July 19, 2016 Update:

It turns out that Ashliegh did not steal any cars and is actually a very nice person.  

July 7, 2016 Update:  

Sorry to everyone who have left comments that I have not responded to.

The reason (beyond the obvious, i.e., family, day job, etc.) is I’ve been playing CSR2 a lot recently and have been unable (or uninspired) to spend much time playing the original CSR Racing.

Stay tuned however as I will be providing my detailed analysis on CSR2 along with a few tips to help you win more races, defeat crews and win BOSS cars (like the ones possibly stolen by the very rich, beautiful, and bitchy Ashliegh and her annoying Gold Rushers [pictured below]),  more cash, more gold, more prizes, and more respect. 

CSR2 Tier 2 boss of Gold Rushers Ashleigh Best car Ford RS 640

If you are currently playing CSR2 and you have not joined a crew please consider joining the ToeKeeOh Crew (only ten spots left) and I will share with you the secret to betting on and winning TRUE online races (with real people but not real money).

Here’s a list of the best CSR Racing cars in Tier 5* along with a few tips to help you win more races, more cash, more gold, more prizes, and more respect. 

*Note–I wrote this a long time ago and CSR Racing has since added some better cars. For example, as of today–May 6, 2015–I think the McLaren P1 GTR is the VERY BEST. I’m in the process of updating this list but keep in mind it’s based on my personal opinions so please let me know what you think are the best T5 cars in the comment section below.

Let’s start with what I consider to be the beast of the best. 

Number 1.  Koenigsegg Agera R

“I truly feel that our creations have souls. We have poured our hearts into them. You will feel it when driving one.” ~ Christian von Koenigsegg

0_Koenigsegg Agera R_CSR Racing

Description = The Koenigsegg Agera R is a Tier 5 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades. It has a rating of 704 and goes from 0 – 60 in 2.01 seconds with a top speed (as measured in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race) of 268.30 miles per hour.

 It will hit 308 mph if you know the secret.  Click here to learn how.

It’s very difficult to master the perfect start and to collect perfect shift points but it can be done if you practice long and hard. But it really doesn’t matter because this car is so fast. Most of your highly rated opponents will jump to an early lead but you shouldn’t have any problem catching up and overtaking them for the win. Even the Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari LaFerrari, both rated at 720, can be defeated as long as you bring your A-game to the asphalt. This is not the very best Tier 5 car but it is very fast and aggressive and will serve you well…if you can handle her.  She also has a very attractive rear end and that’s all you’ll ever see if you ever encounter a real one on the Auto Bahn.

Here are the results of different races in various race modes:

Regulation Race (1/2 mile Amateur) = Won $12,300
Regulation Race (1/4 mile Pro) = Won $13,800

Match Race (Easy) = Won $13,819
Match Race (Medium) = Won $15,769
Match Race (Hard) = Won $18,689

Multiplayer Tournament = I won 18 races in a row beating cars like the Bugatti Veyron, LaFerrari, and even an Agera like mine. I never knew how fantastic this car was until I started racing her for this review. Only one category left…let’s see how my Angry Panda does against my friends…

Race Your Friends = I won my first race against a 3 star driver which propelled me through the ranks from 21st to 12th place. That’s when I ran into a wall and lost my next 4 races. I think you have to have a perfect race to win at this level.

Number 2.  Bugatti Veyron

csr racing update bugatti veyron tips

Description = The Bugatti Veyron in my garage is a Tier 5 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades. It has a rating of 720 (as of this writing the highest rating CSR Racing awards to any car) and goes from 0 – 60 in 1.7 seconds with a top speed (as measured in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race) of 227.4 miles per hour. These stats (which are my own personal bests) can be improved when you hire the Mechanic to tune your car or when you enlist the aide of the Race Team in Multiplayer Mode. It’s relatively easy to master the Art of the Perfect Start (APS) and to collect perfect shift points (PSPs) with a little practice. You’ll win 99.9% of your races in Regulation Mode and if you buy the highest paying decal this is a great car with which to earn money when you’re not racing in Multiplayer Mode. For example, I earn an average of $16,000 per win in the Regulation Race 1/4 mile PRO. I also win an average of $18,000 per win in the very difficult Match Race Mode. This car also does very well in the Multiplayer Tournament — if you know the Perfect Shift Pattern Secret (PSPS). I used the PSPS and after just 2 days of racing I’m in the top 2% of the current Multiplayer Tournament. Here is the PSPS tips for the Bugatti Veyron (P.S. don’t tell nobody):  

  1. Try to get a perfect start by timing your launch when the needle on the tachometer is on the 6.
  2. Try to get perfect shifts as you shift into 2nd and then 3rd gear (shift when the light turns green — don’t worry if you miss a few).
  3. Hit the NITRO button before the next shift light turns green.
  4. Try for perfect shifts as you shift into 4th, 5th, and 6th gear and watch yourself over take and /or pull away from your opponent.

What’s in Your Garage?

Number 3.  Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari CSR Racing tips


Description = The Ferrari LaFerrari in my garage is a Tier 5 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades. It has a rating of 720 and goes from 0 – 60 in 1.8 seconds with a top speed (as measured in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race) of 236.4 miles per hour. These stats can be improved when you hire the Mechanic to tune your car or when you enlist the aide of the Race Team in Multiplayer Mode. It’s relatively easy to master the art of the perfect start and to collect perfect shift points with a little practice. Here are the results of different races in various race modes:

Regulation Race (1/4 mile Rookie) = Won $6,375
Regulation Race (1/2 mile Amateur) = Won $7,688
Regulation Race (1/4 mile Pro) = Won $9,012

Match Race (Easy) = Won $12,518
Match Race (Medium) = Won $14,578
Match Race (Hard) = LOST (consolation prize was approximately $1,200)

Multiplayer Tournament = I had some problems (I lost my first three races in this mode). It occurred to me that I needed to figure out what the best “shift pattern” is for this car. With some trial and error I found the perfect shift pattern for this car. Once I figured out the perfect shift pattern I started winning the majority of these races.  Once I mastered it I won 10 straight streaks.  That’s 60 races in a row.  I know this is just a game but if you’re gonna play a game you may as well play to win ’cause winning is funner than losing!

Here is the Perfect Shift Pattern for the Ferrari LaFerrari:

  1. Try to get a perfect start by timing your launch when the needle on the tachometer is on the 6.
  2. Try to get perfect shifts as you shift to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear (shift when the light turns green — don’t worry if you miss a few).
  3. Hit the NITRO button before the next shift light turns green.
  4. Try for perfect shifts as you slip into 6th and then 7th gear and watch yourself over take and /or pull away from your opponent.

Number 4.  Aston Martin One-77

“Because it’s all about that Bass.” ~ Meghan Trainor

 ston Martin One 77 CSR Racing

Description = The Aston Martin One-77 in my garage is a Tier 5 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades. It has a rating of 704 and goes from 0 – 60 in 2.05 seconds with a top speed (as measured in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race) of 249.78 miles per hour. These stats (which are my own personal bests) can be improved when you hire the Mechanic to tune your car or when you enlist the aide of the Race Team in Multiplayer Mode. It’s relatively easy to master the Art of the Perfect Start (APS) and to collect perfect shift points (PSPs) with a little practice. You’ll win 97.3% of your races in Regulation Mode and if you buy the highest paying decal this is a great car with which to earn money when you’re not racing in Multiplayer Mode. For example, I earn an average of $16,000 per win in the Regulation Race 1/4 mile PRO. I also win an average of $18,000 per win in the very difficult Match Race Mode. This car also does very well in the Multiplayer Tournament — if you know the Perfect Shift Pattern Secret (PSPS). I used the PSPS and after just 2 days of racing I’m in the top 2% of the current Multiplayer Tournament. Here are the PSPS tips for the Aston Martin One-77 (P.S. don’t tell nobody):

  1. Try to get a perfect start by timing your launch when the needle on the tachometer is on the 6.
  2. Try to get perfect shifts as you shift into 2nd and then 3rd gear (shift when the light turns green — don’t worry if you miss a few).
  3. Hit the NITRO button before the next shift light turns green.
  4. Try for perfect shifts as you shift into 4th, 5th, and 6th gear and watch yourself over take and /or pull away from your opponent.

Number 5.  BMW Z4 GT3

CSR Racing Update

Description = The BMW Z4 GT3 in my garage is a Tier 5 non-PRO edition custom street racer equipped with stage 5 upgrades. It has a rating of 704 and goes from 0 – 60 in 1.9 seconds with a top speed (as measured in the 1/2 mile Regulation Race) of 220 miles per hour. These stats (which are my own personal bests) can be improved when you hire the Mechanic to tune your car or when you enlist the aide of the Race Team in Multiplayer Mode. It’s relatively easy to master the Art of the Perfect Start (APS) and to collect perfect shift points (PSPs) with a little practice. You’ll win 96.5% of your races in Regulation Mode and if you buy the highest paying decal this is a great car with which to earn money when you’re not racing in Multiplayer Mode. For example, I earn an average of $16,000 per win in the Regulation Race 1/4 mile PRO. I also win an average of $18,000 per win in the very difficult Match Race Mode. This car also does very well in the Multiplayer Tournament — if you know the Perfect Shift Pattern Secret (PSPS). I used the PSPS and after just 2 days of racing I’m in the top 2% of the current Multiplayer Tournament. Here is the 1/4 mile PSPS tips for the BMW Z4 GT3 (P.S. don’t tell nobody):


  1. (L) Try to get a perfect start by timing your launch when the needle on the tachometer is on the 5.
  2. (S-S) Try to get perfect shifts as you shift into 2nd and then 3rd gear (shift when the light turns green — don’t worry if you miss a few).
  3. (N) Hit the NITRO button before the next shift light turns green.
  4. (S-S-S) Try for perfect shifts as you shift into 4th, 5th, and 6th gear and watch yourself over take and /or pull away from your opponent.

Scroll down through the comments below for more Perfect Shift Patterns and feel feel to add your own.


Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.

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473 Responses to CSR Racing Tips Best Tier 5 Cars

  1. Deep says:

    what about
    Zonda R vs ccx
    who will win???
    and which is best

  2. Eric says:

    Aren’t the F12berlinetta and the Camaro GT3 also good choices (assuming you use the right shift patterns)? The shift pattern for the Camaro is perfect start, then nitro immediately, then keep pressing the shift up button until you’re on the highest gear, then win (does not work in 1/2 mile mode, since its top speed is 189 mph). the F12Berlinetta’s shift pattern is as follows: immediately shift up to 4th gear after getting a perfect start and immediately activate nitro at the same time (or, if you have to, before you shift). After that, you should use perfect shifts.

  3. Devil says:

    Enjoying ur blog man!!!just need to know how do i earn money fast!!!it takes a lot of time when u start collecting money for a new t5 car!! Pls help!

  4. Jakman says:

    Nissan GT-R gt3 Enzo or mustang gt3

  5. Jason says:

    I am moving from tier 4 to tier 5 with a cash of 12m. Which car (or cars) should I use for tier 5 and beating the international crews?

  6. Matthew Arnold says:

    donkervoort is good in acceleration but not so fast in 1/2 mile race

    • Higa says:

      Which is the best out of these cars on 1/2 mile?
      1:Koenigsegg Agera R
      2:BMW Z4 GT3
      3:Ferrari F12berlinetta
      4:Hennssey Venom GT

  7. Matthew Arnold says:

    Koenigsegg Agera R is my teir 5 car that can easily beat the
    mazda furai, ferrari fxx K and buggati veyron online

  8. Jackman says:

    The worst car for 1/2 mile are Camaro gt3 and juke r20

  9. Jackman says:

    Plz can u tell me if the Lamborghini reventon is good or not asap because I’ve just brought a bunch of gold

  10. Kabir says:

    Pls tell the best t5 car which neither has a fast start nor a slow start

  11. Csr says:

    Which one is better ferrari f12 berlinetta or pagani zonda r ?

  12. Illuminati says:

    Roland Bonay What is the best car ever on multyplayer by date? on csr Racing 1? 🙂

  13. Aariz khan says:

    Hey can u say me which is the best gt3 car??
    Plz help me I m confused

  14. Kabir says:

    Can you please tell me the best shift pattern for koinigsegg agera r csr racing

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hi Kabir,

      Launch at 5000 rpm
      Shift from 2nd to 5th in rapid succession
      Deploy Nitrous
      Shift from 6th to 7th and enjoy the ride

      P.S. This is for 1/2 mile race…slight adjustment may be needed for 1/4 mile race

      Hope this helps!

  15. Imagine says:

    Best car under 800,000 for 1/2 and1/2

  16. Vítor Guedes says:


    I have both Mercedes-AMG GT3 (pro) and Nissan GT-R GT3 (non pro).

