This is the CSR Racing Vantage V12 S I am trying to win.

csr racing vantage v12 s

“The Vantage V12 S. Power, beauty, soul. Never opulent but always dramatic, this beast combines precision, elegance, and pure, aggressive power. Want to win the most ferocious Aston Martin ever produced? Let’s go racing…”

Once I win it in 6 days I will take it to the track to determine the Perfect Shift Pattern for the 1/4 mile and the 1/2 mile (so please come back in a few days).  Then I’ll use it to compete against Tamara and her entourage.

The car that I am driving to achieve my goal of finishing in the top 1 % is my McLaren 650S which is very fast and reliable and it has an easy to master shift pattern which I reveal here; McLaren 650S Perfect Shift Pattern

I’ve just completed two streaks (12 straight wins) and I’m about to start a third streak but if I want to complete another six races I’m going to need two extra pips of gas which, according to my agent, I can get just for watching this short ad;

That’s a pretty cool looking game!  I think I’ll check it out and write a review at some point.  I Googled it and it got some pretty decent reviews.  Here’s the link to the game review I wrote; Agent Alice Review

I finished in the top 1 % and here is the PRO version of the car I won:

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S CSR Racing

I’m taking it to the track to figure out the Perfect Shift Pattern before I use it to compete against Tamara and her entourage.

As of right now the Perfect Shift Pattern is Launch-Shift-Shift-Shift-Nitrous-Shift-Shift-Shift. I’ve defeated the first three members of Tamara’s entourage in 1/4 mile races and I beat Tamara in my first race against her in the 1/2 mile. I may have to adjust my shift pattern as the races get harder and as I upgrade to better parts. So please come back soon and see if I can find a better shift pattern.

I was greeted warmly by Tamara at the beginning of our second race;

“You again? Oh, very well. I suppose I should see if you’ve improved.”

274 mph — that’s the fastest of any of the CSR cars I’ve driven. Tamara didn’t stand a chance. Could this be my new favorite?

“My, my. Getting a little big for your boots, darling? There’s still an awful long way to go.”

I’m about to race Tamara for a third time but this time in front of her boss, Shifty Jack.  Let’s listen in to his little pep talk…

shifty jack and tamara

I’m ready to race Tamara for the 4th time. “Goodness, are you still here?” she asked. “All right, let’s race.”

I beat her and she reponded by saying, “You really are much better than you look, darling. TTFN!”

I had no idea what TTFN meant so I looked it up on the internet;

TTFN is an initial-ism for a colloquial valediction, ‘ta ta for now’, based on ‘ta ta’, an informal ‘goodbye’, approximately equivalent to ‘bye bye’. The expression came to prominence, in the UK, during the Second World War. Used by the military, it was frequently heard by the British public. source =

I’m ready to race Tamara for the 5th and final time. Let’s hear what she has to say before we get it on…

“I’m actually surprised you’ve got this far, you know. But I think might be your limit.”

I lost due to a really bad start and some horrible shifting. She granted my request for a rematch and I got control of my nerves and won.

“Dammit!” she exclaimed. “Well, I suppose I should say ‘well played’. That was quite the race, darling.”

Shifty Jack was not so gracious;

“You’ve let the side down, Tamara. Won’t be long now before this new kid’s on my back!”

“You do take things so very seriously, darling. Lighten up!”

“I’ll light you up when this is done! But first I have to send this kid packing!”

He then turned his attention to me;

“Looks like my crew’s having an off day. According to the rules, I’ve gotta give you a McLaren like mine, then race you. But I’m gonna make sure you regret it!”

That’s when I took possession of my beautiful McLaren P1 GTR.

“About time you had a decent car,” he said. “Not that it’s gonna help you win, mind. Bring it on, loser!”

Sounds like a challenge. But first I’m going to get a few upgrades and figure out the Perfect Shift Pattern for the McLaren P1 GTR.

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12 Responses to CSR Racing Update – Vantage V12 S Shift Pattern

  1. Matthew says:

    Is the PSP for that car still L-S-S-S-N-S-S-S?? I’m on the last set of entourages, but I’m having alot of difficulty beating the first entourage of the 7. I just don’t seem to have enough power, even though I have about 12-18 more rating for my car. I still have 2 stages left for the Engine upgrades, and one upgrade left for body, but everything else is maxed. I plan not to use any gold for the mechanic, as I want to use it to try win the bosses cars next few days. Should I use nitro earlier to get a lead or use it as soon as I hit 4th or 5th gear?? I’ve tried almost everything, but nothing seems to work.

  2. Josh says:

    Hi there, do you still use the PSP for the v12 Vantage you posted up there? For some reason, my vantage has a weird issue of.. Once I shift to second, 3rd is immediately ready to shift and even perfectly timing these two shifts, the car lags behind in 4th gear, even with nitrous. I’m losing to Tamara’s entourage that are still 8 points lower than me. They always pull ahead once I hit 4th gear no matter what. I don’t understand it.

  3. Arnold Geerts says:

    Hi Roland,
    Thanks to your excellent advices in your article of ‘how to finish in top 1%’ its looking good. After 4 days in this season i reached the 1%. Most important is too play a lot of streaks for the first 24 hours and after that maintained the good position with a PRO car i can rely on and easily win 12 streaks in a row (72 races).
    Btw thats the TIER 3 Audi A3 Sportback without having to use pro tuner, just using a different nitrous (stage 0 or 1) in stead of 5 and an alternative shift (immediately to 3rd).

    Thanks again….lol from the Netherlands

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hello Arnold,
      I’m glad my article helped you! I agree, the first 24 hours are really important…the RPs are really high the first couple of days and they taper off as the days go by. I never thought about using anything less than my stage 5 nitrous so I may have to give the stage 0 and/or stage 1 a try. Sometimes it takes a lot of experimentation to find the right mix of parts and the right shift pattern.

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