I’ve been a part of the Amazon Affiliate program for a few years and I haven’t earned very much on any of the products I promote.

You want to know why? Because I wasn’t really promoting them effectively.

I learned that in order to have any success selling Amazon products online you have to focus on three things and take consistent action. First you need a website, second you need a product to review, and lastly you need the training to get traffic.

Building a Website.

Building a website is relatively easy nowadays. You can use Wealthy Affiliate training to build a website in less than a minute. It is SEO optimized, it loads incredibly fast (even on my smart phone) and it’s easy to read (especially on my smart phone). You can see how easy it is to create a website by watching the following video;

Create a Website in 30 Seconds

create a website in 30 seconds

Hopefully you watched the video and created a website of your own. The next step is to sign up as an Amazon Affiliate and find a product to review.

Reviewing the Product.

Sign up for your Amazon Affiliate account and find a product that you have used and that you feel comfortable recommending to others. Then write the review.  Don’t forget to include your affiliate link to the product!


Wealthy Affiliate has an easy to follow template for creating product reviews which I use on the various product reviews I’ve written.  You can look at them here;

Wealthy Affiliate Review 
Empower Network Review 
Ultimate SuperTip Review 

Generating Traffic.

This may sound obvious but you’re not going to get too much traffic until you take the time to learn how to get traffic. Many people, me included, sometimes rush to get our site setup and our content written but we never take into consideration all the little things that will get our pages ranked and eventually noticed.

For example if you overuse keywords Google will take notice and your page will not be ranked as highly as it would otherwise.  Also, you will be penalized if you abuse the links on your page.  You can learn more about keywords by watching the following video;

Video–Understanding the Importance of Keywords


So despite what you may have heard about building it and they will come the truth of the matter is learn to build it right and they will come. Imagine all of those Amazon products out there that are just waiting to be sold. All you have to do is get a website, write a review, and direct traffic to your site. The customers will do the rest.

I want to thank you for stopping by. If you have a question drop me a comment below or you can visit me at Wealthy (here is a link to my profile).

RC Bonay

Your friend,



2 Responses to How to Sell Amazon Products Online

  1. Roland Bonay says:

    Thanks for stopping by Rolland! I like your name too and I think you have chosen a very good niche. I wish you great success!

  2. nice write up Roland. I am new to affiliate marketing and just signed up for Amazon.My niche is smoked meat so I though I could promote some smokers and or BBQ . Rolland
    PS : I like the your name too

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