CSR Racing Lotus Evora GTC

Here’s the Perfect Shift Pattern for the Evora GTC:



I won this car by finishing in the top 1% of the most recent CSR Racing World Tour Competition.  I’m upgrading it to stage 5 parts using the free upgrade prize cards that I won during the competition.  I’ve entered the Evora Spitfire Crew Challenge and have thus far dispatched the first set of Aiden’s entourage.  Aiden is one of Shifty Jack’s “captains”.  I’ve already defeated two of them (Kirstie and Hughie).  Shifty Jack is the Spitfire Crew Boss.  I’m about to race Aiden for the first time.  As this is a 1/2 mile race it will allow me to determine the perfect 1/2 mile shift pattern which will allow me (and you) to defeat Aiden without the help of the Mechanic.

csr racing aiden“Time I raced you myself”, he said before the race. “I need to find out what kind of driver you are.”

“And I need to find the perfect 1/2 mile shift pattern”, I replied.

This car is unlike any that I’ve ever driven in CSR Racing.  It requires a lot of patience. In the 1/4 mile you’ll only get to 4th gear and in the 1/2 mile you’ll only get to 5th gear. I’m used to driving cars that get to 5th and 6th in the 1/4 and 7th in the 1/2.  I spent a lot of time watching the needle on the tach waiting for the moment of the perfect shift. The perfect start, by the way, is when the needle hits the 5. The bottom line is that I won so let’s hear what Aiden has to say;

“Sure I can tell you have a good soul under that hard exterior. But you’ll need to be even harder to take this all the way.”

Aiden, I’m quite sure, is headed back to the garage to upgrade his Evora.

As for me, it’s time to go back to Multiplayer to win some free upgrades of my own!

It’s time to race Aiden for the 2nd time. Do you think he has something to say before the race? Of course he does;

“Wasn’t sure I’d see you here again, in the belly of the beast. It’s a dangerous place – you’ll get chewed up and spit out!”

What’s he talking about? It’s not like he’s beaten me before. This is what he said after the race;

“Now I’m the one spitting feathers! Did a cat walk in front of my car at the start line, or what?”

I’m beginning to think Aiden may actually have a sense of humor. We’ll see when I face him again in front of Shifty Jack.

It’s time for the third race against Aiden.

“So you’re back!” he said. “But not for long. I don’t think you’re really up to this – do you?”

“But of course am I!” I replied. “The only thing you’ll be seeing are my tail lights.”

So I showed Aiden up in front of his boss who said;

“What’s up Aiden? Not having trouble with the new kid, are you?”

“Sure it looks bad, but don’t worry boss. You can rely on me.”

“I hope so, because if your’e the next captain to go down here, you can pack that kit bag and leave!”

I just learned a new word today!  And they say video games are a waste of time.

csr racing aiden penultimate race


Sure and now the boss is breathing down my neck,” said Aiden. I can’t write when he gets like that…but I can race! Let’s do it!”

I wasn’t able to deploy my nitrous in time so I lost. Aiden was very happy;

“The pen is mightier than the sword…and sometimes, the engine, too.”

Raced him again and won using a different shift pattern;


Not only did I learn a new shift pattern I learned a new word;

beat Aiden again

At this point I am unable to beat the remainder of Aiden’s entourage with my current modifications so I will follow his lead and go to my garage and purchase and install some upgrades.

Purchased and installed all of the stage 5 upgrades and was able to defeat Aiden’s entourage. It’s time to face Aiden one last time.

RACE OFFICIAL:  “Welcome race fans! Welcome to the AIDEN FINAL!!”

This is my 5th and final race against against Aiden. This is a 1/2 mile race and the grand prize is $240,000 and 2 Gold Coins.

Let’s hear from the contestents;

AIDEN: “OK, this is quite serious now. I can’t let you win this one.”

ME: “LET ME? Let’s go!”

