The International World Tour Event

The CSR Racing International World Tour starts at the end of the current season.

I’ve been racing like mad and after just two days I’m in the top 3%.

I’m using my McLaren P1 GTR and my fastest time so far is 7.22 secsonds in the 1/4 mile.

My toughest opponents have been the surprising Challenger Drag PAK, the polarizing  Bugatti Veyron, and the venerable McLaren P1 GTR.

I  faced several Ferrari LaFerraris and none came close to beating me. My point is this; THE LaFERRARI IS WAY OVER RATED!!!!

I’m racing while I’m writing this and I just moved into the top 2%.

I’ve earned about 5 million dollars and several hundred thousand dollars worth of upgrades I can use on my next car which, as long as I can stay in the top 3%, will be the Lamborghini Veneno pictured below.

CSR Racing Lamborghini Veneno

There are 9 days left and if you want to win the Veneno which will replace the P1 as the best car in CSR Racing you need to read the following tips:

Best CSR Racing Tips for the McLaren P1 GTR

  • continuously tap the gas pedal lightly so that the needle is slightly past the 4k rpm mark at launch (a perfect start is not necessary)
  • shift through the remaining gears until you reach 6th gear (perfect shifts are not necessary)
  • tap the Nitrous button and make sure it is being injected (the button is also a gauge)
  • shift into 7th gear just before the light turns green (a perfect shift is not necessary)
  • hire the Pro Tuner and the Blogger for EVERY race!
  • hire the full race team over the weekend

If anything is not clear or if you need any help post a question in the comment section below.

I just finished my second streak and earned $102,000 plus three bonus prizes:

10% RP Boost
Two Gold Coins

Frankie the Fin just offered me an extra 30% RP Boost but I turned it down.

There is a lot of speculation over what cars will be featured in the International World Tour. We know for sure that the Veneno is in, but what about the rest of the lineup? And what countries will be involved? Here are my guesses;

  • Great Britain will represented by the McLaren P1 GTR
  • Sweden will be represented by the Koenigsegg Agera
  • Germany will be represented by the Bugatti Veyron
  • Italy will be represented by two bitter rivals;
    • the Lamborghini Veneno
    • and the Ferrari LaFerrari
  • The United States will be represented by the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Updates posted on August 24, 2015;

1. The LaFerrari is NOT OVERRATED!!!. So many people with times better than mine (see comments below) have made me change my mind (although I still prefer the McLaren P1 GTR).

2. Boy was I wrong; The McLaren P1 GTR, Koenigsegg Agera, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Saleen S7 Twin Turbo ARE NOT featured in the new International.  The featured cars are;

  • Lamborghini Veneo
  • Jaguar C-X75
  • Koenigsegg One:1
  • Mazda Furai
  • Ferrari FXX K

3. I went to bed after reaching the top 1% but woke up in the top 2%. Still good enough to win the Veneno. This was one tough season. Was it worth it? I think so. I earned 15 million virtual dollars and enough free upgrades to upgrade my Veneno to over 700 rating points.  After that it only cost another 1.5 million to increase the rating to 720.

4.The Lamboghini Veneno IS NOT the best CSR Racing car but it’s not as bad as some people think. Here are a few tips on driving it:

At zero to sixty miles per hour in less than 1.5 seconds, the Lamborghini Veneno might be the fastest accelerating car in CSR Racing. But with a top speed of only 203.5 mph don’t count on it to win any Tier 5 race longer than 1/4 mile.

The Veneno is able to achieve that rarefied time due to the fact that it generates very little wheelspin when it begins it’s journey down the race track. In fact, the wheelspin lasts less than a second and if you apply the Nitrous at the right moment the Veneno takes off like a jet fighter catapulted down an aircraft flight deck.

After that it’s just a matter of hitting a few perfect shifts and you’ll have enough of a lead to beat just about anyone. Miss a few shifts and you’ll watch in horror as your opponent gains ground and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll eek out a photo finish victory.

Here’s the PSP (Perfect Shift Pattern) for the Lamborghini Veneno;

  • Go for a perfect launch when the tach needle is around 5.5 thousand RPMs
  • Shift into 2nd gear just when the wheelspin indicator stops flashing
  • Deploy the Nitrous
  • Perfect shift to 3rd gear
  • Perfect shift to 4th gear
  • Perfect shift to 5th gear
  • Perfect shift to 6th gear

My personal best using this strategy is 7.192 seconds which is enough to win most Multiplayer races no matter who (or what) you’re up against.

I hope this helps you finish the season at the top.

