welcome to lucrazonSomeone told me I could make money with Lucrazon Global. Someone else told me it’s a scam. So I put on my research hat and attempted to find out for myself. The first thing I did was Google “Lucrazon Global Reviews”. Most of the reviews were confusing and filled with bitter criticism and malice, some were overly biased in favor of the company, and one in particular was clear and honest.

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The confusing ones attempted to explain and criticize the Lucrazon Global business model and compensation plan (many of these were vitriolic).

The favorable reviews seemed to have been written by people who had a vested interest in Lucrazon Global.

The clear and honest review was written by an expert in the ecommerce and merchant account industry. One thing he did that made this review so much better than the others is he did a side by side comparison between Lucrazon Global and its competitors. For example, Lucrazon Global is way more expensive than its competitors who offer the same service. This review also included a long list of complaints from people who signed up and invested in Lucrazon Global’s Brand Partner program.

The clear and honest review can be found at;


The second thing I did was visit the Lucrazon Global website to take a look around. I must say it is an impressive website and I got the feeling that they were entirely legitimate.

The third thing I did was Google “Lucrazon News”. The most interesting news story was this one;

The Latino Coalition Partners with Lucrazon Global for the 2014 Lucrazon Global Convention

ABOUT THE LATINO COALITION– The Latino Coalition (TLC) was founded in 1995 by a group of Hispanic business owners from across the country to research and develop policies relevant to Latinos. TLC is a non-profit nationwide organization with offices in California, Washington, DC and Guadalajara, Mexico. Established to address policy issues that directly affect the well-being of Hispanics in the United States, TLC’s agenda is to develop initiatives and partnerships that will foster economic equivalency and enhance overall business, economic and social development for Latinos. Visit www.thelatinocoalition.com.

ABOUT LUCRAZON– Lucrazon is an Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP), PCI DSS Level 1, that offers multi-functionality web site with integrated Shopping Cart, Product Inventory, and access to Suppliers, Drop Shippers as well as a Payment Gateway with real time Merchant Account activation. Lucrazon is a registered Visa and MasterCard Merchant Service Provider. Visit www.lucrazon.com.

ABOUT LUCRAZON GLOBAL– Lucrazon Global is designed for highly motivated individuals with an interest to become business owners specializing in the world of Ecommerce and Merchant Services. Visit www.lucrazonglobal.com.

Highlights from the convention;

“Lucrazon Global exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit of this country,” said TLC Chairman Hector Barreto. “The formation of this strategic partnership between The Latino Coalition and Lucrazon Global is an important relationship that considerably grows our membership by the thousands and strengthens our position as one of the premier leaders in the small business world. We look forward to this exciting and unique collaboration that will significantly benefit small businesses and entrepreneurs globally.”

Lucrazon Founder and CEO, Alex Pitt added, “Lucrazon Global looks forward to working with The Latino Coalition — a premier organization empowering small business and providing expertise and community leadership. Our ongoing partnership will be revolutionary for the diverse and vibrant business
community and will build on our experience and strong innovation.”

“The Latino Coalition is excited to work with over 10,000 Lucrazon Global brand partners. The partnership helps the Latino Coalition expand its presence globally, and will provide Lucrazon Global members with an opportunity to grow their networks, gain knowledge from high impact panels and benefit from procurement opportunities in upcoming events such as the TLC Small Business Summit taking place is Washington, DC on June 11, 2014,” said Allen Gutierrez, The Latino Coalition National Executive Director.

This sounds like a very positive endorsement for Lucrazon Global.

Which leads me to the question;

Is the Latin Coalition really in partnership with Lucrazon Global?

I checked the official Latin Coalition website and learned there are three types of partnerships:

  1. Coalition Partnerships
  2. Corporate Partnerships
  3. Strategic Partnerships

I searched and Lucrazon is not listed as a partner in any of these categories.  If someone can confirm that Lucrazon is a partner please respond in the comment section below.

The fourth thing I did was Google “2014 Lucrazon Global Convention” This took me to the website where people could register for the April 8th convention. I was surprised to see that three influential people were listed as featured speakers;

lucrazon convention

Which leads me to the question;

Did Governor Mitt Romney really address the Lucrazon Global convention?

I can’t find any proof that he (or either of the other distinguished gentlemen pictured above) did. However, according to PR Newswire, he did speak at the Latino Coalition’s Annual Economic Summit on May 23 in  Washington, DC.  If someone has proof that he did speak at the Lucrazon convention please respond in the comment section below.

lucrazon romney vincente fox casrlos gutierrez

I plan to keep an eye on what takes place over the coming weeks so come back often.

