Best Men’s Underwear for Father’s Day in 2018

Disclaimer: This is not an article about Men’s Sexy Underwear – that is a topic that I will cover closer to Valentines Day. This is about Father’s Day which is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what to give dear old Dad. Skip the neck ties and the plastic golf balls and give Dad something he can really use day in and day out. Here’s a hint – MEN’s UNDERWEAR! I put this in bold, red, and all caps because this is so important as I will explain in the sections below. BTW, this info also applies if you have young folks heading off to or graduating from college or the military or anyone in your life who is about to embark (for whatever reason) on a life on their own.

I have a few tips that I picked up in the military that’ll come in handy the next time you’re out shopping for men’s underwear. I have a few tips that I picked up in the military that’ll come in handy the next time you’re out shopping for men’s underwear.

First, I’d like to tell you why I think this is important. Choosing what men’s underwear to wear everyday should not be a chore. Men’s underwear should be clean; your underwear should not be cause for consternation between you and your significant other. Men’s underwear should be functional; it should keep you dry and comfortable. That’s why the US Army invented the T-shirt in the first place.

“The idea of the T-shirt came to the USA during WWI when US soldiers noticed the light cotton undershirts European soldiers were using while the US soldiers sweated in their wool uniforms. Since they were so much more comfortable they quickly became popular among the Americans, and because of their design they got the name T-shirt. During WWII the T-shirt had become standard issue underwear in both the U.S. Army and Navy. After WWII the T-shirt started appearing without a shirt covering it. John Wayne, Marlon Brando and James Dean all wore them on national TV. At first the public was shocked but by 1955 it had become acceptable. The T-shirt became cool when James Dean wore it in the film Rebel Without a Cause.” ~ Yahoo! Answers

There are 3 Basic Pieces of Men’s Underwear -Undershirts, Briefs, and Socks. Let’s take a look at each category and some of the best underwear options in each category.

Men’s Underwear – How to Buy Undershirts:

Keep it simple. Ninety-five percent of your undershirts should be white, T-type, 100% cotton name brand. They look great under most shirts and they’ll keep perspiration away from your shirts. Nothing like a big old nasty yellow  underarm stain distracting your manager at the next Project Progress meeting. Buy enough shirts to allow for daily changes. Another benefit for all white 100% cotton is you don’t have to sort anything on laundry day. Just put them all in the same load. The remainder of your undershirts can include colored shirts and novelty shirts. You can wear these when working out at the gym, working in the yard or in the house, or just when you’re just in a casual mood.

Best Sweat Proof Crew Collar Undershirt:

Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt With Underarm Sweat Pads

men's underwear - best tee shirt

Best T Shirt

This undershirt was featured on ‘Shark Tank’ ‘The Today Show’ ‘The Doctor’s’ ‘ABC News’ ‘Huffington Post’ ‘SHAPE Magazine’ and ‘CNBC’.

You’ll never have to worry about underarm sweat again. You’ll never ruin nice shirts with armpit sweat again. This undershirt is made in the USA with 100% Ultra soft, lightweight, premium combed cotton. The Hydro-Shield underarm pads inner layer is made of a 90/10 cotton/poly combination. The under arm sweat pads are guaranteed to stop 100% of armpit sweat.

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say:

“It was a week before my interview and instead of preparing myself mentally, I was dreading the future event immensely…I’ve been a sweaty person most of my adult life and I ONLY sweat under my armpits. It does not matter if its 10 degrees outside or if I’m in the driest place on Earth my pits will always be super saturated. I’ve noticed over the years that around certain people, like my immediate family and really close friends, I do not sweat around them. But again, this is never 100% I would say its about 30/70, 70 being the chance that I will sweat around really close ones. Unfortunately, if we are doing anything in public is supersoak time. And By the way, when I mean I sweat under my pits, I don’t mean those little 2×1 sweat pits, I’m talking I’m talking sweat rings with the diameter of like 8 or 9 inches! Sometimes more!!So if you can relate to this then please listen!