    What are your thoughs about those cars.

    Best regards

  17. ahmed says:

    Hello roland
    What you think of McLaren F1 CSR ?

    worth 8 million ?

    or should i go for Koenigse Agera R

  18. Jake says:

    Roland, what are your opinions on the ferarri f12berlinetta as it is the current car I am using?

  19. ahmed says:

    Hello Roland

    I have 5.5 million

    what should i get for T5 and also multiplayer

    thank you

  20. Jakman says:

    Yo Ronald, me again, can you please tell me the shift pattern for mclaren 650s because now I’ve decided to find out shist patterns for every car I’ve got

  21. rileyvvv says:

    Hey Roland,
    I’m a little late but if you’re still active can you please tell me the best car to beat Errol? I have just beat Tier 4 and looking for a new car for Tier 5. Under 1.6 Million cash is my range. Can you please give me advice?

  22. Yawar Husain says:

    Laferrari can do 7.19 or a bit less with pro tuner…perfect launch and shift directly to fourth gear and wait 1/2 second for nitrous then perfect shifts for 5 and 6 gear

  23. DG says:

    I just learned the secret with the koenigsegg agera R by my self. I got surprised.

  24. Hieu Tran says:

    Hi there!
    My friend convinced me to buy the Ferrari f12berlinetta, saying that it’s the best car to drive. He gave me the secret shift pattern (basically revv all the way at the start, shift to 4 and use nitro at the same time, then wait for 5/6 and get perfect. Haven’t tried it out yet.
    I was wondering if the f12 would be good to use for multiplayer too… or is the laFerrari a better choice?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Your friend did not steer you wrong and did you a huge favor by providing an excellent shift pattern for the f12. The f12 is great but the laFerrari is a better choice for multiplayer.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  25. axxxaaa says:

    hi Roland, great job ,you are a real pro.
    What do you think about Ferrari FXX K?
    …and one more think …what is the difference between a regular car and the boss one?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks! The Ferrari FXX K is in my opinion the 2nd best car (McLaren P1 GTR is #1). There is not much if any difference between regular car boss car (other than appearance).

  26. Affa says:

    Hello, Mr. Bonay!
    I’m thinking about to change my “moneymaker” car.
    what the one I should choose?
    The spania,
    Mclaren 12c gt3,
    or ultima evolution?

  27. Keshav Mittal says:

    Hey Roland I have to ask what is the best psp for lotus Evora gtc..I need to get aidens car pls..Thank u

  28. Jakman says:

    Hey Ronald,
    I want to know what is the psps for ferarri 458 speciale and f40 because I know the shift patterns for the rest of the ferarris in the veloci crew with your help so thanks!

  29. Shivam says:

    Can anybody tell me the best psp for laferrari and what is it’s best time without mechanic and team.

  30. Jonathan J Davenport says:

    What about the nemesis car?? The power is 2000! Looks like an amazing car. But is it too much to win??

  31. ilon Ridor says:

    my best record was with the hennessy venom gt without tuner and this shit

  32. Axman says:

    Hi Roland, I just move to Tier 5 and was wondering what is the best option for this class. I havent unlocked world tour yet so cant get any of those cars.

  33. Shivam says:

    Hey Ronaldo,
    I just headed towards tier5 can you tell me which is the best car. I also wanna win errols car without that super nitro.
    I hope you will support.

  34. Emerson says:

    The z4gt3 i have best time no tuners is 6.935

  35. Octavio Gomez says:

    Should I buy the 458 Speciale? Is it good?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      It is good but there are better cars. The only reason I bought it is because it is required for some of the International races.

      • Jakman says:

        458 is an epic car to buy because you could just use the psps which is the same one as bmw z4 gt3s and you could win Romeos car who is in world tour because the car reached 201 mph and my best time with it is 7.672

  36. Waleed Zahid says:

    Well agera r and and z4 gt3 are best for 1/2 mile and if you want to buy a cheap car with good stats (i mean which can best half and quarter mile) i recommend Ruf rt12r and Audi r8 lms not the csr version according to my result r8 lms and and ruf rt12r have good speed they makes oppenent eat ust ruf rt12r is bad for its shifts hthere are no shift patterns to get once we upgrade it above 680 i guess or 670 but its speed will still lets you win and audi r8 lms is the best and cheap car for tier 5 i recommend audi r8 lms

  37. Christian Otero says:

    As of now the best T5 car is the Ferrari FXX K with a PP of 725.

  38. Juan Rivas says:

    Is the Lykan HyperSport any good? I’ve been wanting it for a while but reluctant to buy a car for gold. If buying it for gold meant it came fully equipped then I’d do it in a heartbeat though, haha. I’m going to wait until I’m done with the World Tour, if I have enough gold left over then I’ll give him a try, seems like a really sweet ride (unless you guys say it’s not a very good car, then I’ll consider other cars instead).

    BTW I get great speeds from the Ruf CTR3(and it’s Pro version, Wilhelm’s CTR3) and they don’t need any boosts, but obviously they’ll benefit from them. This is for the 1/4 mile, as I seldom find myself in 1/2 mile races.

    For both cars you just keep the gas all the way down until the race starts, and immediately start hitting gears fast (they should all be green if you time it right). When you’re at 4th gear hit nitro and then 5th gear, you’ll zoom past most cars by then, and should be able to shift into 6th just before you cross the finish line.

    When I’m just grinding out the Match Race on Pro I try to get them all on perfect (you have to get the 5th gear pretty fast early to get perfect on it, so speed and precision is important), and timing the 6th gear on perfect as well. You don’t get the perfect start bonus, but with the right Decal and all 6 perfect shifts you should get almost $21k each race, $20,966 to be exact. For the quarter mile he’ll usually get about 220 MPH, 2.07 0-60, and 3.33 to reach 100 (most of your speed is after these markers).

    For multiplayer I’ll use Wilhelm’s, and I seldom need any of the upgrades (but after the first set I’ll usually buy a blogger if I’m trying to earn RP’s, and I don’t mind the first one whose name I can’t remember, he costs money and I’d rather spend that than gold when I can).

    It’s the same strat but I wait a bit before hitting nitro and 5th gear. It’s not perfect but you don’t need it for MP, delaying it just a second or two will increase your overall speed. Without any boosts at all I’ll get 7.8 easily, with the engine boosting guy I can usually reach 7.5 and sometimes faster.

    It’s not the fastest in the world but it’s an easy-to-master way for grinding for cash and/or a good way to win MP for 2 or 3 runs (if not more, depending on how much you want to spend on gold for gas and possible crew members).

    Wish me luck, I’m open to suggestions. I tell you one thing, when I beat a boss and they offer me a chance at a Pro version for 2 gold, I almost never take them up on it unless I’m in the cars I list above. But otherwise I tend to not do well. Once I even bought the special nitro (I hate spending real money on this game) and still lost, and that really pissed me off. I haven’t bothered since then, but I may reconsider for that Mazda Furai. Dunno how fast it is but I LOVE how it looks. I wants it, my preciouss.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hey Juan,

      1. Not sure if the Lykan is any good because I beat it everytime and I don’t like buying cars for gold either.

      2. Thanks for the driving tips!

      3. I haven’t raced a 1/2 miler in a long time. I think there should be more 1/2 mile opportunities

      4. I usually reserve my gold for gas and an occassional crew member hire

      5. I took the bosses up on the offer to win 4 times with the “special” nitrous…won twice and lost twice. The real money losses pissed me off enough to discourage me from doing it again.

      6. Thanks for your contribution and Good Luck!


      • Juan Rivas says:

        Thanks man, I really dig this site. Got any good tips for grinding out cash? I don’t like to spend real money (except for now and then when they offer like a bunch of gold and money for 3 bucks or whatever), but I’m finally in the single-player world tour and I gotta buy and upgrade a ton of cars.

        After a while it gets old grinding out the Pro Match Races. I’ve started using my Mazda Furai for grinding them because a 720 car will get more cash than a 704, still haven’t gotten it down perfectly but getting there.

        It seems to make more than multi-player but I haven’t done the math. And unless I get lucky and win some gas after the first group, I’ll have to watch an ad to get some gas and burn time while I have a crew (if I’m using one).

        Plus I’m trying not to use up gold, so it’s usually just two sets of races unless I get lucky on the cards. Open to suggestions, this grinding is getting old haha.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Thanks Juan!

          I do what you do (when I can) spend a few bucks here and there, rely on cards for gas refills, etc. Grinding for cash does get old especially if you have a life so we have to do what we have to do.

          Keep racing my friend!

      • Artik Chowdhury says:

        The first car I bought in T5 was the agera r….then I realized that its a great car for half miles but not for quarter miles…I hav upgraded it till some 260s and it finishes quarter miles in 8.9s while other car finish it in 8.5s…so…can u please suggest some car which does well in the quarter miles(not necessarily half miles also cuz the agera is the best in that)…so…pls do suggest….nd I also hav 120 gold…

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I agree, the Agera is unbeatable in the 1/2 mile…but how often do you race in the 1/2 mile? Very seldom. I recommend the McLaren P1 GTR or the Ferrari LaFerrari for 1/4 mile races if you can afford it (and with that much gold I think you can).

          • Allan says:

            Hi Roland, what’s the best time for the Agera in half mile? The reason I ask is because I just hit 10.997s in the half mile using the McLaren P1 GTR (Pro 720) with Mechanic. I’ve been trying for days to go under 11s with it and thought the game was somewhat rigged since the best I was achieving was 11.002 or 11 flat. It’s the craziest shift pattern too, but it works!

  39. Gonzalo says:

    LaFerrari is easily the fastest car, only left behind by the monster and final car, the FXX K. It does 7.300 in 1/4 mile without help (stage 4 turbo, launch @5800 and immediately shift to 4th gear) , and 7.050 with just pro-tuner (720pp,same pattern, but shift to 5th gear instead).

    • Shawn says:

      Hey I’m on an IPad and fastest I can get Stella’s la Ferrari is 7.398 (usually avg around 7.408) in multilayer mode. How do you get it to 7.30. Without any mechanic or trackside help?

  40. cracer says:

    Hey man, when you say mclaren p1 gtr, do you mean mclaren p1 csr? Cz gtr is a t4 car not t5. Maybe im wrong.

  41. Eric says:

    Can I have psp for ruf rt

    • Roland Bonay says:


      Try to get a perfect start and perfect shifts. Then watch the wheel spin icon…when it stops hit the nitrous and then try to get perfect shifts. Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by!

  42. Yellowninja says:

    Hi it’s me again. Anyway, I realize my mistake in asking if I needed another car in world tour. Of course, now I almost have my hands on the Laferrari. I just have to finish the F12 Berlinetta, buy the 458 Speciale and beat the boss. So I’m about halfway there. I was wondering what the best car in tier 5 for multiplayer and what’s the PSP for it, thanks!

  43. Lakota says:

    Im not sure if you mention this but what car is the fastest for tier 5 1/4th mile

    i wanna know the times and upgrade and psp to these cars and with out pro tuners

  44. Sharath says:


    • Jakman says:

      I also agree because I got to 308 mph when the car didn’t have tires upgraded in 1/2 race no wonder it’s for $1,600,000

  45. huarisikundi says:

    Hello can you guys help now I’m at tier 5 and I’m really like muscle car like Cobra Jet. So what do you think can I beat boss with that car and it’s affordable? I don’t like BMW Z4 what you guys suggest it’s not my favorite car.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Choose the car you like, max it out, master the perfect shift pattern, hire the mechanic, and you will beat the boss. Actually you can beat the boss without hiring the mechanic if your car is maxed out and you have the best shift pattern. Let me know if you need help with the shift pattern.

      • Quinton says:

        I’m in the world tour I have the COPO Camro I have upgrade everything to the max I’m running against ignition D it’s on hard level so we both sittin at 704 how can I beat this guy to win the 4000,000 and 2 gold coins? We running the half a mile

  46. Kay says:

    How abt mcLauren F1 CSR?
    Is it the fastest car to beat t5?

  47. Kay says:

    Hi I enjoy your articles and I’d like to ask if agera is better than R8 LMS ultra CSR for t5 non-pro. Thank you for your help 🙂

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I don’t know if it’s better but I do know that it is much cheaper and is the better value. Having said that the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari LaFerrari are better than the Agera and the R8.

      P.S. Glad you enjoy the articles! 🙂

  48. Quwan says:

    I forgot to mention I completed tier 5 couple of years ago with the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. Didn’t want to choice it again. Wanted a car that’s good for tier 5 and multiplayer.

  49. Quwan says:

    Hey Ronald

    You, and a couple of others on here seem to know a lot about this game. And I’ve been stressing trying to figure out the best car to get for tier 5 and multiplayer. I have over 2 million, and I have no problem spending it. Which car do you think is the best? And do you think the more expensive cars would be worth it?


