Happy Valentines Day From CSR Racing

With reluctance I just purchased the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3.

csr valentines day ferrari

I did so I could compete in the online Valentines tournament.

The cool thing about this tournament is that it pays out a whopping RP X 5!

The thing that kinda sucks is that it will cost me a bundle to fully upgrade the car.

The thing that really sucks is that once the event is over it will sit in my garage forever and since it’s not a real car I can’t drive it around town and impress nobody!   Not that I actually would…

Oh, well…if everything works out I should be able to finish the current season in the top 3% and win the stunning Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

csr racing new season lamborghini sesto elemento

The key to winning with the 458 is to execute the Perfect Shift Pattern:

  • Perfect Start (needle on the 5)
  • Perfect Shift to 2nd
  • Perfect Shift to 3rd
  • Perfect Shift to 4th
  • Perfect Shift to 5th
  • Deploy Nitrous
  • Perfect Shift to 6th
  • Perfect Shift to 7th

It always helps to hire the Pro Tuner and the Blogger for the first three or four streaks. After that you’ll probably need to hire the full race team.

CSR Racing Race Team

csr racing RPs needed to finish at topI was confidently on my way to a top 1% finish when I encountered a challenger who had over 32 million RPs. Of course it was impossible to beat him which was very frustrating because I just spent real cash on the car and the full race team.

So I vented my frustration on the CSR Racing facebook page and this was their response:

CSR Racing cheats exposed

I don’t think I’ll complain…I’ll just keep racing and finish in the top 3% now that I know how many points I need.

I also know how many streaks I need to win a boatload of gold;

CSR racing how to win streaks and win gold

I ended up winning the 18 gold and I also won the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento;

csr racing lamborghini sesto elemento

The new season has started and I’m not sure if I’m going to go all out and battle for the top prize which is the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione.

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5 Responses to Happy Valentines Day From CSR Racing

  1. Otis Hutcheson says:

    Foolproof way to win in MP: Get an RUF CTR3 and almost max it (It also comes in handy with World Tour). Then, when you race, get a perfect start and immediately shift into fourth, then use nitro at 7.5K in fourth, then do a perfect shift into fifth, and hold it there. You can get 220mph+ and sub-2.1 sec 0-60.

  2. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    Glad to see you again, Mr. Bonay! Congratulations for reaching top 2%! I barely won the pro version of Sesto by scoring 651k RP. It was a rather close call. The 458 GT3 event was really fun, albeit a bit frustrating.

    Keep it up!

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