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How to Beat Papa Biz

After defeating the USA Crew I reported that Nitro, the most famous CSR racer of all time, was going to make a reappearance. That was a long time ago and it has finally become a reality.

Nitro is the leader of the team in the final leg of the International Event, the Ferarri FXX K challenge AKA LA FINALE.

In order to reach this event you have to complete the Lamborghini Veneno Bull Run, the Jaguar C-X75 Hunt, the Koenigsegg One:1 Power Play, and the Mazda Furai Air Strike.  When you complete these events you will win the FXX K. When you enter LA FINALE the mechanic will tell you that he can’t tune your car like he has in the past and that you can’t buy any upgrades. The only way you can win is by driving to the best of your ability.

Papa Biz SlingshotWhen you click OK you will be invited to race Papa Biz in a “slingshot race” which is intended to evaluate your FXX K’s acceleration. Papa Biz will be driving a T1 Cooper S rated at 348. And to level the playing field he will have a 4.379 second head start.  I lost several times in a row until I finally figured out that I had to execute a perfect start and a combination of perfect and good shifts to win.  I earned a free upgrade and installed a stage 1 engine which increased my horsepower and my overall rating to 660. But that did nothing to help me against my next race against Papa who was given a 4.51 second head start.  I almost won but, as the mechanic reminded me, almost is not good enough. The PSP for this race is still valid but you have to get a perfect start and perfect shifts to defeat Papa Biz. Be patient and remove all distractions and it will happen.  I beat Papa Biz and earned a free upgrade so I can race in a 4 racer relay race. My rating is now 661 and my opponents are rated 680, 647, 653, and 664.  I’ll be back to let you know what happens, and more importantly to share tips on what you can do to improve your chances of winning.  I have the stage 1 Nitro upgrade but I still lost in the relay race.  Need to figure out a new Nitro Infused PSP.  OK, so I finally figured out how to win the Papa Biz Relay Race:

  1. Go for the perfect start when the needle on the tachometer is around 6.1 or 6.3
  2. Go for a perfect shift into the next gear
  3. Pay close attention to the wheel spin indicator to determine the best time to deploy nitrous.  This will occur (almost like a split second) before or after you get the green light to shift to the next gear
  4. Go for perfect shifts the rest of the way and you will win

You will be awarded an “evo token” that you can use to purchase an upgrade.  Which upgrade should you choose?  The new engine sounds like a good choice, but can your tires handle that extra power?  The new body will reduce drag but is that enough to compete?  The new turbo and nitrous are desirous upgrades but are they worth it at this point?

I’ll research this and get back and if you have any suggestions please reply in the comment section below.

Upgraded to a stage 1 intake which increased my hp and overall rating a bit. Lost twice to Papa Biz in slingshot races due to less than perfect starts and some sloppy shifting. Got things under control by the 3rd race and overcame his 4.59 seconds head start for the win.  Earned another token which I used to purchase a stage 1 transmission. It will be interesting to see if this combination of upgrades will require a new shift pattern for optimal results.

When you enter the 5 car relays be aware that gas consumption is a major issue. If you only have a 12 gallon (pip – is that a British thing?) tank you will only get two tries at winning the relay. The agent will offer you more gas if you watch ads and there’s an option to purchase unlimited gas for 24 hours that costs $4.99 real money.  I purchased the 15 gallon tank for $4.99 a long time ago so I get three tries.  You may get lucky and win right away but if you’re like me (I already lost several times) you’re going to be sitting around waiting for your tank to get refilled.

I lost several relays before I decided to deploy nitrous right after shifting into 1st gear. That did the trick and I earned a token allowing me to purchase a lighter stage 1 body increasing my overall rating to 670.  I did lose some grip. I wonder if I should have gone with the stage 1 tires instead.

I’m hoping this will be my final race against Papa Biz. It’s a slingshot race and Papa has a 4.725 second head start time.  Let’s see how it goes.

Lost by a fraction of a second. Must – do – better!

Lost again. Darn it! Maybe the tires would have been the better choice.  Or maybe I need to adjust my shift pattern.

Down to my last gallon (pip) of gas. Take a deep breath…relax….I WON!!!

Used my token to purchase my final stage 1 upgrade; premium road tires designed to increase grip and reduce wheelspin. My overall rating has increased to 671 and I am now eligible to compete against my old T2 nemesis, Yoshiro.

But wait, first I must switch cars with Papa Biz to test those new upgrades and unlock the next boss. What’s up with that?

This was the first time in this event I was allowed to hire the mechanic to give my car a performance tuneup. It costs 7 gold for 5 races.

I started out in Papa Biz’ Mini Cooper, he in my FXX K.  He won of course but I did well enough in his Mini to earn a 4.504 second head start.  I’m back in my FXX K, he’s in his Mini and I don’t think he has a large enough head start to represent a challenge.

Just what I thought…an easy win.

Up next…Yoshiro

RC Bonay

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5 Responses to CSR Racing International World Tour Tips – FXX K La Finale

  1. Tigran says:

    I’m rather confused on the prospect of PSPs. When you wrote the PSP of the LaFerrari is launch then shift shift etc. I was thinking isn’t that obvious when you have no nitro? Again, I am only asking this because I am currently only a tier 3 scrub and not familiar with PSPs; I only read online that the optimum time to nitro is the moment you are sure you won’t get any wheelspin so a by product of activating the nitro.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Hey Tigran,

      You are totally correct…if you don’t have nitro then it’s obvious that all you can do to get a great race time is to get a perfect start and perfect shifts. You are also totally correct that the optimum time to deploy nitro is when wheelspin is at the minimum. You may only be on T3 but you are no scrub because your comment is an indication of your goal of having success and fun in this game. Thanks for commenting and I look forward to hearing more from you as I continue to update this post.

      • Eric says:

        Actually, you do not always want to get perfect shifts or minimize wheelspin, depending on your car. However, you always want to get perfect starts. For example, for the Ferrari F12berlinetta, you want to immediately shift up to 4th after getting a perfect start and immediately activate nitro. After that, you should use perfect shifts. Many Tier 5 cars work like this.

        • Eric says:

          I actually meant that many Tier 5 and Tier 4 cars should not always use perfect shifts and nitros. I use videos posted by ORTGameplay to figure out the best shift patterns, but some of them are wrong. For the Ferrari F430, you should only activate nitro right after shifting up to 4th gear, not right after you start.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I agree with you Eric, especially when it comes to the better Tier 5 cars.

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