    • Roland Bonay says:

      The two best cars are the McLaren P1 GTR and the Ferrari Laferrari…hands down. The more expensive cars can’t touch these two.

      • Quwan says:

        Thank I’ll definitely choose one of those when i get to the wold cup races. What car do you consider the best choice if you are not in the World Cup race yet?
        I want a good car for tier 5 races for now.

    • John says:

      For MP purposes, any car can suffice if you have the correct setup. For example if you get any car, and yes I mean ANY car that runs constantly 7.1xx. You’ll never lose, unless you make the mistake.

      This article has knowledge yes, but the best info you will find on Facebook groups.

  50. Hey guys which car is best in t5 in low price please!!! Reply fast!!thank u

  51. Hey Roland could u help me too! A t5 car which is low money to buy?please reply fast

  52. Wlafa says:

    Hey man i rly enjoy reading your posts i listen to you for T4 car and i got ferrari i dominated.
    Now i need t5 car i was wondering what do u suggest?
    I was trying to do the math for all the cars and i just dont know
    CCx agera R berlineta F40 ONE zonda or faking bmw or something else can you please help me i would appreciate it 🙂

  53. Ibrahin says:

    I just unlocked T5. I needed help with choosing a car. I am debating whether to get the cobra jet or the CCX. Can you help?

  54. Y.dot says:

    Hi there, I’m really stuck on which T5 car I should use I originally thought I should go for agera r, koensgigg CCX, or zonda r. However after ready many articles and forums on T5 cars many people are recommending the BMW and I don’t understand why, the Ferrari F40 has better stats than it so I don’t see what the fuss is with BMW ?? Could you please let me know what you would do in my situation, having 2 million dollars.
    Thank you

  55. William says:

    I keep driving LaFerrari and found that once after start and then immediately shift to 2,3,4,5 and wait there for green light then shift to 6 then 7 and I get the best time. I try follow your steps and keep wait for green in every shift but for this car seems not the case. I just wanna throw the ball and we can share our thoughts.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Your ball is in the court…looking forward to hearing from LaFerrari fans

      • Felipe says:

        Yes, you’re right. Perfect launch at 6000 RPM or good launch lower than 6000. Shift straight to 5th gear. Wait for the wheelspin to stop and hit nitrous at 7000 RPM. Then, go for perfect 6th and 7th.
        It only works if you have the Pro Tuner. Guaranteed 7.1xx every time. With Pro Tuner and N2O Maniac, 7.0xx.

        • William says:

          Agree with Felipe. It help helps me ran thur many stacks. However, it is really hard to get much RP (when I reached around 4%) even I ran that fast. Is there anything I missed?

  56. William says:

    Hi there,

    I am pretty sure you are pro in CSR.. Need your advice on tier 5 car. Right now i have $559156. Wondering what car to buy. In tier 4 I used F430.
    Should I buy Z4 or save more $$ and buy even better one like Agera R?

  57. csr racing says:

    Ruf ctr3 is one the best tier 5 car.It can do 1/4mile in 7.7xx seconds on average.If you know the technique.

  58. m.khizar says:

    ferrari f12belertina is the best

  59. Yellowninja says:

    Hey I just got a BWM Z4 GT3 and I was wondering if I need to get another car for the world tour or not.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      If you are referring to World Tour races against teams from Italy, Europe, the UK, the US, and the World Tour International then the answer to your question is yes, you will several more cars.

  60. Berfs1 says:

    My best time w/o mechanic for Ferrari Laferrari is 7.4 seconds flat. In multiplayer, I got 7.001 seconds w/ all boosts. The truth is whoever wrote this article sucks and Is a liar at getting in top 2%.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I wrote this a long time ago and CSR Racing has since added some better cars. For example, as of May 6, 2015 I think the McLaren P1 GTR is the VERY BEST. I’m in the process of updating this list but keep in mind it’s based on my personal opinions so please let me know what you think are the best T5 cars in the comment section below. P.S. It’s not cool to be mean 🙂

  61. Felipe says:

    Now, for the One:1 PSP. The Power Play Cup is on.
    BTW, I beat The Hunt Cup without spending a single gold coin.

    • Felipe says:

      Just finished the Power Play Cup. My Koenigsegg One:1 PSP was L-S-S- N-S-S-S. Perfect launch at 3.000 RPM, then skip to 2nd gear and let it ride for a perfect 3rd,followed by Nitrous. Then just follow the green light. My best time was 7.551 with this PSP against Ivan. Again, no gold used.

  62. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    Nice list, though it needs to be updated sooner or later.

  63. Marcelo says:

    Koenigsegg one:1 e o melhor carro do jogo

  64. Felipe says:

    Has anyone found the PSP for the Saleen S7 yet?

    • Zorthak says:

      I recommend you only do this when all parts are stage 5, but it may work as soon as you have stage 4 engine, turbo and transmission. Redline the engine, let off the gas so you hit ~5100 rpm at start. immediately shift into 2nd gear, then activate nitrous at 5000 rpm. then simply follow the green light.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      L-S-N-S-S-S-S (perfect start when the tach needle is on 6)

  65. Calum says:

    I’ve just unlocked T5 and I’m trying to decide which car to get first. The game has offered me a deal on the One-77 with $1million bonus cash for £7.99 which I don’t mind spending. Should I go for that or would you recommend a different car? A lot of the advice I see is for world tour cars which I’m not ready for.

  66. Kshitij says:

    WOOHOO!! Thanks Roland and everyone here! I came in the top 3% in the Veneno season, although I did pay once for the 24 hour unlimited gas – unfortunately not on the 1st day and couldn’t utilize it fully. I once was in the top 1% but couldn’t stay there.

    I’ll update this thread about how good the Veneno is once I figure out the PSP – although that may take some time. I had 3 free upgrades and 2.5 mil cash and still couldn’t get all stage 4 upgrades!

    By the way, the posts here about the LaFerrari have helped me a lot!
    The fastest time I’ve got with just the pro-tuner is 7.154! I can regularly get below 7.200. Whats the fastest that this car can go with just the pro tuner?

    • Felipe says:

      Using only Pro Tuner I have netted 7.115. With Pro Tuner and N2O Maniac I’ve gone as fast as 7.052. Hands down the best car for multi-player.

    • Rich says:

      My best LaFerrari time using pro tuner only is 7.091. Getting times that low is mostly just luck, but you should pretty much always be getting under 7.200 if you have the right shift pattern.

    • Henry Rollins says:

      7.051 is my fastest time in LaLa w/ pro tuner only, consistently get 7.075. 6.7xx-6.9xx with full race crew. Nitro + pro tuner 7.02x. Tire crew + pro tuner 7.15x

  67. NITRO says:

    hey , since the agera r is the best car , can i know the fastest psp for it …………

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’ve been unable to figure out the psp for this amazingly powerful car that actually runs faster on bad tires.

      P.S. the McLaren P1 GTR is now the best car and the psp is L-S-S-S-S-S-S-N-S

      • UNAS says:

        If you don’t have the PSP, why is this the best car? What times did you do and how should be

      • UNAS says:

        If you don’t have the PSP, why is this the best car? What times did you do and how should be the reason you call a car the best.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I did some racing and came up with a psp for the agera; L-S_S_S_N_S_S This psp will result in a top speed of 266 mph in the 1/2 mile. That qualifies the agera as one of the fastest cars in CSR. But the 0 – 60 time is around 2 secs which is not as good as other T5 cars. Bottom line, the agera is the best car for 1/2 mile races but is not the best for 1/4 mile races. I think it’s time for me to update my best tier 5 car list. Thanks!

      • Zorthak says:

        The agera’s max speed and 1/2 mile time are best on stock tires, but for the best 1/4 mile, have all stage 5 parts, redline the engine, let off with 2.5 seconds left til start, and shift immediately to 3rd gear. Then activate Nitrous at 7000 rpm, and wait until 9000 rpm to shift into 4th. wait again until the needle starts moving to shift into 5th. shift into 6th and 7th with the green light. if done properly, this should usually get you through the 1/4 mile in 7.74 or 7.75 seconds, but if you get lucky I have gone as fast as 7.732.

  68. Shawn Walinski says:

    Thanks for the last tip again but now that I beat the fifth tier I’m currently on the Italian crew first but I wanna start earning RPs, I’d like to the the vaneno this season but my cars can’t win 1/4 mile races online. What car do you think I would be best off buying?

  69. Felipe says:

    Try this: go to the paintshop and select the highest paying decal, but DON’T BUY IT. Instead, start changing the car color randomly and spin the car a little until the message “Achievement Unlocked: Chameleon” appears. Change the color a few more times and the game should crash. When you restart it, the decal is yours to keep, and you didn’t spend a single dime on it.
    But maybe it is only a glitch on my phone, who knows…

    • Kshitij says:

      Ya I just did that to most of my cars. 😉
      Was about to share this technique here but you had already shared. Works like a charm!

    • d Mahan says:

      Thanks all for the great info! Does the decal glitch still work (change color until “Chameleon” msg appears) or did the recent update clean this up? I’ve been spinning my car and changing colors at random for 5-10 minutes w/ no luck… Thanks again

      • Kshitij says:

        This bug still works dude. I just added decals worth more than 20 coins to my cars.

        Try the following –
        Apply the decal along with changing the color of the car. Any time you want to change the decal, also change the color. This helped me more than once.

        Also, don’t rotate/spin the car yourself, let it spin automatically and slowly. Also try the automatic spinning of the car in both full screen mode and the other mode where decals & paint colors are visible. At one point the game should crash while in the customization screen and car spinning.

        If this happens then you should have a paid decal for free. Beware that you might have to repeat the procedure if you go into the customization screen again.

        • d Mahan says:

          agreed… I was looking for the pop up msg, which no longer appears (as of late August ’15 on iOS).

          When I gave up and went back to the racing screen I realized I had the decal. I never received any msg to indicate this across two (2) cars.

          So, thanks for the tip and apologies for the false alarm!

        • William says:

          To get this, must connect with wifi/data is it?

  70. Shawn Walinski says:

    Thanks Roland for the advise on T4! I would like your help on T5 and I was looking at the arega, McLaren 650S,and the bmw z4. What one do you think would be best? I would like to get errols car and have a decent car to gain some RP’s,But if there’s a car that I didn’t name that better but not crazy expensive please let me know! Thank you again

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You’re welcome Shawn! The McLaren 650S is the best of the ones you mention. It does a little over 2 secs and has a top speed of 260 mph (in the 1/2 mile) which will serve you well against Errol as most if not all boss challenges are 1/2 mile races. If there’s a better car at a “reasonable” price I’ll let you know.

  71. Haroon says:

    Guys i have bought agera just now but it will defeat errol and will take his car. Everybody knows the new season has lamborghini reventon can I score more Rp in agera and win lambo

  72. jay max says:

    Hi, I finished T5 a couple of years ago I think now and got bored of regulation races so stopped playing. I had the Audi luma ultra. Ive just started racing again a few weeks back and noticed world tour and multi player mode. For multi player will my Audi be good enough? As for world tour which crew is best to start with? And how do you go about buying so many expensive cars to beat each crew member? Thanks

  73. Zig says:

    I agree that the BMW Z4 (non pro), with the Viking decal scores the most money in match play. With this car and many other cars you can try and “dump” it in 2nd gear right at the “perfect start”, then use turbo somewhere soon and you can shave a half second off easy.

  74. Abdalico says:

    J’ai de difficulté pour conduire agera R et je ne pas maîtriser du tout, je besoin d’aide maintenant. Merci.

  75. CSRRacer says:

    I have 1.7mil in the game and I have just completed tier 4. I am in need of a tier 5 vehicle but I do not know which one to get. Anyone have any suggestions? I want a car that will beat the boss but that will also win the world tour and multiplayer. I am considering the BMW Z4,CCX and Agera R.

  76. Adrien says:

    So which is the best, non world tour car now? I have jst gotten to T5 and would wanna win errol’s car.

    • Adrien says:

      It seems that the F12 and CTR3 comes highly recommended. Just gotta decide which is better overall.

      • Matthew says:

        Both can win errol’s car, but CTR3 would be best in my opinion just for T5 since there are a lot more 1/2 races, but once you finish T5, it’s not very useful. F12 is a good car for 1/4 mile, but CTR3 is just slightly slower for that but much faster for 1/2 mile. However, you do need both cars for world tour, so they both are not a waste. In the end it’s your choice which you choose.

