One of the most exciting things in network marketing is being part of a company just when it’s about to enter into a period of rapid growth. This period of explosive growth is known in the industry as momentum and it’s one of the main reasons so many opportunity seekers jump from one program to the next seeking to ride the next big wave. It’s OK to participate in multiple programs as long as they complement each other and you have the ability to focus on more than one company at a time. It’s not OK to abandon one legitimate company for another just because you’re not as successful as you thought (or were led to believe) you were going to be. It takes time and focused effort to achieve success in network marketing–even when a company is not in the momentum phase. But it sure makes it a little easier and a lot more fun (and lucrative) if the company is in momentum. So, how can you spot a company that is about to enter this phase?

The top three indicators are timing, relative growth, and public awareness.

Timing. With the economy in its current condition, more and more people are seeking ways to supplement and/or replace their current income. Also, there are a lot of people who in the past would never consider participating in network marketing that are now at least open to the possibility.

Growth. A company that has survived the first couple of years and is experiencing phenomenal growth may be approaching momentum. If the leadership team is strong and the company’s reputation is untarnished and you love their product line (all signs of a company built upon a strong foundation), this may be the match you’ve been searching for.

Awareness. This is also known as buzz. If the public is becoming more and more aware of this company because they’re reading about it on the internet or they’re starting to hear about the products, that’s good buzz–and once that happens the company usually explodes. If, however, the leadership team is not strong, or if the products are not value-rich, the company will very likely implode. The MLM landscape is littered with the carcasses of companies that were built upon weak foundations.

You can easily research this information on the internet and you will be able to quickly identify network marketing companies that are about to explode. Joining one of these companies might be just the ticket you’ve been searching for.

P.S. Be careful when searching for a MLM review site. Many exist to lure you into an opportunity in which they’re involved. Try to find an unbiased source of information (i.e, Inc. Forbes, Success).

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