scam to the next in an attempt to get rich quick.

        • Leslie says:

          I didn’t mean “neither would be very productive” in point #1; I meant “the latter [filing a lawsuit] would be very productive.”

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Excellent advice Leslie. Unfortunately only a few will follow it.

          • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

            True. It seems like there are a couple different kinds of investors in BLGM: those who jump from one scam to another and the “true believers”–those who have faith the scheme will pull through. I know someone invested in BLGM & they fall into the “believer” category. It’s why I think Ponzis and cults are virtually indistinguishable, and why Ponzis are so successful at recruiting from Christian communities.

            The only thing that separated WCM777 and BLGM was the personality differences between Phil Ming Xu and Luke Teng. Xu was a loudmouth who just couldn’t stand not being the center of attention–which is why he got caught so soon. Teng, I think, has stayed out of operating directly from the U.S. He’s not as public a figure and doesn’t advertise his scheme. It’s a double-edged sword, though, because while he’s managed to stay off the radar, he ran out of cash really quickly. Hard to recruit when you can’t advertise.

            PS: Don’t feed the trolls. 😉

        • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

          I would be willing to bet a lot of money that Ryan and Phil Banks are the same person.

          Has anyone contacted the SEC or authorities on this? Ryan/Phil- anyone? What was the feedback?

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Wasn’t Phil Banks the dad (and attorney) on The Fresh Prince of Belair?

          • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

            Yes, you are correct, Phillip Banks was the name of the father in Fresh Prince. It’s also a homonym for “Fill up the banks”.

            Either way, thank you Ryan for keeping the masses updated on what is happening at BLGM and providing “inside info”. You are providing valuable insight to those that are considering putting money into this scam and hopefully inspiring those that have money tied up in BLGM to contact the authorities.

        • Phillip D. Banks says:

          Ryan is not small minded to think that a one time payout is possible and you can not as well?

          So lets start to prosecute all that received the cash and spent it?

          Why is this a bad idea?

          • Leslie says:

            Roland — it’s worth warning people against spin-off scams asking for money to contribute to a “legal” fund. There’s no reason affiliates should be giving other affiliates money. (Also, keep in mind that going to law enforcement is *free* and any affiliate may do so at any time.)

            It might be worth you doing some research and doing a separate blog post on how to move forward after you’ve invested in a scam. There’s a lot of rotten–borderline unethical–information coming from the under the bridge.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Leslie – – I did the research you suggested and I’ll post a new post later today or early tomorrow. I have to admit that I like the fact that this thread has generated over 300 comments but it is meaningless if it does not help people. Maybe the new post (which is mostly based on your advice — and I hope I gave you all credit for which you deserve) will be more helpful for people who are looking to file claims against internet scammers.

            P.S. I believe Ryan’s heart is in the right place.

        • GARY says:

          If you are in BLGM and it goes bust you have to hire an international lawyer to go after Mr Teng. The US SEC cannot help you if your investment is an unregistered over seas investment. That way Luke can keep the lies coming and not face prosecution from US citizens anyway.

          • GARY says:

            Are you people aware that when Luke lived in the US he owed our government taxes but instead flew the country and never paid them.

    • Mr. Ryan says:

      Will you help with financing legal help or do you want to sit back and flap your beek and criticize?

      Thats what I thought!

      • Leslie says:

        Not if you’re going to small claims court.

        If you were seeking counsel on securities litigation or fraud specialists, I might be able to get you a referral to a reputable firm, but you’ll need to learn to organize your thoughts a little better and you sure as heck better take my advice about compiling and organizing all of your documentation. Of course, if you genuinely can’t afford an attorney for some reason (but could, inexplicably, afford BLGM’s buy-in?) nothing’s stopping you from taking that information directly to the SEC: http://www.sec.gov/complaint/tipscomplaint.shtml#

  40. Phillip D. Banks says:

    Afective Monday 16 2014:

    We will be processing both civil and small claimes cases against Better Living Global Marketing Representative’s all cases will be forwarded to Hong Kong Police as per request.

    This will be swift proses as to avoid any further delays.

    Please stand by for further information and to be involved please contact us..


    • Phillip D. Banks says:

      YOU MAY ALSO CONTACT US RE: Navada, Everette Hale, post here and / or contact ratraceservices@yahoo.com we are funding all start up costs..

      No cost out of pocket, BLMG is a scam and can not pay..


  41. Mr. Ryan says:

    Thank you for noticing that I am a spamer.. I own it and am quite proud of my time spent to protect my fellow church members and senors in my community. Its bloody brilliant of you to have noticed: )

    Also I start, establish and sell 1 to 3 businesses per year I have an amazing track record with 1000,s of happy clients and my sold businesses are all operational and are doing well..

    What is true is I have had 3 bad reviews that are shake down and deep pocket scammers.

    I DO NOT PAY OUT TO EXTORTION..& if a legitimate case was place my legal department would have made it right.

    Thank you Leslie for noticing that I’m a spamer.. one of the best I hope..

    Now lets go forth and kick some blmg ass: )

  42. Mr Ryan says:


    I have 3 small claims cases to file in just minutes of posting…

    Some of ya all are willing to see your friends, co-workers & family in court, yeah.. Lets file & post our winnings..

    Lets send a message to Hong Kong by way of our UP-LINERS, Enablers & Co Conspirators: ) GO TEAM

  43. Mr Ryan says:

    We know that we have all been cheated!!

    Lets all do the right thing EMAIL Hong Kong P.D.

    Inform them that Luke Teng plans are to sell MLM to his local community & that he has stolen millions from the U.S. & others..

    I am willing to pay all small claims fees & file all cases here in California… All I need is for you all to contact me and we can work out some kind of a split..

    I can print out all documents & respites send demand letters and go to court with you & we will win or its on my dime..

  44. Ashley Dempsey says:

    This was my Response from BLGM about the payouts that I received two days ago:

    We are really sorry for the delays. We totally understand your confusions since it has really been a long wait for some members. We are still finalizing the details of the contract, it is not a very easy thing since there are so many things to mention. We will release all all withdrawal requests in a timely & orderly manner once the fund is injected into our bank accounts. As we have previously stated in our notice, requests made (responded) prior to January 1st., 2014 will go out first. Then the January & February ones will follow. Then March & April ones, and so on. Your understanding & patience in this regard is much appreciated. Hope we can confirm and cover everything in a very short period !
    Wait for our good news!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Ashley! What has BLGM ever done to convince anyone that withdrawal requests will ever be honored? Very little or nothing if you ask me. On the other hand, if I had a bunch of “Units” collecting dust and an e-wallet full of virtual cash I might have no choice but wait and hope that this horror story has a happy ending. Honestly, I doubt that there will be a happy ending but as long as there is some type of closure people will be able to let it go and move on with their lives.

    • WTF I got the same MAil with the ecact same Words the F Asian Just copy and paste the response to all of us
      and WTF he talking abput the “CONFUSION” there is no confusion averything is clear We put mpney in to the company and We havent received Shit

    • Mr Ryan says:

      A person that will lie to get what they want..

      A person that will tel & spin multiple lies to get what they want…

      A person that will forget what lies they have told & spin new ones and then will make excuses for past ones when caught…

      A person that will make up excuses & deadlines with no reasons as to why the dead lines did not happen…

      A person that will play the don’t bug me card & please just put up & shut up..

      A person that requires enablers to speak for him due to a customer service department is unrealistic because business is to good..

      Now will ya all email Hong Kong P.D.

      Ya All Will Not Be Getting “NOTHING” (0) Zip Notta

    • Leslie says:

      “once the fund is injected into our bank accounts”

      “Mo from London” posted on the BehindMLM blog: “Been shown the BLGM model investment recently. Was going to invest encouraged by people I know Who invested in London!!!” I assume this is the fund injection they’re waiting for. Well, London and the Chinese recruits who have to sign up by pretending they live in another country. It’s clear they’re just scrambling for new investors to pay out old ones.

      Has anyone spoken to an attorney or tried to contact US officials? From the silence in the news, I assume that Hong Kong police aren’t doing much actual investigation. Not surprising given this report: http://behindmlm.com/companies/chinese-protesters-demand-hong-kong-mlm-regulation/ from late 2013.

  45. Mr. Ryan says:

    RUT RO…
    Profit sharing is tanking, all time lows?
    Why Luke? WHY?
    RUT RO…
    Why no good news blasts?
    Why no new payout dates?
    Why no new partner updates?
    Why no new samsung advertising news?
    Its been over a month since you said that wire transfers are on target…? More games?

    • Leslie says:

      Ryan: Methinks you’re a spammer. Are you the same guy accused of running a scam cleaning and landscaping company?

      • Mr. Ryan says:

        Leslie, not true that was was a competitor that purchased my business and the client that potesed thought I had deep pockets.. I do not pay out to threats and drama.. The guy posting could have seen me in court but he knew he didn’t have a case..
        I run a clean operation and have never had a an issue…
        And hell yes Im a spamer poeple are getting ripped off and Im stopping it..
        What are you good for?

        • Leslie Harroun says:

          I’ve never invested in a Ponzi scheme.

          If I were inside the Ponzi, I would compile my information, seek an attorney and go to the U.S. authorities, not spew feckless (at best) and disingenuous(at worst) outrage over the web. Whatever your real motives, you have completely destroyed your own credibility in the comments of this blog and continue to be part of the BLGM problem.

          • Phillip D. Banks says:

            You have not been threatened, abused and as far as I can tell offered any a solution.

            Others have.. Ryan has had all of the above

            Are you fighting for the other team?

          • Mr. Ryan says:


            I’m spuing what? I tell the truth and nothing but the truth..

            I have not said one thing thats not true
            According to my information as I get it.

            With blmg all we get is inside info because its a scam and Luke lies..

            So what was your accusation about Ryan?

          • Mr.Ryan says:

            I think that batting for the other team and fail to see your point…
            Your mean and unhelpful.. why?

  46. Mr Ryan says:

    Credit is shot to hell…
    Odds are due to nothing truthful coming out of Hong Kong are 60,000 to 1 that better living global marketing will not be paying out..
    What has Luke said in the last 12 months and what has been real?

    He has claimed that a 14 day wire transfer would happen.. What Happened?

    He claimed that 2 months was more realistic, due to mean wicked banks.. What Happened?

    He claimed that profit shearing would double in Oct 2013.. What Happened?

    He claimed that all transfers would be out by Feb 2014.. What Happened?

    He claimed that a Samsung deal was buying in as an advertiser… What happened?

    He claimed that he had a huge partner buying in to save the day… What happened?

    Can anyone find one thing real about this deal other than its a real PONZI CON GAME??

  47. Mr. Ryan says:

    GABRIELLE HAS CHIMED IN.. Saying that, all is well and well is great, awesome stuff is on its way..
    If I stole a truck load of money from my church members, friends and family… I would be posting such things as well..
    LUKE TENGS office is being more realistic and more doom like.. saying we don’t have this..
    Luke Teng is also saying that they are ready to start pirating cash from his local victoms..

    I so called it, its really happening!! Are you all taking crazy pills??

  48. Mr Ryan says:

    “He said don’t bug poor BLGM, Don’t bug poor me”.. He said that “I will inform you as you need to know” “good or bad news” “I will let you know stuff”


    So lets be honest!! He has just said..Thank You For Giving Me All Your Money & It Sucks To Be You & We Got Nothing..

    • Mr Ryan says:

      Dear Ryan,
      I am sending this out because so many of you are calling every day. There is currently no new news, When there is news of any kind, good or bad, I will email everyone immediately. Calling, texting and emailing us asking the same question of “have we heard anything” does not speed up the news process.

      All I can tell you is that I personally believe this will eventually be a good thing for all of us and know it is hard but we all just have to “hang on”.

      Be sure you do not let your unit expire. Go into your back office, look at your expiration date on the far right of the screen and if it is expiring soon, renew immediately for 98 hk. Even if it does not expire soon, renew it anyway. All of mine have renewal dates in 2016 because i do not want to miss out on phase 3.

      Click transactions and click renewal. If you let your unit expire, you will lose that unit and everything in it. We are so close to getting paid it would be foolish of you not to take care of this business today!!!

      More Questions? MAYBE we can help but we are NOT customer service. Just call Robert, my assistant, or me between 9 and 5 M-F at 702-541-6220 (Office), 702-357-0748 (call or text), 702-451-6220 (message only), Robert 702-530-3869 (call or text after hours) or email to teamliberty411@gmail.com

      GET THE LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION. DON’T MISS The next gathering of BLGM which will be held in Las Vegas on
      Saturday June 21, from 11 AM to 3 PMat the Palace Station Hotel, 2411 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 367-2411. The cost for this event will be US$20.00 since there is no lunch. We have no capability to take credit cards so please bring CASH ONLY.

      Please be kind and considerate of our time in my home office. Please call only between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific, M-F. The phone will NOT be answered outside of these times. AND DON’T CALL WITHOUT LEAVING A MESSAGE. That is just rude. If you REALLY need immediate help outside of those hours, you may text, not call, Robert at 702-530-3869.

      Better Living Global Marketing – BELIEVE in a Second Chance to Change and Prosper,

      Call or email us with questions or to ask for support:

      Your Second Chance Team

      Everett Hale

      International Distributor

      702-357-0748 Cell

      702-541-6220 Home

      Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri


      Robert Maier

      Assistant to Everett Hale

      702-530-3869 Cell

      Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri


      Sheila Oien

      International Distributor

      949-363-3868 Cell

      Forward this email

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      Dear Ryan,
      I am sending this out because so many of you are calling every day. There is currently no new news, When there is news of any kind, good or bad, I will email everyone immediately. Calling, texting and emailing us asking the same question of “have we heard anything” does not speed up the news process.

      All I can tell you is that I personally believe this will eventually be a good thing for all of us and know it is hard but we all just have to “hang on”.

      Be sure you do not let your unit expire. Go into your back office, look at your expiration date on the far right of the screen and if it is expiring soon, renew immediately for 98 hk. Even if it does not expire soon, renew it anyway. All of mine have renewal dates in 2016 because i do not want to miss out on phase 3.

      Click transactions and click renewal. If you let your unit expire, you will lose that unit and everything in it. We are so close to getting paid it would be foolish of you not to take care of this business today!!!

      More Questions? MAYBE we can help but we are NOT customer service. Just call Robert, my assistant, or me between 9 and 5 M-F at 702-541-6220 (Office), 702-357-0748 (call or text), 702-451-6220 (message only), Robert 702-530-3869 (call or text after hours) or email to teamliberty411@gmail.com

      GET THE LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION. DON’T MISS The next gathering of BLGM which will be held in Las Vegas on
      Saturday June 21, from 11 AM to 3 PMat the Palace Station Hotel, 2411 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 367-2411. The cost for this event will be US$20.00 since there is no lunch. We have no capability to take credit cards so please bring CASH ONLY.

      Please be kind and considerate of our time in my home office. Please call only between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific, M-F. The phone will NOT be answered outside of these times. AND DON’T CALL WITHOUT LEAVING A MESSAGE. That is just rude. If you REALLY need immediate help outside of those hours, you may text, not call, Robert at 702-530-3869.

