This is the car you’ll be driving to race Ignition D, the second Captain from the CSR Racing World Tour USA Team Mount Rushmore Crew.

CSR Racing COPO Camaro

The following tips will allow you to defeat his entourage and eventually Ignition D himself.

First you need to get your hands on a CSR Racing COPO Camaro.  If you didn’t win one in the Multi-player season 38 event you can purchase one in the dealership for around $1.7 million dollars. I also suggest you buy the decal with the highest bonus (this decal earns a bonus of $4,550).  This is the most expensive decal and you may not even like the way it looks but you’ll earn more decal bonus money for every race you win.

Series 1 – COPO Camaro Introduction

This is a series of races that will introduce you to Ignition D and his entourage. There are three 1/4 mile races against his entourage and one 1/2 mile race against the Captain. I recommend you upgrade everything from stock to stage one parts. This will increase your COPO rating to 628 which will allow you to easily defeat Ignition D and his entourage.

Series 2 – COPO Camaro Initiation

This series of five races will be a little more challenging because your opponent’s car ratings are gettting progressively higher. You can most likely win the first race against Sadie with your  current COPO configuration but you should get a stage 2 engine upgrade to race Lincoln and his pretty red COPO.  Kaden, your next opponent is rated at 627. If you purchased the stage 2 engine your rating has increased to 632. This race is considered “hard” but you should win unless you get distracted (i.e., you sneeze, or you glance up at the TV to see what Beyonce was wearing at the 2015 Met Gala).    Is it just me or did Jay Z look a little upset at all the photographers tripping over themselves trying to get pictures of her gorgeous new look?  Speaking of new looks, you need to upgrade to a stage 2 turbo for the third race, stage 2 nitrous for the fourth race, and stage 2 tires, and a new transmission and body for the race against Ignition D.

By now you have established a shift pattern that you are comfortable with. If not, you can experiment with mine is;


In other words’ launch when the needle on the tach hits 5, then deploy the nitrous, then shift to second, then shift to third and finally fourth. Aim for a perfect start and perfect shifts as doing so will increase your winnings through bonuses.

Note 1: I sometimes purchase all of my upgrades (all the way up to stage 5 parts) in one fell swoop. The upside is it allows me to maximize my rating and allows me to quickly defeat all opponents at every level. The downside is it can make things very boring because there’s no real challenge until the very last race with the Captain who at that point has a car with the same rating as yours. So what I suggest is that you install one or two upgrade parts at a time to keep ahead of your opponents by a few points. That’ll make the game more challenging and a lot more fun.

Series 3 – COPO Camaro Challenge

In this series you will race against 5 members of ID’s entourage. You’ll need a stage 2 nitrous system and a stage 2 body to win the first race. This will inrease your rating to 640. You’ll need stage 2 tires and a stage 2 transmission to win the 2nd race. This will bring you up to 644. You’ll need a stage 3 engine (649) to win the 3rd race and a stage 3 turbo (652) to win the 4th. For race #5 you’ll need a stage 3 intake, S3 nitrous system, and S3 intake (your rating at this point is 656). All of these races will be very close so it’s important to stick with the right shift pattern (L-N-S-S-S). It’s time to race ID for the 3rd time. You’ll need to upgrade to everything to stage 3 parts to stand a chance against the Captain at this level.

Note 2: The key to winning is take an early lead and keep it. One way to do this is to deploy the nitrous immediately after launch. Then aim for good to perfect shifts the rest of the way.

Series 4 – COPO Camaro Clash

In this series you will take on 6 members of Mr D’s entourage before you can race Iggy for a 4th time. You can beat the first challenger as equipped but you’re going to need a stage 4 engine for the second race. You may as well buy all of the stage 4 parts that you can afford because it’s going to take a while for them to be delivered. You can install them all at once or just as you need them to beat the next opponent. After they arrive you can order all of the stage 5 parts just so you can have them in your garage when you need them. If you install all the stage 4 upgrades your rating will increase to 687 which is enough to easily defeat the remaining members of the entourage and Iggy D as well.

Series 5 – COPO Camaro Showdown

csr racing ignition d finalIn this series you will take on 7 members of the entourage before you can race Iggy for a 5th and final time. You may as well install all of your stage 5 parts and if you do your rating will max out at 704.  This will be enough to dispatch his entourage but you may have to hire the mechanic in order to beat Iggy.  I lost three times in a row before I decided to swallow m pride and hire the mechanic.  That’s when I finally won and it was nice to watch as I pulled away from him down the stretch for the win.  Boss X, the leader of the USA team was none too pleased and gave him a good tongue lashing.  He’s obviously worried that he has only two Captains left and once they’re gone he has to race me and he might lose his car and, more importantly, his rep.  I’m not the only person he has to worry about.  Follow these tips, hints, and strategies and it’s you he’ll have to worry about also. Don’t forget to use the shift pattern; L-N-S-S-S.  Good luck and tell me how things worked out in the comments section below.

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