I ordered the shirt as a last ditch effort, subconsciously KNOWING it would not work for me because I sweat A LOT. I received the package very fast in fact, a few days earlier than expected. When I opened it I was shocked at how thick and dare I say: Diapery the hydro-shield was. I felt let down because during inspection (holding it up to a light), it looked like a thick piece of cotton that you can see through. And we all know that no amount of cotton can stop our sweaty armpits.
Later that night, when my wife and I had to go to Wal-Mart, I curiously slipped on the Thompson Tee and wore a lime green shirt over it. By now, you understand that I can sweat through that in less than a minute…but I wanted to put it to the test before I wore it to my interview. I checked my pits every ten minutes or so and nothing at all every time.It did not make and detectable noise for me to hear. And it felt like a warm towel under my armpits because it absorbed the sweat really well. The shirt manufacturer states that the sweat absorbed will evaporate with the natural bellow-like movement your arms create when moving them. It isn’t like you have to go around flapping like a bird, instead its the natural movements for example: moving your arms walking, lifting things up, any action that sways your arms up down or side to side, etc. Success!, a whole trip without sweat marks on my outer shirt I was SOLD, I turned the shirt inside out and allowed the shirt to dry so I could use it during the interview.
The next morning, and I’m getting ready for my interview. I had full faith in my Thompson Tee and wore a ultra light blue long sleeve polo( a shirt my wife bought me that I never wore). I was nerve wracked but this time it was not because of my sweating it was because of the actual interview. FAILURE, I looked down late in my 2 hour interview and my heart sank. The sweat had made its way under the hydroshield and I had sweat marks in the midsection of my ribs. That only made me more nervous and the remaining time I was no longer looked confident as I had to hold my arms kinda like a t-rex to try and hide my sweat. After I got done with the interview I sprinted to my truck. I was honestly devastated but I was intent on making my purchase worth it so I tried to figure out what went wrong. I believe it was the fact that it was long sleeve. I would highly recommend not wearing a long sleeve shirt if you have hyperhidrosis like me and plan on sitting down for 2 hours of an intense nerve wracking event.

That being said I actually got the job. When I went to orientation I knew they would throw me in a blue uniform and put me to work so I wore my thompson tee and a white nike dry fit over it. The uniform had not came in yet so they handed me a grey shirt. I went to the bathroom and decided to just put the grey shirt over both the thompson tee and the nike dry fit. I worked from 7am til 4:13pm that day and NOT A SINGLE SWEAT MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited I wore the three shirt all day until 9pm and still nothing!! I was amazed at how adding a thin breathable shirt like a nike dryfit over my thompson tee completely fixed all my problems. The thing is that your armpits get so sweaty because there is usually always pressure on your shirt in that area. I admit the sweat leaked under the hydroshield just as it did during the interview but working all day and not sitting down stressed out helped alot and I believe another shirt is all you need to stop that under the hydroshield sweat because you dont have a lot of friction on your ribs the whole day. It worked for me and it will work for you too buy one and test it out I’m only 19 years old and I would spend my last $25 dollars on this shirt if I had to. I’ve used it approximately 6 times already and it works every time. I plan on using my first check to buy 5 of them for the work week!

Don’t live your life wearing only black shirts like I did, I’m speaking from the heart IT WORKS.

**** UPDATE****

Here is an update over a year after this review! I’ve since acquired 3 more Thompson tees and wear them every day I work. I still work for the same company which supplies us with a blue uniform shirt, a color that I could not ever wear during my adult life before Thompson tee. I also still have my very first Thompson tee and it works the same as it did the first day I wore it. A year ago I told y’all that perphaps wearing a long sleeve shirt would hinder the Thompson tee. I found that to be false as I mainly wear a long sleeve shirt at work and have never seen a drop of sweat on it. I also stated that I stated that wearing a thin shirt over the Thompson would full proof it. That indeed is still true but I’ve found the MOST effective way to use the tee shirt is to avoid wearing tight t shirts over it. I’m not saying you have to wear a oversized shirt, just not a tight one. I found evaporation of sweat gathered by the Thompson tee is most effective outside where air is circulating through wind and the sun is drying out the sweat. But do not worry as I’ve worn it inside all day plenty of times and still no sweat. Keep in mind that the sweat does seep under the padding of the Thompson tee but it will not show on the outer shirt as long as there isn’t continuous pressure in that area for a long time. Just the contact of it against the Thompson tee will not make the outer shirt wet.”

Men’s Underwear – How to Buy Briefs:

men's underwear - best briefs

Best Briefs

Again keep it simple. Ninety-five percent of your briefs should be of the boxer brief variety. Remember I said your men’s underwear should always be clean. Well, sometimes things happen over the course of a long, hot day and you’ve been sitting down a lot, and well…you get the picture. That’s why your boxer briefs should all be dark, period. Buy enough to allow for daily changes. They should also be 100% cotton and manufactured by a well known brand name. Again, easy to sort and wash.