      Better Living Global Marketing – BELIEVE in a Second Chance to Change and Prosper,

      Call or email us with questions or to ask for support:

      Your Second Chance Team

      Everett Hale

      International Distributor

      702-357-0748 Cell

      702-541-6220 Home

      Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri


      Robert Maier

      Assistant to Everett Hale

      702-530-3869 Cell

      Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri


      Sheila Oien

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      Everett Hale

  49. Mr Ryan says:

    Luke Teng & his golden opportunity was all based on lies from the start..

    New lies are made up weekly to maintain sales & new cash flow..

    Hong Kong PD is on the job

    Head Hunters are being paid off

    BLGM’s last email said “we have know idea if we will be able to pay out” “we have know clue at this time” “we know that this looks bad but we can’t help it” “We may or may not be able to pay out at all” A QUOTE OF HONESTY, FINALLY..

    So lets all be mad that we are being conned and played like fools..

    Will Luke Teng Survive the head hunters?

    Will The Hong Kong Police Prosecute?

    Will this con game end soon?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Who knows when it will end? I know it’s over in the US. How many over seas people will get sucked in? It appears that is happening. There are billions of people on the internet…many of whom are looking for ways to make money. Most don’t research the programs they join and invest in. It is so simple; Google the thing that you’re curious about…and do not trust anyone when it comes to investing money online. if you can’t try it for FREE don’t even try it!

  50. Mr Ryan says:

    ONE UPSET ASAIN: Has just gone on record saying, LUKE TENG give my sister back her money, roo tricky guy…LUKE, responded rots of ruck..
    BLAME AMERICA is Luke Tengs next big lie


    • F' Luke Pooontang says:

      I’m an active member of BLGM. I have lots of Units…and have seven pending withdraws pending..totaling 560k HKD. = 73k. usd. I know i will not see a penny of it…

      but here to realized how much money is supposed to be paid out. within a 24 hr time period, there were approximately 10321 orders. how do i know this, it’s because each time a repurchase is done, it’s given an order number. so i just subtract yesterday’s vs. today’s last order. so approximately 10321 units x 60hkd = 619260/7.75 = $79,904 usd. that’s just yesterday’s new purchases only…
      not including millions of units that are still out there….so just Kiss your withdraws good bye and don’t hold your breath….

      • Welcome to the club Buddy Same here I have 300 Units And I have like a $500,000 USD pending payment so the ones that have this kind of money pending we certanly know tha they WONT pay anything … the poor people that have 5 10 or 15 units they still have hope casue lees money makes you think they could pay ….. easy and short answer they will never going to pay I dont understand Why they dont pull the plug

        • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

          When’s the next update/recruiting call? I would love to be a fly on the wall and learn how they are going to spin the current situation, seven month delay on payments, the Samsung deal, and the next “Phase”. It seems the recruitment efforts in US have dried up.

          The only way people are going to get their money back is through legal action- leading to clawbacks from the first few tiers of people that actually made money off the ponzi scheme.

          Everett Hale- are you going to pay back the money you made off this? Oh- from your LinkedIn profile it looks like you already moved onto your next ponzi scheme.

          • Michael says:

            My contact, a member waiting for their withdrawal money, told me BLGM is in the process of purchasing their own bank. I would tend to think this “phase” is the top priority to keep members wishfully thinking that their hope for a grand retirement will be fulfilled.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; wishful thinking and hope are powerful and they can get in the way of a person’s ability to make intelligent decisions. I used to rely on wishful thinking and hope when I was involved in MLM and other money making opportunities despite the fact that I (and almost everyone else) was not making any money. Then one day I decided to rely on the facts in the form of reviews, complaints, income disclosures, etc. and I made the intelligent decision to never again participate in anything that I haven’t thoroughly researched. I think one reason that so many people got involved in BLGM and lost money is because they did little or no research. Some people who lost money that they could not afford to lose (the guppies) trusted the people who invited them and saw no reason to be concerned. Some people who had the money to get in early and (the sharks) saw an opportunity to make a killing.

          • F' Luke Pooontang says:

            Since i came in before the first payout…i already made my money…had multiple wire deposits from BL into my bank. the money that i’m waiting is just icing on the cake…but the icing has already melted…lol I think they don’t want to pull the plug is because, they want HK Police to shut it down so that they now have an excuse, it’s not us…it’s HK PD. sucks but true. I have about 80K usd…in my Ewallet and I can’t do shit with it. I look at it and just laugh.

          • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

            “The only way people are going to get their money back is through legal action- leading to clawbacks from the first few tiers of people that actually made money off the ponzi scheme.”

            Has there been any movement in the US at all on the legal front? Anyone know if there are any large groups of affiliates in Massachusetts? MA SEC has been quick on the draw lately.

            “Everett Hale- are you going to pay back the money you made off this? Oh- from your LinkedIn profile it looks like you already moved onto your next ponzi scheme.”

            Yeah, I was surprised to see he’s still sending out emails and holding Vegas meetings. From the tone of previous emails, I thought he was completely done with BLGM.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Thanks for sharing this great advice Leslie! If anyone is going to the Vegas event it would be so cool if you took pictures and even video and audio recordings. It would be great for the people who lost money and can’t afford to attend.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Hi Leslie! Nice to see a smart and well informed person join the conversation. No offense everyone else 🙂

          • “My contact, a member waiting for their withdrawal money, told me BLGM is in the process of purchasing their own bank.”

            Your contact is a moron. In no way is Luke Teng purchasing (or forming) a bank.

            SEC thinks Telexfree is cult-like? Apparently, they haven’t met any BLGM affiliates.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Hopefully it is just a matter of time for the SEC and or FTC to get around to BLGM. Guess they have their hands full with the VA scandal. Oops, that may be out of their jurisdiction. Who’s in charge of this mess? It doesn’t matter because you, my friends, are in charge of your decisions. Pay attention to Ryan, and the other Ponzi experts who are posting on this site. We’re trying to help you! Decide well my friends.

  51. Mr Ryan says:

    New News: Hong Kong’s BLGM can not pay out!! BLGM future plans to pick up new cash flow has been a brutal endeavor.. All current cash is falling short of paying off head hunters, “you all are at the back of the line”.. The Hong Kong PD invites your emails..
    Luke Teng is planning on ripping off his home area and will be claiming that the United States is holding up the pay outs in HONG KONG…”ONE UNIQUE ASIAN” LUKE TENG OR HITLER REBORN

  52. Mr Ryan says:

    YIP: Ya All Crack Me Up..

    I had to say yes to the 100 unit deal I had a stalker leaving notes on my car with death threats..
    The deal was sponsored by some one really mad at Luke Teng the “thought” being that if I said such a thing that my stalker would show up doing the victory dance & he did..

    The good news is that I have BLGM returning my emails..

    • Mr Ryan says:

      So what do you all want to know: My last returned email said, we have know idea if & when payouts can happen.. That they may or may not be happening due to that BLGM has know idea if his plans will work out and now it sounds as if Luke is trying to dig him self into a deeper hole..

      Lets recap: Hong Kong Police is looking forward to your emails
      Samsung is DOA
      The partner thing was an excuse..
      & the home office say’s we got nothing..

  53. Ashley Dempsey says:

    I translated the New message from Better Living in English and this is what I got below, don’t know what it means really but I figure everyone should know.

    The company was founded a year and a half, is developing rapidly, repeated success ( performance over fifteen billion yuan / single-day hits thirteen thousand !) , has become a myth ; plus super product sales links, and unique efficient, but旡from imitation advertising model, unanimously optimistic about the prospects, has become a leader in the global industry.

    The future, we have to move on, and strive to achieve the ultimate goal, namely the largest share of the company share in the global advertising industry, and after other resources, bigger and stronger integration of capital, to stop accepting new members join ; while all the old members of the継continued to enjoy big gains Pang spun off, distributions extremely substantial “profit sharing.”

    Unfortunately, subject to the domestic laws of the motherland compatriots can not enjoy this well-being. In rethinking, we finally worked out a domestic policy – ” conditionally open Chinese market “; conditions are as follows :

    I. Interested entrants must join in countries outside of China, which was ” jurisdiction ” to consider the

    ( nationality when registering at the column select VIP rather than China as a token difference. );

    Second must be purchased at least seven doors, unfriendly aims to eliminate the ” underground pyramid schemes ” activists ruined my Qingyu ;

    Up to then only thirty-one ( single ID number authentic ) , because we want is both broad and deep, rather than a small minority of the market ;

    Third of all purchases electronic currency denominated in Hong Kong dollar HKD rate per hundred : 82.5 yuan ;

    Four. Members can open a bank account in Hong Kong to receive dividends. For deposited into domestic accounts , was subject to third-party payment processing platform, but against the rate of HKD per : 75 yuan ;

    V. Withdrawal Conditions :

    1 to cash payments arrival time of the filing date of 10 – 20 days.

    2 per withdrawal must be eligible to apply for membership I mention now not referrals.

    3 members have qualified withdrawals and execution: from 27 May (inclusive), the new ID card registration of members, starting from the first date of a single generation, five months and one day be effective. Specific amount requested for each application to cash intervals and conditions below.

    – The minimum amount of each withdrawal application not less than ten thousand electronic currency.

    – In the first day alone generated date, may apply for withdrawals a month later, in the eligibility period, the proportion of companies to the maximum limit amount of the sum of all of its withdrawal were :

    l buy 7 – 10 door member, the member’s total consumption is 70% of the electronic currency

    l buy 11 – 20 door member, the total consumption is 65% of the electronic currency,

    l buy 21 – 31 door member, the total consumption is 60% of the electronic currency.

    Interval of at least one month per application, the first application of the total amount does not exceed 15%;

    Second, are no more than three times the total amount of 15% of the remaining amount in the fourth and fifth time of application.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Ashley! I appreciate that you took the time to translate the message. Like you, I still have no idea what it means. I’m sure someone will chime in to clarify.

      • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

        From what I could decipher it looks like BLGM is trying to pull people from China into the Ponzie by having them invest in the opportunity by registering in another country.

        Luke- I thought China was the market that you were going to get actual customers to make your penny auction site legitimate and profitable- not to have them “invest” in the ponzi? This is just going to get you in bigger and deeper trouble.

  54. No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:

    No life left in BLGM?
    Why so quiet??
    All blogs are quiet!!
    What does Roland think?
    Was Ryan dead on?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I just checked several BLGM Facebook pages and groups looking for updates and there is nothing new being reported. Some of my friends who lost money are starting to get back to their normal routine of posting cute photos and funny videos and inspirational quotes. I don’t think many of them will be getting into the next “sure thing” anytime soon.

    • sally says:

      No Cash 4 You
      You are Ryan, don’t treat people as if they are stupid.
      I am assuming that you did not get your deal of 100 free units trade off for your silence?
      I think you lost credibility when you did that. You cannot just bury it by changing your name.
      However, updates are good. Any updates from anywhere, if this thing is going to officially fold, then I just hope it is very soon, because there are folks that are unscrupulously bringing in new people still – more victims being created.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        I had my suspicians that this is really Ryan too but who really knows. I also appreciate the updates. I think it’s a shame that people are still recruiting others when they know that no one is getting paid. It’s like bringing people to a party in a building knowing full well that it’s going to collapse at any moment (you just don’t know when).

      • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

        Yes- of course it’s Ryan but I think he started using spellcheck.

        Either way- thanks for the updates NoCash4U and yes, Ryan was right all along. And so was Billy the Ponzi Watcher!!

        When does this officially fizzle out and end? Does Luke need to get prosecuted? It seems the people in the scheme are so gullable that he could keep this going through Phase 3 to Phase 8 as long as he can keep making stuff up. Doesn’t even seem to have to have any validity- just enough hope in the message to keep people settled down.


        • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

          PS: What is Lord Emperor Everette Hale saying? His last update was that Americans are not known for their patience but with the new partnership and Samsung deal- people should buy as many units as you can afford.

          Ryan wasn’t correct about E Hale as Ryan said he left the BLGM business. Hale still seems active as of a month ago.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I read Everette Hale’s most recent Facebook post where he encouraged people to keep the faith and recruit more friends and family into the abyss. Judging from the lack of responses no one is buying into his belief that there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel that’s on the verge of collapsing.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Yes, the lack of typos made me think someone else decided to take up where Ryan left off. It seems, if it is Ryan, he’s smarter than the average bear. You both were right all along…definitely saved a lot of people a lot of money and heartache.

  55. No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:


    Why no new lies???

    What Happened To The Lies From May 5 2014 About a partner & up coming payouts????

    Why is the Hong Kong Police Chiming In?????

  56. No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:

    HOT NEWS: The Hong Kong Police is on the job.. I have Emailed BLGM and they claim, that they have no pay out dates..
    Do You Think That BLGM Will “REALLY” Pay Out? REALLY?

  57. Does Anyone know what does mean the new announcement and why its only in Chinese

    • No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:

      Translation Just In:
      Luke Teng will not be paying out Its all drama & lies..
      He is doing damage control in Hong Kong, fighting off head hunters and Hong Kong Police..

      Pass this on

      Luke has no intention of paying out he is way more interested in surviving & stalling..

      file your complaints before his next unproductive stalling move..

      What Happened to Lukes claims of paying out in February?
      What Happened to Lukes claims of paying out in the next three weeks?
      What Happened to the SAMSUNG DEAL?
      What happened to Lukes being an honest rich business man?
      What Happened to the excuse about the banks being mean to him story?
      Why does a partner fix the mean banks & policies?

      ITS ALL LIES.. PLEASE GOD!! JUST EMAIL HONG KONG PD.. there is no hope

  58. No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:

    Great news the Hong Police Department would like to have all of your complaints: Yeah, Email them Rt. Now..
    Pass this on

  59. No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:

    A LUKE TENG UPDATE: He has been reported to claim that no pay outs will happen this week or next week… Stop being hopeful insider claims.. He is hoping that Hong Kong police can keep him safe from upset clients..

    The Truth Be Told: No Samsung Deal – No New Partner – The New Rules Are & Ideas Are Just Lies ..



    • No Cash 4 You: ) You Greedy Guys says:

      BIG EXCUSE IS ON ITS WAY!! LUKE has had to delay his big excuse due to insider news.. Is Luke out of time? Is it to late for the BIG EXCUSE? Will the head hunters believe his new drama?? Will the local police offer protection??
      LETS SEE

  60. Dellrips says:

    I heard there was an update call last night. Anybody have a summary or a link to the call?

  61. No Cash 4 You: ) you to greedy says:

    Its being reported that hong kong police knows all about Luke Tengs golden opertunity and are aware of his fraudulent behavior, checking into what’s real and what’s made up, when did the fraud start? Is luke what he claimed to be? Did luke ever plan to pay out? Is home land security, the FBI wondering about the funding, money laundering for criminals and unpaid taxes? All good questions with one simple answer.
    BIG FAT YES, can you imagine all the trouble this guy is in, he has gangsters after him too…If luke can pay out and avoid jail, problem salved if not problem salved..

