CSR Racing just released its latest update and it is quite amazing.  It features a whole new tier called the International World Tour and it allows you to compete against all-new international crews. Check out the official trailer;

The first crew is the Italian Veloci team. Beat them and you win a Ferrari Laferrari.  Additional World Tour crews from all over the world are coming soon. They also added some cool racing modes. May as well start with the World Tour Mode.

ferrari laferrari

The World Tour Mode features a brand new crew from Italy. I received a challenge from their leader (La Stella) but the only thing preventing me from accepting the challenge is I don’t have $855,000 to buy a Ferrari F430 (the Italian Veloci crew only races Ferraris). I only have $194,585 so I’ll have to do some serious racing (and winning) to earn enough to buy the Ferrari. Luckily there are some new racing modes that pay out rather nicely.

csr racing italion veloci crew


The Payback Race Mode allows you to race the crew members that you beat in Tiers 1 through 5. My 1st payback race was against Papa Biz who is part of the Tier 1 crew. I selected my best Tier 1 car, a fully upgrade Dodge Dart RT. The prize money for this race was $18,750 and with bonuses I netted $21,635 for the victory. Not bad! I’ve raced a total of three payback races so far and the prize money has been generous.

The Test Drive Mode allows you to race a car from the dealer. There are three levels EASY ($9,000), MEDIUM ($12,000), and HARD ($16,000).  Hard is almost impossible to win unless you hire the mechanic to tune your car .  Challenging pays well but it’s difficult to win every time. Easy is easy and it pays OK but you’ll do much better in the Match Race Mode.

Speaking of which, the Match Race Mode allows you to participate in races matched to your current car set-up. My highest payout comes when I race my Tier 5 BMW Z4 GT3 at the challenging level. I average $18,000 for a win.

The Daily Battle Mode is not a new mode but it is a good place to earn a lot of cash and gold coins. The races are tough but if you’re on the top of your game you can earn cool prizes and drive an assortment of really cool cars.

Restriction Races aren’t new but this new tier features a 4C Restriction Race that pays $30,000! But that means I need an Alfa Romeo 4C to enter. That’s going to cost me $120,000 but I think it might be worth it.

So check out the new CSR Racing and tell your friends and come back and leave a comment and tell me what you think.

P.S. I’ve been racing as I wrote this and I just earned enough to buy my Ferrari. I take delivery in 60 minutes. I’ll be back!

Here’s my new Ferrari. I’m off to the races!


Update 1;  According to Aldrin Calimlim of www.appadvice.com, the new version of CSR Racing also unlocks the Race The World multiplayer mode for free play and introduces a new workshop and a new car dealer. That’s awesome…I just entered a free race and won 6 in a row which earned me $100,000, 20 % RP Boost, 2 gold coins, and a card piece for a Pro Mini Cooper S.  I’d continue the streak but I’m out of gas. I couldn’t find the new workshop but I did find the new car dealer — all he sells is Ferrari.

Update 2;  I have a T4 Ferrari F430 rated at 579…my opponent has a T5 458 Speciale rated at 704. He also has a racing team that includes a Pro Tuner and the Blogger. I don’t think I stand a chance so I’m going to wimp out of this one. Wait…I still have a few gold coins and maybe I can use them to get a Track-side Upgrade. Might as well go for it, right? Come back soon to see how it panned out.

Update 3; Holy Ferrari Batman! I won! Serious cash prize and car pieces. Yeah, I’ll be playing this game for a while.

Update 4; Frankie the Fin just offered me a 10% PB Boost if I continue the streak but Margee the wife just made me a better offer. See ya later race fans!

Update 5;  Just purchased the Ferrari 458 Speciale for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 MILLION DOLLARS! It took 90 minutes for delivery. I still have over $1,000,000 so I’ll invest in plenty of upgrades before I challenge the next crew member (Romeo).

Update 6;  My agent just called and recommended I start with a new TURBO upgrade for $60,150. That gave me a nice horsepower boost. Took her (the car, not my agent) to the paint/decal shop and dressed her up to my liking. The simple decal cost 2 gold coins and earns a racing bonus of $3,250. I also purchased a USA license plate for 2 gold coins. Check it out;

CSR Racing ferrari 458 speciale

The addition of this car to my stable opened up a Ferrari 458 Restriction Race Category which will allow me to get used to her which will improve my chances of defeating Romeo. But first I have to defeat his entourage to convince him to race me;

“Mia amore, a 458 Speciale!  That’s my kinda car, for sure. But you’re not ready to race me yet. Let’s see how you do against my entourage.” ~ Romeo

Just for the heck of it I raced Matteo (one of Romeo’s buddies). I beat him soundly (if you beat someone by a second that’s a sound beating) and I have no doubt that the TURBO upgrade helped. I’m not sure who’s next but I’m going to get a few more upgrades before the next race.

