That’s the title of an email I got from asking me to take a look at an online money making program called A to Z Cash System.

I can’t  remember how I got on the TrafficSwarm mailing list but I’m sure it’s because some guru told me it was a good way to get traffic (I’ve since learned  that this is NOT a good idea).

But can you really make $353 in the Next 12 Minutes?  Let’s find out…


So I clicked the link and it took me here;

A to Z Cash System

click to enlarge

Looks like a legitimate news and information site, doesn’t it?

A to Z Cash System

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That single mom story seems pretty compelling. And the ABC News video is obviously intended to add credibility.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that the single mom does not exist (that’s a stock photo image) and the ABC News video has nothing to do with the A to Z Cash System.  I’ve seen this deceptive tactic used before so right away I was skeptical about earning $300 to $500 a day with this program.

I’m not calling A to Z Cash System a SCAM but it appears that they are using deceptive marketing techniques designed to extract cash from your wallet without providing true value. I’m writing this because I’ve fallen for stuff like this (many times) and I want you to be aware of a few things before you sign up for this “work at home” program. You have to decicide for your self if you think this is a SCAM or a legitimate program.

The next thing I did was search for “A to Z Cash System complaints” on Google.  Sure enough there were a ton of complaints as well as scam review sites warning people about the program.

At this point I had no faith that I could be making $300 to $500 a day with this program but I was curious to know more about this news and information site that was willing to tarnish it’s credibility by posting such a deceptive advertisement.

  So I clicked on HOME in the menu bar and it took me here;

A to Z Cash System

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Then I clicked a different category and it took me to the same sign up page. 

In fact, no matter where I clicked on the site it took me to the same sign up page.  As you can see the sign up page does not give you any details about what you’ll be doing to earn $300 to $500 a day with very little work but it does ask you to provide some personal information including a phone number.  Most of the complaints are from people who fell for the deceptions and typed in their information and paid to take part in the program.

Here’s an example of one of the complaints;

a to z complaint

Wouldn’t this make you angry?

So take my advice and think hard before you spend money on this or any similar type of program that promises that you can earn $300 to $500 a day with very little work (or $353 in the next 12 minutes!)

Do you have an A to Z Cash System (or similar) story of your own?  Let me know in the comment section below.

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29 Responses to Make $353 in the Next 12 Minutes? A to Z Cash System Scam Exposed

  1. Sanwal says:

    Hi, i just signed up with them and now im reading all these do not buy reviews. So can i cancel this today and wont be charged or am i basically screwed?? I just bought it like a half an hour ago. Thanks and please help me..

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You should cancel right away and keep an eye on your credit card statement to make sure they don’t charge you again. Contact your credit card company and tell them what happened. You may be able to get your first payment back and they will ensure that you are never charged by them again. Good luck and come back and tell us how it turns out. Your info might be helpful to others who have fallen victim to this scam.

  2. Tia says:

    Thank you all for sharing, I almost was scammed, but I decided to further and investigate, and it revealed all of your comments thanhs so much, and thanks Ronald for starting these comments. I am very interested in a legitimate work from home program. Please email me. Thank you Again

  3. John Davis says:

    Please email me your info sure would like to find one solid company that totally legit to work from home
    Not looking for a get rich quick just extra income the old fashion way HONEST !


  4. Debbie says:

    Thanks so much for the info Roland, I came very close to being scammed for the second time in the past 4 days. The 1st Scam was for $49 with tons of emails from Amy, bugging me to sign up & become a member, to use their tools, support & website to make “easy” money by just pointing & clicking. After they have your money, boy do things change really fast. They don’t send you a link to this website at all, then when you find it to try to get on it, it brings you back to paying for membership all over again. They end up sending you to their affiliate site which is a catalog site, where you list items from there onto EBay! Ha! What a joke really. They do give you tons of videos to watch that are supposed to help you, but I tell you, I tried listing a few items to sell on EBay & it kept coming back that I needed to change a tons of details on each item, with these status errors. I tell you, the average person that knows how to send emails would NOT find this easy to do at all, so I became so frustrated I began emailing the point & click site over & over again, trying to get my money back, with absolutely NO response or answers at all. Funny that now they have NO phone support is what I was told when I called the catalog site & they couldn’t tell me anything more about it, even though they’re an affiliate? Then I start researching why I can’t get my money back & I find that not only I, but lots of other people went through the same nasty, deceptive process…you know what we all found afterwards when we tried to get our money back is that in tiny print on their terms & guarantee money back promise section (which wasn’t there before any of paid) that they are telling us that we MUST list a minimum 20 items on EBay from their “catalog” affiliate company before getting a refund!!! See how they did this? They tricked us & lied & we can all kiss that money goodbye to their SCAM…so please beware that this is NOT a point & click online job by any means whatsoever & will not be “easy” as they said it would be!!! Then I see this A to Z Cash System so I started thinking…it’s cheap enough, only $4.95! I decided to research this 1st & I ever glad that ya’ll help me avoid getting ripped off again! Rebecca I am interested in legit online business if you could please let me know about this somehow! Thanks again ya’ll….

  5. Thank you for the info,I nearly got caught myself! If anyone of the folks who commented are looking for a reputable company to earn some good money–not a get rich quick scheme, there’s actual work involved, offering amazingly delicious, healthy coffee and tea, let me know, I may have the right work from home situation to share! Best of luck peeps!

    • Anthony says:

      I may be interested. E-mail me the info if you can.

    • Leslie Madry says:

      I would love some information to make money from home. Having three small children it’s hard to rely on just my husbands income. And when I began applying for jobs my entire income would he going towards daycare:(

  6. Keni Brooks says:

    Thanks for the posts. It just goes back to the all too familiar saying “if it’s too good to be true than it probably isn’t”.

  7. Adrienne Creel says:

    SCAM!!! We signed up for the $4.95 packet (not a trial agreement). The next day they drafted an additional $77 from our account with no authorization. I have gotten the run around all morning for supposedly 7 different people in New York, who all strangely have the same accent. They are thieves!!!!! Beware!!!!!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I almost signed up because of the low cost but then I decided to do some checking and saw that many people had the same experience that you had. I would contact your bank and dispute this transaction right away…good luck!

  8. Steen Rasmussen says:

    There are tons off thesse kind off pages so called magic button and i think we have to push some off them before we learn to hold our credit card in the pocket and stop waisting time on a dream, but maby you review here can save some money and time for someone who looking for a online business

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’ve pushed a few of those magic buttons myself and I think I’m finally learning how to analyze the offer before pulling out my credt card. Some of the shiny objects still get my attention but I’m doing a better job of looking under the hood. As always, thanks for commenting!

  9. Ayesha says:

    I have seen this ad and I almost fell for it! It is a shame that there are so many scams out there taking people’s hard earned money.

  10. Anna says:

    Roland..i thought i was the only one that got scammed by this A to Z company. I also received an email exactly like yours and i paid that $4.97 that was suppose to make me $353 in an hour and $1000+ by the end of the day. What a complete scam. This isn’t my first time being scammed though. I should of learned my lesson the first time but once again,i was sold a dream.Thank you Roland for making me feel that i’m not alone 🙂

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You’re not alone, millions of people have fallen for this. Sometimes we lead with our heart instead of our head. And for only $4.97, why not give it a try? I almost did! 🙂

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