Here’s one of the top-rated men’s briefs available on

Tesla Men’s Relaxed Stretch 9″ Open-Fly Cool Dry Brief Mesh Underwear Trunk (2-Pack)

  • Provides excellent elasticity to accommodate any movement and is very comfortable
  • Designed for excellent ventilation and breathability, dissipates heat easily
  • The surface of the fabric expands and widens to keep it dry always
  • Flat-fell seams throughout, strong durable construction
  • Allows free movement and provides superior fit

Here’s what several satisfied customers had to say:

“I noticed that other reviewers state that these run true to size or large. I disagree. I am about 5’9″ 170lbs 32″ waist with an athletic build. I have always (without exception) worn medium men’s underwear. I ordered medium in Tesla, and I found them to be slightly baggy. I ordered small and these have a perfect fit. I do like my underwear form fitting (but not restrictive) to allow for a supportive fit when I work out. I’ve searched for 9″ inseam underwear that fit properly for one to two years now. I used to wear Underarmour (medium size), and really liked them for a year or so…..but they redesigned the men’s underwear; I had to pull them above my belly button to wear them properly. I then switched to Addidas (medium size) and really like these for some time… but same thing, they redesigned them, and I had to pull them over my belly button to fit…it’s like Underarmour and Addidas redesigned their men’s underwear for 6’4″ guys… not sure why. That left me searching for men’s underwear that actually fit a regular sized guy for several years… and I finally found them with Tesla!! Great fit, and very comfortable. I plan to order one of every color!” ~ Christopher Fisher, PhD

“These 9″ boxers are great. They are light weight and breathable. The compression is just right. The cut is nice, I have been a diehard under armour boxerjock customer for almost ten years and with changes to the fit and cut of the UA boxerjocks they are now horrible. But wearing these Tesla boxers is like being back in the glory days with under armour at less then half the price! The only thing I would change is the tag deisign, I would prefer a printed tag. Order your real size. Not a size down as suggested in the product discription. If under armour got thier design right again I’d probably go back, but these are a life saver until then.” ~ Ricky Deeon

“All my old briefs are headed to the one use rag bin. These are the best boxers I have ever worn. Ordered 2 then 2 more. Once they were back in stock just ordered 3 more sets since I am not sure of the availability and they feel great. I prefer these since they are all mesh and very breathable. Waist band stays nicely in place, pouch is secure but not irritating, and they stay put. On top of that, they are priced better than a lot of the competition.” ~ David Rathboneon

“If I could rate these six stars, I would do it in a heartbeat! These are my favorite pair of boxers for working out (CrossFit) and are comfortable enough for all day use. Extremely cool and well ventilated and they do not ride up at all. I’ll echo needing to order a size down, I’m 6′, 235 and currently in between a 38-40 waist, normally I’ll go with extra large on mens  underwear, but large fits perfectly with these and my other pairs of Tesla briefs. You won’t regret buying these!” ~ Wesley Robinsonon

“Quality is top notch with low affordable pricing. These fit like a glove where they need to in your nether region and have some style as a bonus. This is now the only company I’m ever getting compression gear from period.” ~ Diego Zeaon

“Im a waist size 32 and usually order Medium. After reading some reviews, A lot of people said they ran large and people mentioning they were 32 as well went with Small, And knowing i wanted compressed shorts for Crossfit, I went ahead and ordered Small. They do fit but tight. I still use them since its bearable but I know Medium would have still been compressed and fit perfect. So if you are around 32 waist, go with Medium. Even thought they fit a little small, I give it 5 stars since product is holding up and since it was My fault for going with Small instead of Medium. Recommended. True to size.” ~ ByJ Schittlon

“I’m an Under Armour boxerjock guy. I was nervous to try these out, but the fact that they were 1/2 the price and the reviews were just as good made it a little easier to test them out. I’m not disappointed. They are light and very comfortable. I have worn them for crossfit, running, and everyday. No need to go back to undies that cost twice as much!” ~ KAYAKERJOHN

 “Started exercising a few months back and have been looking for good mens underwear that dry quickly, keeps everything in place and does not roll up or down. Have purchased Tommy Johns (which after a few uses the crotch tears) Have purchased Champions, Jockey etc. Tesla are by far my favorite. The fit is comfortable, everything stays in place and the hold up in the wash. Highly recommend.” ~ Luke Farkas

