ds dominationOne of the DS Domination members (not Joe Beaven) sent me an email asking me to watch this video to see if I might be interested in making extra money.  Here’s the video;


Info From the DS Domination Site;

ds domination

After I watched the video I saw that it costs just $19 per month for the training and the tools that would allow me to participate. I came so close to joining but I decided to run a “background check” and that led me to a popular scam alert website. Based on the high number of red flags I decided not to join.  I’m so glad I came across that review site! I will refer that site (or this one) to my friend who referred me to DS Domination because, I may be wrong, but I think she’s making a mistake.

Here are just a few of the red flags I came across;

  • It’s possible, based on your interpretation, that participating in this program violates Amazon and Ebay policies and may result in suspension. I have an Amazon affiliate account and I don’t want to risk suspension. I was planning to sell products on Ebay and I don’t want that account to be suspended.
  • There are numerous complaints from people who felt they were misled. There are a number of positive comments as well but there were enough negative comments that I decided not to join.
  • There are affiliate and MLM elements attached to this system that I was not aware of. Participation in these elements is not mandatory but I get the impression that the primary goal of DS Domination is to get people involved in the affiliate and MLM elements.
  • If too many people are using the same system to make money selling stuff on Ebay sooner or later there will be too many people competing with each other.
  • There is no refund policy, no free trial, and no income disclosure.  I want my money back if I’m not satisfied, I’d like to try your product and/or service for free, and I’d like to  know how many people are succeeding with the front end of this system.
  • They do not accept Paypal.  One thing I like about Paypal is that they make it easy to get a refund if you are not happy with a product or service.  Plus, it offers you the option of NOT giving out your credit card info to vendors.
  • Also, why would I buy something on Amazon and try to mark it up and resell it on Ebay? Why not buy it at wholesale or directly from the manufacturer and then sell it?

Conclusion; This program may not be a scam but because of the red flags I’m going to pass on this one. If I’m wrong about anything that I’ve stated in this post feel free to post a rebuttal in the comment section below. Or if you think it IS a scam I’d like to hear from you too. Most of all I’d like to hear from people who are just not sure and who have questions they’d like to have answered by people who know more about this than I do.

As for the person who invited me to take a look, thanks but no thanks and I wish you good luck.

P.S.  Some people think that it’s wrong and even fraudulent to buy a product on Amazon and mark it up and resell it on Ebay.  Here’s a comment from soneone explaining why it’s not wrong or fraudulent;

ds domination comment

I started thinking about this and it occured to me that they charge (and we pay) outrageous prices for popcorn and soda at the movies, hot dogs and beer at the ballpark, and just about everything you can imagine at the airport and highway rest stops.  So if you decide  to join DS Domination I think you can do so with a clear concious.


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If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.

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7 Responses to Is DS Domination a Scam? – Read My Shocking Review

  1. Dee Foster says:

    Hello Roland,
    thanks for posting this review of DS Domination. I was actually a member of DS for a short time. As a entreprenuer, I consider partnering with companies to expand my streams of income, simply because I believe in multiple streams of income.

    While my main source of income is with an mlm that I am building part time at the moment, I also enjoy creating informational sites and niche blogs and monetizing as an affiliate or with advertisement.

    I initially partnered with DS because I saw it as a great way to increase my cash flow to invest in other areas of my business and actually made sales my first weekend. However, at the end of the day, if a business does not line up with my over all passion or core values, just the money aspect is not enough to keep me engaged.

    While I don’t believe DS is a scam, I don’t believe it adds value to the end user, the customer. Rather it TAKE away value by selling products at a higher price than they could have gotten on Amazon much lower.

    I also understand that purchasing products at a higher price is not a bad thing in and off itself, simply because of intangibles that may also be in play that add tremendous value to a customer(relationship, education of the product, problem solving, etc), none of which takes place with a DS Domination product purchase.

    I will also say that there are people have tremendous success with this program, but at what cost …. Why not spend that time, adding value and helping people solve problems rather than seeing how many dollars they can possibly squeeze from a sell of a product.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hi Dee, thanks for stopping by. I agree it’s not a scam but I’m not comfortable with the business model which has a MLM attached which people are not made aware of until they join.

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the blog post about DS Dom. I was introduced to this last year and not knowing much about buying & selling on A or E … I passed on it. Since it launched I’ve seen major MLM peeps promoting it … full steam ahead (don’t know if they use the product though) … just another shiny object to promote. DS Dom is MLM with a product that is training in “drop shipping” (aka selling someone else’s products that you don’t have to keep in stock yourself…they ship it for you.) “Drop Shipping” has been around for a VERY LONG time and there’s nothing illegal or unethical about it. It’s an inexpensinve way to ‘get started’. But, Ebay rules are changing and drop shipping may not be the way to go long term … so do your homework, eh. I opted for a different program for creating my Ebay biz.
    PEACE ya’ll

  3. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Thanks for The warning one off my facebook freind told me about it likewise he want me to see The video, but im not on eBay or amazon so i just rejekt it. Its not good whit all thesse scam Product people losse the faith to The good place on The internet

  4. Virgie says:

    This is an interesting procedure but I guess they go by the fact that many people don’t compare prices. They could get the item cheaper at Amazon themselves. Kind of confusing but an interesting post indeed.

  5. Roland Bonay says:

    Not sure why but the person who asked me to take a look just told me that she is extremely disappointed that I posted this blog post. Good thing is that we are still friends.

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