  77. Matthew says:

    This is going to be my last PSP for a few weeks, but I think you guys are going to love this one for the LaFerarri. For a car which I don’t really do much testing on, I would say I’m quite proud I worked this one out. For this PSP, you will need a full team (ProTuner, Tires and Nitro. I will do testing later without Tires to see how well LaFerarri does).
    1. Launch at about 8000RPm-8100 RPM and Nitro at Launch(I can’t emphasis enough how difficult this is to get right, so far I’ve only manage to get it right once every 5 or 6 races. Easiest way to get within this range is have full throttle while waiting for countdown, then release peddle 1/4 second before start of race. Literally as soon as u release the peddle, the race would start)
    2. Straight to 5th
    3. If you did the launch right, you should have the “Get Ready” message when you get to 5th. Wait 1 second then shift to 6th gear (wheelspin should occur on 5th, shift before it ends)
    4. Finally Perfect 7th gear
    With this PSP, you should be able to reach under 6.9 seconds. I managed 6.886 seconds.
    As mentioned before, very very very difficult to get right, but as soon as you get the hang of it, it will be extremely easy.

    • Matthew says:

      Note that if the launch is right, the needle should stay around 8000RPM when on 5th and not drop, but it drops, then the launch is not right. Practice is everything for this PSP, definitely a PSP which will take a long time to master.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Congrats! Those are Hall of Fame numbers!

    • Arnold Geerts says:

      Thanks Matthew…..my best T5 time is not that great (6.93 with a 716 setup) so for sure i am gonna give this method a try.
      This is with a maxed out 720 setup?

      • Roland Bonay says:

        6.93 is still pretty awesome!

        • Matthew says:

          Apparently the best time ever is 6.4 seconds. But I have a feeling those times was with the help of a cheat, since everyone managed to get that about April 2014, and I don’t think LaFerarri was even out back then.

      • Matthew says:

        Yes with la Stella’s laferrari

      • Matthew says:

        Also, while your at trying to get that PSP down, can you test the PSP without the tire crew?? I won’t be playing CSR racing for about 2 weeks due to exams.
        Also, another point, you must release the peddle before start of race. I know alot of people will keep holding it down when the race starts since the speedometer is just slightly above 8100 RPM, but if you do that, it’s only gonna cause alot more wheelspin and slow down the car alot.

  78. Tomas says:

    Matthew and Roland, I think you’ll get a kick out of this.

    So I was farming Errol and hit 10 million in cash. Per Matthews recommendation I started buying the Ferrari’s. I started upgrading the F12 first, and got it almost maxed out. I thought “Oh let’s see how fast this thing is and use it to race Errol”. Next thing I know I’m pulling ahead of Errol without any Nitrous boost!….”NO NO STOP!” I’m screaming at the iPad, too late I’ve won

    I immediately shut down the app and restart it, but it’s too late I’ve unlocked the world tour, Errol is gone. I then proceed to totally reset my iPad and restore from yesterdays back up but upon starting CSR the first time it tells me I have a saved state on the server and loads it right where i left off, with Errol beaten – the gravy train is over folks 🙁

    It’s not all bad, it was getting boring farming Errol like that, and I had enough cash on hand to buy all the Ferrari’s and fully upgrade 2 of them. The new races are fun, even if I can’t zone out and win 40-50k consistently when loosing. I would have preferred to bank an extra 5-6 million to upgrade all the Ferrari’s though!

  79. Nkululeko Dube says:

    Hello there! Can someone please help? I have beaten Errol in T5 and world tour remains locked (coming soon), how do I unlock it? I have beaten all crews right from T1.

  80. Arnold Geerts says:

    Hi Roland,
    This seems to be a topic with lots of opinions so i wanna share mine as well since i am pretty sure that you (and your readers) can benefit from it.

    First of all fastest car in 1/4 mile is LaFerrari (regular races and multiplayer).
    Although i know there are faster setups with the entire crew on, most people will only use the pro-tuner in multiplayer since you don’t have to spent gold that way.
    Bit what is fast and how do you do that (only with pro-tuner).
    Setup: maxed 720 PP with all stage 5 parts. I usually take La Stella’s but your own LaFerrari works fine too of course.
    Start: launch around 5,400 rpm (perfect) or higher. Notice that i do that with full throttle before start and release it once the countdownmeter is almost at the 1 (just practise a bit till you master exact momentum). I do that this way because you can start shifting faster when the actual launch is there since you can move your finger towards the shiftpaddle while rpm-needle is dropping.
    Shift: directy shift to 5….that sounds easy and it is but when u practise it more ofter you will surprise yourself how fast you can actually do this.
    NOS: use NOS when you are in 5th gear at 7,000-7,200 rpm
    Shift: perfect shifts to 6 and 7
    Times: when you ‘master’ this way of driving you will always drive times between 7,06 and 7,15 (my personal best is 7,050). The variations in time are primarily caused by how fast/slow you can shift to 5th gear !!
    Besides fast, this car gives you the edge against all (yes all) opponents. Even when i played 18 streaks in a row your fastest opponent will ‘only’ race 7,249 which is considerably slower. So when you are not so superfast on the shifting to 5th gear you will still win easily.
    The only way you can loose is by not paying attention or by being distracted.

    This car is not that suitable for 1/2 mile races since its topspeed just isn’t high enough.
    For 1/2 mile races there are more suitable cars and the McLaren P1, although also not equipped with a super highspeed, is for me the best option so far.
    Times (with mechanic) under 11,000 seconds are very well doable.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Great advice! Thanks for posting…I’m gonna try this and get back with my results.

      • Matthew says:

        Good advice, it works(sometimes). When you get to 5th gear sometimes it stay within the 6000 RPM, but other times it’ll drop to about 3000-4000 RPM. Not a 100% realiable method as the result can vary dramatically. Personally I would stick with Aintnobody’s method of using nitro at launch, although it is about 1.5 seconds slower, it 100% reliable to work and still goes faster than cars when u reach 18 or 30 streaks. If there was a solid way of yours working constantly I would change to yours but in the big races, a consolidated PSP is crucial rather than relying on luck. Didn’t mean to sound harsh, but just a warning to others if they wanna use this against opponents who has a full team.

        • Matthew says:

          Lost 3 races giving your PSP a go and about 18000 RP, but I’m not bothered since I’ve altwsdy consolidated top 1% for the season. However when it does work, it’s a good little trick so you don’t have to sweat about the opponent catching up. Maybe your PSP is more suitable with tires or nitro, anything to maintain that RPM at the 6000 mark.

          • Matthew says:

            Actually no, scratch my comment lol. your PSP is right, the speedometer is meant to go to 3000-4000 (I think??) Getting the hang of your PSP, but I still can’t figure out how I got 7.3xx at first, but anyway, it’s working now. Thanks for that Arnold!!
            P.S is there any good PSP for LaFerarri without ProTuner? I know AintNobody gave one which can hit about 7.4xx, but anything better you worked out?? I’m not a great tester when it comes to LaFerarri, prefer other cars.

          • Arnold Geerts says:

            I think its time i try to give some clarity about those superfast LaFerrari times i wrote about at the start of this article.

            Btw Matthew and Roland….i love critical comments !!! It means that someone read the comment first, tried the advice in it later and took the time to inform me about it. Thanx since that helps me too.

            First about the rpm dropping till 3,000-4,000 rpm. I know that that can happen since it happened to me before when i was trying to master the LaFerrari. It simply means that you either launched too early or too late. Since my article was (too) long…..it says somewhere to launch at 5,400 rpm or higher. Defenitely not lower since that screws up your race and you will lose. But i see now that i was incomplete in my information!!…thank you. Also launching higher then 6,100 rpm means a drop in rpm which is not deadly but it will set you back in time to approximately 7.30-7.35

            So its better to launch at the safe side (5,800 or so which is somewhere in the middle) so that you won’t risk dropping down in rpm on either sides. If you play it safe that way its a 100% reliable. Only if you aim for supertimes between 7.05 and 7.08 (but why should you….well i did because i wanted to know) a launch between 5,400-5,600 becomes more important.
            Launching in the safe zone of 5,400-6,100 rpm gives you constant and reliable races with times as mentioned between 7,06 and 7,16

            So Metthew….don’t settle for the drop in rpm and times of 7,30…..yes that works most of the races…just launch a little bit earlier and your into the 7,06-7,16 woods.

            What i don’t understand of CSR is that my opponents (even when they are hard or extreme and with full crew on) never run faster then the 7,249 i mentioned. That way i can outrun then till the end of time with only the pro tuner. At some point i stop racing streaks simply because i lose focus or don’t wanna spent that much time (lol, i have other hobbies as well).

            Maybe good to know as well is that i always play with pro-tuner in multiplayer. Even against easy opponents where you can win without. Especially at the start of a new season the time difference between you and your opponents also counts in the RP you get. For instance the first streak of a new season usually generates 50,000 RP (between 8-10k for the first 6 races !!)

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I love critical comments too…they keep me straight.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Didn’t sound harsh at all. I’ll give Aint’s method a try and maybe I’ll switch.

          • Matthew says:

            Sorry about that, didn’t read it right, forgot about the 5000 RPM thing, instead did perfext launch since I’m so used to it. But with perfect launch can still get about 7.081 seconds.

          • Matthew says:

            I think launching on Perfect Shift would be better than launching at 5400 RPM. I still haven’t got the hang of launching that low, but on average I’m getting better times with perfect launch, however I have gotten better times with your PSP of about 7.071 seconds, just need a lot lot of practise.

    • Felipe says:

      Wow! I tried your PSP for LaFerrari and got as low as 7,110. Never lost a race ever since. Using her at multiplayer. Loving it!
      Thanks a lot!

  81. Tomas says:

    I forgot to mention, I’ve read thru the post and many cars that are listed as the best T5 cars like the McLaren P1 GTR or the Bugatti don’t seem purchasable, just says play the world tour which I haven’t unlocked yet.

    • Matthew says:

      Bugatti is no need, don’t waste your time trying to get that car unless you have nothing else to do on the game. You will most likely never use it again.

  82. Tomas says:

    Hello, I just downloaded CSR racing a few days ago I’m loving it! I have hit level 5 and have a Koenigsegg CCX that I acquired. I’m also sitting on roughly 1.5 million cash and 130 gold. Would it be worth it to buy another T5 car? Or should I just upgrade the CCX fully and save for the Wold Tour that I hear so much about but haven’t unlocked yet? (Lot of interesting comments on the Agera but not much on CCX) Also enjoying multiplayer I’m in the top 25% right now hope to be in the top 20 before the end of the season… if there’s a better multiplayer car then the CCX let me know!

    • Matthew says:

      if you want to pass T5 quickly, stick with your CCX, however if you want to win errol’s car (not very good) then buy the RUf CRT3. As for if there’s a better multiplayer car, obviously there are, and that would be the LaFerrari, but the best free car in my opinion for multilayer would be Corvette Z06 or mclaren F1 CSR.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Thanks Matt, as always, for your advice/opinion. I’ve been driving the Big Mac for a while and based on your comment I’m gonna give the ‘Vette a few spins around the track.

        • Matthew says:

          I might need to clarify what I meant by ‘free’. When I said that, I meant based on Tomas situation of not having World Tour unlocked yet. Obviously, there are plenty of cars which can do better than the Vette in multiplayer, P1 and Laferrari for instance, and also based on how much gold and cash he had. Although he hasn’t got 8 million cash yet to buy the F1 CSR, that’s a car he might need to consider if he still hasn’t got the LaFerarri by a certain stage. Although the World Tour cars are technically free, it takes a lot of time and effort to gain them

          • Matthew says:

            I didn’t have the Vette while I did T5, but if that’s the car Tomas is gonna buy for multiplayer, it might as well be his T5 car too rather than the CCX. Although I don’t know how much upgrades he’s done for the CCX, if he hasn’t done much, the Vette should be the car he should get, and it should just do as good, if not better than the CCX in 1/2 mile tracks.

      • Tomas says:

        Thank you Matthew, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll keep the CCX for tier 5. So for Multiplayer you think the LaFerrari is the best? Is that because it has the best quarter mile time? Any other tips for multiplayer?

        • Matthew says:

          LaFerrari is the quickest car hands down, no car can come close to it, and definitely one of the easiest car to play. If you want to get serious in multiplayer by playing World Tour club, just make sure you have ProTuner equipped all the time, as for Pro Club and Free mode, Protuner isn’t necessary until about the 3rd or 4th streak when difficulty is raised. However, you will need a reliable car until you can get the LaFerrari, it’ll take at least maybe a week or two before you can obtain it. The choice is yours rather you will skip multiplayer for that time or focus on World tour.