  62. No Cash 4 You: ) you to greedy says:

    Best news of all.. Luke Teng can’t just walk around feeling safe even in Hong Kong. MR TENG now has to watch his back, his new hobbies include checking his 6 and ducking Out.. Rumors are that he was giving short notice to pay out to a huge client or off with body parts one at a time.. and is being watched by more than one head hunter.. Can he run to the hong kong police? Nope!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      This is the kind of scary stuff that should remind people NOT to mess with other people’s money. You should never get involved with dubious money making opportunities and then recommend them to your friends and family. They will simply never ever follow your advice again.

      • No Cash 4 You: ) you to greedy says:

        you have nailed it..
        Luke can’t run or hide, Mexico, Italy, New York to Vegas, Russia and Asia all are calling for a pay or quit “dead lines”, this week!!! Thats all you get, option (a) is reported to be, Monday they need tranfers going out or the navy seal dumpster diving team will need to be on task..to potentially do litter control on a multitude of clean up.. reportedly?

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I just wish cooler heads will prevail. I know people who have lost money and some are still hopeful and some are angry but we should let the authorities sort things out (only God knows how long that will take). I also hope the people who have moved on have, the people who I still like and trust (you know who you are) have learned a HUGE lesson from this.

    • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

      And the hole he has dug just keeps getting deeper and deeper as time goes by. The payout model that was set up is unattainable- even if the site was generating money from outside the ponzi. 100%+ return on your money in under a year- good luck with that. Everybodies cash, E wallet, C wallets whatever the heck it is (virtual money) must be overflowing.

  63. No Cash 4 You: ) you to greedy says:

    Pay close attention the silence is telling all.. No new news about paying out.. No dates? No new lies or stall postings.. His mission was to get all of his greedy unit holders to reinvest, they all did!! LUKE TENG is in huge trouble and soon will be letting the heavy hitters holding the bag.. The fraud charges are real..

  64. I have A BLGM Good news since 8 months: I just knew the that they starter to pay the money back ….. How ???
    I friend of mine Went to his up line put a GUN on his head and he gave $18,000 Dls back out of 15 units he bought from him hahhahaha best news ever

    • No Cash 4 You: ) you to greedy says:

      Yes its true… Some investors have gone geto, death threats and kid napping.. they are not just rumors, Luke Teng has created a wild west type of business dealings, money laundering, back room banking, walstreet boiler rooms..

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Here’s a little story about how ugly things can get when a con game is so effective that it affects not just a few individuals but an entire nation;.

        “In 1996 a Ponzi-scheme craze swept the nation of Albania so thoroughly that within a year two thirds of the country had invested in one pyramid scheme or another. The inevitable collapse was horrific. According to the International Monetary Fund, there was uncontained rioting, the government fell, and the country descended into anarchy and a near civil war in which some 2,000 people were killed.” ~ Megan McArdle

  65. No Cash 4 You: ) you to greedy says:

    Will BLGM pay out? No
    WILL BLGM be shut down? He’s doing stay out of jail damage control..

  66. Honorable Luke Tang says:


    I have special offer for everyone posting here- you all can buy units for half price if you start to post good reviews, click on my adds (which don’t actually work)and get your friends and family involved in my Ponzi scheme. Nobody seems to understand how big a country china is- over 1 billion people. Just imagine when phase three comes and my company actually might make a profit. Not sure how this will work yet but that doesn’t matter because china so big.

    • Truth hurts says:

      I spoke to a friend today that had been to HongKong 3 times to meet Luke tang. He was 100% sure that Luke is going to pay by June. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This guy swears there is no troubles with BLGM. Not to mention he hasent ever been wired money. Been 6-7 months I said to him. After a year u think this guys gonna pay you? He told me to get my money ready!!! Lmao. I told him to change his name and move out of the state cause he’s gonna get arrested sooner or later. Point being this guy knows this is a Ponzi and it Dosent matter. Greed is ugly.

      • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

        If he knows it’s a Ponzi he should have the sense to know that it’s the end of the end on this one. He is the one that is going to be holding the empty bag- I have never heard of a Ponzie scheme paying out after 7 months of no payments. There is no 50 million “investor” coming to the rescue and I can’t imagine they are having good luck in recruiting new “affiliates” with their track record. To pay out everybody whole they would need to recruit a ton of people and then they are going to be under even more financial stress to payout the new people (and all the old) in the next few months. BLGM is not making any money other than from new investors. I haven’t seen one good thing posted about BLGM in 8 months.

        The crazy thing about the “recruiting” calls is they are basically saying- “we are making a ton of money (from investors), none from the site itself but we have ideas (hopes and dreams) of making money from advertising, Alexa rating and/or china market in the future.”

        I’m surprised there aren’t 100x more “Ryan’s” out there yelling from the tops of buildings and every site. I guess when you have your money in a black box and have no control all you can do is hope that it is real and believe what you are told even if it is outlandish and doesn’t make rational sense.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Great comment Billy! The people holding on are the ones who invested the most because they can’t believe they fell for this thing. They are holding on to false hope in the unlikly event that everything is going to turn out right because they can’t stand the thought that they were wrong about BLGM. They are embarrassed that they got their friends and family members to sign up and lose money that if they throw in the towel it will be like an admission of wrong doing. I’m also surprised that more people are not complaining. I haven’t figured that one out. Maybe it’s because they too are holding on to a sliver of hope and if they start complaining any chance that they will be paid is out the window. The only people willing to rock the boat are the ones who are willing to get wet.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Sounds like he’s addicted to a powerful drug and will do anything to get it. Sad.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for the update Luke! 😉 LOL!

  67. ryan says:

    I will be excepting the 100 units to shut up, go away & protect my secret inlet..
    I will be watching every thing & saying nothing..
    All if any earnings will be donated to charity..
    Thank You all for being good humans

    • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

      This makes no sense at all Ryan. You are taking a worthless bribe from an illegal ponzi scheme and rationalizing it that you might be “helping” someone in the future- when all you are going to be doing is bringing new people into this scheme. You should be telling the truth and helping 100’s if not 1000’s of people (here and now) from joining this sinking ship and losing there money.

      Here’s a quote from someone you might trust “I am promising that you have a lot to gain if you jack asses forgive all my payouts and fill up the cash wallets..
      And “WOW” you all did….
      Ya All Let Foolio off the hook for millions!!! Greed & stupidity.. GOOD JOB”

      Oh well- the soap opera continues…..

    • sally says:

      What?!! you have been offered a bribe and have accepted it?!!! please tell me that I have read that wrong.

    • Michael says:

      Ryan, those units are not worth anything. I understand you want to protect your sources, that is fine, you can do so without ever revealing who they are. By accepting the units you are selling out. Do not let them fool you into thinking those units have any value. They are trying to use your feelings to their advantage and against you. It is sad to see that you will allow them to control you like this.

    • Leslie Harroun says:

      Okay; so you’re obviously just trolling. There’s absolutely no reason not to go to the authorities unless you’re 1) misrepresenting your involvement in the scheme and/or 2) kind of a jerk. I’m guessing it’s some combination of 1 & 2.

      Oh, and buy a dictionary.

    • Like thang says:

      Yea your a moron. Next

  68. ryan says:

    I give back everyday.. To the seniors in my community single moms struggling.. HAS LUKE TANG GONE ON RECORD ONE TIME TO HAVE GIVEN BACK ANYTHING?????

  69. ryan says:

    I was offered 10 units to shut up & go away (1) week ago
    its up to a 100 units now..
    What would you do or think?
    Do I risk sleepless nights or do I push on telling the truth??

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Keep telling the truth! Your reputation is worth way more than a bunch of worthless “units”

      • ryan says:

        Roland your a good man: )

      • ryan says:

        I was already going to take my 5 units and donate them to a single mom, hoping for her, that Luke pays out, I am also thinking about taking the 100 units a donating them as they could help others..Its a 1 in 30,000 shot that it could pay out, to help out our friends in need..
        What do you think??

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      As you MUST know, your units are not just worthless but part of an illegal scheme.

      Have you filed a claim yet?

  70. Not A Victim.... says:

    Better Living Global Marketing (BLGM) Under Investigation in Hong Kong

    According to eKantipur, a news website that specialize in Nepalese issues, Hong Kong police has launched an investigation with BLGM, along with KaChing and RSE Bid. RSE Bid has already closed and owner is in police custody, according to the news. Up to 2 BILLION Hong Kong dollars may have been lost to these 3 schemes from HK Nepalese, according to the article.

    Please read the original article at http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2014/05/04/money/hk-based-nepalis-at-risk-of-losing-rs-2b/262437.html

    One can only hope that the predatory actions of deceiving up-liners against friends, family members and seniors will result in jail time or fines.

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      The only way I see upliners facing consequences is if the the US files criminal charges, which, for reasons I can’t begin to fathom, hasn’t happened yet.

      Honestly, I don’t think the Hong Kong police are going to be very effective. They aren’t known for their objective enforcement against Ponzi schemes.

  71. Billy the ponzi watcher says:


    Can you share with us what is being said and done by Luke Teng/BLGM? Your last few posts have been pretty cryptic. I assume they are not making any payments or have any “real” plans yet.


    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:


    • ryan says:

      What Luke Teng is doing:
      He has the cops beating down his door
      He has to act fast
      He implements this phase 3 thing
      He informs a jip out maneuver, to the heavy unit holders..
      He then plays the over played now or never card that makes all the people waiting on pending withdraws basically trade the pending cash withdraws back to home letting foolio off the hook for payment..He’s clear!!!
      Again we are back to promises that he will pay out down the road..
      This is lie / promise number 32 – 0 & 32 on his delivery.. & people have lined up for new lies..
      Luke has taken a huge debt to us & turned into a small debt for later.. If the cash wallet can fill up witch its doing he can then either say I have no debt and look at my cash & I don’t know what your talking about I don’t have any out standing payments out to any one!! He will be in the clear & all he did was promise more great news & stuff..
      And when it doesn’t work out in a week or two??

  72. ryan says:

    My job is done… You Cool aid drinkers have spoken!!!
    Stupid is as stupid does, with out a second thought.. Apparently!! Hanging on to hope AGAIN!! REALLY??

  73. ryan says:

    FROM THE DESK Of LUKE TENG: Affective this week I have kept, none (0) of my past promises!!
    I have just made new fresh promises, that I will not keep as well..
    I am promising that you have a lot to gain if you jack asses forgive all my payouts and fill up the cash wallets..
    And “WOW” you all did….
    Ya All Let Foolio off the hook for millions!!! Greed & stupidity.. GOOD JOB

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      Please paste a link or the text from which you are getting this info. It would be much more helpful if you could be specific. Also, if this is coming from your up line–first and last names would be appropriate.

  74. Ryan says:

    How Fun For Me: Do you know what I love? I love that LUKE TENG has just notified all his heavy suporters that have stuck by him, ” Huge Unit Holders ” that you got nothin…
    Ho ya, lets look at the furtune cookie… Yip it says RYAN WAS FREAKING RIGHT THE HOLE TIME… Take that to to the bank… Hong Kong Style

    • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

      Maybe you can take it to Luke Teng’s bank that he is opening. BLGM is like the walking dead- just waiting for this thing to finally close down to get some closure. Are people still “investing” in this opportunity?

      • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

        I don’t think so. Most of the leadership has bailed and the loyal affiliates are goofing around with Bidders Paradise, but I haven’t noticed active recruiting. Might be some recruiting in other countries, though. As far as I’m concerned, BLGM officially collapsed late last year. The only thing worth waiting for now is the SEC.

  75. Ryan says:

    EVEN IF: Foolio plans on staying in business, LOOK AT ALL THE NEW RULES COMING IN DAILY!!
    Will the asian secret source’s pan out to be true?
    Will the 30,000 to 1 ods pay out or will “BLGM” RUN ?
    What does 50mil realy buy BLGM victums? Up til Feb.1?
    Is It All Lies? Like All The Others?
    Is Luke Teng Just Buying Time To Go BK In the HK?
    This week or two will tell all..
    Cause odds are cut & run going BK & running is on the daily special in Hong Kong “BLGM” Menue..RUN LUKE RUN
    What did the Special Fraud Examinor From HKPD Have To Say To Hong Kong Foolio? We Shal See

  76. Ryan says:

    I have read back 8 months of postings & have yet to find a good review.. I have been threatened & called names. My friends & family have had threats.. & I was 100% correct the hole time..
    Prove me wrong on this one time Luke.. Vegas odds are 1 in 30K that you will (NOT) pull off a pay out… thats like (0) chance

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hey Ryan…I searched for good reviews too and I have not found a single one. That tells me one thing; you were right — this is and always has been a scam! My friends who remain silent are chalking this up as not only a financial loss but a big hit on their reputations. Do you think I or any one else will ever follow them into an opportunity ever again? I don’t think so.

      • Ryan says:

        DO I EVER THINK ABOUT INTEGETY.. Church people, friends & family all cant be trusted with money.. If it is a system that has to be exspained and with honesty that has to be exsplained “RUN”…

  77. Ryan says:

    UPDATE: Our Secret Source, in our egg roll drama, aka Luke Tengy Noodle… Has forecasted an insider update that we have to get out.. TODAY
    Was Luke Teng buying time to go bankrupt?
    Does Luke Teng have plan (B) operations already up and running? “Out of reach”?
    How will this affect GABIRELLA & OTHERS??
    Luge will have to turn over all records of transactions, Rt?

  78. Michael says:

    Not sure if I am allowed to post a link, but this is to a news article dated 05-05-2014 reporting that Hong Kong police have opened up an investigation into BLGM and two other schemes.


    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Michael…your link is welcome here! I read the article and was amazed that so many people got sucked into these scams. Not sure how much 2 million HK is equal to USD but I’m sure that’s a lot of money for one person to invest and lose. It’s also sad that entire families and church congregations got sucked in as well. I’m glad the authorities are investigating but I think the people who invested won’t see a return for a long time (if ever).

      • Ryan says:

        Roland what do think? Everything I have been reporting on has come true!! Do you think that better living will pay out or cut & run… All my insiders say run but the Hong Kong police are now involved, Luke Poonteng did not see that coming… Paying up & the new lies could be to foolio the police? “BAKED & STIR FRIED” Lukies next move

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Does he have the money to pay everyone back and legal fees and fines, etc.? If not he may decide to run. Or, like Michael said, he covered his butt by using the recruiters as pawns. If this goes to court it can take years before the dust settles considering that the victims come from all over the place and many of them will not come forward because of immigration status, language barriers, embarrassment, etc.

      • Michael says:

        Roland, thank you for having a place where people can bring in news and updates for schemes like BLGM.

        Also, thank you Ryan. You have been on fire to warn others and keep people up to date on the latest news coming from the top.

