When I read that CSR2 was going to be more about fancy car ownership than actual game play I wondered why anyone would care about “owning” a virtual super car on their smart phone or tablet when having a real super car (as financially prohibitive as that might be) in their garage would be so much more satisfying.

Then I purchased an old rusted Jaguar X150 in CSR Classics and when I was done with the restoration process I felt the pride and satisfaction of “owning” one of the world’s most beautiful automobiles even while cognizant of the fact that the ownership was entirely virtual.

In other words, my visceral reaction was coming from strong emotions and not from logic or reason.

Once I realized what was happening — that my brain was playing a trick on me — I realized that CSR2 might end up attracting a huge following. And that will mean MILLIONS in profit for the developers of CSR2.

Some people think we are disengaging with reality…but have we not done this for years?

These are just a couple things people did a long time ago that brought great joy as substitutes to the real thing…

  • jousting
  • fighting with wooden swords

And there are many things that people do today that brings great joy as substitutes to the real thing…

  • Flight simulators
  • Model airplanes and cars
  • Model Car Slot racing
  • Model trains
  • Go carts
  • Remote controlled cars and planes
  • Toy soldiers
  • Barbie dolls

And anything else that stokes the imagination like…

  • Books
  • TV
  • Movies
  • Music

And who knows what lies in the future…

  • Virtual vacations
  • Virtual sports
  • Virtual XXX

We’re actually a lot closer to these than many might think. And if we replace real interactions with virtual interactions we might end up destroying the human race faster than global warming and weapons of mass destruction combined.

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One Response to CSR2 and the Reality of Virtual Reality

  1. Hassan says:

    Unfortunately, the game has still not been released on my local App store. Can’t wait to get me hands on one when it does.

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