          • Tomas says:

            I got about half way thru tier 5 last night, should hit the World Tour this weekend. Based on Roland’s excellent article I think I’ve got a grasp on what do to get the LaFerrari

            One quick question on free multiplayer….Is there any way to see if the car I’m racing will be easy, challenging, or hard before I challenge the driver to a race? Or, is there a way to back out if I see it’s going to be an orange/hard race? Usually I just go by the Horsepower ratings, but occasionally I get surprised by a car that has lower HP but shows up as orange/hard. Depending on how high I am in the ladder I’d prefer to just cancel it and bank the winings but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

          • Tomas says:

            I got about half way thru tier 5 last night, should hit the World Tour this weekend. Based on Roland’s excellent article I think I’ve got a grasp on what do to get the LaFerrari

            One quick question on free multiplayer….Is there any way to see if the car I’m racing will be easy, challenging, or hard before I challenge the driver to a race? Or, is there a way to back out if I see it’s going to be an orange/hard race? Usually I just go by the Horsepower ratings, but occasionally I get surprised by a car that has lower HP but shows up as orange/hard. Depending on how high I am in the ladder I’d prefer to just cancel it and bank the winings but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Thanks Tomas! I’m also sometimes surprised by a car that has lower Rating but shows up challenging or hard. If it’s challenging I usually race anyway and usually win. I figure if my car is 720 and my opponent is 704 and I have a PSP strategy then I should win. If it’s hard I usually click “Hire Team” and hire whoever I need to knock it back down to challenging or easy. Another thing you can do is race anyway and if you lose pay the blogger to scratch the result and allow you to try again. You will then have the option to try again or bank. Hope this helps.

        • Matthew says:

          A good way to see if your opponent is going to be hard is to look at their RP points, higher RP usually means a harder opponent, even if someone has a car at a rating of like 696 compared to your 720 rating car, it can come up with hard difficulty if their RP is so much higher than yours. Best way to get challenging or lower the difficulty as much as possible is buy protuner which costs about $45500 cash for 5 mins. That would be a lot for you since cash is of the essence, especially if your still working on T5 and World tour. However, that’s something you need to decide by yourself, if you want to keep doing multiplayer or focus on single mode, and personally, I would just focus on single mode if I were you.

          • Matthew says:

            A good strategy to do for the Italian crew is start off by buying the F430 car, the cheapest of them all, then do Ferrari 458, followed by Ferarri F40 and finally F12. A reason for this is of the ascending amount of cash received by beating the crew members, so F430 gives the least and F12 member gives the most. If you do that, you can have a good amount of cash for when you finally get the LaFerarri and have a good start by upgrading it. This is also true for the remaining Teams.

          • Matthew says:

            Another useful tip I just found out, I’m not too sure if this is true or not, but if you play multiplayer for a few streaks, the difficulty increases, however if you don’t play multiplayer for about 4 or 5 hours, the difficulty resets to normal, therefore it becomes easy or challenging rather than hard or extreme. I don’t know if this happens for all, but for me it does. If this is true, it’s a good way to do multiplayer daily without having to spend a lot of cash for ProTuner.

          • Tomas says:

            Hi Matthew, I’m not sure why someone didn’t mention this before, but it turns out LOOSING to Errol is EXTREMELY profitable! Depending on how well you shift you can get up to $60,000 per loss (perfect run) I’m using this guy like my cash cow and have 3.5 million right now. My thought was to have at least 5 million in the bank, beat him for the extra 1.5 million and then pick up the Ferrari F12berlinetta to race the wold tour and then snag the LaFerrari for multiplayer as soon as I could….What do you guys think, good strategy? Is 5 million enough to bank? I can loose to this guy for a week and rack up as much cash as you think I’ll need. Let me know!

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Wish I would’ve known about this before! 🙂

          • Matthew says:

            Oh yes I forgot to even mention that haha. I did same thing thing to, but I think it wasn’t $60000 but rather about $40000?? U can quite remember, it’s been so long since I beat errol. It’s a good strategy but focus getting all ferrari rather than just one. I also did that when facing off with world tour bosses but they only gave about $25000, still better than match races though.

          • Matthew says:

            Your gonna need at least $10 million to buy the 4 italian crew cars and to max them all. My advice would be buy them one at a time right now, starting with the most expensive car and work ur way down to the cheapest, so F12 down to F430 (tier 4 car). Upgrade ur F12 first, you’ll love it and will be super easy to beat errol and win his car easily (hopefully). If you don’t want to spend so much time just farming for cash, then make all the cars, except F12, have level 3 upgrades. Once you come to doing the italian crew, you’ll have no trouble gaining alot of cash to finish off upgrading them, but just remember, beat Felix (F12 crew member) last.

          • Tomas says:

            Thank you Matthew, so 60k is the max per win (perfect start and shifts) I average about 40k which is about half perfect the rest good or miss. The lowest you can go is around 27k if you just miss everything…. Can I ask why you’re recommending I buy every ferarri? Can’t I just beat all of the italian crew with one car? That’s how I’ve done all Tier levels so far?

          • Matthew says:

            You can’t use one car. There are 4 crew members with 4 different cars needed. All together there are 5 additional cars u can get from the Italian crew including the laferrari. That’s why I said it’ll take you at least a week or 2 to complete it since u you are going to need a lot of gas and cash to complete everything.

          • Matthew says:

            So if you are getting $60K, does that mean ur CCX cannot beat Errol??

        • Tomas says:

          Ah, thank you Matthew, you’re a wealth of info! OK, new plan – I’m going to grind on Errol for all the Ferrari’s – Maybe even the 8 million dollar McLaren if I don’t get tired of the grind then move on…Last 2 questions for now. #1 – why do you recommend racing the F12 crew leader last? #2 – do the other world tiers also require an individual/specific car per crew boss? Sitting pretty at 4.5 mill this morning with every car in tiers 1,2 & 3 purchased THANKS GUYS!

          • Matthew says:

            For #1, Felix gives about $600000 when you beat him, so that’s a good bonus and good start to upgrade the LaFerarri, even if you used all your cash to upgrade the rest of the Ferarris. And for #2, yes all world tour requires 4 cars. I made the mistake of beating Felix first and it was hard to earn so much cash to upgrade LaFerrari as everything is expensive. Don’t worry about buying every car, even I don’t have all cars, best if you use that cash to buy the cars you need. The McLaren is a good little car for multiplayer, but it’s nothing compared to LaFerarri. Versing the McLaren F1 CSR is hard, driving it can be a whole completely different story. You would rather buy the Corvette, as that’s a car needed for the USA team, and it’s got a pretty good time of about 7.4xx if using the right PSP with Protuner only.

  83. Matthew says:

    Saleen S5S Raptor PSP:
    For a car that costs 125 gold, it doesn’t really seem like its worth. Not a bad looking car, but not very good.
    1. Perfect Launch
    2. Perfect 2nd and 3rd Shift
    3. Use Nitro and perfect shifts till end
    Can rack up about 7.83 seconds, however, I have not tested this in multiplier with a full team, and if I remember right, this car with a full team is deadly.

    Pagani Zonda R PSP:
    Not a very hard car to master, as fast as it comes out of the starting line, it doesn’t have enough speed. Definitely not a car you should waste 1 million cash on as there are plenty of others that can go faster.
    1. Perfect Launch
    2. Perfect 2nd shift and use nitro immediately after shifting
    3. Perfect shifting till end
    Can get about 7.9 seconds with this car, quite low for a car designed for 1/4 mile tracks if you compare to others.

    McLaren 650s PSP:
    A car I believe is more suited to the 1/2 mile track rather than 1/4 mile. Useful tip if you plan to do 1/4 mile track with this car, use a level 2 TURBO. Similar reason to the Ruf CRT3, reduces wheelspin.
    1. Perfect Launch
    2. Use nitro 1/2 a second after a launch and go directly to 4th gear.
    3. Perfect shifting till end.
    7.879 seconds best time I’ve gotten for this car using this tip.

    BMW Z4 GT3 PSP:
    Quite a good car if you practice and drive it more. Not very fast but enjoyable.
    1. Perfect Launch
    2. Perfect 2nd gear. Go straight to 3rd after 2nd, then wait 1/2 second and go to 4th
    3. Once on 4th Gear use nitro
    4. Perfect Shifting till end
    Can get about the 7.84 second mark.

    Ferarri 458 Speciale PSP:
    Not the best Ferarri car for sure, but still enjoyable to drive. Surprisingly not very fast too.
    1. Perfect Launch and about 1/4 second later use nitro
    2. Go directly to 3rd gear
    3. Perfectly shifting till end.
    Seems like 7.919 seconds is the best this car can get, but that’s no surprise considering it can only get up to 195mph in 1/4 mile.

  84. Ain'tNobody says:

    Has anyone come across a Saleen S7 Twin Turbo? This car looks amazing as all heck. I raced five in this season, and won against all five. However much it looks great, especially Boss X’s, it didn’t live up to my expectations. I ‘m pretty disappointed but I guess it’s a workable car; but I’ve got other stuff to toy with. I just got my hands on the Bugatti and realized something: I seriously dislike it. Shoulda kept it for the last!! It’s not even fast, at 681, and all my MP enemies lose to my LaFerrari when they race me with a Veyron.. I’ll leave it in the dust and try for… Well, McLaren P1 GTR or Saleen S7?

    • Matthew says:

      I’ve got it and to put it in the most simple words as I can, it’s bad compared to the likes of laferrari and P1. It’s slightly better and more enjoyable to drive then the Bugatti, but time wise it’s a car you wouldnt want to drive except to admire it’s beauty. However it is a car u need for world as Boss X did mention about using it After completing world hub thing.

    • Matthew says:

      Actually the Bugatti is fast, to be precise, if you use no tricks for the laferarri and P1, it is the fastest car out of those 3 for 1/4 mile, however, it’s very hard to master it. Very few times would you be able to get perfect shifts, but if you do, you’ll score a awesome time, but it’s only slightly faster than the Laferarri. If there was a PSP trick for Bugatti it could become a fan favorite.

      • Matthew says:

        But the Bugatti is extremely unreliable. Even if you were the master of this car, you will still question rather the Bugatti deserves a spot in the top 5.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        I kinda found the Bug somewhat easy to master…or maybe she deluded me in thinking so with all of the paintjob and decal options. I’m a big comics fan and I spent a lot of time dressing her up in combos that might suit Iron Man, Bat Man, Wolverine, etc. There is one car I have not been able to figure out–the Mustang Cobra Jet. Maybe because I’m not a big fan of the Horse Whisperer?

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      The Bugatti is ugly imho. But based on your sayings, I’ll take my time to max it. Next one is the P1 GTR, Saleen can wait if it’s this bad.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to art, cars, and politics so I respect your opinion with regard to the Bugatti’s appearance. Let me now what you think about how it performs once you max it.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        I went searching for support for my opinion that the Bug is beautiful but all I found were a lot of people who hate it! They hate the way it looks and they hate the fact that it costs so much. I agree it is over-priced but I still think, in moho, it is gorgeous and should be considered the official car of Marvel and DC comics.

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          Speaking of ugly, Hennesey Venom GT might looks great, it’s an ugly scam. 1 million dollars for a sauced up Exige? Really, John Hennesey? Hopefully the F5 isn’t as bad. It’s good, btw, to see someone reply respectfully to an opinionated post. The Bug has a lot of customization options, but its shape doesn’t really work with me.

    • Errol says:

      Well I’m in the season of the CTS-VR and I have come across maybe 4 or 5 and 3 out of the 5 have managed a 7.8 or better being me using Errols Audi R8 LM Edition it was pretty scary but i bought the 24 hr team to beat them. The Saleen S7 TT goes up to 720 when it passes 709 your in big trouble with most of the cars you mention

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Hey Errol, didn’t I beat you and win your car? Just kidding!

        I agree the Saleen S7 TT is much better than the cars I mention. I wrote this a year ago and since then CSR added so many better cars. I plan to update the rankings in a separate post. Once CSR2 comes out with new cars including Lambos I will write another post offering my opinions on what are the best cars in that platform.

        Stay tuned!

  85. Matthew says:

    If you ever decide to update your top 5 tier 5 cars, may I give you s suggestion?? Although I do have a lot of cars to upgrade and looking forward to buying the mclaren F1, this would have to be my top 5 from what I’ve driven:
    1. Mclaren P1 – most reliable car around, perfect for both 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile tracks
    2. laferarri – without a doubt the fastest car in 1/4 mile
    3. F12 berlinetta – version 2 of the mclaren P1, great for both 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile
    4. Ruf CRT3 – although 1/2 mile tracks become less frequently used after beating errol, this car is definetly the car needed to be bought when versing errol’s team, ruf CRT3: king of the 1/2 mile track
    5. Mclaren F1 GT3 – although I have not bought the car and tested it thoroughly, I believe this car deserves a spot in the top 5, purely based on how well and challenging it is to race against it. Through daily events and match races, this car seems like the next pagani zonda, only just a lot faster.