The shift pattern I was using turned out to be ineffective. The Mechanic suggested I hire him to tune my car for a bunch of gold but I figured all I needed was the Perfect 1/2 Mile Shift Pattern. So I raced Aiden again using L-S-N-S-S and I won!

AIDEN: “And sure you go and win it anyway! Now what am I gonna do?”

ME:  “Go back to your garret and stick to writing?”

SHIFTY JACK: “I’m disappointed in you Aiden. I really thought you had my back.”

AIDEN: “I’m sorry boss. It was all kind of a blur, to be honest. Like a Friday night in town, you know?

SHIFTY JACK: “Not really. And now there’s only one Captain left…”


csr racing tamara spitfire crew captain

TAMARA:  “Don’t worry Jack, you know I have your back!”

ME:  “Hi Tamara! Did anyone ever tell you that you look like…never mind…and that Aiden looks like…never mind…and that Jack looks like…never mind.  Guess I’ll see you on the strip.

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11 Responses to CSR Racing Update – Lotus Evora GTC Shift Pattern

  1. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    Your L-S-N-S-S shift pattern works great against Aiden’s fully tuned Evora in final race! Thanks a lot!

  2. XaiLo says:

    Pagani Huayra

    To say I’m having trouble beating Luca is an understatement!
    What shift pattern are you using, my vehicle is maxed out. Any help would be grately appreciated, thanks!

    P.S. Nice work on the site!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for the compliment! It’s been a while since I raced and finally beat Luca. The key is to “wait for it”…in other words, don’t deploy your nitrous until after 5th gear. The 1/2 mile is a tough challenge for a sprinter like the Huayra so it needs a kick in the butt after it gets past the 1/4 mile mark. After that try to get a perfect shift into 6th and another one into 7th and you should be good to go. Oh, and hire the mechanic for that extra edge. Good luck!

      • XaiLo says:

        Thanks for the advice, I’m still to attempt it though. Decided not to let that car break my chi and just focus on multiplayer, I fared much better there… just took title to a “Pro Corvette C7 Z06” it was a long hard road getting to that 1%, made it on the last day, about the same time I found your multiplayer post lol. Still not to shabby for my second multiplayer event. I started the first late into the event and was only able to get down to 8%. Your advice is spot on in that regard. My final RP was 529,613 my guess is that it’s a floating variable dependent on the number of entrants. Will get back to you on the Pagani Huayra adventure. The current goal is to make mince meat out of Shifty Jack.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I know it’s just a game but I got a kick out of beating Shifty Jack and winning his car

          • XaiLo says:

            lol I know the feeling and his name is officially Shifty “Mince Meat” Jack. Glad I got his car but don’t know that it’ll see much action, so far I prefer the LaFerrari… still no luck with the Huayra, I came within a hairs breath of winning by accident. My problem is shifting from second to third it keeps acting like I’m down shifting? My timing is off just haven’t been able to pin down the fix even after watching winning shifts many a time. Perhaps when I build back up my gold I’ll just hire the mechanic and be done with it.

  3. Will says:

    I meant to say “reel” them in…

  4. Will says:

    Your lacking INFO on what RPM to shift… The shit pattern helps, but many cars do better when shifting late or early on certain gears.

    Like the Agera R for example. You launch at 5500RPM (if remembering correctly), get the green perfect shift, then immediately shift into 2nd. It will show a red EARLY SHIFT, but this is neccessary to break into the sub 7.76 times. Once you shift into 2nd, let it ride and get a perfect shift into 3rd, then hit nitrous as you’re shifting into 3rd. You’ll shift into 4th then 5th immediately, then shift into 6th when green…

    Please tell me the precise RPM and shift timing as well as pattern for the Lotus.

    I’m currently at a 575 level with the Lotus, launching with perfect starts… But even racing the same car with 568 rating they are jumping way out on me on the start and even with all perfect shifts and nitrous I can’t feel in before the 1/4 is up.

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