How to use Keyword Matching  to find your “true” Site Rank

newspaperHave you ever wondered why your blog post shows up on the first page of Google on one computer and it doesn’t show up at all on a different computer?  Have you ever told someone your site was on page one only to be told that they checked it, didn’t find it, and have no idea what you’re talking about?

Want to know a sure fire way to tell exactly where your blog post is ranked so you can come across as someone who knows what they are talking about and someone people can trust?

If you answered yes then read on and discover the truth about keyword matching and Google ranking that your internet marketing guru doesn’t want you to know.


A couple of weeks ago I made a stunning discovery; my blog post was on the first page of Google (3rd position).  I ran down the hall to tell my friend who is always available to act as a sounding board.

“Dude”, I told him, ” type how to retire wealthy into Google.”

I could tell he knew what I was up to because this wasn’t the first time I asked him to look something up for me.

“Is there something I should be seeing here?” he asked.

I took a look at his screen and my post was nowhere to be seen (at least not on page one).

“Can you go to the next page?” I asked.

He went to the next page and there was nothing there.

“Can you go to the next one?” I repeated.

He did and again my post did not show up.

I thanked him for indulging me and I retreated to my desk a bit more confused than defeated.

I sat looking at my computer screen and then I noticed something in the upper right corner; my icon.

I wondered, “does the fact that I’m logged into Google have anything to do with the Google search engine results?”

So I logged out and tried my keyword search again and lo and behold; my blog post was nowhere to be found.

I was glad that I had it figured out but I was wondering, if it’s not on page one then where the heck is it?  I mean I’d been following this Wealthy Affiliate internet marketing training for over a month, and at least some of my content was created around the great keyword phrases I found using the Jaaxy keyword tool.  Surely by now my blog posts should be ranking somewhere.

I began to wonder if my lack of results had anything to do with keyword matching.

I kind of sort of knew a few things about the three types of keyword matching — broad, phrase, and exact — but I went online and did some research  to be sure and boy did I get a lot of confusing and conflicting information.  I finally settled on what I thought made the most sense.

Broad match; this is the most common type of keyword search.  Google will find all pages with the phrase you typed and all pages with variations of the phrase.  I typed in how to retire wealthy and got 3.6 million results which includes all types of variations such as these;

  • retirement wealth
  • retirement
  • wealth

Phrase match; this type of search is a lot more refined. Google will find pages that contain the phrase exactly as entered including pages that contain text before or after the phrase such as;

  • how to retire wealthy in Europe
  • how to retire wealthy and young
  • how to retire wealthy and healthy

I typed in “how to retire wealthy” (with the quotations) and Google returned 94,000 results.

Exact match;  this type of search only applies when you’re using the Google Adwords keyword tool.

If you type the keyword with brackets i.e, [how to retire wealthy], into the Google search bar you’re going to see the same results as the broad match search results.  The only time brackets mean anything is when they are used with the Adwords tool.  So for everyday keyword research there is no such thing as exact match.

Now that I’m clear on what keyword matching is I can conduct my experiment using my Jaaxy keyword tool to determine where my site is ranked in Google.

First I entered my broad match keyword into the tool along with the site URL.  Here are the results;

how to retire wealthy

results by #Jaaxy

Then I entered the phrase match keyword into the tool.  Here are the results;

"how to retire wealthy"

results by Jaaxy


Now I know where my site is ranked.  It’s not on page one but I can rest assured that over time — as long as I keep promoting it, sharing it, and even improving it with the occasional tweak — it will continue to rise in the rankings.

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Thanks for stopping by and if you have a comment or question please drop it in the box below and I’ll get back to you right away (or as they say across the pond, straight away — not sure what they say down under or anywhere else but I will find out ’cause I’m going global baby!).

P.S. I know that last paragraph was silly but sometimes we have to be silly…why else would someone name a billion dollar company Google?


RC Bonay

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