Speaking of upgrades, the Ferrari 458 Restriction Race requires a Nitrous upgrade;

“Where is your nitrous? You need to add the nitrous upgrade before you qualify for this restriction race.” ~ Race Official

So I went to the work shop and bought the DRY NITROUS SYSTEM for $33,914. This will provide a trigger for a 2 second speed boost which will come in handy when I race the next person in Romeo’s entourage.

Before moving on to that race I have to deal with my agent. She just informed me that I have enough upgrades to try for a STAR. This means I have to race my friends online and the more races I win the more STARS I earn and the more STARS I earn the more rewards I earn like cool cars and other stuff. I don’t have many friends to race online yet but I’m hoping that will change once you see how cool CSR Racing is.

So I raced an anonymous 1 star driver and walked away with $14,586 and a STAR.

I’ll figure out what this means later after I help my wife to water the MUMS…and help with laundry, and dinner, etc.

Update 7;  OK, I’m back…my AGENT wants me to buy another new TURBO upgrade for $120,297. This will increase my BHP by 8%. Every little improvement helps.

Just raced Anna and lost by a fraction of a second. Either I’m tired or I need another upgrade. Gonna get some rest and buy another upgrade tomorrow.

Update 8;  Maybe I was tired because I just beat Anna and everyone else in Romeo’s entourage. As a result I am able to race Romeo himself for the first time. The first race is a 1/2 mile long and is categorized as “challenging”. The race prize is $25,000. My agent thinks I should upgrade my Nitrous  first. That’ll cost me $350,487. My agent has not ever steered me wrong so I’m going to listen to her. I take delivery in 30 minutes. While I’m waiting I may as well let Romeo know that I’m coming after him;

Me: Hello, Romeo! As you are no doubt aware I’ve dispatched your pitiful entourage. I’ve waited a long time to race you and now it’s time for you to meet a true champion.

Romeo: You look OK from a distance, maybe. But not as good as Romeo, I think. Now I wanna see you race up close.

I didn’t like his use of the 3rd person singular so, despite the objection of my agent, I decided to race him without my Nitrous upgrade and beat the crap out of him anyway. This is what he had to say;

“Not bad, piccolo! But you need style as well as substance, to do a 458 Speciale justice. Romeo’s got it all, of course – maybe you should study me, eh?”

Did he just insult me? After I just kicked his butt? Well, if that was an insult I have to admit it was pretty stylish. Maybe I can learn a thing or from this modern day CSR Racing impresario.

I think Romeo is taking his car back to the shop for upgrades because my next two races were against Bambi and and Largo. Guess Romeo is bringing in talent from outside sources. I beat Bambi but lost to Largo. I guess it’s time for me to go to the shop and get me some upgrades.

Update 9;  Bought every upgrade I could afford and beat every challenger Romeo set before me. Now it’s time to face him head to head. Or perhaps I should wait for my Stage 4 Engine to arrive?

“I can see my beautiful face reflected in your 458 Speciale. I respect any driver who takes care of their bambina. But are you worthy of her? I guess we’ll find out!” ~ Romeo

I decided to race him without my engine upgrade and I lost.

“You been focusing too much on the style, kid – you gotta have substance too!” ~ Romeo

Update 10;  An upgrade just arrived (Stage 4 Engine I think) but before I go to the shop to get it fitted there’s a PAYBACK RACE I have to tend to. This time it’s ALE$HA (yeah, she spells it with the dollar sign) who I first encountered in Tier 1. So, I have to switch to my favorite Tier 1 car – Mercedes Benz A 250 Sport – so I can remind her of the spanking that I gave her before. I was ready to race but she sent me a text;

“I seen you living it up around the city. But the only way you earn my
respect is by racing. Drive!” ~ Ale$ha

Who does she think she is? Iggy Azelea? I wanted to tell her that I don’t hang in the city but then I remembered that this is just a game (like that ABC TV show Once Upon a Time) so I decided to play along….

There was something about her broke down piece of crap car that touched me so I tried to let her win but I won anyway. I offered her the $21,262 RACE PRIZE and she said;

“Now that’s some smooth shifting I gotta respect!” ~ Ale$ha

Update 11;  Went to the shop and got my new engine fitted and I raced and beat Romeo.

