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This page used to be called “About Me” but I decided to change it to “About Us” because it is really more about us – my wife, our friends, and family without whom we would not have the inspiration or desire to post to this site.

Before we tell you too much about this site we want you to know one thing–we are not going to and will never promote MLM, Network Marketing, and or Direct Sales opportunities on this site.  

Why?  We’ve always had mixed feelings about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) aka Network Marketing and sometimes referred to as Direct Marketing. 

I even wrote a comic strip about the evils of MLM which you can view here;  Why MLM is Evil

Or just look at a tiny excerpt here:

Bob mistakenly believes he’s going to Suzy’s apartment for dinner and a movie.

I first heard about MLM when I was in the Navy (around the time when ships were made of  wood, men were made of steel, and women were stronger than both).Laughing

This was right around the time that I decided to marry my high school sweet heart Margaree.

After graduating from Navy boot camp and occupational training, I proposed marriage on bent knee to the love of my life.

We went to the Justice of the Peace and got married on a Friday and I went back to my ship on Sunday and learned that she (my ship) was about to deploy on a 6 month Mediterranean cruise.

Fortunately Margaree and our two young kids at the time were able to stay at her Mother’s house while I was away.

One of my ship mates who was getting out was telling us  about a MLM company he was joining named Amway.

None of us knew anything about MLM or Amway but we all agreed that our buddy got sucked into a crazy cult.

A few years later when I was getting out of the Navy someone told me about a company called Nu Skin.

My wife and I went to an opportunity meeting and we were so impressed that we joined.

We tried to build the business but after a few weeks we quit.

While I was collecting unemployment I joined a MLM selling water filters.

I wasted a few hundred dollars on supplies and conventions and I did manage to get three people to sign up but they all quit and as soon as I got a real job driving a fork lift I quit too.

Then I got a really good engineering job and Margee got a really good nursing job and we decided that we were through with MLM.

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That is until I decided to open a Facebook account and associate myself with some former “like minded entrepreneurs.”

Someone who I liked and trusted invited me to join a Facebook group–so I did.

The group claimed that they were going to build everyone’s downline. They claimed that it would be fair–anyone at the top of the first opportunity would be at the bottom of the next opportunity. This was to go on and on as new opportunities were found. There was a bunch of in fighting and confusion and eventually the group fell apart. Some people lost thousands. I lost just a few hundred (don’t tell my wife).

Then I joined Empower Network (again based on a friend’s invite) and eventually quit because I didn’t want to “Get All In” for several thousand dollars.

These are just a few examples of situations that drive people away from Networking Marketing.

We hope you will look at these examples not as an indictment of the entire Network Marketing industry. We just you want you to be aware of the challenges involved in the Network Marketing industry. And we want you to be able to learn from your mistakes (and the mistakes of others–including the mistakes we made mine). If Network Marketing is not for you then you may want to consider creating your own online business centered on something that you know a lot about and/or something that you LOVE.

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I will be updating this page on a regular basis to share with you Our My Wealthy Affiliate success story so please come back often.

Thanks for stopping by. Cool

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.

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