This is the car you’ll be driving to race KP, the third Captain from the CSR Racing World Tour USA Team Mount Rushmore Crew.

CSR Racing Corvette C7 Z06 tips

The following tips will allow you to defeat KP’s entourage and eventually KP himself.

First you need to get your hands on a CSR Racing Corvette C7 Z06. If you didn’t win one in the season 39 multi-player event you can purchase one in the dealership for around $1.4 million dollars. I also suggest you buy the decal with the highest bonus (this decal earns a bonus of $5,850).  This is the most expensive decal and you may not even like the way it looks but you’ll earn more decal bonus money for every race you win.

Series 1 – Corvette C7 Z06 Introduction

This is a series of races that will introduce you to KP and his entourage. There are three 1/4 mile races against his entourage and one 1/2 mile race against KP. I recommend you upgrade everything from stock to stage three parts. This will increase your cars rating to 659 which will allow you to easily defeat KP and his entourage.

Series 2 – Corvette C7 Z06 Initiation

This series of four races will be a little more challenging because your opponent’s car ratings are getting progressively higher.  I recommend you upgrade everything from stage three to stage four parts. This will increase your cars rating to 681 which will allow you to easily defeat KP and his entourage. Once you’ve upgraded to stage four go and and purchase your stage 5 parts and while you’re waiting for them to be delivered go ahead and race KP and his crew.

Series 3 – Corvette C7 Z06 Trial

In this series you will race against 5 members of KP’s entourage. I recommend you install the stage five upgrades if you’ve received them. This will increase your rating to 704 which will allow you to win the series 3 races with ease. This will also put you in great position to move up the leader boards in the multi-player events (especially when they’re awarding double bonus points to Chevys). By now you should have established a shift pattern that you’re comfortable with. If not, you can experiment with mine;


In other words, launch when the needle on the tach is between 5 and 6, then shift to second, then third, then fourth, then deploy the nitrous, then shift to fifth and sixth. Aim for a perfect start and perfect shifts as doing so will increase your winnings through bonuses.

Speaking of shift patterns, click the following link to discover the Perfect Shift Patterns for the very best CSR Racing cars;

CSR Racing – Best Tier 5 Cars

CSR Racing best cars

Series 4- Corvette C7 Z06 Clash

In this series you’ll take on 6 members of KP’s entourage before you can race KP for a 4th time. If you followed my advice and upgraded to stage five parts you won’t have any problem getting through this series. If you find the races too easy you can always remove parts to reduce your rating and make the races more challenging. Just remember to re-install those parts because these guys get better with every race.  Just to give you a heads up, KP’s Corvette has a rating of 644 in this series so if you want to embarrass him in front of Boss Z make sure your rating is at least 10 points higher (just to be safe).

Series 5 – Corvette C7 Z06 Showdown

CSR Racing KP FinalThis is a series of 7 races in preparation of the final race against KP.  The drivers are better and the stakes are higher.  Do you have what it takes to go the distance?  In this final series of races you will take on 7 members of the entourage before you can race KP for a 5th and final time. You may as well install all of your stage 5 parts and if you do your rating will max out at 704. This will be enough to dispatch his entourage but you may have to hire the mechanic in order to beat KP. In fact, I lost twice to KP before I decided to get help from the mechanic. After that it was relativly easy to beat him. He challenged me to a rematch and my agent recommended I purchase a specially formulated nitrous for $2.99 (REAL CASH!) but I turned it down and raced him anyway. I didn’t realize this was a 1/4 mile race and I ended up losing. I usually don’t recommend that anyone buys the special nitrous to win an opponents car because you’ll probably never use that car again. Good luck and tell me how things worked out in the comments section below.

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