This is the CSR Racing World Tour Team from the USA.

CSR Racing Team USA

“CSR welcomes the best racers in the United States of America for the USA leg of World Tour! Featuring the cream of American muscle cars including the Corvette C7 Z06, COPO Camaro, SRT Viper GT3-R, Challenger MOPAR Drag Pak and Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. Experience the thrill of racing in glorious 60 frames per second (subject to device compatibility). We’ve also included an all new dragstrip worthy of its status!” source=

The USA Team Boss is Boss X (who identifies this team as “Team Rushmore” and who boldly states that he will “kick my ass” if I ever get so far as to challenge him (which I will).  He drives a Saleen S7 (more on that later).  I can’t race him until I beat his crew. His crew includes (left to right based on the image above) Rashard who won’t race you unless you drive a Dodge Challenger xyz. Next is Teresa who drives a SRT Viper GT3-R. I just purchased a new SRT Viper GT3-R for a little more than 2 million dollars.  Waiting for delivery so I can race my first opponent (Teresa).

I waited, patiently, and I have my car…look out Teresa…I’m coming for you!

SRT Viper GT3-R – Perfect Shift Pattern

CSR Racing Viper perfect shift pattern

csr racing world tour teresaUpgraded to a combination of stage 2 and stage 3 parts which brings my rating up to 640. Also purchased the #88 decal that pays the highest bonus (it cost 6 gold and pays $4550 for a win). I decided to upgrade my parts gradually instead of all at once, which I can afford to do, because it makes the races more challenging by leveling the playing field. Participated in a few 1/2 mile Regulation Races to identify the Perfect Shift Pattern (PSP) before before taking on Team Rushmore.

The 1/4 mile PSP for this car is Launch-Shift-Shift-Shift-Shift-Nitrous (L-S-S-S-S-N).

Teresa is the first crew captain I will race…once I defeat her entourage. As the races become more challenging I will purchase more upgrades and I think the PSP will remain the same. One thing I noticed about the current version of the game is that the resolution is greatly improved and that the graphics are more stunning than ever before.  I defeated her entourage and I’m about to race her for the first time. Wondering if I have enough upgrades.

Turns out I have upgraded enough to beat her easily. She tried some trash talking but I ignored it. She’s going back to her garage to get some upgrades of her own and I’ll race her again (after racing a new set of members of her entourage) very soon.

If , after I upgrade to stage four and five parts, the current PSP warrants a change to a new PSP, I will let you know.

I just raced Teresa for the second time and it was close. It won’t be easy when I race her again so I better head over to the garage and buy some upgrades.

I upgraded to all stage 3 parts and beat Teresa for the third time. Boss X wasn’t very happy;

csr racing boss x and teresa

Teresa must have taken his words to heart and she must have had a word with her entourage because I’m at the point that I can’t beat any member of her entourage. If I can’t beat them I can’t beat her. Time to upgrade. Just ordered a stage 4 nitrous, engine, and turbo. I take delivery in 30 minutes. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The upgrades helped but not for very long. So I purchased a stage 5 engine (fully blueprinted), a stage 5 turbo with twin superchargers, a stage 4 racing inlet manifold (helps her breathe better), a stage 5 re-jetted nitrous system with 100 HP jets, a stage 4 body with painted carbon fibre panels (lightens vehicle to improve acceleration), a stage 4 sequential transmission (quickens gear changes), and last but not least – a set of stage 4 slicks to reduce wheel spin. Overall rating has improved to 690 which should be good enough to tackle Teresa and her crew for several more races.

Lost a few more times…made some upgrades…beat her crew…

Time to face Teresa, my fellow New Yorker, one last time. If I win I earn $500 K and 2 Gold. It’s gonna be a hard 1/2 mile race but I’m confident that the Perfect Shift Pattern will help. Teresa and I had the following pre-race conversation;

Teresa said, “Bright lights, big city–shame the only lights you’ll see are my tail beams.”

I didn’t reply. I checked out her ride and knew I was in trouble.

Raced her any way and got totally smoked.

Hired the Mechanic for a tune-up, raced her again, and won. Boss X was not happy.

Here’s the conversation that followed;

Teresa: “Whoa, what just happened? Think I got blinded by red lights!”

Boss X: “Ya lost it is what happened darlin! What went on out there?”

Teresa: “Think my caffiene levels are low, or something. Sorry, Chief.”

Boss X: “And I thought New Yorkers were famous for rushing. At least I got 3 more Captains to stop this kid!”

To be continued!

Ain’t no stopping me!

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