        Fortunately I did my homework when the “opportunity” to join BLGM was presented to me. I passed on it. I really hope those I am close to have not invested too much, I know they have not received any returns. Their best course of action would be suing their upline that they gave money to, he set up their membership and deposited the money into his personal bank account. That was a slick move by BLGM to help offset the finger pointing. Use recruiters as pawns that can also be held accountable for lost money.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Your’e welcome Michael. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. Ryan has been a big part of the success of this post and I’m sure he has stopped some people from either joining BLGM or from continuing to lose money. Like you, I passed when this was presented to me, although I was tempted and I really trusted (and still trust) the person who invited me to join. I know maybe 20 people who have fallen victim to BLGM (and a related program called the Blessing Gold Club; http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/is-cash-gifting-illegal-or-just-a-harmless-vice-like-gambling ). Maybe 2 or 3 made a lot of money in the beginning – everyone else lost money. I used to hear from many of them when things were going good but ever since the well dried up they have all gone silent. Were they just fair weather friends? I wonder. Yeah, I’d encourage everyone who lost money to sue – even if you don’t get your money back you’d have the satisfaction of knowing that there are public records of multiple complaints made against the defendants. That alone might prevent people from doing business with them in the future.

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      I saw that on BehindMLM. If HK police are successful on putting the kibash on Teng’s operations (which I’m skeptical of), I see leaders in other countries simply transferring affiliates to whatever their hot new scam is, or going the Telexfree route and attempting to pretend that it’s still running when it’s not. It’s not going to do U.S. affiliates much good, unless U.S regulators finally take the hint and get involved. (Which, while we’re on the subject: where are the U.S. regulators?!?!?!)

      • Ryan says:

        They are watching every thing.. The cross hairs & all technology’s are watching this deal play out… Why should they perform any intervention, it is what it is and its all retroactive for all that are caught.. Its a spectators sport: )

    • Ryan says:

      ALL GOOD STUFF: My insider is saying & spilling the hole pot of rice on this Luke Teng Guy.. His EPIC story about investors was to shake off the local police, FBI and Others as I reported… Lights Action Camera “The Worlds Most Funniest” scam ever.. Is Lukie just spanking the egg roll??
      Yip We Was Scammed!!

  79. Ryan says:

    As scheduled BLGM Luke Teng has released its new and last GOOD NEWS BLAST.. Will Luke Poonteng be able to keep his promises?? We are thinking no but lets look at other options.. He has stolen money from the local Ferrari dealership, last I checked “Italians”, Luke has stolen money from Russia & Mexico.. Will Luke make good on his promises now… Hummm I’m thinking Vagas odds on this, 1 in 30,000 due to his past honesty score..

  80. Ryan says:

    I have been told that Luke Teng is spinning out of control.. The leaks have been stressing him out, he can’t pay out, he can’t lie any more.. The threats and emails of drama are in a separate pile.. The IRS is inquiring about up lines from the U.S. By way of intel released from angry clients.. God is watching everything!!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’ve always been curious about one thing…if Mr. Teng was having success with his Earth friendly lubrication business why did he venture into something that has turned out so horribly wrong? I guess some people (even billionaires) who have a good thing going are capable of making HUGE mistakes. Unfortunately those mistakes have hurt a lot of people who trusted him.

      • Ryan says:

        Was it all part of a fraud??
        His display looked like he ran over to 7/11 and purchased 10 of everything on isle of car stuff..This business starts its day with a snap of a production card and a call for places people, places and Que fake phones, fake email responses, fake all conversations and deposit as needed: (
        ITS ALL IES

  81. Ryan says:

    BLGM GOOD NEWS BLAST THIS WEEKEND: BLGM claimed to be having a nearly solid partner signing party.. NOT a loan but a partner that will through down some cash to pay us all out & current.. To good to be true? “A Luke Teng Wish List”?
    “Sound To Good To Be True” seems to be the companies mission statement…
    Our insider is claiming that its all made up “FABRICATED” due to good news is needed to offset all the bad news & stall out the threats of violence..
    Our insider is claiming that the FBI would like to have a meeting with Mr. Teng & he was reluctant fly into Las Vegas a few weeks back.. If Luke has to pay us all strait to salve some issues its o.k. by me …
    Who really knows what real?? Only Time Will Tell!!

  82. Ryan says:

    TOP QUESTIONS: Will BLGM EVER PAY OUT? I have past this question on to Everette Hale & 30 others and no real answers.. Everette’s reply was short & said possibly after phase 3 happens.. LOL.. Other reply’s are similar that Luke has to take care of his home base & large players to stay alive, non payments are said to be “that if you want a pay check go sale units to your friends & family” Said one e-mailer and “that if Luke paid as agreed it would slow down new money”,, And my personal favorite answer is that your more likely to see a BIGFOOT Or A MERMAID OR A UNICORN Or FIND TRUE EVERLASTING LOVE before you ever see a wire transfer from BLGM.. No real answers to speak of out of 30 die hard BLMG’ers & of course nothing from BLGM home office: (
    All I know if Luke Teng did pay out as agreed then what??
    Would this be a dramatic game changer??
    Would we buy more units a dive into the cash wallet??
    Fun to pander about a parallel BLGM universe that did what it said & was what it claimed to be…

  83. Liz Wilkins says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the blgm website still has all of those terrible encryption errors!?! “/var/www/html/plugins/system/jfrouter.php on line 577 Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in ” you’d think if they were truly legit that they would fix those errors!?!?!

    • Liz Wilkins says:

      I saw the same errors for months now. Their website is so easily hack-able… the code are soo bad. lol

    • Ryan says:

      The system was a through up and was done poorly.. I spotted it right quick as well.. It was hacked & he did have drama but it was played out with hacker wanting money “extortion” and it was played out about why he couldn’t do any pay outs.. Like now except now its due to a audit… LOL.. like he was going to pay anyway or has been paying out??? To funny this Foolio Teng Guy: (

  84. Ok 2.2 BLGM has started …. WTF…. heres the plan Go to your neigbord or with a family member tell them to buy a pack of bids for 300 dls they will give & set up a BP8 account and a few bids and with a title bit of good luck your friend family whatever will win a product half of the price… I forgot to tell you that I can cancel my 6 month old wire to set up my victims account to CASH OUT … how about that …..ok Lets imagine I do that ….. lets pretend that I know that the company is not paying here in USA nor giving any items fiscally and still I manage to scam my friend ….What if he wins an IPhone WTF the company is going to give him for the 50% ….. Bids ? Cash wallet ?? Ewalet Wait he doesnt even have an BLGM account how in the f*** the company is Going to reimburse my victim?

    • Ryan says:

      Any one selling this product has no ethics “obviously”. Any one trying to build it up as hobby is time miss spent…Foolio needs to pay as agreed or close down completely..
      The deception & lies are all played out.. The rats are eating each other as the ship is sinking and all the cool aid drinkers cant even chime in to name call… Could it be game over??

    • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

      That means that everybody has an opportunity create their own little mini ponzi scheme! What a wonderful opportunity to learn how to scam and steal money from your friends, family and neighbors. Thank you honorable Luke Teng!!

      • Ryan says:

        YIP… Exactly,, If you want to get paid you have to rip people off & Luke Foolio Teng gets to be the almighty excuse manager.. Its all most all over & gone.. His reputation is just one flush away from were it belongs: )

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      Ha! So this is how they are trying to create a retail product from a poorly constructed penny auction site. Even if it were “legit” — in the sense that they intended to reimburse the bidder via US dollars independent of the investment — wouldn’t most affiliates already have tapped into their friends and family to get them involved in the original Ponzi scheme? Now they’ve got to hock bid packs to anyone who’s not already tapped out? Most lower level affiliates are going to have a hard time selling a bad product to their circle of friends, especially if they can’t advertise.

      Isn’t this kind of what just happened when Steve Labriola changed the Telexfree comp plan? If I understand that needlessly complicated scheme, when trouble started brewing with regulators, Telexfree leadership started trying to put additional pressure on affiliates to sell the VOIP services. That was when leaders were saying “it’s all about customers” all over social media and existing affiliates got so mad they stormed offices in Boston and police had to be called. If there is some parallel path here, that would mean either regulators are around the corner, or BLGM is just weeks away from complete financial collapse. Somehow, given the nature of BLGM, I don’t see their affiliates storming the offices in Hong Kong. For whatever reason, affiliates of this particular scam seem to be extra passive (or extra scared).

      • Ryan says:

        Extra Scared: Feeling Extra Stupid: The BLBM Gangsters have developed new ways of defending the crushing loss of the Luke Foolio Teng Empire…Lets Recap Bullying, Threats & Mean Name Calling… The rats are eating each other.. LOL

  85. Ryan says:

    Mr. Roland Bonay: ) Great job on this blog & I thank you.. We are not just talking about BLGM, we are speaking out to the next BLGN and we are saying “Good Luck With That” we will stand our ground… We will not be bullied…. We will do business with honer – respect laws, We shall prosper & sleep well because we put integrity first…
    BLGM – Luke Teng, thank you for this opportunity to show the world how not to do business!!! You get a trophy for the absolute most harmful MLM business I have ever seen:(

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thank YOU Ryan for your contributions…you have prevented people from losing money and have taught people how to spot scams. I applaud your courage and tenacity. Most people bury their heads in the sand…you actually stand up and speak up. I salute you!

      • Ryan says:

        BREAKING NEWS: ) BIG FAT “WOW”.. Talking about time to jump ship?? Really,Really?? Mr Lord Emperor Everett Hale Of The Las Vegas Take Your Millions & Run Like Hell “Hales” has abandoned ship:: A must read!!

        Unfortunately today an email went out to many BLGM members that was not endorsed by Mr. Teng from Everett Hale. I regret to inform you that he is now endorsing another company while we are on the eve of receiving our funding.
        This behavior was unprofessional as Mr. Hale chose to email people from the names he’s gathered over the past 1-1/2 years from his training events and people calling for assistance, as well as other BLGM leaders he has convinced to do other projects.
        As I stated to you 2 weeks ago, just because a person of leadership contacts you does not mean its endorsed, nor is the opportunity good, or in your best interest, and in this case, it is yet another competitor. Mr. Hale has chosen to use his BLGM associations and trust to cross-recruit from other teams. Which is a blatant disregard and violation of the Terms & Conditions of BLGM and a slap in the face of the leaders of those teams.
        If you have been contacted, please be aware that getting your eWallet converted to cWallet is a ruse being used by several predators out there to lure BLGM affiliates into other opportunities or set you up for later prospecting.
        It has also come to my attention that anyone using the services of AutoRaker (one of Mr. Hale’s company’s) is also being used to cross-recruit into other companies.
        As I said earlier, the accounts of BLGM are being monitored. Mr. Teng knows whats going on, however, until he has funding, he will not take steps towards in violation, however, once funding occurs…MAKE NO MISTAKE violators will be terminated without question.

        • Ryan says:

          Soooooo, what have we learned in our ponzi 101 class today??
          Hummmmm, we have discovered that a loan was needed to fund pay outs!! Soooo It was not bank drama X3 different lies??
          Why did we need a loan to make payments??
          We have discovered that a Huge heavy million dollar earner has no faith in the business!! Who leaves just before a pending pay out??? Oh he knows that we know, that its all lies!!!
          & if the pay outs are really coming why leave??
          Gabrella’s threat was to suspend all his accounts if they try to place a run on the new funded bank… Hummmmm???
          I’m betting that Mr. Hale knows something that Gabriella does not..
          my kinda ponzi.. Sign Me Up.. Oh Ya Yikes I did… LOL

          • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:


            Can you paste the text or give us a link to the email from Everett Hale? I’m sure it would be helpful to people who didn’t receive the email and may be in another group.

            Do you know how large Hale’s group is? He seems to be one of the top promoters in the U.S., but his name is bandied about so much in my neck of the woods.

  86. Ryan says:

    YIP…. Even the hype is crashing & burning, I just got no guaranties, not sure and come buy some discounted units.. Great pitch from Mr. Hale…. & Oh ya click on some ads because why again?? If the Luke Teng can’t pay, then whats the point?? LOL..

  87. C N says:

    This is the latest email that Everett Hale send out a couple of days ago. I hope that this will be of help to some.

    Mr Teng has informed me that just before our meeting in Las Vegas on April 26th, he will give me an update on everything happening at Better Living and I will pass it all on to you at the meeting. If we get an update on the $50 million financing before then, we will let you know immediately. Please don’t call to ask us. Thanks for your understanding.
    If you have not recently gone to BP8 (the Bidders Paradise site), you must do so today. There are now 28 ads and one is even in California! Another is in Sweden and is in Swedish!!! Obviously, some of our Members are taking seriously the offer of the company to pay for advertising referrals. We will review that program at the Vegas meeting. Soon, the company will have Country Specific advertising in that country’s language. This dream of Mr. Teng of being the Internet advertiser of choice is becoming reality and we will all benefit when his plan is fully functional.
    What can you do to speed up the process of getting to Phase 3? Click on the ads an answer the questions. Make a commitment to do at least one a day and more if you have the time. This is increase our rankings and speed up the day when we will all share in the daily revenues. Once Phase 3 is fully implemented, we will receive revenue shares 5 days a week per unit on a monthly payout via bank wires to our bank accounts. It will be beneficial to have as many units as you can accumulate between now and the end of the year so that next year you can have a living income you can hopefully depend upon. Of course, there are no guarantees but I am certainly optimistic that Mr Teng will succeed. He has the intelligence and the fortitude to make this all work.

    Do I still believe in Better Living? Yes I do. I believe that Mr. Teng will fulfill all of his promises to us and we will all be very grateful that we had the patience to allow him to his job. I know it can be hard and Americans are not known for their patience but I truly believe that it will all come out very positively in the end. So many of us have been in companies that would certainly have closed up by now but we have a personal commitment from Mr. Teng and he is doing all he can to fulfill that commitment. Personally, I send him my thanks, good wishes and good luck.

    We have Cash Wallet available to you if you need it and we are running a new special of a 30% bonus. When you buy cash wallet, for every dollar you buy we will give you an additional 30 cents for a total of $1.30 in your cash wallet. We can give you cash wallet the same day you ask. If you know you will need a large amount, let us know ahead of time so we can wire funds to Hong Kong and order them for you. Just call Robert, my assistant, or me between 9 and 5 M-F at 702-541-6220 (Office), 702-357-0748 (call or text), 702-451-6220 (message only), Robert 702-530-3869 (call or text after hours) or email to teamliberty411@gmail.com.

    GET THE LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION. DON’T MISS The next Presentation and Training BLGM which will be held in Las Vegas on Saturday April 26, from 11 AM to 3 PM at the Palace Station Hotel, 2411 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 367-2411. The cost for this event will be US$20.00 since there is no lunch. We have no capability to take credit cards so please bring CASH ONLY.

