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I decided take a break from the Multiplayer Mode to get used to the McLaren 650S I won by finishing in the top 1% in season 33. The first thing I did (after installing stage 5 upgrades) was enter a 1/2 mile Regulation Race to get an idea on how this car performs and to identify the Perfect Start and Perfect Shift Patten (PSP). The Perfect Start is when the needle on the tach is on the 5. Here’s the PSP and my stats:

  • Launch-Shift-Nitro-Shift-Shift-Shift-Shift-Shift (L-S-N-S-S-S-S-S)
  • 0-60 = 2.02s
  • 0-100 = 3.37s
  • Top Speed = 269.7 mph

The next thing I did was participate in a Daily Battle which I lost.  Daily Battles can be tough, especially if you’re driving a car you’re not familiar with.  But Daily Battles are always worth trying because the prizes (cash and gold) are lucrative.

Then I entered a Payback Race against Rico from the Warpigs.

He said, “Feels like tonight is a night for revenge.”

So I switched to my McLaren F1 GTR and beat him soundly to which he replied, “Or maybe it’s gonna be tomorrow night. Que sera,sera.”

Switched back to the 650S to take on the next crew challenge. His name is Hughie and he’s a mean looking dude. But does that mean he can race?

“Now look at this!, he said by way of introduction. “A McLaren 650S. Isn’t she beautiful? Show me how you handle her. Practice against my entourage.”

OK…let’s race

The McLaren 650S Intro is a series of three races against members of Hughie’s crew.  The purpose of this series is to allow you to become familiar with the 650S before racing Hughie.

The first race was against Robert who I beat soundly which is not surprising because his car had a rating of only 604 compared to mine of 704.

Hughie, in response, said, “Look at you!”

To which I responded, “NO! Look at YOU!”

To which he responded, “All right, keep racing my entourage.  If you can keep winning I’ll come back and race you.”

The 2nd race was against Stefan who was rated at 607. I didn’t even need to deploy nitrous to win this race.

The 3rd and final intro race was against Bethany who was rated at 610. As you can see the ratings are getting higher so things will be getting more challenging as I move forward. Now it’s time to face Hughie for the first time. Hughie’s 650S is currently rated at 615 so this should be easy. One thing I like about racing Crew Captains is that they are always 1/2 mile races so if you get a less than perfect start you have plenty of time to recover by nailing a few perfect shifts. A perfect start can be achieved by launching when the needle on the tach is on the x and perfect shifts can be achieved when the needle in on the y.

This is the first of five races against Hughie. Let’s see if he has anything to say before the race;

“I reckon that’s enogh for now. You can beat my entourage, definitely – but can you handle a real racer like me?”

I beat him by 3.6 seconds which, as any racer will tell you, is a hughie amount.

“Well, sing me a ballad from the valleys!”, he muttered in defeat. “You’re better than I thought. This should be interesting.”

The McLaren 650S Initiation is a series of four races against members of Hughie’s crew.  The purpose of this series is to compete against a more challenging group of racers before meeting up with Hughie, who is busy upgrading his own 650S, for a second time.

The first race was against Gareth and his 650S rated at 618. The second was against Oliver and his rated at 622. The third and fourth were against Joe and Reggie rated 624 and 628 respectively. I won them all and I’m pretty sure Hughie is next. But first I race someone from the past in Payback Mode — yes, it’s Trucks from the Silver Skulls — Errol’s crew.  I beat him then and I beat him this time around.  Click the following link (or click the image) to learn how I beat the rest of Errol’s crew and even Errol himself and how I won Errol’s AUDI R8 LMS;

How I Won Errol’s AUDI R8 LMS

How did I win boss errols Car

Let’s see what Hughie has to say before we race again;

“And here we are again.  I could tell you were tenacious, see.  But you’ll need more than that to beat me.”

Hughie installed some upgrades that improved his rating to 633 but it wasn’t enough to keep me from beating him easily.

“Now see here!” he said.  “I don’t know how you did that, but you’re making me look bad!”

That’s 2 out of 5 against Hughie so far.  He’s back in the garage upgrading his ride no doubt. So it looks like it’s back to racing his entourage.

The 650S Trial is a series of 5 races against various members of Hughies entourage. These races continue to become more challenging as I progress.

I beat the 650S Trial crew members and it’s time to face Hughie again–this time in front of Shiffty Jack, the Spitfires crew boss. Let’s hear what Hughie has to say before the race;

“You’re right starting to get on my wick! I’m gonna put a stop to this once and for all!”

And after the race Shifty Jack had this to say, “How’s it going Hughie? You handling the new kid?”

Hughie replied, “I’ve got to be honest, see. I wasn’t expecting someone this good. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

“You’d better”, replied Shifty. “I’ve already lost one captain. I don’t want to lose another”

The 650S Clash s a series of 6 races against various members of Hughies entourage. These races continue to become more challenging as I progress.

I beat all these guys and it’s time to face Hughie again.

“All right, now the boss is watching me,” he said. “So I can’t let you get any further. You know how it is, nothing personal.”

I beat him and he said…

“This…see, this isn’t how the song is supposed to go. I don’t know what’s happening.”

And then he disappeared into his garage for more upgrades.

650S Showdown is a series of 7 races against the best of Hughie’s crew. These are the races I have to win if I am to meet Hughie for one last winner takes all race.

I beat everyone in Hughie’s crew. Time to face him one last time.

I lost 3 times in a row and then I remembered that these are 1/2 mile races.

I considered paying for help from the Mechanic but I didn’t have enough Gold.

Then it occurred to me that I was deploying nitrous way too soon.  So I changed my shift pattern to L-S-S-S-S-N-S-S and I won without the help of the Mechanic.  Here’s how the conversation between Jack and Shifty Jack  went;

HUGHIE:                   Oh, that’s not good.  The boss is gonna roast me for this…

SHIFTY JACK:          I thought you were taking care of the new kid?  What happened Hughie?

HUGHIE:                     Hard to say, really.  See, I did my best…

SHIFTY JACK:            Well, obviously your best is a bit rubbish!  I hope the last two get on better!

And then Hughie offered me a challenge that he thought I could not refuse;

6 hughie high stakes challenge

I turned him down.  Why, after all, would I want his car when my car is better?

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9 Responses to CSR Racing Update – McLaren 650S

  1. Sam says:

    You want hughie’s car because it gives you 1% bonus in multiplayer 😉

  2. Nhoj Yer says:

    It is nice if you include the time of Hughie to be beaten.

  3. Matthew says:

    I still can’t beat hugie. I followed your PSP, but for some reason he’s always faster than me. The max speed I can hit is about 265mph, while he does 269 every time. The only upgrade I have left is the stage 5 nitro. I want to save up the money so I can buy the V12 Vintage instead buying the nitro, any advice what I should do?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Get the S5 Nitro…if you beat him you’ll earn a lot of cash and some gold…maybe even enough to buy the V12. Also, consider hiring the mechanic if you have enough gold. Or just put him on the back burner and enter other events (Daily Battles, Regulation Races, etc.) and raise enough cash to do whatever is more important to you. Good luck!

      • Matthew says:

        Thankyou, I will do that

        • Matthew says:

          Btw, if you win a bosses car, for example Pierre yassine’s Veyron or Jack’s P1, is that care automatically a PRO car?? or is there some way to make it pro? I’ve seen people in multiplayer with Peirre’s veyron and it’s pro too.

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