I’ve gotten a little burned out competing in the multi-player tournaments so I’ve taken a sabbatical from CSR Racing.

Now I’m back and I’ve developed a strategy that makes the game fun again (for me).

I now limit my multi-player races to no more than three streaks per day. One in the morning, one around lunch time and one in the evening. I also race with one car and one car only – my McLaren P1 GTR.

This allows me to earn around 300,000 RPs which is enough to finish the season in the top 10 percent which gives me 10 gold coins which I feel is a decent prize for the amount of effort I put in.

I no longer see the point in finishing in the top 3% to win a car that is inferior to my McLaren and/or LaFerrari.   Especially when I consider that it takes 600,000 or more RPs to get there.

Now that I’m racing less I have more time to spend learning how I can make my site better which will result in more visitors which will result in more revenue.

How can I do this? The first thing I need to do is complete the new Content Creation Certification course at Wealthy Affiliate.

11/07/2015 Update –  I still race in the MultiPlayer tournaments but I only race 1 or streaks per day. It takes a lot of time to finish in the top 1 – 3 percent to win a car and quite frankly the new cars are sub par. The only really good T5 cars are the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1 GTR.

Choose either one, hire the Pro Tuner and the Blogger and you will win 100% of races.

I am currently in the top 7% having raced an average of 1.6 streaks per day. I have 282,561 RPs with 5 days remaining. At my current pace I will NOT finish in the top 1 – 3 percent but will finish in the top ten percent which is enough to win 10 gold coins which I will use in the much funner International Event.

But once that’s over what will I do? Wait for CSR2?

I think the better option is to continue my Wealthy Affiliate training so I can make more money so I can do the things I LOVE and provide everything that my family deserves.

11/10/2015 Update – I did not race for 2 days because I had to travel to attend a funeral for a friend. 

Keep in mind that when you are playing this or any game that there are so many more important things that you will have to attend to.

I’m currently in the top 6% with 301,037 RPs.

Another streak today and one or two tomorrow and I should finish in the top 10% which is enough to earn another 10 gold coins.

11/12/2015 Update -I did finish in the top 10% and won 15 gold coins for a total of  78 gold.  Just finished my first streak in the new season and earned 37,306 RPs (enough to be in the top 29%).  Thirteen more days to finish the season.  BTW, if you finish in the top 3% you win the Shelby Mustang GT350R (meh!).

What the heck…just did another streak…earned 68,454 RPs…currently in top 19% (meh again )

to be continued…

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4 Responses to CSR Racing – The Thrill is Gone

  1. John says:

    hey roland, love your stuff, keep up the good work. i have a question on csr, so about 20minutes ago since posting this i was grinding for rp. after completing a streak i went through the usual process of choosing my 3 cards, if i remember correctly i got nothing special, a rp bonus, some cash and a fuel refill. its what happened after that which intrigues me. I have scoured the internet far and wide to confirm that this is indeed and anomaly. after collecting my rewards i returned to continue my streak but instead i was faced with frankie the fin and a dialogue which was different than the usual dialogue. i hastily closed the box due to a habit of rushing into the next streak. i did however notice that the dialogue was different. after closing the dialogue i lost my streak for some reason though this did not bother me as i was only at 1. i continued and i noticed something, i had all 4 crew members when i had purchased none. after winning the race i checked the menu and for some reason i had recieved 15 minutes of all crew members for free. i checked my coins and they were the same number, nothing had changed. basically i got 15 minutes of all 4 crew members for free and i dont know why, would you have any idea? sorry for the long letter, thanks!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks John for the compliment and encouragement. And thanks for the long letter…lets me know my readers are engaged. What you experienced sounds like an anomaly that only the people at CSR Racing can address. I can send you a link to CSR customer service or you can just go to the official CSR Racing Facebook page.

      • Arnold Geerts says:

        I do think that what John experienced is not an anomoly. Franky granted me the tire crew and N2O maniac 2 times now (in last 6 weeks) so it doesnt happen that often, on both occasions for duration of 15 minutes. It is however not something i trigger in any way. It shows up out of the blue after turning cards.

  2. Felipe says:

    Once you finish the International, wait for the credits to end and Nitro will challenge you to a final race, where you get the chance to win his own FXX K. I have it and I use it on the multi-player. It pays better…

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