    2014 Tentative Las Vegas Training Schedule:
    All at the Palace Station Hotel
    Saturday, April 26, 11AM-3PM
    Sunday, May 18, 1PM-5PM
    Saturday, June 21, 11AM-3PM
    Saturday, July 26, 11AM-3PM
    Sunday, August 17, 1PM-5PM
    Saturday, September 6, 11AM-3PM
    Saturday, October 11, 11AM-3PM
    Saturday, November 22, 11AM-3PM

    Please be kind and considerate of our time in my home office. Please call only between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific, M-F. The phone will NOT be answered outside of these times. AND DON’T CALL WITHOUT LEAVING A MESSAGE. That is just rude. I feel that if you don’t leave a message, you really did not want to talk in the first place. If you REALLY need immediate help outside of those hours, you may text, not call, Robert at 702-530-3869.

    Better Living Global Marketing – BELIEVE in a Second Chance to Change and Prosper,

    Call or email us with questions or to ask for support:
    Your Second Chance Team
    Everett Hale
    International Distributor
    702-357-0748 Cell
    702-541-6220 Home
    Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri
    Sheila Oien
    International Distributor
    949-363-3868 Cell

    • So, break down this ad nonsense for me because I’ve seen these ads, and, yeah, they’re pasted You Tube videos, right?

      Anyone actually “clicked on the ad and answered the questions”? What kind of questions? What does that do for Bidder’s Paradise? “This is increase our rankings and speed up the day when we will all share in the daily revenues.” Huh?

      I remember Zeek had a scheme that asked people to copy and paste html code on various sites. Is this similar?

      “Once Phase 3 is fully implemented, we will receive revenue shares 5 days a week per unit on a monthly payout via bank wires to our bank accounts. It will be beneficial to have as many units as you can accumulate between now and the end of the year so that next year you can have a living income you can hopefully depend upon.”

      Translation: “No one is getting paid.”

      • Ryan says:

        I like this STOP PONZI SCHEMES person, Nailed It.. Legitimate families, seniors, business owners & full on gangsters.. Have placed trust in Luke Tang’s BLGM scam, his reputation is shot beyond repair..& his next big trick is to be a vehicle to sale marketing on a cheesy non paying penny auction site that make the winners go buy an item that they win and hope to be payed back… What the hell?? Lets be real!! What would the paid advertising be gaining in this deal? What would BLGM be doing with the additional cash? Luke Tang has proven himself to be untrustworthy & deceptive about paying out..

  88. Ryan says:

    The death threats are real and are really happening, Luke Tank has left the up liners hanging & with little hope other than his fake promises that wont happen.. Everette Hale next big deal sounds extra sad & down for the count.. Paying up quick would help but not likely, the pressure is on & the up liners are running for cover from drive by threats….. I wonder if it was all worth it, lets ask Luke Tang…Oh Ya He’s ducking out too, his disclaimer is that we are greedy & impatient but he was the one that made the rules & promises that has misplaced a 800 million American dollars.. Hummmmmmm, Street justice is working way faster than the federal government, HEY LUKE, Obama wants to know were his 800 million dollars went??? http://betterlivingglobalmarketingreview.blogspot.com/2013/10/an-overview-of-better-living-global.html?showComment=1397687167200#c4796586311245926955

  89. Ryan says:

    Thank You Stop Ponzi Schemes, I have posted some on other sites as well.. The leaks are flying in about BLGM under pressure to keep up the hype & lies about pending good news stalling to relocate? Vanish? The reports are in that some up lines have had death threats as well as Luke Teng.. Permanently misplacing large sums of money from some folks can be a dangerous practice..LOL

  90. Timothy says:

    Why do you guys keep bickering about Luke scumbag Teng’s claims and what not? Its a scam thats it. Now what needs to be addressed is what to do about it now to get reimbursed and how to go about getting Luke Teng persecuted. Let me know.

  91. Ryan says:

    HERE IS THE DEAL.. “No” Samsung Deal, “No” New Deal With New Investor, All LIES…. Luke Teng has no money & is trying to hang on to the basics.. “No” new income due to bad reviews…New promises are due to a need for a bump and run cash flow.. LOL.. I so saw this coming

  92. Ryan says:

    BREAKING BREAKING BREAKING NEWS: We have a BLGM ex employee about to tell all.. In side staff information… YIKES REPORT, “WOW” was I calling this or what?? This Luke Teng guy is so in deep crap…..

  93. Ryan says:

    Quick Update: Die hard BLGM’ers are trying to dump units cheep, Luke Tang score count over 10 promises in the last 12 months (0) have transpired.. New promises with old ones down for the count… This is not looking good for the up liners that are trying to keep up sales & trying not to be held accountable.. All Is Bad

  94. Jason says:

    I have a wire out way back on November 7th. Have received nothing. Has anybody got any wires at all? If so, When? I unfortunately have a lot of Friend’s and family who have bought MANY units way back in August. At this time our up-line was paying us cash and saying it was company profits…… Then everything changed.

  95. Ryan says:

    LETS RECAP THAT STUPID CONFERENCE CALL ON TUESDAY: They said to not ask for cash transfers & to buy as many units as possible, to trade transfers for cash & that our daily pay would go up to $100.00 per day – per unit.. Serially Scamming Me Is Out Of The Equation: ) Nothing at all has paid why believe in this… LUKE TENG is pulling a scam on top of a scam stalling with more lies about banking drama he’s on his third lie now about banking..Really, Really, a $100 per day per unit this is what it takes to keep the dream alive? SAD

  96. Roland Bonay says:

    I am not associated with #BLGM in any way other than the fact that a friend invited me to join and I chose not to. I will continue to approve comments from both sides but I may not join in the conversation unless necessary to moderate and/or express my opinion.

  97. Ryan says:

    We Have A BLGM Yikes Alert: According to the I.P. address & location.. Its true that BLGM is chiming in to this blog….. But not to debate me or anyone but to belittle & name call: ( Hummmm really really?? If BLMG had any honer at all they would pay as agreed & not name call.. So how about debating the facts sir?

  98. All Who Is says:

    I agree with the selling of units.
    These people below continues to promote
    and recruit and scam people. See
    They sell units and put you into the scam.
    Its money laudering and fraud.
    They continue to rake in lots of money.
    Theft by deception.
    We need to stop these fraudsters.
    People please call California Law Enforcement
    these people needto stopped. Supply their info.

    Everett Hale
    International Distributor
    702-357-0748 Cell
    702-541-6220 Home
    Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri

    Sheila Oien
    International Distributor
    949-363-3868 Cell

  99. scamed says:

    Since i Im new tho this kind of business I didnt expect this would happen with the company ( well honestly I probably knew that this will happen but i didnt know how soon )

    Yes Im Happy cause I made a loot of money base on what the company offer (the items on the auctions) and not base on recruiting victims (members)

    Im not happy cause the few members that I introduce they have downlines that didnt get their money back

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for your honest reply. I’m happy that I did not get involved and sad for my friends who lost money.

      • Ryan says:

        So let me get this right, a scam & scam behavior & being involved in a scam is a matter of choice but its o.k. and less dirty if your making money at it?????

        • Scammed says:

          What is not right is when someone know that the company is not paying a dime and still keep recruiting victims Just to cash out you monopoly points.

          And worst Yet When this assoles know exactly this victim is a noble person that Wont have his money back.in 8 months.
          poor guy buying With his saving 3 Units. and never recruit any body…

          cause I meet A loot of members and the 70% Doesnt know how even get into their accounts not even renew their units this people are less likely to have a dime back

          • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

            “What is not right is when someone know that the company is not paying a dime”

            It doesn’t matter if the company is paying or not. A Ponzi scheme is wrong by virtue of how the money is generated.

    • Timothy says:

      Your lucky if you don’t mobbed then get you head hacked off your shoulders.

  100. Scammed says:

    Well for the question if I lost that money? ….I didnt
    With real Money I just Bought 8 units 9300 dls at teh begining
    I had the money back on 2 months and a lot more….How I introduce some friend to the company and every one of them got his money back …. Because the rampage of people wanted to get in to the company, there was a lot of cash flowing.
    besides I win 300+ items the company payed me every single item at the beginin in my bank and latter with virtual points

    this is how I get to have 300 units

  101. Scammed says:

    Ok now lets discuss this new announcement that the company is on

    A major institutional investor is being introduced. We have already entered into the final stage of negotiations. Relevant re-structuring as well as auditing are in progress too. However, during such period, all withdrawals will have to be postponed, but estimated to 2 to 3 weeks only. Once approved, all pending requests will be released as fast as can be. Your understanding & support in this matter is much needed & appreciated, thank you!

    So what do you guys think about it

    • Timothy says:

      Complete BS. No legitimate company would hold off on paying there investors this long.

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:


      “A major institutional investor s being introduced…” I wonder if this is a version of the Samsung email that I read.

      “Restructuring and auditing…” Useless phrases that pop up quite a bit when an organization is having cash flow issues. It’s code for: ‘We need a cash infusion.’ It’s just vaguely business sounding enough for anyone who’s a devoted follower and just vapid enough to be meaningless to someone outside the investment.

      The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what BLGM is going to do. They are currently a Ponzi scheme. Whatever promises they make about future sources of income are immaterial.

      • Scammed says:

        I feel so Stupid,,, I have 300 Units I “Make” more than 3500 dls A day
        I have send 600,000 dls on wires that I haveNOT been payed,

        I can only send 10,000 dls a month on each wire out of $94,000 that A make each month What Im going to do with the rest each month 85,000

        this is a complete, huge Ginormous

        GET THE PICTURE IF YOU have less than 5 o 3 units

        we are Never going to see any money

  102. C N says:

    They had a conference more than a week ago in Las Vegas and they said that the people that have requested before Nov. 15 are getting paid already. I don’t know. The wait now is 5 months. There’s still a lot of people who are bidding.

    • Ryan says:

      C N, BLGM was saying Nov. 1, was being paid out 2 months ago and they are up to Nov. 15 2013, 2 month later? Really, Really? What lies can we believe? The lies are falling short of other lies and now we have a hole bunch of new ones like April 1 2014 is our new profit increase and Samsung will be a support center because it will be a paying advertising client.. lol,, As soon as I see the ads I will be contacting samsung to see if they authorized the ads.. I’m waiting to see the ads so I can identify what department to forward the ads to see if its real.. & if it turns out to be real I will never buy Samsung products ever again, my protest will be huge!!

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      C N –

      Yes, I know someone who “won” a couple of iPads recently. Given what she paid for her bid packs, they are probably the most expensive iPads ever. Since people are still bidding, does that mean people who are already invested are purchasing MORE bid packs?

      I’ve decided BLGM is a cult, plain and simple. Anybody still involved is operating on 100% faith.

  103. Ryan says:

    Hey John that left that note as BLGM, I forwarded it to Luke Tengs Email & cc it to Gabriella’s office.. You may want to rethink your childish behavior prior to it..Just an FYI, I will be seeing Gabriella in small claims court soon.. Thank you for the evidence that proves that BLGM does not care about paying out: (

    • BLGM says:

      Is ANYTHING that you say true? Ryan? Small claims, hahaha. Righttttt

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      Ryan – I’m not an attorney, but small claims court sounds absolutely pointless when attempting to recover stolen Ponzi money. Have you even talked to an attorney? At the very least, an attorney can direct you to the appropriate venue or agency. Let’s hope you kept a clear record of communication with BLGM.

      FYI – I’m sending an email to one of Samsung’s press offices: samsungpr@edelman.com and I’ve already tweeted @ them for a public statement re: unspecified advertising agreement. So far they haven’t responded, but as a corporate entity, they have bigger legal woes at the moment. Still, they should be concerned about their corporate image if the become associated with a Ponzi scheme. The BLGM email I read, though, made it sound like Teng was creating a cushion of plausible deniability should the Samsung claim come back to bite him. I suspect Siemens was so quick to respond to Phil Ming Xu because there were a lot of people asking about it, so I encourage all affiliates and interested parties to contact Samsung to attempt to at least get a public statement.

  104. Ryan says:

    Nope all I did was buy some units off of some lady at church & was told that a 14 day pay out would happen… I never recruited Prays The Lord: ) But I would appreciate my money back. LOl

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      Ryan – If you are truly a net loser, then you should take a complaint to the authorities. You have nothing to lose at this point by contacting law enforcement. If they truly have no leaders or shell companies at all operating in the U.S. (which I doubt) then go to Hong Kong. I heard that people come from all over the world to line up at the Hong Kong offices for payouts, so maybe, instead, people should be lining up at the Hong Kong police station.

    • BLGM says:

      “prays” the Lord? Ryan is going to do anything except post on all these blogs. Hey Ryan, are you still buying yourself new units with the HK dollars that they are making? Are you still using your bids? Do you still have payouts pending?

      • Ryan says:

        BLMG Or is it John? Nope, Nope & I have 4 pay outs pending well over 4 months old.. I was told 14 days to do a wire transfer, I was told if I ever needed cash that Gabriella would cash me out, I was then told with out notice that pay outs would be 2 months & now I’m told 6 Months.. SOOO ITS ALL BULL CRAP!!
        & you pretending to BLGM is just another childish game… BLGM would never speak unless they grew some huge ones and wanted to debate facts..Bring It On

  105. Roland Bonay says:

    Thanks for your comment. When I review a compensation plan I’ve already gone past the complaints am doing so because I’ve already determined that the product or service has some value and that the company operates legally. I apologize for not making that clear.

    I agree that the people who made a profit knowing this was a scam should be ashamed of themselves but the victims who truly thought this was a legitimate opportunity have every right to want to get back the money they lost.

    • Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

      It’s not clear because your blog opens with the statement that the first thing you do is “look for testimonials or complaints”. If it’s not the first thing you do, then maybe a little rephrasing. If it is the first thing you do, then you’re going about your “research” backwards–hoping that the condition of the roof will tell you all you need to know about the foundation.

      Seriously, this could get you into hot water. What if you had heard more testimonials than complaints? In the beginning, when everyone was getting paid, there was a lot of positive word of mouth. If you had heard about this a year and a half ago, like I did, you wouldn’t have found any complaints. In fact, a Google search might have come up with nothing at all–outside of Teng’s own websites. Fortunately, the business structure told me all I needed to know.

  106. Stop Ponzi Schemes says:

    You need to understand that whether or not you (or anyone) gets paid is not the litmus test for a Ponzi scheme. The business plan is the ONLY criteria needed to determine whether or not something is a Ponzi scheme. Whether or not any affiliates make money is absolutely, positively IRRELEVANT.

    “The next thing I look at is the compensation plan. How will I be getting paid? How often will I be paid? How long does it take for me to get paid? Will I be paid by check, direct deposit, e-wallet, PayPal? Basically I tie this to the testimonials and complaints; if people are complaining that they are not getting paid then it makes no sense in continuing the review process, does it?”

    Dude, these are all the WRONG questions. The right question when evaluating a compensation plan is: where does the business make its money? This is the First Question. If the answer to this question is a legitimate good and/or service, then you need to evaluate the good and/or service for legality, revenue potential, ethics, etc. If it’s not, then walk away–unless you like scamming your friends and family.

