Getting ready to race Shifty Jack and his entourage! But first I must find the McLaren P1 GTR Perfect Shift Pattern.


csrracing mclaren p1 GTR ROLROC

Here’s the Perfect Shift Pattern:


Click the following link for more CSR Racing shift patterns and racing tips;

CSR Racing Perfect Shift Patterns

Here’s everything you need to know to race and win against Shifty Jack and his entourage:

Race # 1

shifty jack race one

  1. Upgrade your car until it has a 660 rating or higher
  2. Launch your car when the needle on the tach is on the four
  3. Use the perfect shift pattern (L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S)

Race # 2

shifty jack race two

  1. Upgrade your car until it has a 670 rating or higher
  2. Launch your car when the needle on the tach is on the four
  3. Use the perfect shift pattern (L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S)

Race # 3

shifty jack race three


  1. Upgrade your car until it has a 690 rating or higher
  2. Launch your car when the needle on the tach is on the four
  3. Use the perfect shift pattern (L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S)

Race #4

shifty jack race four

  1. Upgrade your car until it has a 700 rating
  2. Launch your car when the needle on the tach is on the four
  3. Use the perfect shift pattern (L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S)

Race #5

shifty jack race five

  1. Upgrade your car until it has a 720 rating or higher
  2. Launch your car when the needle on the tach is on the four
  3. Use the perfect shift pattern (L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S)

I beat him by quite easily. He requested a re-match. If I win I get his custom McLaren with special livery. I usually turn down these re-match requests but he’s been such a pain that I decided I had to teach this spoiled brat a lesson just like I did his mate, Erroll. My agent and the mechanic suggested I purchase a special blend of nitrous to give me an extra boost. It cost $2.99 in real money but I figured it was worth it.

This was Shifty Jack’s favorite toy. He cried when I took it away from him…

shifty jacks mclaren p1 GTR csr racing


The Spitfire Crew had some final words for me…

spitfire crew final statements

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25 Responses to CSR Racing Update – McLaren P1 GTR Shift Pattern

  1. Bob Huang says:

    What time did he run for the grudge match when you won against him?

  2. Waleed Zahid says:

    Im thinking to beat this guy without buying nitrous or should i buy the nitrous my races are perfect with this pattern L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S and i think this pattern is useful and i think i can beat that fool or i buy nitro?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I believe you can beat him with this shift pattern without nitro…go for it!

      • Waleed Zahid says:

        Thanks dude im sure if you say i can do it withou nitrous so he is kid and i did just got his car plus now im on the last race of europe but i really like this fool’s buggati can you tell me the best shift pattern to get that idiot

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Try for a perfect start, shift when the lights goes green, hit nitro when the wheel spin light goes out, and shift when the lights go green again. This may not be the ultimate shift pattern but it is a blue print for all cars. When I have a chance to experiment with this I will let you know the perfect shift pattern (unless you discover it first and if you do please share it!)

          • Waleed Zahid says:

            That was extremely nice idea i hate saleen s7 twin turbo still have the boss ones and mine saleen in ma garage my final race with la stella is a pain since i played world tour i won every bosses cars but after we beat one crew we are on for international so i was thinking about it but lamborghini sesto elemento season made me crazy i made it till 2% next day day (calculation started) i was 4% which made me angry alot i mean i spended my whole time i bought 24 hour full gas and after this thing happened i think buying these things a waste like what do you think… i need suggestion is McLaren p1 better or Buggati or saleen s7

          • Roland Bonay says:

            McLaren P1 is better than both. I never buy the 24 hour gas. That money is better spent on the full race team. Once you get to 1% or 2% etc. don’t stop there…make sure you build a good cushion to protect your standings because when you go to sleep or work there are people in different time zones still racing and they will surpass you.

  3. Bb says:

    I’ve gotten 7.436 with p1 no team. Start at 5000 (exactly when 2 hits bottom)shift immediately to fifth and nitrous at 6500-7000 rpm.

  4. Felipe says:

    Quick question: those are all perfect shifts or should I just shift straight to 5th gear like I do with LaFerrari?

  5. Pat says:

    7.39 with laferrari with no mech or tuner

  6. Matthew says:

    I’ve noticed the Bugatti is just slightly faster than the P1 by a millisecond. Do you have any time’s for the LaFerrari? I plan to just go hard out at the start of next season, and wasn’t sure if the Ferrari could be possibly faster, or if I should start the Veloci Crew. Thanks

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’ve been experimenting with alternating between multi-player and racing against the crew and it’s working out very well. I love the Bugatti and the Laferrari but I ‘ve been sticking with the P1.

      • Matthew says:

        Would you say the LaFerrari is faster than the Bugatti and P1?

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I like the P1 better because it’s easier to shift. Which one is faster? I have not made a recent comparison to offer my opinion.

          • Matthew says:

            I did 10 races on each the Bugatti, Ferrari and P1 on match races (hard)with all 3 cars as pro version. The Bugatti managed to win only 3 races and lost the other 7 with an average time of 7.61 seconds and fastest time of 7.555 seconds. The ferarri won 7 races and lost 3, with those 3 races not having a perfect start. It averaged a time of 7.577 seconds with the fastest time of 7.556 seconds, although it is very possible to go faster if having all perfect shifts. And finally the P1 won all 10 races with perfect starts and shifts to them all. It’s fastest time was 7.566 seconds and averaged with 7.573 seconds. So it’s clear I guess that the P1 is best car overall, but the ferarri would have to be the most reliable car to get a fast time. However since those races were only against the same type of cars, it doesn’t mean the P1 will also perform just as good in multiplayer. Although, it is very reliable in match races and 1/2 mile tracks, I’d say the ferarri would be the best car for multiplayer as it is consistent with it’s times, even with horrible shifting

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Super analysis! Glad that I’m currently using my P1 in multiplayer and glad to know that the Ferrari is a viable alternative.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Nice analysis Matt! The LaFerrari is fast but, for me, the P1 is currently the most reliable car in the CSR stable.

          • Matthew says:

            Just hit 7.47 seconds on ferarri, improving the time everytime I race it

          • Felipe says:

            I really don’t think the P1 is easy to shift. I rarely get perfect shifts between the 2nd and 5th gears. And still, my best time is 7.563, while LaFerrari can easily go as fast as 7.097.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I just did 7.5 in my P1 and 7.7 in my LaFerrari. If you can do 7.0 in your LaFerrari then you know something that I don’t. Care to share your secret? :0

  7. Matthew says:

    It’s capable to beat him with only 716 rating. I just did it. Was missing 2 stages of nitro and one stage of body. And also still have a comfortable lead in the race.

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