Make More Money as a Cop

If you’re about to retire from a career in law enforcement there are several jobs that you might want to consider that will enable you to supplement your retirement income. If that’s the case I think it’s important that you research the different types of law enforcement positions and the salaries that go with them.

For example, the average salary for a Law Enforcement or Emergency Dispatcher is $36,000 while the average salary for a Law Enforcement Instructor is $45,000. That may not be that much of a difference but it is certainly something to keep in mind. After all $750 more per month will come in handy.

The following chart compares average salaries for law enforcement positions by job title;

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make more money in law enforcement

Here are some additional details about emergency dispatcher jobs;

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make more money in law enforcement 2

So it’s obvious that if you want to make more money in law enforcement you will have to do whatever is necessary to find the type of law enforcement job that makes the most money.

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