    Better Living Global Marketing is a Ponzi scheme because Bidder’s Paradise does not have independent revenue, and, why would it? Have you seen this website? Aside from being a poorly constructed site, nothing about its penny auction model makes sense, and, more importantly, you cannot purchase a bid pack without buying into the Ponzi. The End. Full Stop. Whether or not Ryan gets his distribution has nothing to do with anything. In fact, if Ryan insists on focusing on his payout, then he is just as guilty as the doofus who recruited him.

    The moment you knowingly buy into a Ponzi and recruit someone else, you become a thief.

  107. ryan says:

    The up lines that made it big and dropped everyone on there heads did well. I believe that most had an understanding that this was a scam my up line knew I’m sure as she spent my money.. its all bad.. The spin coming out of her office today is a fun watch.. I can’t I.d. what’s real..

  108. Ryan says:

    BREAKING NEWS: BLGM has chimed in & is claiming that the SAMSUNG deal is on line & China is online… More hype instead of pay?? Are we dealing with a conman that reads the blogs & has put out an emergency good news blast?? Most likely closer to the truth.. People need pay checks not hype we shall see.. They are reporting that Nov 2013 still can’t fund and that 6 months out is better that nothing.. LOL,, So all hype aside we GOT NOTHING they still can’t pay & its a crappy product: ( If you sell it – you back it, don’t do the crime if can’t do the time… – See more at: http://betterlivingglobalmarketingreview.blogspot.com/2013/10/an-overview-of-better-living-global.html?showComment=1395869292003#c1037150367018635048

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for the update Ryan! I doubt very much that Samsung would have anything to do with this…surprised that they have not issued a cease and desist order or something.

      • Ryan says:

        Roland, the BLMG cool aid drinkers are having a parade about the news leak.. LOL, Too funny but the bottom line is that this has happened a couple of times before & it turned out to be nothing.. “Good News Blasts” are great for nothing if it does not include a pay check..LOL

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Hello ryan… I was hoping to get more people here to share positive BLGM results. I was really hoping to see success storys. I guess there are none. Not a single one…so sad…

  109. Jehney says:

    What is extremely deplorable is that many of the leaders are selling off their units, dumping their HK dollars onto unsuspecting newcomers. I am so sickened by all this.

  110. Hi everyone!

    Roland asked if I’d stop by and comment, thanks so much Roland. I appreciate it and I appreciate your article raising questions about this penny auction site/mlm product… I run PennyAuctionWatch.com and have been since 2009 – reporting on the good, the bad and the ugly in the space as well as provide a forum and I will say this is the weirdest penny auction site I’ve seen since 2009. I’ve heard from two people who tell me they both know someone who is promoting the brand and from someone who went to a meeting that winners must first buy the hefty bid pack, then win an item, once they win an item they have to go out to a store and purchase the item, then submit the receipts to the store for reimbursement of the cost…. Not only do you raise very important questions about the unregistered securities which I too agree is very disturbing, what I find extremely odd is why so many people seem to be so appealed by this business. Especially people here in the USA while this is a HONG KONG based business… Baffled.

    -Let’s see where this goes.. I’m watching and open to comments and e-mails with more information info at pennyauctionwatch.com


    Thank you!

  111. Christian R. says:

    BLGM is probably on its last legs.

    All those inflated bids will have to

    collapse on itself at some point.

    When I was presented this opportunity,

    something about seemed really enticing but

    what I struggled with was how the system

    would be able to sustain over time.

    I guess we will see…

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Welcome back Christian,

      I agree…I think they’re done…it’s just a matter of time. Many people who invested a lot are still holding on hoping for a turn around because it’s tough to come to grips with the fact that the goose you who was laying golden is running dry.

      Many people (the little guys) who invested money that they could not to afford to invest are really hurting. I feel sorry for them. Even if BLGM can deliver on the pay out promises that may or not happen 5, 6, 7 months from now it doesn’t help people who are waiting for money yesterday, today, and/or tomorrow.

      I almost got sucked into the “BLGM Vortex” too; not because I understood what I was getting into but because several people who I like and trust were so sure this was a can’t miss opportunity.

      I had the money to invest but instead, because of the “Polar Vortex” I bought a new roof and a snow blower. After the harsh winter conditions and judging by all of the BLGM complaints I made the right decision.

      Can’t say I made that decision entirely on my own — my wife (who pretty much allows me to explore money making opportunities as long as I don’t spend too much and there is a chance of a ROI) had much to say about how that money was going to be spent this time.

      Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment!

      • Ryan says:

        RE: Luke Teng, If he wanted to pay people he could… He just can’t or WONT I believe CAN’T.. Excuses running in bountiful quantities but the lies are falling short of other lies… A 1/2 million dollar client was told to go fish & good luck with that. The welcome mat that said deposit your money here was full promises.. A true conman: (

  112. Ryan says:

    Rolland you called it… I am certain that they got scammed, Cool Aid Drinker on Cool Aid Drinker Crime Going On.. “Sad” & now this golden opportunity has stolen a half a million in one gulp.. Luke Teng is on a roll, But he claims that he’s honest & trust worthy or is he just a great rip off artist?

  113. Ryan says:

    “WOW” Blessings Gold Club got totally scammed by Mr. Luke Teng: (
    all those poor people got jacked… left with nothing but virtual HK dollars & told to go sale worthless units…: (~ HUGE YIKES,, 5 – 6 months will turn into 8 – 9 or nothing at all.. – See more at: http://betterlivingglobalmarketingreview.blogspot.com/2013/10/an-overview-of-better-living-global.html#comment-form

  114. Ryan says:

    The “Blessing Gold Club” (illegal cash-gifting pyramid) run by Sheila Zimmer and Michelle Orkline asked for their first withdrawl from their BLGM account January 11th. They announced tonight in a conference call that they were told: “it will take five months”, but you are welcome to sell your “HK dollars” in your account to anyone who will buy them. These people believed that they had over a half a million dollarsmaking them about $90,000/month … – See more at: http://betterlivingglobalmarketingreview.blogspot.com/2013/10/an-overview-of-better-living-global.html?showComment=1395635102577#c4316933643717023136

  115. Roland Bonay says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I understand that this is a passionate topic but I will not approve comments where one person is calling another person a liar, or a moron, or a thief, or anything else that might defame a person. If I already approved any such comments, I apologize. There is plenty of room here to have an intelligent conversation that represents both sides of the issues. And I promise to approve all reasonable comments from both sides. But if you want to fight and bicker I suggest you create a blog or a forum of your own. The goal of this post is to keep people informed about what is going on at BLGM. Not to
    tear anyone down.


  116. Ryan says:

    Bring on your stupid debate “JOHN” “kctub” “unique restorations” Or Your newest name, Why can’t you use your real name John #######?? Why hide? I use my real name!! I speak the truth & all you do is name call & say stupid crap..

  117. Ryan says:

    THE BOTTOM LINE:(4)Over Months has gone by with no payments issued!! We are told 5-6 months “NOW”?? We are told about debit cards, this will never happen!! We are told about a bank, this will never happen!! We are told about SAMSUNG advertising in a con artists penny auction website, this will never happen!! (6) more month will go by with new lies about ooops’es, misshaps & look at my next big thing that will turn out to be nothing at all just like all the other stuff…”Facts Are The Facts” dates with promises have been said & nothing has been delivered!!!

  118. Ryan says:

    John is kctub & unique something this guy has made threats and has tried to bully people that speak the truth about BLGM.. He’s truly nuts and is being watched for fraud.. The blogs are being printed for evidence, John knows this and he is still chiming in wildly.. lol Go sale some units and stop removing your postings they make for good reading: )

  119. John says:

    DOn’t start a blog like this and then only approve comments that agree with you. That would be so unethical.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I approve comments reflecting both sides of the argument. I appreciate you for presenting your views.

      • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

        John, Does this bullying stuff work with people are in your downline? Probably does because most of your victims don’t speak very good english and have very little investment experience. I wonder if it was you gushing on the training call the other week. “OMG Luke Teng- you are the greateset person in the world. Thank you for letting me create my own little ponzie scheme. YOu are true visionary.”

  120. John says:

    There is one issue here that you people have completely overlooked. If everyone is selling units to new members, and there in no new money going into the company, THEN WHY WOULD LUKE TENG KEEP IT GOING?

    I will tell you why. Because the company is making money. You lose. Your arguments fail and you don’t understand how to work the program. Many people have made alot of money. The fact that you are broke and thought you could invest the money for a quick return just proves your ignorance. This is a long term investment and if you couldn’t afford it , (and you had to sell your cars and motorcycles to pay your rent (Ryan)), just goes to show how foolish you are with financial matters.

    Your BLGM with HK dollars in it does indeed have value. And people are indeed getting paid out to their bank accounts from BLGM.

    AND if you have been in the program and you don’t know how to email them then you are very foolish. I get responses to all my emails in 24 hours. And NO I will tell you which email. Find it for yourself, like I did.

    You can invest in companies all over the world and you can also lose money or make money by investing. You fools did not do you due diligence before handing over your cash. that is your fault, not Luke Tengs fault.

    You are nothing more than Internet trolls spreading incorrect information. – See more at: http://betterlivingglobalmarketingreview.blogspot.com/2013/10/an-overview-of-better-living-global.html?showComment=1395493713760#c5328680781724388184

    • Ryan says:

      He keeps it going because it supports him & his needs, he uses other peoples money to keep his game funded at his home port:(~ Luke will not being paying out as agreed, he will just say 7 or 8 months or make up more crap.. Its what he does,

    • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

      “John” I’m wondering where you think this profit is coming from into BLGM? Please look up the definition of Ponzi and you will find that this is a classic case. There are no revenues coming into that site other than from new investors. I have a few friends that have been in this 5 months and have ZERO payouts. So in a traditional sense- this isn’t even a ponzi because they aren’t paying out investors- I think it then moves to being just a SCAM. And you want to bring up “Ethics” and you try to pump up this crap and get people to believe that this is a real opportunity? The company doesn’t make any money from any where else than investors- and they have continued to lie about pay out timelines and what the biz is doing.

      To call this an “investment” is absurd. You really believe Luke Teng is going to turn this Ponzi into a legitimate business? There is no way it can sustain itself based on the payouts they have promised. They have no real revenues and if you believe they are going to turn this around by advertising on that crappy site- you deserve to lose all your money- and the money of the poor people you have sucked into this.

      Please tell me how this differs from Zeek Rewards?


  121. Evania Reisen says:

    I’m not alone in this nightmare. I also bought units from my friend’s boss. She was selling a lifetime dream!!!! So I applied to get money on January, but I never got it. I’m thinking of suing the person who sold this fake dream, but I’m not sure if it is legal. Millions of innocents people got in into a huge scam without knowing. My question is, does the person who sold me this crap is responsible? Can I file a complain against her by bringing her to court?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I don’t know the answer but maybe someone reading this will chime in.

    • Ryan says:

      Yes you can file a small claims case

      • John says:

        Ryan, you are so full of BS. No you cannot file limited actions(small claims) for something like this. The judge won’t even hear the case. Geezus.

    • John says:

      Educate yourself, calm down, don’t listen to ignarnat people like Ryan. There are no guarantees as to when they will payout but the TRUTH is that peopl are gettinng paid out to their bank accounts. Ryan is lying to you.

      • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

        Yes- Educate yourself on what a Ponzi Scheme is and run fast from anyone trying to get you into BLGM. They will tell you anything to get you in- then turn around and blame you for not doing your due dilligence. Makes alot of sense. Payouts 2 weeks, now 5-6 months. You should have known that this was going to change. IE IT”S ALL YOUR FAULT. WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING? WE TOOK ALL YOUR MONEY- NOW YOU HAVE VIRTUAL MONEY. WHATS THE PROBLEM?

  122. Ryan says:

    Mr Everette Hale has just posted: 5-6 months for wire transfers.. lol
    Samsung is going to advertise on the better living penny auction site & the advertising money can go to paying us…LOL
    This stuff is hilarious & it will never happen because this BLMG thing is all about lies & deception, Its getting hard to keep track of all of them. So many promises that never happen is so old & childish.. Just Sayin

  123. C N says:

    I’m surprised that there are still a lot of people who are bidding in bidders paradise. How do they get their winnings in case they won?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’m not sure but I think I know someone who can answer your question.

    • John says:

      Hello C N. If you are referring to the items you won at auctions…

      If you are in the US you purchase the item on your own, you submit the reciept to BLGm, they credit your account back on BLGM for the difference between what you paid for it and what you won the auction for. Then you can keep the item or return it for a full refund. If you return it for refund then you have profited from BLGM becuase they will still credit your account. People are making alot of money just by winning auctions. I know a guy who has won a bunch of things.

      • Mystory says:

        I have won 300 + items in this company few months ago the company use to payme the items to my bank and i made a lot of money right there. Like this is how this bussines whould be great BUT received a mail unday and they toll me that they coudnt pay me trought my bank any more . Instead they can payme with cash or ewalet cause the bank restriction… Since hk points have no value any more (actually never have) unles someone wanted to buy units…. This is not a busines anymore cause i have a friend that his wire is from november 7

  124. Christian says:

    Hello Roland.

    Do you think the S.E.C. will be getting involved?


    • Roland Bonay says:

      I don’t know…I did not invest so I really don’t have a vested interest other than caring for my friends who are waiting to get paid.

      • Ryan says:

        I read that BLGM has been chased out of one state & that they have been sent documents to stop doing business in the U.S. back in November 2013.. Ultimately the up lines are going to be responsible to pay back the cash.. Its a total con at this point… Also just a funny note: I put in my business website address on a previous post and low and behold an IP address shows up on my hit meter from BLGM Office Address in Hong Kong…. They are reading this blog:)

        • Roland Bonay says:

          And looking at your website as well.

          • Ryan says:

            Yes, they were checking me out.. Too funny: ) So BLMG knows exactly what we are saying about the king of ponzi.. No debate, no correction…

        • John says:

          Ryan is not giving correct information.
          No one is going to be responsible for repaying the moneies to the downlines, you cannot sue them in “small claims”. You are not scaring the recruiters , Ryan.
          And I dount if Luke Teng gives a crap about what you do. You are ZERO threat to anyone.

          • shipdit says:

            You are living in a fantasy land, John. ANY time someone sells you a product or service that turns out to not exist or not perform as promised, they are liable.



          • Kl says:

            Actually Kansas City has several small claims suits going you should do your research before you start throwing BS around.. You must be at the top of a downline and scared sh*tless! If not you should be if you stole money from anybody! They are thiefs who took money knowing good and well there would not be a return and in the good ole USA the Feds and sec don’t just close their eyes! Nor does the IRS when BLGM is not a registered business within our country!! So if you don’t file your taxes on your stolen money you will face heavy fines and possible prison time!! Karma my thief, Karma! It always comes back to you!! You can be all high and mighty now but remember he who laughs, laughs last!!