Mens Underwear – How to Buy Socks:

mens underwear - best socks

Best Socks

When it comes to socks you’re going to have a bit more latitude depending on your situation, but you still want to keep it simple. If you wear athletic shoes a lot (gym teachers and nurses for example) most of your socks will be white. If you’re a construction worker, you probably depend on a heavy-duty type of sock with reinforced toes and heels. If you wear a suit and tie every day you more than likely prefer nylon dress socks. And for everyone else (office workers, teachers, salesmen, engineers, etc.) I’d recommend a cotton crew athletic sock like the like the one pictured below. Dark if you’re wearing dark slacks, lighter if you’re wearing lighter, either one if you’re wearing jeans. Same rules from above apply here; purchase enough to allow for daily changes and (if you have teenagers) pilferage. As far if the laundry is concerned, white socks can go with the white undershirts. The colored athletic socks can be washed with the boxer briefs. The nylon dress socks, they can be washed with your wife’s or girlfriend’s delicates.

Here’s one of the top-rated men’s socks available on

Gold Toe Men’s 6-Pack Cotton Crew Athletic Sock

  • 82% Cotton, 10% Nylon, 7% Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • Machine Wash
  • Big and Tall Extended Size
  • Made with super soft cotton
  • AquaFX Moisture Control keeps feet dry and comfortable
  • 6 pair pack with long lasting reinforced toe and full cushioned foot
  • Smooth comfort toe seam

Here’s what one very satisfied customers had to say:

“Spoiler: I liked Gold Toe the best!

I wear white cotton crew socks basically every day, two pairs on workout days. I wear them with high-impact athletic shoes, work/walking shoes, and occasionally heavy work boots. I want them to last (no holes, no saggy tops), I want them to be comfortable, and I want a fair value for my money.

So when I retired my old inventory nearly two years ago, I picked up five different brands of white crew socks.

Durability: As I wore the socks, I tried to be very diligent about ‘rotating stock’ — pulling socks to wear from the right-side of the drawer, putting in freshly-laundered ones on the left. In theory, they all received about the same amount of wear-and-tear.

Wigwam (2/5): Unraveled at the top quickly — after the first washing, three socks; after the third or fourth, almost every sock had loose tops. These thick socks took around a year before I started seeing holes in the toes or heel.
Under Armour (4/5): Some unraveling around the 8 or 9 month mark, no holes until year two.
Fruit of the Loom (3/5): Little unraveling, but heels thinned before the end of the first year, leading to holes.
Hanes Cushion Crew (3/5): Modest unraveling, but moderate holes at toes and heels around the 9-12 month mark.
Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic (5/5): Outstanding — so far, no unraveling; two toe holes, one heel hole.

Comfort: There’s two factors for me — first, softness; second, thickness/padding. Also, I’m not looking for a compression sock (like for when I fly, or if I develop CHF) — nothing *too* tight (and none of them were).

Wigwam (3/5): Very thick (for a crew sock), well-padded; stiff — even after months of washing, they almost felt starched.
Under Armour (5/5): Good thickness; started soft, became even softer after a few washes.
Fruit of the Loom (3/5): Felt slightly thin; good softness.
Hanes Cushion Crew (4/5): Good thickness; slightly stiff, but not as bad as Wigwam).
Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic (5/5): Thick, but not too thick; softest out-of-the-plastic, and better as time went by.

Value: All bought on the same date, non-sale prices (just standard Amazon prices)

Wigwam Super 60 Crew ($2.97/pr)
Under Armour Charged Cotton Crew ($2.50/pr)
Fruit of the Loom Heavy Duty Crew ($1.81/pr)
Hanes Cushion Crew ($1.78/pr)
Gold Toe Cotton Crew Athletic ($1.72/pr)” ~ M. Craig Stockwell

Remember, no one can see your men’s underwear (without your permission) so keep it simple. It’s okay to have a few novelty shirts, a muscle shirt, a pair of boxers and a pair of bikini briefs…just don’t go over board. For normal everyday activities the basic under garments can’t be beat.

Follow these tips and you’ll have more time for the important things in life.

Thanks for stopping by. Cool

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.

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    Thanks to your article i know what to look out for next time.
    I like the sensible site of buying all white undershirts. and also the sensible thinking of having same colour briefs, it doesn’t take a genius to realize this but before it’s pointed out,we can at times miss these little tips.
    Great article thanks so much.

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