Thanks for dropping by!  Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a question or comment, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.

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50 Responses to CSR Racing International World Tour Tips

  1. Furqan says:

    Dear Roland
    i just cleared Tier 5 round and i have 4.5 million and 56 gold can you suggest me what will be best car for me in world tour??? as i know u r fan of P1 but i checked for p1 team there is only 1 car unlocked to purchase rest of 3 cars are locked its saying “coming soon to multilayer” only in farrari team all 4 cars are unlocked to purchase! what should i do???

  2. Hassan says:

    Is it me, or was winning Nitro’s car the easiest in the competition?

  3. Felipe says:

    I have finished the whole International. All four cups plus the Finale. Glad to say that I didn’t use any gold and I beat Nitro to get his FXX K. As it is also a LaFerrari, I used the same PSP. It worked fine. No need to hire the mechanic. Funny thing, though: the regular LaFerrari is faster using the same PSP. I guess there must be a special PSP for LaFerrari FXX K.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Wow! Great job Felipe…so, I wonder, what’s after the International?

    • Thisdouche says:

      I was pretty pissed about the FXXK. It’s faster than the LaFerrari when raced without teams (7.31 vs 7.39), but once you try racing in multiplayer with teams, the LaFerrari wins (7.04 with mechanic team vs 7.12). If you spend gold and get all the teams, the FXXK might match the LaFerrari or possibly even beat it by a hair, but who wants to spend gold on every streak?)

  4. Phil Aulman says:

    You say “Germany will be represented by the Bugatti Veyron”. However, Bugatti is a French car company. Just thought you should know.

  5. Felipe says:

    Now I need the PSP for the F430…

  6. Felipe says:

    Roland, I noticed that if I shift to 2nd gear after the wheelspin stops, the shift is late. My time gets over 8s. Are you sure this is the best way?

  7. Stifen Deva Yoga says:

    I’m surprised that the fully upgraded Veneno in CSR Racing can only reach 203.5 mph while the real life stock Veneno can reach 221 mph. Maybe for balancing purpose?

  8. Felipe says:

    Roland, I tried your PSP for the Veneno and, even though I didn’t get it quite right, I’ve managed to beat Zoe. My time was 7.615. i’ll keep practicing to master this PSP, though.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You’re welcome Felipe! A lot of people are disappointed in the Veneno because of the 203 mph top speed in the 1/4 mile but they’re ignoring the fact that if you go from 0-60 in 1.5 seconds (which you can with the Veneno and a good shift pattern) you can build a lead that will be very hard for any car can overcome.

      P.S. You’ve given hope to the CSR world that Zoe can be defeated.

  9. Greg says:

    I appreciate your tips. I managed to finish in the top 1% for the third time I a row using them. La Ferrari for me. With tuner, I get 7.19 or better every time. 7.13 when I’m lucky.

  10. Dana Abrantes says:

    You are way wrong about the laferrari being over rated. My fastest time with a full race team is 6.868 seconds with that car. Without it is like 7.020. You have to tune it correctly. My car is 716 Vs 720. My fastest time with the P1 is 6.997. More than a full 1/10 of a second slower. And I am completely disappointed in the veneno. I have only gotten down to 7.168 with a full race team. Car is fast off the line but just doesn’t have it down the stretch. Get to tuning and good luck.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      I have to admit I was wrong. So many people have told me their numbers and they are better than mine in my McLaren. At 7.168 the Veneno is still pretty awesome but I agree it doesn’t do well down the stretch. Thanks for the comment!

    • Stifen Deva Yoga says:

      I’ve heard so many people complain about the Veneno. I won the Veneno (standard ver) by reaching top 2%, but I haven’t tried it myself. Many people who’ve used the Veneno said that the car has great acceleration, but also have inadequate top speed (<200mph). Considering the Veneno season is one of the toughest MP season, this is rather ironic.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        The CSR Lambo Veneno is amazingly fast out of the gate – faster, I think than any other CSR car. But after it gets half way through the quarter mile it just gives up – it quits – how else can I say it? It reaches a max speed of just a bit over 200 mph and can be overcome by every other T5 car and even a few of the better T4 cars. This is laughable! It is very pretty though. P.S. Even though this is a Veneno RP bonus weekend I’m sticking with my McLaren P1 GTR.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        I changed my mind. The Veneno is much better than most people think. She has virtually zero wheelspin. Apply Nitro out of the gate and this car will be very difficult to catch up to.