“We got a show at last! Tell you what, you show some style when you race my entourage and maybe you earn my respect.” ~ Romeo

Guess that means Romeo won’t race me again until he upgrades his Speciale.

Update 12; Romeo just told me that his shoes cost more than my tires so I upgraded my tires, engine, and turbo and beat him. La Stella, the Italian Veloci crew boss wasn’t too happy;

“Shame on you Romeo! You don’t normally get beaten this bad, especially by a no-hoper like this. Get a grip!”

“I know, Stella, but this one’s got some style after all. And his 458 Speciale polishes up real nice.”

“Mio tesoro, if you spent more time racing and less time admiring admiring yourself in that polish we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Don’t be the second one to fall to this driver.”

Update 13;  I need to accumulate a lot of cash so I can upgrade my ride and finish off Romeo and his entourage. I’m going to Multi-player mode and I think I have a strategy that that will help you win cars, cash, gold, and prizes. There are no hacks or cheats involved. Just follow these steps;

  1. go to the multi-player mode and click go race
  2. select the free race the world option to see 6 challengers
  3. race only the ones who have a lower rating than you

More than likely you will find at least 3 races that you can easily win. You can bank your winnings and repeat the process over and over again or you can continue to the next race and hire a member of the Race Team to improve your chances of defeating a racer whose car has the same rating as you do.

The nice thing about winning that 4th race is that you win a prize card that might be worth $10,000, some free gas, a gold coin, a free car piece, or even some free help from one of the Race Team mechanics.

This can help you to complete a streak and the nice thing about completing a streak is you can earn extra cash, gold, and prizes.

For example, I just raced three people who were rated below 700 and beat them. My other opponents are all rated above 700. I stand a better chance of beating them if I hire the PRO TUNER mechanic for $45,000 for 5 minutes.

So I paid the price of admission and SHO NUFF I beat them. So how much did I earn and was it really worth it? Lets break it down;

I won over $100,000 for winning all six races

I also won 3 Prize Cards;

  • I won 2 pips of gas
  • I won a +30% RP Boost for the next 5 minutes
  • I won an extra $12,480

Frankie the Fin offered me a +10% RP Boost if I start another Streak.

OK, one more streak. This time I won 4 races which means I earned $48,980 and a race card. I’m going to bank this instead of trying to complete the streak.

Frankie might not agree;

“You’re cashing in already? Are you sure? Frankie wants to land a bigger fish than this!” ~ Frankie the Fin

Sorry Frankie, Margee needs my help in the kitchen.

to be continued…

Thanks for stopping by. Cool

If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section below.

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8 Responses to CSR Racing Update

  1. Unknown says:

    I have completed the game, but unfortunately, don’t have all the boss cars like cypher zoe luca Roshard, is there any way how to get them? Im stuck, how to make payback and payback plus challenges appear? I raced slingshot ten times but nothing, plus reply

  2. Eric says:

    What’s the best shift pattern (no mechanic) for the Ferrari 458 Speciale?

  3. Jakman says:

    Ronald help me out here
    I really don’t know who to challenge team uk or USA because I want to buy the mclaren 650s and the c7 zo6 so which cars better

  4. todd says:

    this game sucks

  5. Gman says:


    have you had payback races. I was offered to race Teresa, since I didn’t win her viper, but don’t know if I’ll have chance to get her car again? I’m just asking because I don’t wanna spend gold on mechanic (I don’t think that without it I can win her viper), if I don’t get a chance on her car…

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hey Gman…You beat her with your Viper so you don’t need to win her Viper. Plus, if you do win her Viper it will just sit in your garage. My advice is hire the mechanic if you want to beat her in the final match up but don’t accept her re-match offer to win her car because it will cost you real dollars for a specially formulated Nitrous. Unless of course you really want her car. I payed for the secret formula way back when I really wanted Errol’s car. Hope this helps.

      • Gman says:

        Ty Roland for reply,

        I never pay that Nitrous formula. The only reason I wan’t her car is to collect them all. I only lost to her, viggo (my wife came in the room and asked me question, the moment I started talking back, I’ve noticed that I’ve done something wrong with shifting and bye bye 2 coins. I save all my coins, and hire mechanic only when I have 4 bosses ready to race so use them to the max… O I forgot, papa’s mini is also not in my garage, but I just started to play and didn’t know anything about the game. I know that this cars don’t give you much, 1% more in multiplayer, but it’s kinda nice to see them in garage.

        Thx for advice, I think I’ll let her be for a while until I see what’s the best way to go…

  6. Jasper says:

    This games was to so conquence that i approciately the game was incravible game too much

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