empower network checkI’m not sure why anyone would want to market the Empower Network system under the conditions described below but this article will describe what I think is the best way to market the EN.

If you joined the Empower Network expecting to make money for your retirement (or for any other reason) you’re in for a big surprise.

The vast majority of you will actually lose money and  the vast majority of you will eventually quit.  The main reasons for this are (1) Empower Network complaints, (2) the high cost of Empower Network products, and (3) the lack of a free (or affordable) marketing training program.

I talk about these problems in greater detail on my EN Review page which you can read by clicking this link;  

My EN Review

Three Reasons Why You Will Fail;

1.  Empower Network complaints are through the roof.

You can’t really do anything about the complaints.   People complain when they find something to complain about.  Also, the EN has been censored (off and on) by Google, Facebook (see image below), and Youtube.   If you’re a smart company you’ll listen to the complaints and change the way you do business.  That’s what Sprint did years ago.  Had they not they’d be out of  business.  But I don’t see the EN changing much (maybe they will — I’m not in the Inner Circle so I don’t know for sure).

If you really believe in the EN you’ll have to stop worrying about all the complaints and focus on what you see as the benefits of joining the EN.  Otherwise you’re going to start having doubts and you’ll quit.  Your purpose should be to show the value of the company in terms of how it will benefit your prospects and that can be done through good marketing.  And if you’re able to recruit new members be aware that the vast majority of them will find something to complain about (lack of money, lack of training, lack of support, etc.) and they will quit.

empower network blocked


“I have to delete all my old Empower Network links on Pinterest because they have all been banned! “

Imagine what this can do for your reputation?  Glad I got out when I did and I can only hope that the damage to my rep is minimal and I’m so glad I didn’t suck anyone into this scheme.  This is a screen shot of what I saw when I clicked one of my old Empower network Pinterest links;

empower network blocked on pinterest

2.  The cost of the Empower Network products are insane. 

Can’t do much about the cost of the products.  The company owners set the prices and you’ve got to pay to play.  Full participation in the EN can be costly.  If you are already a member you know what I’m talking about.

Since I’m not a member (I quit over a year ago)  I have no reason to go over all the price points here but I will say that most people can’t afford to spend all that money on all of the different packages and even if they can afford it they don’t see the value in doing so.  That means you’re going to have to present the opportunity to a lot of people and you’re going to get a lot of NOs before you get a YES and the most effective and efficient way to do that is through good marketing.

Unfortunately there’s no way to tell if the training you’ll get at EN is any good because it’s so expensive.  What if you buy it and it’s no good?  The people who have purchased it (and keep in mind the vast majority of them have quit) aren’t going to tell you it’s bad because if they did they’d make themselves look foolish for having made such a dumb decision.  Or they won’t tell you anything other than it’s great and you need it because they want you to spend the money so they can make a profit.  That’s the main reason I quit; I didn’t see the value in spending all that money on sight unseen training.


3.  The lack of free (or affordable) marketing training is ridiculous.

I think it’s pretty ridiculous that  you have to pay so much  money for training.  How can you learn to market something if you can’t afford the training.  That’s why a lot of people quit.  They can’t see the value of “getting all in”.  And even if they can see it and they do get all in they soon realize that it’s not easy getting people to see what you saw when EN was introduced to you.

I know I was excited when I was introduced to it and I stayed about a year and wrote over 200 blog posts but little did I know that it was a big waste of time because I had no marketing training.  No one taught me that my EN blog had much of the same content as everyone else’s blog and that Google sees this as duplicate content and as such my rankings would suffer greatly no matter how good my content was.   I won’t get into all the other bad marketing concepts I picked up during my tenure with the EN because the purpose of this article is to tell you what you can do to overcome bad marketing concepts and the lack of training.

What Can You Do About It?

It’s too bad you have  to pay for an EN blogging system that is treated by Google, Youtube, and Facebook like everyone else’s EN blogging system (do I need to mention that this is not a good thing?).  It’s also not a good thing that you have to pay for a merchant account just to get paid (in the unlikely event that that will ever happen).  But if you’re intent on promoting the EN you’re stuck paying for these.

empower network checkThe first thing you need is your own website.  This will allow you to create a unique brand.  Most (if not all) of the top earners started with (and still have) their own branded websites and most of them had hundreds of followers.   Many of them got together in Costa Rica when EN was just an idea.  They were given the opportunity to join EN and if they were able to persuade their followers to join under them they’d all make a huge killing.  Of course this is what happened and now when they parade their huge checks everyone below them gets fueled by the hope that they can do the same and the ones at the top make more and the one’s in the middle make a few crumbs and the ones at the bottom don’t make diddly.  So if you want to promote EN like the top earners do you’ll need your own website and a huge list.