    As mentioned before, there’s a lot of cars I have which needs to be driven and upgraded, but I’m sure this would be the best top 5 list to date. Anyone else agree?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You have a lot of data supporting your top 5 list (nice work BTW). Every driver is different so I’ll have to do some research before I offer my opinion.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      McLaren F1 CSR is not really top 5 material. I own it, max and pro, and it isn’t very enjoyable. I’ll look deeper into it later. The Agera R > CTR3 in 1/2 mile, I mean who says better than 308 mph??

      • Matthew says:

        The agera is fast, that’s without a doubt, but races is based on time, not speed. You can have the fastest car, but if it doesn’t deliver with time, it’s useless. You can test the agera as much as you want, but in the end, the Ruf will always have a better time, and that’s WITH tire upgrades. I haven’t tested it without tires, but who knows, it might go faster than agera.

        • Matthew says:

          And I found that speed trick months ago and posted on here, just the guy below me refreshed Roland’s memory about it.

  86. Aryan varshney says:

    Hey try this,,,, in agera ,, dont do tire upgrade nd race in half mile u will easily get 308 miles per hour which is the top spedd!!!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Wow! I tried this and it worked! That’s the fastest speed and the best 1/2 mile time I’ve ever achieved. Thanks!!!

      • Matthew says:

        Agera can reach a slightly higher speed of 308mph compared to ruf’s 298 mph, but ruf will score a better time in 1/2 mile.

          • Matthew says:

            how to get 298mph?? That’s only possible with mechanic to reach close to top speed, without mechanic it can only hit about 282mph, with level 5 and level 4 tires. Even with mechanic, 298mph doesn’t seem like top speed, CRT3 does so well that it finishes the race before max speed can be reach, so I have no idea what the max speed could be. For that reason alone, that’s why I believe it is better than Agera. But you also need to consider, even if you want to get 308 mph with Agera, what use would it be?? To face Errol and Viggo?? Even so, the difficulty level will become ‘extreme’ if you decide to take tire upgrades off, therefore, the time you can get for Agera will increase by a good amount. Only way to verse those two would be if you had level 3 or 4 tires, and even with that, CRT3 would do alot better.

  87. Matthew says:

    Covette C7 Z06 PSP:
    1. Perfect Launch and straight to 3rd gear
    2. Wait about 1/2 second to 1 second, then use nitro
    3. Perfect Shifts till end
    Can rack up just under 7.8 seconds without mech

    COPO Camaro PSP:
    This can differ quite a bit since the times aren’t consistent, even if using the same method.
    1. Perfect Launch
    2. Go straight to 3rd gear then use nitro immediately
    3. Perfect 4th shift
    Can get about 7.85 seconds with no mech

    Ruf CRT3 PSP:
    Definitely a car suitable for 1/2 mile tracks rather than 1/4 mile, but still better than most cars around.
    1. Perfect launch then straight to 4th gear
    2. Wait 1/4 of a second, then use nitro
    3. Perfect shifts till the end
    This car can get as low as 7.752 seconds using this, but I feel there’s a better PSP suited.

    McLaren 12C GT3:
    A car I thought would be quite good after how much Aint’N Body was saying how much he loved it, but I’ve noticed, it’s not as good as I expected. Maybe Aint’Nbody has a better PSP, but from what I tested, I was kind of disappointed.
    No PSP discovered, as everything I did would give the same/similar result, about the 7.94 second mark.

    As soon as I make more cash and max every other single T5 cars, more PSP will be on its way

    • Matthew says:

      Update on the Covette C7 Z06 PSP:
      1. Perfect Launch and Nitro on launch
      2. Shift to 4th gear immediately
      3. Perfect 5th and 6th shifts.
      Able to achieve about 7.76 seconds with this. Also same PSP for multiplayer. Able to achieve about 7.18 seconds with full team.

      • Matthew says:

        Update for Corvette C7 Z06 PSP for multiplayer (with protuner):
        A bit tricky to master at first, but this will help you alot. Can go even faster than LaFerarri with only ProTuner. A great car to use in multiplayer if LaFerrari isn’t in your garage yet. This car needs 702 rating to use this trick, so INTAKE needs to be on STOCK. You will not get this trick at first or second go, going to need a lot of practice, so my advice, do about 1 or 2 streaks on FREE mode of multiplayer, and look at your speedometer to judge when to shift.
        1. Perfect Launch and Straight to 3rd gear
        2. Wait one second – 1.5 seconds then shift to 4th (basically about 1/2 second before the wheel spin stops. You must shift before wheelspin stops, not after)
        3. Use nitro and perfect shifting to end
        Should be able to hit 7.423 seconds, faster than what LaFerarri can do at a time of 7.459 seconds. Still haven’t tested this car with a full team, but definitely looking forward to it. Still got lots of testing to do with this car as it keeps surprising me how capable it is.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks for the great info!

      • Matthew says:

        Tip for Ruf CRT3 if you are using it for match races (Hard). Have everything maxed, but have level 3 TURBO. This won’t only reduce the wheelspin, but give you easier opponents. With perfect starts, perfect/good shifts and the $5850 decal bonus, you should easily be able to obtain over $21500. Use this PSP only for match races(Hard):
        1. Perfect Launch
        2. Perfect 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts till 4th gear
        3. Wait about 1/2 second then use nitro
        4. Perfect 5th and 6th shifts
        Although this PSP will only net you about the 7.9 seconds mark, it’s only useful to win those Match Races, however it doesn’t mean it will achieve same success in other races with this setting (702PP with level 3 turbo).

        • Matthew says:

          Sorry my bad, made a mistake with the Ruf CRT3 tip. The PSP should be:
          1. Perfect Launch
          2. Perfect Shifting till 5th gear
          3. Nitro and perfect 6th gear
          You can use the general PSP for Ruf CRT3 too which is:
          However with the Match Race PSP you can net slightly faster times of just under 7.9 seconds, but it won’t make much of a difference.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      McLaren MP-4 12C GT3 is the most gorgeous car of this game. I’m a fanboy but still.. It cqn net constant 7.769 with this Shift Pattern:
      1. Perfect Launch
      2. Straight to 2nd, then you wait 1/2 second and very early 3rd.
      4. Perfect Fourth with Nitro
      5. The rest, perfect.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      Btw, nice on on the vette. I’ll try and buy it ASAP, but Koenigsegg Agera R looks gorgeous as all heck in black and white stripes, and she’s crying for me to max her.. 😀

      • Matthew says:

        I’d say max ur Agera first before u consider buying any other cars. If you only want the Vette for the RP boost, you’ll be disappointed. I’ve only raced my corvette in about 16 streaks out of the 200-300 streaks I’ve done, and the extra 100 RP per race isn’t worth 3 million cash. You can only get about 450 RP/race with corvette compared to about 360-370 RP/race with LaFerarri, and Ferarri is much more fun to drive and easier, even if u make a mistake on Ferarri, you can still win that race, but if you make a mistake on corvette, it’s all over.

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          Oh yeah, I thought the RP boost would be huge! I’m almost done maxing the Koe, and found a neat shift pattern for her, but I won’t need to max it in order to take on Viggo and his ugly Agera.

          • Matthew says:

            Haha no way mate. Only huge bonus is T2 car, but I’ve tested it. Gave each car 30mins oh driving (laferrari, corvette and a T2 car forgot the name of it) I found out even though u gain more RP per race on that T2 car, u gain less for every 30 mins compared to laferrari, and mind u, it’s very very easy to lose with that T2 car. Although u do gain slightly more with corvette time wise, the chances of losing is still quite high, so if ur not prepared to equip blogger every 5 mins, then converter is a define definete no go.

    • Tom says:

      Best shift pattern I have found for the Ruf CTR3: get a perfect launch, perfect shift on 2nd then tap tap tap about a half second between to 5th gear (you should end up with perfect and good shifts on 3rd, 4th, and 5th) then hit nitro. Its like getting shot out of a cannon, did a 7.6xx quarter mile doin this. Can even win most match races even on the hard level) Just wish they would tame down the wheel spin on this car. Didn’t spend all that cash on tire upgrades just to melt them off. 8-\

      • Roland Bonay says:

        I’ve gotta give this a try…thanks!

        • Matthew says:

          Ik the Ruf CRT3 very well, spent alot of time driving it and testing it, but no offense, it’s not possible to get 7.6 second, unless u got mechanic. The best this car can get in 1/4 mile with ur PSP (full upgrade I presume) is about 7.879 seconds. I’ve got both Wilhelm’s CRT3 and the one I bought, and 7.6xx is impossible, so I’m not too sure how u managed to get 7.6 seconds like that..

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I tried this but the best I could do was 7.89.

          • Matthew says:

            Can only win about 40% races using a fully upgrade CRT3 (704 rating) in hard match races, definetly not most races. Like I mentioned before, if you want to use CRT3 for these kind of races, you must use level 2 turbo to win 100% races if you get at least good shifts.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Hey Matt…thanks for keeping us straight. I have not been able to keep up to date on the PSP updates lately so I really appreciate your contributions to this site.

          • Matthew says:

            Level 3 turbo for CRT3

    • FuriousReaper says:

      I managed to hit 7.700 with the ctr3. Get a perfect start, shift as quickly as you can to 4th gear ,get a perfect shift to 5th,then hit nitrous instantaneously. Get a perfect shift to 6th gear.

  88. Ain'tNobody says:

    btw, how’s everyone doing with the new Ferrari Enzo season? Are you going to compete in, or relax? For my part, Top 3% will make me happy. I missed the Mopar but it’s OK. The Corvette is pretty cheap actually, I’m tempted to buy and max. I have its Tier 3 version which actually sucks if not driven perfectly. I’m at 204K RP. Aiming for 600K, is it enough for top 1%?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      600K should be enough for top 1%. I missed the Mopar too – I was in top 3% but CSR issued an update that required wifi to install. I was away from my wifi so the update never got installed. I was unable to race in multi for 24 hours so I ended up slipping into the top 4%. A little upset…but then again it’s just a game.

      • Matthew says:

        I’m currently 2nd in that season. I think I’ve done enough to stop for this season and still be in the top 1% in 3 weeks time. I still got 8hrs of gas left, but it’s so boring only being able to get 400-500 RP per race. I might try to aim for 1mil RP, but I’m currently happy having only about 850K atm. I’m Chandogggy btw.

        • Matthew says:

          Oh, and I think 600K won’t be enough for top 1% Roland. I’ve noticed this season has gotten quite a bit more competitive since I joined in hehe u should aim for at least 700K to have a good chance. Anyway, you still got time

          • Matthew says:

            I just hit over 1 million RP, every race has seemed to become automatically “easy”, which is good becuz I’m just gonna relax for the remainder of the season, might save my cash and not buy the teams. I think if anybody versed me now in mulitplayer, it would be automically “hard” for them.

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          If I didn’t miss the Corvette… I could’ve gone as high. All I have is my Laferrari to rack up RP. Btw, my 7.13x says hard to 7.3x, so every race is marked easy, literally.

          • Matthew says:

            It shouldn’t take more than 2 hour to gain 1.7 mil cash and then another 1 hr to max the corvette. That’s what I did during the first day of this season, gained about 56 million cash, and just bought a bunch of cars.

          • Matthew says:

            But the Corvette only gives an extra 100% RP, not much if you ask me. I’d rather stick with the LaFerarri and go on another 100+ winning streak, at least it’s a piece of cake to win races, however there’s no guaranteed chance with the Corvette to do the same, as I’ve lost about 2 races so far against LaFerarri and Berlinetta, but that would’ve been my fault, shifted too quickly and went to 5th and lost heaps heaps of speed.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      I understand.. That’s no good.
      Chevy weekend? Pretty much useless. It will fill World Tour with easy COPOs and Corvettes C7 Z06.

      • Matthew says:

        Actually, that’s not the case. The opponents are just random, and can be any cars belonged to that player. You can verse the same person 3 times in a single streak, with all those 3 cars being different. The car someone drives isn’t always the car you will verse, so best way to ‘slow’ someone’s RP is to max as many cars as you own. I learn this the first 2 days of this season, versed some guy 2 times in a single streak, then a few streaks later, versed someone 3 times, and tbh, it actually got harder as u progressed through higher number of streaks.

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          That wasn’t my point, I stated that people would user their Corvette and COPOs if they oen these over any car of their garage this weekend, so one would be likelier to roll into these two cars. COPO ugly as all heck tho… It’s a rocket at the launch, which surprises me since
          Camaro are heavy, no?

          • Matthew says:

            Copo pretty crap, I’m surprised 4th gear is the highest it can go, and as soon as u reach 4th gear, it’s all about hoping ur opponent doesn’t catch up to u.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            One thing I like about having only 4 gears is that you can actually watch the car for a good portion of the race.