  11. Ayush Thapa says:

    Can you do an another post for the 1 million dollars given in the new update even though I already spent it

    • Roland Bonay says:

      They’re giving away 1 million dollars?

      • Arnold Geerts says:

        Hi Roland,
        You are not really given it for free though bit it is the new competition in the International !! And its great…..the price at the end of the first session of 16 races is indeed 1 million. And thats just getting you to the second session of 20 races.

        The Great feature About the International is that you have to drive all tier 1-5 cars again. I am so glad that i saved all data from all of my 109 cars into a spreadsheet. Comes in handy….no mechanic, all races won so far 😉

        Good luck playing this new gameplay.
        PS try the hotseat races where you can choose to enter a 3, 4 or 5 car relay.
        Thats making good money especially the 4 and 5 car relay

  12. Arnold Geerts says:

    Hi Roland,
    Exciting….did you see the line-up for the International?
    It is really something great.

    – jaguar C-X75
    – lamborghini veneno
    – mazda furai
    – koenigsegg one:1
    – ferrari FXX K

    Good luck !!

  13. Daniel says:

    I dont have mclaren p1 but i belive laferrari is one fast car in the game,i have la stella’s laferrari and it runs in 7.070 with pro tuner,tire crew makes it run slower,launch perfect and shift to 3rd gear and wait less than a sec and shift to 5th and press nitro 1 sec before shifting to 6th and shift the rest perfectly.i’m in the top 1% for two days with 563k rp,i race only in WTC and 25 win streak is my best,i wish you luck.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Yes, the la la is amazing and I’m impressed by your success with her. I think success in CSR is finding a car you like and figuring out how to drive her, something you’ve done. Your 25 win streak is amazing! I’m at top 2% with 506k rp and I hope I can crack the top 1% before WTC ends in two days. Thanks for wishing me good luck!

  14. Felipe says:

    Well, I never got the hang on the P1, so I’m sticking with LaFerrari. My best time is 7.069 and I won 8 streaks in a row before stopping to attend to my baby. I’m currently in the top 3%, but I want to reach the top 1%. Wish me luck.

    • Felipe says:

      Actually, I have just moved to 2%. And I only use the Pro Tuner.

      • Roland Bonay says:

        Good job…I’m hoping to move into top 1% this weekend and doing everything I can to stay there until the season ends.

        • Roland Bonay says:

          I moved into the top 1% went to bed and woke up in the top 2%. Still a great looking car.

          • Felipe says:

            I ended the season in the top 2%. Got the regular Veneno. My best time with LaFerrari, using Pro Tuner and N2O Maniac is 7.052. Great car.
            About the International, I noticed that you will have to race against all World Tour bosses in their cars again. I haven’t raced yet, but I’m really excited about it.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Congrats! Good luck in the International!

      • Roland Bonay says:

        After 60 straight wins I lost two races in a row in Multiplayer. Had the Pro Tuner but didn’t have the blogger so I lost over 5,000 RP and dropped 67 points on the leaderboard. Basically the last 18 races were a waste. Still in top 1% with plenty of time left. Does CSR periodically inject a few races that are impossible to win hoping that you’ll spend more on gold for the mechanic or hire the race team? Things that make you go hmmmm!

        • Felipe says:

          10,000,000 points. I have just raced a guy who has 10 freaking MILLION points! How is that even possible???

          • Felipe says:

            Scratch my last comment. That guy now has EIGHTEEN FREAKING MILLION POINTS!!!

          • Roland Bonay says:

            Now that’s ridiculous!

          • Roland Bonay says:

            10,000,000 RPs in a season is attainable if you race (and win) 24 hours each day during the season. For example if you earn an average of 500 RPs per race, assuming each race is one minute long, you will earn almost 9,000,000 RPs in 12 days. Of course you will need a team of drivers and an unlimited gas supply. And you may want to hire the race team to improve your chances of winning the vast majority of races. You can purchase unlimited gas and you can hire the full race team but if you want a 24 hour per day team of drivers it might help if you’re a college student with a bunch of friends who are into CSR racing, or a member of the military on deployment with a lot of down time and a network of comrades willing to participate, or some similar type of situation. The only other way to “earn” 10,000,000 RPs in a single season is to use hacks and/or cheats to gain an unfair advantage in which case you haven’t really earned anything other than a blemished reputation and possible banishment from CSR.

          • Felipe says:

            Just 2 days into the new One:1 season and we have a player with over 2 million points. And I came across another one who had over 22 million points. Yes, you read it right: 22 million points on the second day.

          • Roland Bonay says:

            How is it that cheaters are not banned?

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