The second thing you’ll need is training.  I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training program.  You can read a detailed review by clicking; My Wealthy Affiliate Review.  There’s a free version that I think will get you off to a good start and it can be used to promote anything (including the EN if you’re still dead set on doing that).  And if for some reason you do decide to quit you’ll still have your own website and all of your content and best of all a great internet marketing education that you can use to build a profitable online business that you, Google, Youtube, Facebook, and everyone else (even your friends and family) will be proud of.

If you would like to share your personal EN experience (positive or negative) I’d love to hear from you. Just leave your comments below. Thanks!Cool



RC Bonay

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7 Responses to How to Market the Empower Network System

  1. christeraxe says:

    I disagree. Empower is a wonderful opportunity to learn marketing and help your downline do the same. I earn more when they are successful. It is far better to take a proven program all set up with the FTC than to begin to build your own company from scratch and be compliant. The training is great and it is fun to belong to an academy of fellow entrepreneurs. If you do not advertise your business you will not make any money. So it is up to you to market what you learn and do it correctly because all are starting at the bottom, like any small start up. The products far out weigh selling jungle juice, vitamins, snacky snacks, weight loss products, weight gain powders, etc. This is a Five thousand dollar purchase for anyone to make $5,ooo. over and over again with like minded individuals who join them as leaders (or the proven training, lol). If you do not have the investment to place within yourself, or would rather invest $5K into the stock market and see what happens there… well good luck. This business is not for the lucky few. It is for people who know how to network, promote and create compelling blog articles or video that proves they know what they are doing and speaking about.

    Think and Grow Rich. Live and Learn. Market and Prosper. The real schemes came from Wall Street and the need to put the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1937 into place for all the phony investments that were being pawned off to the public. Here you have a proven format and platform to work from to master a web business of your own and showcase your thoughts and interests through the blogging system. I promote local marketing and appreciate resellers of my product who take the online course of training so as to learn the steps of Internet Marketing for themselves or for the people they may meet in Business down the road.
    Working double hours overtime does not make it anymore. Work smarter not harder. Master new tech ideas. Simply buy a proven business model for a set price and market to others like you would do in any downtown or online startup. Making a million dollars overnight does not happen… unless you have a huge list of interested buyers. However, Dave Wood started with his own list of 8000 subscribers and Dave Sharpe had 5 or 6000. They marketed like anyone else and now run a business off ths new proven model of giving all away up front while making a profit on the back end of 10%. (oh, and $19. a month affiliate fee keeps your sales safely deposited and your downline members into and excel sheet for secure accounting). You can’t beat that for the cost.
    It is the most amazing platform out there to produce a profitable business using info products as you would in selling a book as an author. Sell to the masses, eat with the classes. In Empower Network’s case, sell to a few hundred or a thousand max. and you are set for retirement as the US Government has stated you need $1.5 Million in the bank at age 66 to retire sufficently, safely or securely, considering you need $6K a month coming in for senior living care on average.

    Have fun dissing the system. Wealthy Affiliate; I am a member, and it is simply a forum of strugglers wanting to create an income in sales of their own product or as an affiliate with no real clue on the legalities and authority you need to be dominating a product field that already is most likely full of seasoned marketers. They should learn from Empower first and then take that training to WA and share it with the group. It doesn’t compare. Amway is the second most talked about opportunity that shows you how to market unnecessary monthly product for you to keep 15%. Try marketing with that kind of budget. Fifteen millionaires have been created with EN and more to come being they were first to get in and longest in building their business of teaching others. I offer you, the reader, a free mastermind and coaching session should you wish to come and visit here in Carmel by the Sea, California. Its fun and the least I can do to share in current web knowledge and my good fortune to have met Dave and Dave of the highly successful, yet with jealous onlookers, EMPOWER NETWORK.
    Build an email list of those you can help and treat it good. Share in yourself and your growth, and you will help those who no longer wish to commute to a job they hate. In fact, they will strive to better themselves so as to be able to show/teach local business within their own community what is needed and expected of them to market their business correctly and professionally. In the future concerning everyday services, shops and the eCommerce.

