This video will show you how to write a good topic sentence for a blog post, an essay, an article, etc.

Many people struggle when it comes to writing.  Part of the problem is figuring out how to start.  The best way way to start is to start with a good (or better yet) great topic sentence.

This video is the one in a series of videos designed to show you how to write content for your website, an engaging blog post, an essay for a school assignment, or an article for your local newspaper.

Several examples of good (and great) topic sentences are included in this video.  This will allow you to see what a good (and great) topic sentence looks like.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  I know it’s not great and I realize that it lacks audio.  But maybe that’s a good thing…you can watch it and not disturb the people around you who are watching all the disturbing news on TV while you’re doing the right thing and trying to figure out how to build your online business.

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Download this FREE pdf that will show you how to write articles and content for your blog or website.  It will also show your high school and college age teens how to write great essays;

2014 writing tips

2014 writing tips

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4 Responses to How to Write a Topic Sentence

  1. Polly says:

    WoW! That was fascinating. I really enjoyed the video. ( sound or no sound )Helps me to rethink some of the articles I’ve written. I think I will apply your technique and see what happens. Thanks for the info. Very informative.

  2. Incredibly awesome! I have found that, rather than put in meta tags (meta description) the search engines would be very likely to target such sentences at the tops of articles.

    Now, if you were to use a bit of craft here, you could get your sentence to be within 160 characters (including spaces between words) and this sentence would show up in the SERPs pages! This is what I try to do and your article above collaborates with it!

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