  125. Jean says:

    I am extremely glad I found this page. I was seriously considering investing in BL .. One of my mothers close friends bought 2 units and tried talking my mother and I into joining the business. Fortunately, we did not have the funds at the time and postponed the decision until we would get the “Tax Refund”. On February…I received another call from my mothers friend and she told me that BL would be opening a location here in the US (Sort of like the headquarters in Hong Kong) She stated you no longer had to pay the $1,267.00 (approx.) Now the price per unit would be of $1,097…The money cash would be given back would also change…You no longer had to go through someone to request your funds. A debit card would be issued to you and your funds would be directly deposited. This completely threw me off and had me thinking for quite a while. Drastic changes like these made my decision of not joining.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I was also considering joining BLGM mainly because I trusted (and still trust) the close friend who wanted me to join. Like you, I had to wait until I had the money to join. While I was waiting I did some research and saw so many complaints that I decided not to join. So I wrote this post to find out if there is any hope for the people who have been hurt by investing in BLGM. The responses lead me to believe that there is not much hope. So glad I did not join. Feeling sorry for all the people who did join (especially my trusted, close friend). Thanks for commenting!

    • John says:

      *scratching head at your comment*
      What is the problem here? Yes, BLGM is implementing debit cards and will direct depost on to the card. They set that agreement up with a card company a while back. It has been in the works for a while. That would make payouts FASTER.

  126. bob says:

    Can you give me the FB page?I have a friend thats putting everything he owns into this BLGM

    • Roland Bonay says:

      The FB page appears to have gone private. I think you have to know someone in the group and request that they add you to the group.

    • Roland says:

      Bob, point your friend to this blog or have them Google “Better Living Global Marketing Complaints”. If they still decide to climb aboard a sinking ship it’s on them and you can rest easy knowing that you tried to prevent it from happening.

  127. John says:

    I’m in a FB group for this so-called opportunity and I swear, it’s like a cult. These people think they are getting rich with monopoly money. I scrolled down the wall until my finger got tired and didn’t see a single post about any withdrawl requests being fulfilled. To the contrary, the people running this scam were blaming the banks and telling people they needed to open an account at a bank that knows how to process a wire transfer. It was also interesting to see the admins announcing a “$500 special” on units. I guess they got tired of waiting and started dumping units for less than half of what they paid for them.

    I never put any money into this ponzi because it smelled of Zeek to me, but I feel sorry for all the people who have invested money they couldn’t afford to lose.

    I hope the people who are selling units on FB know what a “clawback” is, because that’s what they’re going to be looking at.

  128. Ryan says:

    Lawsuit is awesome & its working, small claims is a slam dunk.. All you have to know is what the up line knew & when did they know it? Facebook, text messages & emails & of all the put up & shut up bullying comments: ) The up line spent your money they were the last to have it & they gave you virtual money that you will never see.. THEY ALL KNOW THIS.. You will win the case: )

    • John says:

      Complete fasle information from Ryan. None of this is truth. Shame on you Ryan for lying to these people and for being so ignorant. Are you suing anyone for this Ryan? Are you going to sue Gabriella? No Ryan, you are not. Because you CANNOT.

  129. C N says:

    There is a convention on the weekend of March 22 & 23 in Las Vegas. Let’s wait and see what Everett is going to promise the members this time.

  130. Billy the ponzi watcher says:

    I posted this on another forum and thought i would get it out here as well:
    I have been following BLGM for the last 8 months and decided to jump on the training call they had last week. The call was a trainwreck from the start. I couldn’t understand half of what Luke Teng was saying.

    Some of the highlights (or lowlights) that I could interpret:

    *Luke Teng has met with CEO’s of Samsung (and Sony?) and they are all on board with the new advertising model

    *They have made 1.5 billion dollars in the last year

    *He can only make a certain number of payments from his bank daily- like 20 or something. If the amount is over $10k it counts as 3 transactions

    *There is no plan yet to make payments in a timely fashion

    *They want to make 1/10th of what Google made this year- he said something like $50 billion

    *Luke said you could pay handicap people to watch the ads for you- as long as they aren’ blind because they will have to answer questions at the end

    *Some of his BLGM members got on the phone and gushed “From the bottom of their hearts” for this wonderful opportunity.

    My advice – get as much of your money out ASAP. This ship is going to sink.

    • Ryan says:

      “YIP” BLGM is soooo last year, nothing much left as far as honor, credibility or basic substance.. Its kinda baked & done, if I had 300 units & stole money from my friends & family.. I would be kissing L.T.’s Ass too.. “Hope Buys Time” “Time BUYS EXCUSES” “EXCUSES BUYS PROMISES” PROMISES BUYS WHAT? “YIP WE GOT NOTHING”

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Hi Ryan. Thanks for commenting. I think it’s important to keep this topic alive, and I applaud you for doing so, because people need to know what’s going on. Hope, in times of economic uncertainty, is a powerful motivator; excuses (like you said) are easy to accept, and promises re-enforce hope. That’s the cycle so many people are in and there’s no way out unless you wake up to the truth and do something to break the cycle. One thing people can do to break the cycle is fight back and contact an agent to help them get their money back. My guess is that the FTC (if you are a US citizen) is a place to start.

        P.S. Many people who are waiting for money from BLGM are quiet and I don’t know why. Are you still waiting for money for money from BLGM? I know of 2 people who got their money back. Share your story and maybe someone will be able to tell you how you can get your money back.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thank you for sharing your info on my site. This info needs to go viral to protect people. I know a person who took out a 20K loan to buy units and now he’s paying the loan payments and not making anything from BLGM. He has a wife and kid and needs advice on what he should do. He does not want money help…he just wants advice. He’s in this comment thread so search for one of his terms

  131. C N says:

    Thanks for all the updates. I am also waiting to hear some good news. It’s good that my upline was kind enough to give me back my money and some so I really did not lose anything but I was hoping that I will be able to earn some because I was not planning on spending that money that I invested. But because of the hope that I will be getting a monthly income so I already spend all that money for bills and now I don’t have any coming in as my upline has not gotten his check yet which he requested since October. We tried to listen to the phone interview but it was so boring and a lot of echo and the only thing that we can understand from Mr. Teng is the word OK. There is no news yet from Everett Hale as to what did Mr. Teng promised.

  132. p says:

    I been waiting since December 12 2013. I took an loan for $20k. I sent emails that takes 3 to 4 days to hear, I did it because my friend suggested it, still no money on email they told me it will take 7 to 9 weeks and 2nd email 10 to 12 and I waited more than 12 weeks and I just wish I made more factual decisions, I hope I get money quick to pay my loan because I am stock paying $650 without any money going in from blgm, when I have medical bills pile up from my wife who dont work because of her situation that at least watches our son and staying as homemaker but my work wont cut it. If anyone can help please help, and I dont mean money, I dont want anyone get dread by my situation, but advice that can help me would be great and I just hope at least I get money back to pay for loan and take care my family with necessary needs.i just cant switch to a lower paid job to keep my stress on a low, so I can make sure I do not loose my head. I know money important but health and being happy and making sure you have everything to supply your family… anyways thank you. Pete

    • John says:

      You BORROWED money to buy these units? It is your own fault for executing bad business practices, not Luke Tegs fault or BLGM. Amazing…..

    • John says:

      And what exactly did you use for collateral, considering you are broke, your wife doesn’t work and is sick with medical bills, etc.

      • Billy the ponzi watcher says:

        John- you seem to attack anyone that speaks the truth about this opportunity. You and your sales slicksters probably told this person it would be 2-4 weeks for payouts. It is unethical that they keep switching how long payouts take (now 5-6 months) and it is very unethical for YOU to continue to prop this crappy deal up and act as if it is the end user that got sucked into this ponzi schemes fault.

  133. Jean says:

    Yes, please keep me in the loop. I appreciate that. I heard the “leaders” saying how Mr. Teng told them he wants to open his own bank. What a joke!!! I have not heard of a single person in an extremely large Facebook group, say they have actually had money deposited in their bank account…Not one. Supposedly after the MLM door closes, you will have to click ads the number of times you have units in order to be paid the daily payout. So if you have 100 units, you gotta click 100 ads. If not you will only be “paid” half the daily payout. Again, an unethical way to raise the Alexa rating.

  134. Ryan says:

    I changed the name from BLGM to VLGN Virtual Living Global Nothing: (

  135. Ryan says:

    Jean.. I love that he plans on growing his business with a very BAD reputation, HOW? Who would advertise with this guy? He’s making his bidders click on the ads to inflate hit numbers to miss lead potential advertisers.. What he needs to do is pay us as agreed & do a straight deal.. An Impossibility I Know…

  136. Jean says:

    It became apparent to me awhile back that I have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and I’m just sick about it. I used savings that I really couldn’t afford to initially buy 2 units. It’s been almost 2 months since I requested a withdrawal…Nothing. The so-called handling fee for withdrawals has now gone from 2% o 19%! They claim they are processing withdrawal requests from November. I’ve been hearing that since January. If I hear how Mr. Teng is an honorable man 1 more time, I’m going to throw up! Now they are trying to get people to cancel their requests and get the money deposited into the C-Wallet (Cash wallet). I like so many others trusted the uplines.

    • Roland says:

      This would drive me crazy and I would be so upset. I feel your pain. Some people are trying to start an effort to get the feds involved in an effort to get their money back and to protect others…if I hear anything I will post an update. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts.

  137. Christian R. says:

    Sad to see this happening to

    some people who don’t know what

    is really going on behind the scenes.

    • Ryan says:

      Christian, I’m all ears do tell? I have been on all blogs & yet to have a debate.. I would love to have good news about BLGN.. The truth & nothing but the truth is what I’m all about: )

  138. Ryan says:

    The MLM thing is a funny thing, living the dream and achieving greatness by way of building a club of fellow dreamers.. Why even pretend to sale a product of service? If its all awesome, then why do very few actually make it?
    I run a real business that provides a real service and provides real jobs its truly “AWESOME” http://www.code3advertising.com I make people rich & famous the good old fashioned way, HARD WORK!! No easy way out ya all sorry to say… GO LIVE A REAL DREAM: ) no hiding, ducking & running from your friends & family members from that stupid MLM pitch or the next big stupid thing…

    • John says:

      Hard work? Like cutting grass, Ryan?
      I hate to tell the lpeebs out there but wealthy people do not get wealthy by doing “yard work”.
      You get wealthy by using your head.

  139. Carlos Roche says:

    Hello everyone!

    All these terrible things will stop ONLY when two things happen:

    1- When people start looking at Network Marketing as a business and Separate the word “opportunity” from it.

    2- When people understand that there’s no shortcut. Whenever you see that someone gets caught in a bad deal related to MLM is (most likely, not always) because they were reaching for the pot of gold and not the due diligence, education and patience.

    I am really sorry to see so much pain. But the truth is that it will not stop. Sometimes some companies have good intentions, but they Don’t always know what they’re doing. These are human beings, people like you and me, the men and women who start Network Marketing companies.

    Network Marketing is a great industry. Bad apples are everywhere. Now this company is leaving hundreds of people with a bad taste in their mouths. But the craziest thing is that most of them, when approached by a legitimate Network Marketing company, will simply say “oh that’s a scam.” and probably pass on a great MLM company that could mean financial freedom for him and his family.

    So, we live and we learn.

    Please don’t give up on the industry. Take a deep breath, cut your losses and find a good company. Do your due diligence!
    Network Marketing is not perfect, but it’s one of the best options we have to make.

    We are all trying to escape the Job Industry. An industry that has brought misery and stagnation to the human race by limiting not only our salaries, but also our potential from an early age, because we spend 8 hours at school in our early years with weekends off as a precursor o the factory or office if you prefer a more modern term.

    There are good companies out there, find one.

    Do your homework and find one with these 3 characteristics:

    1- a good management team
    2- a great product
    3- a huge market potential

    The compensation plan should be the last thing on your mind. If these three things are aligned well, the comp plan will be good. If the team is good, and not a bunch of you know what, they will take care of the reps, because in MLM, the reps are the business and a good management team knows that.

    When you get to the compensation plan, READ IT. READ IT and make sure that you can retire from that company. Read your comp plan

    Network marketing is a business, just like a bakery, a law firm or a mega store. read your contract!

    Good luck everyone!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hello Carlos,

      Love the way you nailed it on the head.


      • Carlos Roche says:

        Hello Roland,

        Thank you!

        I really appreciate this great resource to discuss this kind of issue.

        Keep up the good work!

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Thanks Carlos, It is important to have an open mind and allow people to voice their opinions whether they be pro or con. Most, if not all, of the comments here paint a negative picture of BLGM. I was hoping to see a few people to voice a positive opinion and offer some hope to the people (many of them my friends) who invested money in BLGM. Ryan, who is quite vocal here and other places, said there was a big conference call this past Friday. Does anyone have any info related to that call? I’m sure many people are anxious to know!

  140. Pereira Christophe says:

    Hello, I’ve been involved in BLGM since sept 2013.
    My 2 first w/d requests were homoured within 4 weeks, since then I made 3 w/d which have never been paid, the oldest is from Nov 7th, 4 months now. No answer back to any of my emails…

  141. Ryan says:

    LETS ASK: ) Why, does such a successful has no customer service department? Why, can’t they return emails? Why, if they are doing millions of dollars per day why do we not have more bidders driving up profit sharing? or more items to bid on? Why, not open a bank account here in the US? Why, not just mail us out check? Why, are we being forced to click on an ads, to falsely show false numbers to miss lead advertisers to think buyers are looking?? Why, would we sale this product if we have new rules every week? LIKE 14 DAY PAY OUTS? 30 DAY PAY OUTS OH OOOPS 4 MONTH PAY OUTS? HUUUUUM

  142. Ryan says:

    Mr. Luke Teng
    will be on a conference call live tomorrow (Friday)!
    DISCLAIMER: Sheila, Robert and I are simply distributors in BLGM. All of the materials we produce are from us only and are not from the company. We are not agents of the company in any way other than as distributors nor are we Customer Service. We just try to help all BLGM Members as best as we can. The information we share is always based on the latest that we have been able to verify with the home office.
    Dear Ryan,
    This is Exciting

    We have BLGM CEO Mr Luke Teng updating us his Plans and Vision for Phase 2 and Phase 3 which we believe will be the start of the NEW Bidders Paradise! He will lay out the plan on how we can all help to build our Company together and turn it into a Gold mine of opportunity for years to come.

    As Bailey mentioned in a prior message
    — Our goal is to create the number one penny auction site and the best online advertising platform –

    Invite all your team members and every leader from every part of the WORLD to this Important call. We expect over a thousand on the call so get on early so you are not locked out.

    Friday Morning 7.30 Pacific, 8.30 Mountain, 9.30 central, 10.30 Eastern

    Dial 805 399 1000 – Pin 662952#
    Dial 712 432 0075 – Pin 839483#

    Phase 3 Advertising is going to be very exciting and the benefits are going to be rewarding

    Major changes are being implemented on Bp8 and will go live anytime soon
    and Mr Teng will talk about it

    Leaders , your 100% cooperation is required

    We have Cash Wallet available to you if you need it. We can give you cash wallet the same day. As you send us cash for Cash Wallet, we will wire funds to Hong Kong the next day so that we will have them on hand for you when you need them. If you know you will need a large amount, let us know ahead of time so we can order them. Just call Robert, my assistant, or me between 9 and 5 M-F at 702-541-6220 (Office), 702-357-0748 (call or text), 702-451-6220 (message only), Robert 702-530-3869 (call or text after hours) or email to teamliberty411@gmail.com.

