CSR Classics Crew BossesThis article will walk you through the process of restoring your totally unloved CSR Classics T1 Chevy Impala.

It will also provide you with some useful tips and tricks that will enable you to beat the T1 Crew Boss and his minions.

It will also guide you through the various race modes that will allow you to earn the cash and gold you will need to move the restoration process forward as quickly as possible.

It will also dispel the notion of the Perfect Shift Pattern and will show you the ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO to win every race.

When you first start you will be given $25,000 to buy your first car. You won’t have many options (unless you’re willing to pay real cash). I elected to choose the unloved version of the Chevy Impala which, as you can see, is in pretty bad shape.

CSR Classics Tier One Chevy Impala PreRestoration

Since this is your first car and you don’t have any money your agent is going to give you a free gas fillup and your mechanic is going to set up free and instant delivery. At this point you want to win as many races as you can and earn enough money to upgrade to a stage 1 restoration. This will include having the bodywork filled and sanded, and having unnessesary internal weight stripped. This will improve the look of your car (although not by much) and more importantly, the initial launch speed.

CSR Classics Tier One Chevy Impala Restoration

As soon as have enough gold you will want to purchase a race decal. The key is to buy the decal that pays the highest race decal bonus. This decal was very expensive but it pays a bonus of several thousand dollars for every race you win. That bonus is going to allow you to buy more upgrades and more upgrades will allow you to win more races. I’ts a lovely cycle.  Here’s the Chevy Impala with the race decal applied:

CSR Classics Tier One Chevy Impala Restoration Decal

At some point during the early stages of the game your agent is going to make you an offer you should strongly consider; a starter pack containing a fair amount of cash and a significant amount of gold for $2.99 real dollars. I think it’s a good deal that’ll allow you to speed up the restoration process.

The fastest way to win money for upgrades is to alternate between the Ladder and Regulation Races until you have enough for an upgrade. Keep getting upgrades until you have enough to beat one of the crew members. Then go back and forth between the Ladder and Regulation Races until you have enough money to get an upgrade. Eventually you’ll get to the point that you won’t need to do Regulation Races because the Ladder Races are so much more rewarding. And eventually you’ll get to the point that you will be able to beat Marco without maxing out your car.  Here’s an image of the T1 Crew:

CSR Classics Tier 1Crew

One final note; even with all the upgrades you’re going to know the most important thing about driving yours or any car–you need to know when to deploy your Nitrous. Don’t get all worked up over elaborate shift patterns (although I talk about and suggest Perfect Shift Patterns quite extensively on this site).

The key to winning is understanding the effective use of Nitrous and its relationship to wheelspin.

When your wheels are spinning you are NOT moving forward as fast as when you are when your wheels are not spinning. Therefore the best time to use your Nitrous is when your wheels are not spinning. How do you know when your wheels are not spinning? Just look at the tiny little wheel spin icon to the left of the tachometer. It will light up and spin when you launch and when you shift gears and it will stop when you come out of a wheelspin. This is the precise moment that you want to hit the Nitrous. It’s going to require a bit of practice to perfect this because it requires near perfect hand/eye coordination.

I almost forgot…this is what my fully restored Chevy Impala looks like:

CSR Classics Tier One Chevy Impala Totally Restored

You may notice that the decal is different…that’s because when you upgrade to Stage 4 parts the higher paying decals are unlocked.  This decal cost and pays way more than the one that you started with but you have to wonder, now that you’ve beaten Marco and moved on to Tier 2, how much will you be racing this car going forward?  There are a ton of Restriction and Regulation Races left and a few Ladder Races left with huge rewards but its up to to decide…keep upgrading your T1 or move on to your T2.  I’ve decided to move on to T2 and I suggest you do too.

Next up:  CSR Classics Tier 2 Mercedes Benz 280 SL Restoration Project

Coming soon!

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