Read this carefully if you’re invited to join the Blessing Gold Club.

cash gifting money stackI recently joined a cash gifting group (the Blessing Gold Club) on Facebook with a bunch of my friends and before sending any money I decided to some research.  Research is just something that I do because I’ve been burnt a few times and I know so many people who have been burnt a bunch of times too.   They call it due diligence and it’s something that a lot of people don’t do.  The people that create get rich quick scams know this so they are able to continue doing what they do which is basically taking advantage of people in dire financial situations who fall for the dreams they are selling.  I’ve learned to stop falling for the dreams and you can too.

Here is some basic info on the legality of cash gifting;


is cash gifting legal?

Here’s the welcome message I received when I joined the group;

“Welcome to our BGC Facebook Group! To learn more about Blessing Gold Club you can check out our site at: We’re a group of people helping others in their time of need. To become a member of Blessing Gold Club we require a small onetime membership fee. You can become a member by going to “Join BGC” on our site. If you have any questions about BGC please feel free to send us an email by clicking on “Contact Us” at the top right of our site.”

 Is this another illegal cash gifting club?  I checked out their website and they claim that what they are doing is totally legal.  I’m not an attorney but from what I’ve learned from my research is that if membership fees are required you may be on a slippery slope.  Why is there a membership fee and who does it go to?  The group has over 35,000 members and at $10 a pop that’s a lot of money.

 “Our Facebook Group rules are simple; please do not spam our group or its members and please keep your post positive. We’re very happy to have you here with us and look forward to getting to know you!”

 One thing I’ve found to be pretty consistent when it comes to these cash gifting groups is that they encourage their members to ignore negative stuff and focus on the positive.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but you can’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to your hard earned money (and potential legal issues).

“Just a quick question, I joined 8-18-13 My GBC membership # is 2884 and I haven’t received my first blessing any idea when any help is greatly appreciated?”

One thing that makes cash gifting legal is that you can’t expect to get anything in return.  This person is clearly expecting something in return and that makes it illegal.

“Me either I join last August 27 (2995) wait so far”

 This person is also expecting something in return.

 “Im # 2070 havent even recieved round”

 So these people are on a list and they are all waiting to receive a cash gift in return for the cash gift they gave to someone else higher up on the list.

 “Go to the website and register your membership then when approved check the spreadsheet in the Members only area to see where they are on the list and you will know why you haven’t received a Distribution yet……..Basically NO Memberships coming IN = NO Distributions going OUT. We have many people joining this FB page but not JOINING as PAID Members in either Program.

 This person may not realize that they may have exposed the true nature of the program; that it is indeed a cash gifting program that relies on new members to pay the people who joined early (the people at the top).  This alone may make it illegal.

“Do folks really realize the blessing that BGC is to us? We would have been soaring high by now if folks were joining & inviting their families & friends to do the same.  It takes 2 members to bless 1 member in the Silver Club & 3 to bless 1 in the Gold Club.  Come on members, we have work to do.”

 The reason, and this is just my opinion, that the club (and other cash gifting clubs) is not soaring is that the majority of people are not comfortable pushing this kind of stuff on their families and friends.

“i sent mine in on july 5th and admin got it the 8th of July and im still waiting also”

Today is February 16, 2014…this person has been waiting for 7 months!  Obviously expectation played a role in his or her decision to take part in this program.  If I was this person’s attorney I’d advise him or her to quit right away.  But I’m not so I can’t.

“we are adding about 5-10 a day in here, but only one or two paying memberships a week. Talk to the people that you all are adding, make sure they know they have to be a paying member for this to grow. Encourage them as they get their blessings to at least sned on eback for whichever one they got silver or gold. That is what I have done and plan on doing. And as it gets higher, then I’ll be sending more than one in.”

Many of the people in this group of 35,000 did not join voluntarily…they were added to the group by others.  This really pisses a lot of people off.  It is not right to “visit other people’s intentions.”

“Did you notice it happend many times. A question is asked but a different is given/ this refers to Just a quick question. Someone please answer what was asked. It time help these people.”

I sense disgruntlement.

 “What happened to the funds that was supposed to come into the club from the side opp? And can someone do a video on how to navigate the BGC website?”

 I sense disgruntlement and unfulfilled expectations and a reference to what I think is another questionable program; Better Living Global Marketing – see BLGM review

“The withdrawal has been requested from the side business. Waiting on the funds to be deposited in the bank…I heard it is taking like 4 to 5 weeks for that to happen”

 This is starting to look more and more like illegal cash gifting.

Good Morning all, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the site but I do remember towards the end of the year I would hear all about how the side group was going to do something big at the beginning of the year to give BGC the push that it needed to really get it moving. What happened with that?”

 I’m pretty sure that side group is Better Living Global Marketing.

 “It was already posted that they have requested funds from the side op (but it takes quite a while to get them…..not instantaneous) and will let us know when they have the funds available to do something with them.”

It has been taking months for people to get money back from this side op which I’m pretty sure is BLGM.

“This club will be the source of so much joy when the money from the side business is injected , it should move like a Rocket sending much needed blessings to all its members , i love seeing the smiling faces of the members when they receive there blessing”

By the time the money from the side business is injected most of you will quit.

“yes but we shouldn’t be counting on that and should be sending in our own blessings. if you save al ittle each payday then in a couple months a person woujld have enough to send in”

And if you saved a little in your 401K each payday you might save enough to retire one day.

“Increasin the membaship base would also help. I notice new ppl keep enterin dis group daily, which is a good sign in itself. I juz hope dey send in blessings of their own instead of bein fence-sitters.”

Only 20% of the members will send money so increasing the membership base will not change anything.

“No one has received anything from their silver membership since 1/19/04? Am I reading that right? I remember the days we have 30-60 new memberships coming in a day. We got to get a move on it folks!!!”

That’s because people at the top benefit.  People who join later do not.

 “It seems that people do not understand that unless there are Memberships coming IN there can be no Distributions going OUT. We have people joining this FB page every day but are not coming in as Paid Members at the website.”

Again, only 20% of the members will send money and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

I suspect that as time goes by fewer people will be sending money and this program will fizzle out and will be replaced by a similar program.  My research is done and I’ve decided not to join this program like so many of my friends have done.  I’m removing myself from this group which I joined voluntarily and all of the other Facebook groups that I’ve been added to without my permission.  If you still believe this a legal and viable solution to I wish you good luck…you’re going to need it.

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4 Responses to Is Cash Gifting Illegal or Just a Harmless Vice Like Gambling?

  1. says:

    Part of the perspective of couponing is trying to find ways to
    aid somebody else within their period of need.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I agree it is important to find ways to aid people in times of need but it has to be legal, fair, and not motivated on personal gain. Most (if not all) cash gifting programs are designed to build a pyramid of “gifters” where only the “grifters” at the top are rewarded.

  2. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Injoi reading off cause its scam. And it look like scam where are the product its only about money i have some facebook freinds as well who have invitet for the same and when i have ask what they are doing all say building network. Unbeliveble people try make money from it no chance a new member get payment

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