This article will walk you through the process of restoring your totally “unloved” T2 Mercedes Benz 280 SL.  

MB 280 SL Tier 2 Stock

It will also provide you with some useful tips and tricks that will enable you to beat the T2 Crew Boss and her minions.  It will also guide you through the various race modes that will allow you to earn the cash and gold you will need to move the restoration process forward as quickly as possible.

Before we get to the restoration process let’s talk a little about the race modes and the secret to winning.  The fastest way to win money for upgrades is to participate (and win) in the various Race Modes. Here’s a quick break down of the different race modes:

Regulation Races – Rookie, Amateur, and Pro level races that pay a fixed amount plus bonuses for perfect start, perfect shifts, and decal bonuses. Once you have enough upgrades you can win just about every race at every level you enter.

Ladder Races – Ladder races are great. Each race is more difficult than the last and the rewards get higher as you climb the ladder. As long as you’re constantly upgrading and are aware of the secret to winning, this is a great place to earn a lot of money for upgrades.

Restriction Races – Another option to earn money and master the secret to winning. If you can race and win restriction races you should be well prepared to race without them.  The amount of money you can win in this race mode is surprisingly high but you have to remember to re-install your upgrades when you move to a different race mode.

Daily Battle – You drive a randomly selected car against an equally matched opponent. This is a very challenging race mode made even more difficult by the fact that you’re driving a car that you’re totally unfamiliar with. You can race up to three times a day and the rewards are high but you have to win to collect and if you don’t know the secret to winning you don’t stand a chance.

Crew Battles – As long as you’re constantly upgrading and are aware of the secret to winning, this is a good place to earn a lot of money and it’s, in my opinion, the most fun race mode.

So what is the secret to winning?

The secret to winning is knowing when to use your Nitrous Oxide Boost. The best time to use your nitrous is at the precise moment when you come out of a wheelspin.  And (never lead a sentence with “and”) although the appearance of your car is important the performance is even more-so, so keep buying those upgrades. Speaking of appearances…

The Restoration Process…

Pre-Restoration – There are several Tier 2 cars from which to choose. I chose the unloved version of the Mercedes Benz 280 SL for $58,000 which, as you can see, is in pretty bad shape. The car you choose is up to you. Whether you choose the unloved version or the loved version is also up to you. I prefer the unloved version because I enjoy going through the transformation process.

Stage 1 Restoration – When you purchase the Stage 1 Restoration package you’ll get an initial rust removal service and a removal of the spare wheel. This results in a slight weight reduction which will improve acceleration. I urge you to purchase the highest paying decal as this will increase your winnings dramatically. This will also result in a slight improvement in overall appearance.

Stage 2 Restoration – The Stage 2 Restoration upgrade includes extensive bodywork (filling and sanding) and additional stripping of internal weight. The final result is an improvement of launch speed.

Stage 3 Restoration – The Stage 3 Restoration package features the application of primer and a base coat of paint. It also includes further removal of internal components to reduce weight. This will help improve launch speed and overall performance.

Stage 4 Restoration – When you purchase the Stage 4 Restoration package you’ll get…


Stage 5 Restoration – When you purchase the Stage 5 Restoration package you’ll get…and this is what your fully restored MLB will look like (pretty cool, huh?)…

CSR Classics Tier 2 Mercedes Benz 280 SL Restoration Project Before and After

Next up:  CSR Classics Tier 3 xyz Restoration Project

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