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Are you having trouble writing articles for your website or blog?  You might want to think about clustering.


The following 10 steps will make it easier for you to write articles and or essays for your website or blog by employing a proven technique called “clustering”. 

Steps 1, 2, and 3 will be used to create the first paragraph.  Steps 4 through 7 will form the middle paragraphs, and steps 8, 9, and 10 will be used to write the final paragraph.

The Opening Paragraph;  You can’t expect someone to read the middle and end of your article if they can’t get past the first paragraph (or 1st sentence for that matter). The first paragraph of your article sets the tone. If the beginning of the article is confusing and boring, chances are the entire article is confusing and boring. These 3 steps will show you how to write an opening paragraph that is clear and interesting.

Step 1.  Ask a burning question.  You can find burning questions by going to Ask.com or Yahoo questions or you can just Google “How to xyz” and you’ll find an endless supply of topics that can be converted into a burning question.  For example I searched Google for “how to write articles for your website” and came up with the following burning question;

“Are you struggling to write articles for your website or blog?”  or “How would you like to learn a simple 10 step process that will make it easy to…”

Step 2.  Build rapport.  Let the reader know that you really care about helping them solve their problem.  This will help establish trust between you and the reader;

For example;  “You’re not alone, everyone has this problem from time to time.”

Step 3.  Offer a solution.  Let the reader know that you are going to show them how to solve their problem.  This will further solidify the trust you are trying to build;

For example;  “Read on to discover how you can solve this problem quickly, easily, and forever.”

The Middle Paragraphs;  The middle paragraphs provide the details that support the opening paragraph.  Steps 4 through 7 all support the topic expressed in the first paragraph.  These four steps will show you how to write middle paragraphs that are helpful to the reader and concise.

Step 4.  Show them the first thing they need to do;

For example;  “The first thing you want to do is cluster (a form of free-writing).  Clustering is a technique developed by Gabriele Rico.  It allows you to quickly and easily tap into the right side of your brain which is the creative side of your brain.”

Step 5.  Then show them the second thing they need to do;

For example;  “The second thing you want to do is create a draft using your cluster as a reference.”

Step 6.  Then show them the third thing they need to do;

For example;  “The next thing you want to do is re-write the draft focusing on clarity — is your article readable?  Does it make sense?”

Step 7.  Then show them the last next thing they need to do;

For example;  “The last thing you want to do is the final edit.  Now’s the time to focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.”

The Final Paragraph;  The final paragraph allows you to summarize what you’ve said and call upon the reader to take action.  That can be asking the reader to ask a question, leave a comment, or, as in this example, to click a link and purchase a product.

Step 8Summarize what you’ve written;

For example;  “Once you’ve done all that you should be ready to publish your article.”

Step 9.  Write a conclusion;

For example;  “Remember, writing is something that should be enjoyable — it should not be a chore.”

Step 10.  Write a call to action;

For example;  “Click here to order Writing the Natural Way on Amazon.com;  Writing the Natural Way

Follow these steps and you will be able to quickly and easily write articles for your website or blog.

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If you have a question or comment about this subject I’d love to hear from you and thanks for stopping by.

RC Bonay

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6 Responses to How to Write Articles for Your Website

  1. Mercedes says:

    I have never heard of this technique but I can see why it would work! Thank you for this information!

  2. John says:

    I do have trouble coming up with article ideas and content so I would be interested to know more about this clustering method.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for the visit John. Just read the chapter on clustering and you’ll never run out of ideas. P.S. Looking for to viviting your site very soon; you may have some reources I can use.

  3. Clustering is new information for me. Such a great idea and I will give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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