    Use Empower in any niche or local business and build a trade as a consultant or web adviser. Those who sell the program have done well with its popularity. It does not mean you must push to promote as a marketer, but rather be a legitimate user, member and student.

    EWS Marketing

  2. Antonios says:

    Your comparison between WA and EN is interesting.

    I have read a lot about EN, have never joined them.

    I am a free member of WA.

    And I am building my own blog on my own hosting (HostGator) and domain name.

    What most successful online marketers do, that could be legal, but not moral or ethical, is to promote that they have joined a program and that in one month they made one million dollars ($1,000,000.00). Starting from scratch!

    This is deceitful, because what they don’t tell you is that that scratch had thousands of members in their mailing list.

    You see, professional marketers collect e-mails. This means that when you read and see a sales pitch from them about their many years of struggles, investments, trainings, long hours at their computer until their fingers dropped, etc., they were building their huge lists, even into the hundred thousands.

    They, probably, were not making money, or at least, great amounts of it, but they were building their lists.

    Then they OVERNIGHT found the secret to success, the one click magic button, the ultimate mlm, network, online rags to riches system.

    Then they joined this program, used this system, got affiliated to this opportunity, and in one month made $193,675,32!!!

    And they had no special talents, were high school dropouts, lived in van, sold pizzas, slept in a public park, etc.

    That is the experience Roland is mentioning with EN. The millionaires there brought hundreds and even thousands of their downline from other programs and that took them years to build the list, and now they are making thousands of dollars per month.

    Can you do the same with EN, or any other MLM, or Network. If you are really starting from scratch or even if you have a small mailing list, you will probably not make any money in your first few months with EN or any other business opportunity.

    And that is what WA teaches you. You have to work hard, have patience, persistence, stop jumping from one program to the other, and forget those one click magic buttons. Tire kickers never make a dime online and not offline.

    In the sales letters of all those gurus you will find the real secret to your success. How do most of all those millionaires start their sales pitch: by telling you the many years they spent working their business, the long hours, many times after their regular job hours, not having time with their families, costly trainings, trail and error experiences, desperation, being scammed, ripped off, frauds, their websites being hacked, etc, etc.

    If you want to get where their are, you will have to go through similar experiences. NO break.

    If you have money to spare you can outsource some of the manual tasks, and/or buy all kinds of softwares to facilitate your success. To automate your system.

    And/or your family members can help. Many of the successful gurus have their spouses, children, other family members and friends involved in their online business.

    If you are surrounded by negative people, this will be more difficult.

    If you consider that blogging is a marketing method you want to explore, WA is the best, and at the lowest price. Free for beginners. For the serious, the professional, or the go getter, there is a monthly small fee or a per year smaller fee, to get all the benefits.

    If you want everything free, theoretically you can have it, but at a much higher cost on your time and the time it will take to get where you want to get in the money making online scenario.

    In reality, nothing is free. If you don’t spend money, you will be spending hundreds if not thousands of hours building your business.

    How much is your time worth? 10 cents? 10 dollars?

    100 dollars? 1,000 dollars the hour?

    Just my opinion.

    Your friend,

    Luis Antonios

  3. Ian says:

    Awesome article, Roland! I’ve reviewed the ins and outs of Empower Network as well and was really disgusted by a lot of what they have going on there. Of course there are a handful of people making a massive amount of money there, but it’s at the expense of throwing other people under the bus and potentially driving them to financial ruin. For me, it’s pretty much the definition of “selling out” – prioritizing making money above the well-being of others around you. It’s a plague taking over the internet marketing industry and, since they’re based outside of the U.S., I don’t think the FTC will be doing much about it.

    Anyways, great review and best of luck to you!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Ian. You’re right, When a person places making money over the well-being of others they have sold out and they’ve crossed a line where unethical behavior becomes easier to accept. That’s a slippery slope from which it is very difficult to recover.

  4. Excellent exposé of Empower Network. It’s so sad that many get hooked into this waste of money. The only ones getting rich are those at the top of the pyramid. Those on the bottom just get scraps.

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