    GET THE LATEST NEWS, STRATEGY AND INFORMATION. DON’T MISS The next Presentation and Training BLGM which will be held in Las Vegas on Sunday March 23, from 1 PM to 5 PM at the Palace Station Hotel, 2411 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102, (702) 367-2411. The cost for this event will be US$20.00 since there is no lunch. We have no capability to take credit cards so please bring CASH ONLY.

    2014 Tentative Las Vegas Training Schedule:
    All at the Palace Station Hotel
    Sunday, March 23, 1PM-5PM
    Saturday, April 26, 11AM-3PM
    Sunday, May 18, 1PM-5PM
    Saturday, June 21, 11AM-3PM
    Saturday, July 26, 11AM-3PM
    Sunday, August 17, 1PM-5PM
    Saturday, September 6, 11AM-3PM
    Saturday, October 11, 11AM-3PM
    Saturday, November 22, 11AM-3PM

    Please be kind and considerate of our time in my home office. Please call only between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific, M-F. The phone will NOT be answered outside of these times. AND DON’T CALL WITHOUT LEAVING A MESSAGE. That is just rude. I feel that if you don’t leave a message, you really did not want to talk in the first place. If you REALLY need immediate help outside of those hours, you may text, not call, Robert at 702-530-3869.
    Here is the link to my newest spreadsheet. Please use this for all your purposes but remember, this is not to be shared with the general public in any way.
    Spreadsheet 030214 in Excel
    Spreadsheet 030214 in PDF

    Here is a link to the Power Point presentation in PDF I used at the last training in Las Vegas.
    February Training Presentation in PDF

    We will include these links in all emails from now on and automatically update them when deeded.
    Better Living Global Marketing – BELIEVE in a Second Chance to Change and Prosper,

    Call or email us with questions or to ask for support:
    Your Second Chance Team
    Everett Hale
    International Distributor
    702-357-0748 Cell
    702-541-6220 Home
    Home Office Hours 9-5 Pacific Mon-Fri
    Sheila Oien
    International Distributor
    949-363-3868 Cell


  143. Kathleen says:

    AVOID QPAY!!! Another HUGE SCAM!! Same people from BLGM right there at the top of QPAY!! BEWARE***BEWARE***BEWARE***

    • Ryan says:

      Kathleen, “WOW” are you all about it or what? We can do our own small claims cases, Against them them its easy to see them selling it after the point of bad business practices, the put up and shut up, wait your turn & the you didn’t do your home work!! up line speak is very incriminating and is all over the blogs, facebook, Emails & text messages.. BUT yip they took your money & spent your money and in hundreds of cases they knew it was all BAD..

      • Kathleen says:

        Yes, it is “very” bad! I actually got all my $ back after threatening what would take place if I didn’t and not from the company itself, but from the top person of the up line..I know it’s continuing and it drives me CRAZY knowing that innocent people like myself have been taken by slimy, scamming, fools!! I guess they don’t know what an “honest” living is!! I refuse to steal money from innocent people who work hard for their money, so I never put anyone under me in the business (thieving business) unfortunately it is usually friends or family so you think you can trust them.. I have learned if it’s to good to be true, it is! They take your “REAL” hard earned $ for simply “VIRTUAL” $ and sorry, virtual $$ is no good in the real world…. Hope you get your $$ back!!

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Glad you were able to get your money back. Most people will not be so lucky.

          • Joseph says:

            Roland, excellent analysis.

            _______________SAMPLE BELOW____________________________
            WASHINGTON, DC – The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) and the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut David B. Fein today announced that Robin Bruhjell Brass, 55, of Washington Depot, Connecticut, was sentenced on Friday by United States District Judge Robert N. Chatigny in Hartford to 96 months of imprisonment (an upward departure over the advisory Sentencing Guidelines range), followed by three years of supervised release, for operating a long-running Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of approximately $2 million. Brass has been detained since her arrest on November 15, 2011.
            “Brass targeted her Ponzi scheme at elderly or ailing, hardworking citizens down on their luck,” said Christy Romero, Special Inspector General at SIGTARP. “This included a victim of a serious car accident, a 75 year old mother grieving for her daughter, and a couple who lost its nest egg in the financial crisis. Brass threatened her victims and correctly predicted that she would go to jail. She can spend the next eight years thinking about how she stole their money, diverted it through a TARP bank, and used it to fund her lifestyle. SIGTARP and our law enforcement partners stand ready to uncover TARP-related fraud and will continue to protect taxpayers and ensure accountability for all Americans.”
            “This defendant preyed upon the elderly and other vulnerable people, deceived them into believing their investments with her were safe, insured, and guaranteed, and then stole almost two million dollars of their hard-earned savings,” stated U.S. Attorney Fein. “Hopefully, this lengthy sentence will serve as a warning to all would-be fraudsters and a reminder to the investing public to be vigilant before entrusting their life savings to so-called investment advisors. You should research your investment advisors and verify the information you are provided. I commend Connecticut’s Department of Banking for initiating this investigation, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, SIGTARP, and FBI for pursuing it thoroughly to secure justice. I applaud the victims who appeared in court for sentencing and told the Court about the

          • Roland Bonay says:

            So sad. Another example of someone claiming to have a goose who lays golden eggs and a loom that can spin straw into gold. Robin Bruhjell Brassgot got caught and will spend time in prison but, like you point out, the majority of the scammers will keep continue their practices because they know that the feds can’t keep up. It’s like the failed war on drugs and the struggles the feds had enforcing laws during Prohibition. Combating identify theft has been and will continue to be just as difficult. The only thing we can do is educate people on how to spot scams and how to protect their assets from thieves. It is unfortunate that the most vulnerable are the least likely (or able) to listen to and heed this sound advice.

  144. Kathleen says:

    With BLGM a lot of people at the top, get their money by stealing it from their down line! By talking the company up and selling units to them under themselves (making a killing doing so!) I think the government/ Feds and sec need to get involved in the people at the top (in USA) of the lines and make them pay everyone back the money they took! I know a few people that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling units in their downline knowing very well they won’t receive a dime back! There’s a couple other companies out there right now doing the same and of course those at the top of BLGM are right at the top of those! It’s thievery and that’s putting it nicely!!!

  145. Ryan says:

    If I ever get any good news, I will be quick to report on it.. For now and for the last months “IT’S ALL BAD”

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I wish there was some good news to report because I have friends who are involved and I wish them nothing but the best. Many of them are waiting patiently for something good to happen.

  146. Thyda says:

    After read all the comment, I feel i wont take back my money. 🙁 I withdraw 2 months, up to now, never received money in bank. I have spent all my saving of my 5 years working time. Sad ending of finance. Happy that i did not promote to my family and friend.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I feel sorry that you lost your savings. Be careful before you get involved in anything in the future. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    • Ryan says:

      Thyda.. Your money was spent by who sold you on the business, They Took Your Money & Spent It.. They claim “typically” to bad to sad, you didn’t do your home work, sucks to be you.. But at the end of the day they spent your money and gave you virtual money unguessable as to rime or reason about pay outs or rules.. Its Kinda Gone So Is Mine & Bunches Of Others: (

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Hi Ryan,
        I researched BLGM and read many of your complaints and that’s why I did not join. Thank you for speaking your mind because many people are staying quiet. Some are embarrassed, some are still hanging on to hope…most are starting to realize they made a huge mistake. Thanks for voicing your opinion on this subject…hope it will help other people avoid scams like BLGM.

        • Ryan says:

          Mr. Bonay: ) You are the man.. I have over a 100 emails from folks that can’t speak for them selves, This BLGM thing is just crazy as to the deception out of Hong Kong & spilling down from the embarrassed & confused up lines.. All the changes out of Hong Hong are sad they are basically saying we cant do any pay outs so we can give you donation into your cash wallet, this means go sale this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY and rip off more people to get your money.. Mr Hale & others are still tying to live the dream by ripping off others..Its all bad..

      • Kathleen says:

        Those at the top stealing everyone’s money should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!! Qpay is another one just heads up!! AVOID THE SCAM!!! BLGM top people right at the top of this one to!!

  147. Ryan says:

    Hong Kong & Up Lines think that we are all stupid but we talk to each other, some folks cant speak up because a co-worker or family member sold them on this crap.. As for me it was a church member.. TRUST ME THEY SAID

  148. Ryan says:

    It gets better, if I didn’t trust friends from church & buy into BLGM I would still have a classic car and my dream bike that I have had to sale… To put that money back, Thank You Gabriella & Better Living Global Marketing its been awesome..But from the great words of our up lines JUST BE PATIENT & STOP BEING DESPERATE: (

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Did you sell the car and bike to purchase the units or did you do it because your investment didn’t pay off quickly enough? It really doesn’t matter, what matters is that you learned a lesson the very hard (and expensive) way.

      • Ryan says:

        Because the investment was DOA and I needed access to my cash: ( SUCKS, Hong Kong says that we as clients suck because we have asked for what they promised our money… lol.. They cant pay us because to many requests came in and they cant do good customer service because business is to good..LOL 3 months on pay outs now.. why even lie its running as a lottery small %s at best..

  149. Ryan says:

    Awesome job on this blog: ) I paid cash for my units 5 total and I noticed that my cash did not go to Hong Kong it went into the pocket of my up line.. Hummmmm,, I asked when can I get a pay out & she said any time, just give me a few days notice.. I asked if I do a Hong Kong transfer, how long would be the expected wait? She said 7 to 14 days but I can trade you HKD for cash Here.. 2 cash outs with a friend and it all stopped & she said to bad to sad, good luck with that & stop being desperate & start transferring from Hong Kong.. Yikes. I then knew I would never see my money again.. Excuses, promises & Gabriella & Mr. Hale are still selling this golden opportunity likes its golden:( Shame on you guys

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Shame on them for telling you to stop being desperate. I’m sure they are desperate too but they are trying not to show it. That may make sense if they know for a fact that they will eventually get paid but it appears panic is setting in and BLGM is in a tail spin from which it will be difficult if not impossible to recover.

  150. SD says:

    The “admins” of the Blessing Gold Club that you so sensibly refused to send money to just announced that they are selling their Better Living Global Marketing “units” (which exist in various “e-wallets” in Hong Kong dollars right there on their computer screens) for $500. When participants start offering their Ponzi accounts to their friends at 38 cents on the dollar, it’s over.



  151. Christian R. says:

    Hello Roland.

    I was approached to join BLGM April of 2013.

    I’m glad I’ve done due diligence and have walked away.

    Some people will be hurting from this

    for sure, as BLGM are becoming quite tight-fisted for

    the withdrawal requests.

    BLGM looks good at face-value

    but when you start digging deeper, you’ll be shocked.

    I hate to see that some people will suffer but

    it looks that way…

  152. sally says:

    I unfortunately, have invested in a unit with Better Living, as time has gone by, it has become clear to me that this is a scam. They change the rules almost daily and the several fb groups I am a member of because I have invested, you are not allowed to ask questions without getting threatened to be thrown out the group. There is total confusion around the whole thing and BL are trying to drag more fresh cash out of already paid members by not allowing “profits” to be used to buy further units (which is the whole point) they are trying every which way to get fresh cash into the business, and I hardly ever hear of anyone getting paid out. The current withdraw profits time, is around 3 months, but even then people are waiting. I wish I had never bought the unit, I could not afford to lose that kind of money but was convinced last September, feeling pretty stupid now 🙁

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience with BLGM. I have a lot of friends who are in the same sad boat. Don’t feel stupid about your loss, chalk it up as a lesson learned. I know I learned the hard way and that’s why I didn’t join (although I came close to joining but did not because of all the complaints I was reading). Thanks for stopping by and joining the discussion. Maybe you’ve helped prevent someone else from falling for BLGM.

  153. Karina says:

    Thanks for a great and insightful review Roland. One to stay clear of for sure.
    I’m so glad I came across Wealthy Affiliate, as I feel like I never have to worry about being scammed again

    Have a lovely day!


    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Karina! Yes…stay clear! I’m also glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate because now I know how to avoid scams and how to build an online business in an effective and ethical manner. WA is something I am proud to share with friends and family.


  154. Ben says:

    Hi Roland,
    That’s a great review. You have nailed it down with a lot of in depth analysis. I enjoyed reading the review.
    Great job!

  155. Roland Bonay says:

    I agree that the hype is HARD! People have a strong desire to realize the American Dream and when it’s hyped the way it is by SCAMMERS who make it seem so easy to attain people fall in line in droves. One reason they encourage people to go to meetings and events is because the group mentality has a strong influence on individuals. You see all these excited people and a few people sharing their success stories (some totally false) and you think it can be you so you get sucked in, spend hundreds or thousands, and eventually you realize you’ve been SUCKERED! Thanks for your response!

  156. Dan Hernandez says:

    Better Living is huge here in Southern California with the Latino and Asian communities. They hold daily conferences and have sucked so many people into their get rich quick payouts. I know countless people involved with this company but none have received actual cash payouts. I personally strongly feel this is a huge scam but they hype you so hard in their meetings that people

  157. If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck… it probably is a scam! LOL

    Oh man I’m so sick and tired of hearing about products like this. I mean it’s insane that people would leave their job and gamble their homes on such a low quality, scam monument like this product.

    That’s for bringing it to light! You may have saved some hard working family their life savings! 🙂


    • Roland Bonay says:

      What a great response Chris. It’s not just what I’ve said that might prevent someone from falling victim to a SCAM like this but comments like yours go a long way toward making people aware of potential SCAMS. Thank you very much!

  158. Tbenedict says:

    I think you covered the concerns about BETTER LIVING very well. I do agree with you on everything you wrote. I am still waiting for a deposit from H.K that I asked for from November, I personal think it will NEVER show up in my bank account. If it does I will write back and post. Thank you,

    • Roland Bonay says:

      That’s too bad…I hope you are able to get your money back. I have a lot of friends and aquantices who are involved and I really hope they come out of this OK. I even have a friend who quit his job last month so he could work BLGM full time. True, he has made a nice profit so far but current conditions do not bode well for the long term. Not sure what he was thinking. Of course I may be wrong…only time will tell. I almost signed up and now I’m glad I didn’t.

      • Ponzi watcher says:

        BLGM is most certainly a Ponzi scheme and it is a scam. There are no revenues coming in to that horrible site from anywhere else than new investors. With the delays in payments and all the new rules- new investors are going to be hard to find and this thing is going to sink quickly and it’s already happening. The only thing shocking is how gullible people are to get into something that is so obviously a Ponzi scheme. BLGM hits on every Ponzi red flag. Greed really does blind people though to these facts.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Thanks for your reply. I will pass this along to everyone I know and especially the people I know who are already in BLGM. Perhaps they can prevent any more damage from affecting their livelihood and their reputations.

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