  89. Ain'tNobody says:

    Helping you with some of the PSP:
    Mustang Cobra Jet:
    Perfect Launch, Straight to Third, Perfect Fourth and Nitrous, Good or Perfect Fifth and Sixth.

    Camaro GT3:
    Perfect Launch, Straight to the Last Gear + Nitrous. Since the topping speed of this junk pile is 189 mph, it sucks in half mile. However, it does decent in quarter mile. The best I’ve seen with no help in MP is 7,5xx.

    McLaren F1 CSR:
    Launch at 10RPM (yeah, it’s necessary), Straight to Second, Early Third (right when the wheels stop smoking cannabis)with Nitrous, Perfect Fourth, Fifth and Sixth. Should always be done with Pro Tuner whatsoever, it nets 7,5xx easily in MP. Pretty nice but tricky at first.

    Venom GT:
    You won’t believe it but hey, that’s how this scam of a car operates. First off, don’t bother buying Nitrous, and take the Intake to stage 4. PP should be 709, I think.
    Launch at 8RPM (wheelspin but it’s necessary), then straight to Third, then Good Fourth and the rest Perfect. Of course, Pro Tuner is necessary. This shift pattern brings you 7.3x consistently. And I mean it.

  90. Rama Joe says:

    Hi there, how about the venom gt? I’m going to buy it but I want to hear your opinion about it

    How it compares to agera R, laferrari, and berlinetta?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      The venom gt is a great car. I only used it to race against Teresa in USA world tour. So I really don’t know how it compares to anything else.

      • Matthew says:

        That would be the viper GT3, not venom lol. Venom not worth it in my opinion. It’s got power, but takes too long for it to reach it’s maximum speed, hence slows the car down alot. Agera more suited for 1/2 mile tracks, but if u want a car for 1/2 mile, the Ruf CTR3 is undeniably the best. Both LaFerarri and Berlinetta great for 1/4 mile and multiplayer.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      So… The Hennesey Venom GT in real life is a scam. A sauced up Lotus Exige sold for a million dollars, that’s how extreme our world is now.
      On a digital note, the Venom GT is great in CSR Racing. In 1/4 Mile, it does better than the Agera R and Berlinetta but the Laferrari beats it; however, it might get beat by the Laferrari in 1/2 mile as well, and will always lose to the Berlinetta and Agera R since these two latters have the best half mile times of the game, along with RUF Ctr3 (lol junk).
      Back to the Venom. It’s a great alternative to the Laferrari… Only if Pro. A normal Venom GT won’t net you enough RP to keep up with the heavy concurrence in the game. Even Pro, it nets less RP than the Laferrari. Read my advice above for the shift pattern.
      All in all, Laferrari > Venom > Agera R and Berlinetta.

  91. Ain'tNobody says:

    The One-77 is effectively an excellen car I had doubt on before. I beat Miss Sacha at 699 and in Match Race, Hard, I can hardly lose. It’s my best moneymaker as of now, with its decal paying 5700+ cash so every race is almost 21000 cash. It will bring me easy to the Koenigsegg Agera R.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      The one-77 is one sweet ride! Easy to shift and very reliable…plus you gotta love that decal bonus…great choice when your focus is on building cash reserves as opposed to competing in multi-player mode

    • Felipe says:

      The One-77 is my moneymaker. On match races, level Hard, I never lose. If you get a perfect launch and perfect shifts, you win 21,664 per race, with the top paying decal. Just love the car.

  92. Ain'tNobody says:

    Yesterday I found out a better car than LaStella’s LaFerrari: YOUR LaFerrari. But the trick is, don’t max out.
    I’ve been very frustrated with my own method as I lost almost 10K RP because of sloppy shift skills (wasn’t fully focused, warn you. It’s important to focus for achieving this method and briging very consistent times.)
    Yesterday, I took my own LaFerrari to Multiplayer by accident as I normally always pick LaStella’s toy. So
    I said, it’s OK, 719 VS 720 isn’t too much. My own LaFerrari is maxed out except for stage 3 Turbo.
    And my advice, if you’re an advanced player, is to do what I’m doing, and take your LaFerrari with Stage 3 Turbo and the rest maxed out.
    The Method:
    1. PERFECT START and if it’s not EXACTLY perfect, you lose.
    2. Straight to fifth gear with NOS.
    3. Good/Perfect sixth and seventh. Late and Early will kill your times.
    What’s so special and different when you have Stage 3 Turbo instead of stage 5? The needle on the tachometre. With this LaFerrari setup, the needle when you get to fifth gear will stall for 1/2 second on 5, then the wheelspin will stop and your car will pull itself away from your opponent’s.
    With this setup and shift pattern, I got extremely constantly 7.14x/7.16x/7.18x. It propelled me from 372K RP to 385K from yesterday to today, some Gold Spent of course. However, I tried this method today and wasn’t fully focused; a wheelspin start drowned my times to 7.4x and Good Start, 7.315 almost all the time. I won a streak but then lost the first race of the other streak and kept on losing. I’m at 378K RP back, and top 4%. 15 Gold looks pretty tempting and the Mopar Drag Pak should be available for cash at the dealership so I can wait for it.
    If you ever come across me, I’m A&M Gaming. I drive a LaFerrari all the time in MP. Good luck!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’ll give this a try and let you know how it goes…thanks!

      • Matthew says:

        I’m confused with the 2nd step, do you use nitro as soon as you start shifting or when you get to 5th gear? And do you have any PSP for La Stalla’s Ferrari? I still need to max my nitro for the free Ferarri I got, and I think that will take me some time since I just started working on my Viper GT3.

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          You use NOS right before switching. At Launch, you click the NOS button and tap the gear shifts to 5th gear simultaneously. LaStella’s LaFerrari may look fancy but it won’t really help you because your own LaFerrari with Turbo Stage 3 and the rest, maxed out, will do better. I netted 6.947 today with Pro
          Tuner and Nitrous Crew. With Tires Crew, it won’t be better, I tried and got 7.005.
          I’m Wiz AM if you come across me (A&M Gaming previously)

    • H8Potion says:

      The method works fine even if the car is maxed out (most of the time) Must have Pro Tuner hired.

      Perfect launch, shift straight to 5. Wait about a split second and hit the NOS. I’ve gotten 7.08s with this method, but sometimes, for reasons I cannot fully point out yet, the car will bog down once you shift into fifth. Then you’re pretty much screwed. Lol.
      Safer way is perfect launch, then shift directly to 4th. Wait a split second then shift to 5th. Hit the NOS a split second after. 7.18s guaranteed all day!

      • Matthew says:

        Best to have level 5 Turbo IF you have a full team. With level 3 turbo, can only achieve about 7.006 seconds, but with level 5, can get about 6.971 seconds. Not sure if the set up with level 3 Turbo works better if you don’t have nitro and tire team, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you can’t afford the whole team.

        • H8Potion says:

          Don’t know why, but I get slower times whenever I have the tire crew using the same PSP. I guess there must be a different PSP for whenever you have the tire crew.

          • Matthew says:

            Tire crew is useless for laferrari, it can only make the car go about 0.1 seconds faster.

  93. Nidhish Goyal says:


  94. Nidhish Goyal says:

    PSP for SRT Viper GT-3?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      The 1/4 mile PSP for this car is Launch-Shift-Shift-Shift-Shift-Nitrous (L-S-S-S-S-N)

      • Matthew says:

        Here’s a better PSP for Viper:
        1. Perfect Start and use nitro 1/2 second after Launch
        2. Shift directly to 4th gear
        3. Perfect shifting til end of race
        Can get as low as 7.597 seconds with no mech help ofc.

  95. Ain'tNobody says:

    Your PSP on the LaFerrari is wrong. It can do much better.
    Look, this is the best shift pattern I’ve found out:
    Method 1: Without any crew help / Single Player.
    The Shift Pattern is:
    1. Perfect Launch. Very important not to get Wheelspin. Perfect Launch is important to this strategy.
    2. Just about right after the launch, Straight to 4th gear. You switch as fast as you can, without minding very early / early shifts. Perfect Shifts aren’t going to net you the best times.
    3. Right after the 4th gear, you wait. You wait just 1/2 second, not more. Very little. Then you jump straight into 5th gear and Nitrous.
    4. Perfect 6th and 7th, these are easy.

    This method brought me about as down as 7.3x in Single Player. Enough to take LaStella’s car without Mech.
    Method 2: With Crew / Multiplayer
    (You badly need the Engine Tuner. Nitrous and Tires aren’t as important. Blogger is useful but don’t contribute to the performance of your car. Blogger + Engine is enough.)
    1. Perfect Launch. Very Important to get Perfect.
    2. Right after the Launch, you jump straight to 5th gear with Early and Very Early Shifts, and you simultaneously activate your Nitrous.
    3. Perfect 6th and 7th. Watch your opponents fade away and walk happily.

    It gets you as low as 7.2xx. With Tires, my best is 7.188. I’ve seen players going as low as 7.0x with Nitrous Crew as well. Practice makes you perfect.
    LaStella’s LaFerrari is so fancy that I don’t want to max mine (716).

    LaFerrari is hands down the best car of the whole T5, especially in 1/4 mile. Now in 1/2 mile, it might not do as good. There’s the RUF CTR3 and the F12Berlinetta which do much better in 1/2 mile than the LaFerrari.

    One last word: Tires must be level 5. Nitrous as well. Engine must be level 4. These are your priorities for a newly obtained LaFerrari. Then, you can proceed to max the rest. But begin with these three. Expensive but rewarding.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      New Best: 6.987
      It’s with all Crew Help except the Blogger. LaStella’s LaFerrari netted me this time.
      HOW TO?

      1. Perfect Launch.
      2. Straight to 5th with Nitrous.
      3. Perfect 6th & 7th (or lower, but not early)

      Beats every car in the MP. I’m top 3% now. At 290000+ RP, with 200000 of these won yesterday and today with only the LaFerrari. Totally worth all the cash to max the 4 other Ferraris to take on LaStella’s buddies.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        That’s impressive! The best I’ve ever done is 7.1. At which gear did you deploy the Nitrous? Right after launch or right after you shifted into 5th?

      • Ain'tNobody says:

        Thank you sir 🙂
        I deploy the nitrous *right* on the launch, with the immediate shift to the 5th gear.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      OK, I tried your PSP and you are correct–once this Ford RP Bonus weekend is over I’m switching over to my LaFerrari…thanks for the update!

      P.S. You should write an advice blog of your own 🙂

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Great tips! Thanks for your contributions!

      • Matthew says:

        I can only manage to get about 7.427 seconds with that first method (Single Player). I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I followed everything you said. I do wait just a little bit more than 1/2 second before I switch to 5th gear, but I have tried doing it exactly on 1/2 second, and I got a worse time than compared to if I just wait a little bit longer

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          Straight to fourth after perfect start. You let it roll for just 1/2 second, right when the camera starts switching to the other side. You deploy NOS and Fifth, then perfect sixth and seventh. My best is 7.388 with LaStella’s Laferrari.

  96. Gio says:

    i need help with the PSP of the agera. every run for the agera is so slow and i cant figure out the shift patten of it

  97. RoverMINI says:

    I have 100 coin and $500000

    who is the best?

  98. Kshitij says:

    I currently have 135 coins and can wait to accumulate 150 coins. What is the best tier 5 car that I can get with these? I’ve read in the comments here that the Ruf CTR 3 is good and also the F40 & F12 Berlinetta. Which of these is the better car to buy? If any other, please recommend. Also, are the old cars that are mentioned in this list like the agera and the bmw z4 gt3 not good enough anymore?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’m going to do some research before I answer your question and maybe someone else will share their thoughts before I get back. BTW, the agera and the bmw z4 gt3 are still awesome cars. Also, it is best to save your coins and pay for your cars with cash. Check the dealership and if you have enough cash the F40 is a great choice.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      T5 cars are all a blast to drive. With 135 coins, you’re lucky you can buy almost any T5 car you want. It’s really up to you. What you like the best, you buy it. Where are you?
      Buy any car except the Camaro GT3, the NISMO and the Mustang Cobra Jet. Those cars can’t beat him.
      **PAST ERROL**
      Work your way through the LaFerrari. She’s a beast. My best car by far. 7.2x is just amazing

      If you want something bolder, more original, anything that can get to 7.7x or 7.6x will do it. F12Berlinetta, MP-4 12C GT3, both RUF, the Z4 GT3, Saleen S5S and many others can do it.

      For my part, I like the F12Berlinetta, the LaFerrari and the McLaren MP-4 12C GT3 (this latter was my first T5 car which I paid money for, and I have no regrets for owning such a gorgeous beast).

