Make More Money as a Manager

make more money as a manager

If you’re about to retire chances are you’ve given some thought to the possibility of becoming a manager to supplement your retirement income. If that’s the case I think it’s important that you research the different types of manager positions and the salaries that go with them.

For example, the average salary for a Loss Prevention Manager is $20,000 while the average salary for a Mate Assistant Store Manager is $58,000. That’s a big difference. I had no idea you could make so much money as a Mate Assistant Store Manager. I don’t even know what a Mate Assistant Store Manager is.

I did some research and a Mate is what they call their associates at Trader Joes.  Mates can earn up to $75,000.  They call the store manager the Captain.  Captains can make a lot more.

“We have as few layers of management as possible, and welcome dynamic retail managers (from the Assistant Manager to District Manager level) to join our Crew as Mates. A “Mate” is a member of the store management team. Each store has one Captain (that’s what we call our Store Managers around here) and multiple Mates. Have your sights set on Captain? Great! We promote exclusively from within.” ~ Trader Joe

The following chart compares average salaries for managers by job title;

(source =

make more money as a manager

Here’s an overview of the requirements to become a Mate at Trader Joes;

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trader joes

So it’s obvious that if you want to make more money as a manager you will have to do whatever is necessary to become the type of manager that makes the most money. Or you can start your own home based business and manage that.

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