      • Kshitij says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        I haven’t been able to keep up with the game except for playing daily battles. I’m only in the top 15-16%.
        I have been able to gather 175 coins and tomorrow I’ll be getting 3 coins for each daily battle I win 😀 . I hope to gather 9-12 more tomorrow.
        I had my mind set on the F12 Berlinetta, but now that I’m getting close to 200 coins, I have been thinking about the Venom GT, Ford GT 40CSR and McLaren F1 CSR. Also, the Copo Camaro recently became available. Should I just go for the F12 or get any one of these?

        • Ain'tNobody says:

          Don’t use Gold Coins to buy the Berlinetta! Buy it with Cash. If you’re that near to gold, the Hennesey Venom GT is not only gorgeous, but excellent as well.
          The Saleen S5S is very cool-looking. You can already afford it. With Pro Tuner, it can get 7,6xx constantly if you Perfect Start, Straight to Second, Perfect Third and Nitro and the rest Perfect.
          The Ford GT CSR is just not worth it. I have it, it’s nowhere as good as other cars. Do what you should; if you haven’t spent your gold yet, buy the Venom or the Saleen, depends on which you like.
          The Berlinetta, you should buy it with Cash.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          In my opinion the McLaren F1 CSR is the way to go. Good luck!

  99. Nidhish Goyal says:

    Tips for multiplayer

  100. Ain'tNobody says:

    This game got awesome yesterday. The new update arranged every problem of Multiplayer crashing so I can now play about as long as I want!!
    Please, include the F12Berlinetta in this list. I don’t need to get higher than 701 to beat 720 Veyron, P1 GTR or even LaFerrari on my way. I’m on a streak! 36 races won and not a singles defeat! Got confronted to every single Tier 5 car barring a special few.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      CSR Racing keeps adding incredible new cars and as a result my current list is obsolete…I may have to expand it to include F12 and a couple of others.

      • Ain'tNobody says:

        I guess so. btw, what do you think about the Mopar Drag Pak? For me it looks awesome as all heck! I also wanted the COPO but only ended up in the 9% because CSR Racing was crashing a lot before that last update. Now it never crashes. I’m already 9% for the Challenger season, and I’m coming for it!
        The Z4 is always amazing, since CSR Racing ever started. However, the Agera isn’t really top 5 material, nor is the Aston Martin. In my opinion, F12 should be in, along with the Hennesey Venom GT. That car can go as low as 7.3x without mech or anything, I’ve read that somewhere but can’t remember >.<

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I’m racing to win the Drag Pak so I can use it against the USA team. Missed out on the COPO–guess I’ll have to wait and but it from the dealership. Yes, the Z4 is very solid as is the F12 and Venom.

          • Ain'tNobody says:

            Just out of curiosity… are you racing just for the America Team or for the glory of having such a fancy ride? idk, I just love Challenger, be it the 70s model or the latest model.
            Laferrari should top this list. Much, much better than the McLaren P1 based on my knowledge.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Actually I’m racing mainly to compete against the American Team.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            The COPO is in the dealership for $1,700,000 (give or take a few thousand). I bought it and had to wait 90 minutes for delivery. Upgraded to stage 1 parts…looking forward to racing against the USA captain in world tour.

  101. Ain'tNobody says:

    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta:
    First off, do not upgrade to the max. Just stage 5 on everything but Nitrous; keep the Nitrous at stage 3, it nets better times. It sounds stupid but it’s the truth.

    Steps to follow for the best times: (1/4 mile)
    1. Launch. Don’t go for Perfect. Instead, keep the needle in the range between 6~9 on the tachometer. It will result in a wheelspin start, but that doesn’t matter.
    2. Shifting. Right on the start, after your wheelspin start, shift straight to fourth gear, then *immediately* activate your Nitrous. Afterwards, Perfect 5 and 6.

    With no mech (and I’m still at 699, mind you), I got 7,701 sec (my fastest non-max time). With Felix’s Berlinetta, I get 7,711 using this method. So Nitrous at level 3 and the rest to the max is important.

    For the 1/2 mile, the same method will net you times in the range of 11.3x to 11.5x, depending on how skilfully applied. For my part, I get constant 11.3x,(at 699) and with mech, 11.222 which is my fastest time.

    This car is a monster. I’ve heard the Laferrari is faster. Currently maxing the F40.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Great tips! Thanks. Laferrari is faster but the F12 and F40 are so much more fun to drive.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      You’re welcome sir.
      I’ll point out the Ferrari F40’s PSP once I discover, it actually looks fun to drive when maxed even though its 1/2 mile times suck.
      EDIT for the strategy above:
      Once your berlinetta’s rating reaches 701 or higher, Perfect Start will net better times than wheelspin netted for 699. I got constant 7.1x with Perfect Start.
      Nitrous at level 5 will provide too much HP boost which the berlinetta won’t stand up for, so it will wheelspin a lot longer, netting times around 7.8x times, so the 50 HP boost of level 3 nitrous is really all that is needed.

    • ismithf12 says:

      F12, nitrous stage 2, can reach 7.596 no team no mechanic. Start at 5,000rpm. Shift to 4th gear + nos. Good shift gear 5 and 6. Good luck!!

  102. Josh Gann says:

    Ctr3 or Agera r?

  103. Matthew says:

    Surely the Ruf CTR3 has got to be in the top 3? The speed of that car is extraordinary and it’s a breeze to win those Match Races(Hard) in World Tour. I am still struggling to beat the last stage of that Restiction challenge in the Europe Crew using the Koenigsegg Agera, but so easier to finish it all using Ruf CTR3, and the CTR3 wasn’t even fully upgraded yet.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hey Matt, Thanks for the Ruf CTR3 enlightenment. Just ran mine in the 1/2 mile regulation and hit 290 mph with sloppy shifting and no mechanic help. Guess I should update my Best T5 List.

      • Matthew says:

        Just a bit of a tip, if you are doing 1/2 mile races, best to take off your tire upgrades. Yes, the start will be slow, but you’ll catch up in no time and can easily break the 300mph for both the CRT3 and Agera. Who knows, might be same for all cars.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Hey Matt…I tried this with my Ruf CTR3 but didn’t get the same results. Downgraded to stock tires and max speed in the 1/4 mile reduced to 283 mph. Am I doing something wrong on my end? BTW, this is an incredible tip because it will allow people to race and possibly win against the crew bosses without having to hire the mechanic.

          • Matthew says:

            For CRTR3 to hit 283 mph in 1/4 track is great, with max tires, it can only hit about 225 mph. I normally hit the nitro after I changed to gear 5 to get that incredible speed boost. I’ve never used the mechanic before, but I was glad I experimented with the tires, everything became so much easier for the 1/2 boss races, and it’ll be easy especially for those pink slip races.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I don’t like using the mechanic either so I appreciate your tips and the fact that you take the time to experiment. Can’t wait to use your tip when I face my next 1/2 mile opponent.

          • Matthew says:

            What would you say would be the best cars for 1/4 mile tracks, mulitplayer and 1/2 mile tracks? I just don’t want to waste too much time spending so much money upgrading every single car to find out lol

          • Roland Bonay says:

            good question…every car once fully upgraded will serve you well. Some cars (especially the ones you win) are not worth upgrading. Find a car that you like and get used to driving it and drive it until you move up to the next level.

          • Matthew says:

            Which one would you recommend out of these choices for 1/4 mile tracks based on time alone: Zonda R, LaFerrari or P1 GTR? I’ve noticed that the Ferrari has quicker gear changes compared to Zonda and P1, but does that make any difference for time?? And I’ll guess that the veyron or Saleen S7 would be ideal for 1/2 mile tracks right?

          • Roland Bonay says:

            I recommend the P1 GTR because it’s easy to shift and finishes well. Yes, the Veyron is an excellent choice for the 1/2 mile.

          • Matthew says:

            Cheers mate.

  104. Nidhish Goyal says:

    What is the pop for Audi R8 LMS ultra?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I’ll let you know very soon.

    • Ain'tNobody says:

      It’s not a very good car to start with. The Audi is so easy to beat, just compare it stock to the Z4 GT3. Older cars became outdated. Ferraris, the McLaren P1, the Bugatti and some of the newer cars are much better, but i believe that if some old cars still stand out, then these are the Ford GT CSr, the Zonda, the MP-4 12C GT3 (my first and favorite tier 5 car <3) and the R8 LMS Ultra CSR (too much very expensive lol). Maybe the Z4 but I guess 458 Speciale is cooler to drive and about as good if not better.

  105. Lucas Anjos says:

    What is the best car for the multiplayer in tier 5?
    What is the best car to face errol team and him?

  106. Billy says:

    What about “Pagani Zonda R” ?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      This Super-Car (the real one-which is not street legal) is super fast, super expensive, and best suited on 1/4 mile race tracks. It is also well suited, based on looks, to be casted as the car in the next Batman movie. But it will not serve you well in CSR multi player simply because, as fast as it gets out of the gate, it does not have the ability to sustain energy over the long haul.

  107. Divij says:

    I am not able to win 1/2 mile races in multiplayer with my pagani huayra! is there any tip to increase it’s top speed? It helps me in winning the 1/4 mile races but in 1/2 mile races i mostly lose!

  108. Yousef Qandah says:

    Hi there

    which one is the best for T6
    1) Audi R8 LMS
    Power: 500
    Weight: 2910
    Grip: 8505
    Gearbox: 350
    2) Pagani Zonda R
    Power: 737
    Weight: 2359
    Grip: 8200
    Gearbox: 330
    3) Camaro Gt3
    Power: 650
    Weight: 4150
    Grip: 9750
    Gearbox: 400
    4)Mustang Cobra Jet
    Power: 618
    Weight: 3200
    Grip: 10000
    Gearbox: 400
    5) CCX
    Power: 792
    Weight: 2822
    Grip: 8800
    Gearbox: 300

    Thank you!

  109. Liam says:

    try the f12, I’ve recorded a 7.759 on it! it’s pretty identical to your aGera in terms of top speed and 0-60. and the launch pattern I do is (obviously) perfect launch then shift into second, then right when you hit second gear jump to 4th, wait for the rpms to get closer to the redline to hit the nitrous (so wheel spin doesn’t slow you) and ya!

  110. gman zagreb says:

    What is your advice on shifting points for Agera? I’m still low on upgrades but shifting is gona make me destroy my tablet… Very hard.

    I think i’m on to something but not sure, Perfect start i get, but then it’s all downhill, I’m not sure should i shift to 4th gear and than nitro? Sometimes it works but sometimes it just so bad?

    • Roland Bonay says:

      The Agera is a powerful beast and I was finding it hard to win consistently until I followed the advice of Will who posted instructions here; http://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/csr-racing-update-lotus-evora-gtc-shift-pattern#comments

      Hope this helps!

      • gman zagreb says:

        Ty that helped a lot, i finaly got the hang of it, and got all my 4 stage upgrades, and few on stage 5, but today i had to accept something about policy and terms update, and lost account somehow. Now it’s all on level 1 again. Don’t really know what happend, but don’t think that i’ll start all over again…
        thx anyway for help…

        • gman zagreb says:

          I just was able to restore my profile, don’t really know what happend. Second time in 2 days new terms. Just information for people who will have same problems, just reinstall the game, and restore profile.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Glad you got your game back. Same thing happened to me once and I did what you did. Hope your advice helps other people who run into the same problem.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          Glad I could help. As much as I enjoy playing this game I wouldn’t want to start all over again either.

          • gman zagreb says:

            I have 1 question, maybe you have an answer. I got ford focus ST (pro) from cards, and my upgraded Ford focus disappeared from garage? Did new (pro) focus replaced or is something fishy goin’ on?

          • Roland Bonay says:

            That does seem odd. I will see what I can find out and get back to you.

          • gmanzagreb says:

            Just to inform you all, I have reached the support and got e-mail from them, it seems that it’s a normal thing that pro car is replacing the old 1. Didn’t saw it right away but it had all upgrades on level 5 as my old focus did. The only problem is with color but i don’t mind it any more.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Glad that you were able to get it resolved.

      • Jakman says:

        Will was helpful because I used the agera to save up money in match races to buy the mclaren 650s because I found out that it can reach 230 mph in 1/4 races without team or mech with the shift pattern
        Launch when the needle is on any number after 6
        Shift to 4th gear quickly
        Get late shifts for 5th 6th and don’t shift to 7th gear
        Without the shift pattern my car only reached 213mph

  111. Greg Larmour says:


    I have read almost all of your CSR Racing posts, and find them all extremely helpful! I saved up for the F430 in T4, and blew past the level with your advice! Thank you! I saved up and purchased an Agera R, and was wondering what the shift pattern that you like to use with it is. My Agera R is not fully upgraded, and I actually just purchased it today. Thanks for all your help!

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