I was also curious about the announcement that TLC Chairman Hector Barreto was elected to Lucrazon Global’s Board of Directors.

Which leads to the question;

Who is Hector Baretto and how/why is he involved with Lucrazon Global?

Acording to wikepedia.org;

“In July 2001, Hector Barreto was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the 21st administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. In this capacity, he oversaw the delivery of financial and business development tools to America’s entrepreneurs. With a portfolio of direct and guaranteed business loans and disaster loans worth more than $45 billion, the SBA is the largest single financial backer and facilitator of technical assistance and contracting opportunities for the nation’s small businesses. Barreto also sat as an ex officio member on the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans.

He recently wrote a book “The Engine of America: The Secrets to Small Business Success From Entrepreneurs Who Have Made It!”. At present, he is the board member for Lucrazon Global.”

This is an incredible book and I recommend it highly. Click below to read what people have to say…

Which leads to the question;

Why would a highly respected person like Mr. Hector Baretto associate himself with a company like Lucrazon Global?

Maybe despite the negative comments Lucrazon really is a viable opportunity and they’ve just fallen and are trying to get back up. If he believes this to be true I’d like to hear it from him. Better yet if he is associated with Lucrazon he owes it to the people who trust him and who were influenced by him to join Lucrazon to say something. I can’t figure this one out. If you have a theory I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.


There is a lot of hype and some very powerful info backed by some powerful and influential groups and individuals. I’m not sure how much of it is true. That’s why it’s important to do research before you invest your hard earned dollar into money making opportunities.

Here are just two of the negative comments;

“Lucrazon is a scam! I have the same problem, I bought 8 units, that was 8,000 and they are telling me that all i can get back is $50 for the last months website hosting fee and I still have not receive my money… I want to join a class action law suit. Do you have any information to share? Thank you.”

“Been a brand partner with the Lucrazon Global since February. Myself and a few members who I recruited have tried contacting the company regarding a promised daily bonus multiple times since we started. When we first reached out to Lucrazon in February, brand partners were being told that the daily bonus was not going to take into effect until after the company launch date April 12th. At that point brand partners would be receiving anywhere between $10-$13 daily per business unit. This is what Lucrazon was promising 3-6 months prior to launch date. This is along with the selling of business portfolios for 30x the amount were a few of the major reasons there were so many members signing up. I put $8000 myself for 15 Business units and I was able to
recruit two members who each purchased 15 business units as well. A week or two before the launch Lucrazon began changing the compensation plan saying that the daily bonus wasn’t a fixed number, but a percentage of the daily company profit. Mind you they began changing what they were promoting after many members had already bought in to the company. Some of the head leaders at the time before the launch date were even promising upwards to $30 daily per business unit once the company launched overseas. Come April 12th, there was no action in our bank accounts only the monthly withdrawal of $50. Every now and then I would receive small deposits of .76 cents from the daily bonus for my 15 units and as for members in my down line they weren’t receiving any type of daily bonus whatsoever. Their response when we contacted them was that the company was having internal errors with the payout system. They were saying brand partners were not having available funds in their bank accounts for split funding therefore causing issues with payments. 

Lucrazon told its members that they would be paid accordingly once these issues were resolved. They also said that daily bonuses would only increase from the launch date onward. Now it has been almost 4 months since the company launch date and I’ve received no more than $20 worth of daily bonus in total. Members of my down line have received no money whatsoever. Mind you in these 4 months, instead of sitting and waiting for the daily bonus situation to be fixed, we decided to focus more on the merchant side of things. We have collectively submitted about 5-7 merchant statements and have had no luck whatsoever. No response from the company till 30-40 days later. And when we do get a response there are no savings for merchants we are trying to recruit. It looks like we are not the only members who are having this issue. Speaking to a few other brand partners they are having the same problem. To cut a long story short myself and other members in my down line asked for a refund because Lucrazon Global has not lived up to its brand partner expectations.
There response to us was the same that many others are getting. They can only refund us $50 for the last months website hosting fee. We plan on taking legal action as a whole.”

Latest rumors;

lucrazon global rumors

Check out these incredibly vague responses to important questions that were posted on the Lucrazon Global Facebook page;

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2425" src="https://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Lurazon-Global-News-Facebook-page more tips here.jpg” alt=”Lurazon Global News Facebook page” width=”499″ height=”164″ srcset=”https://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Lurazon-Global-News-Facebook-page.jpg 499w, https://retirehealthywealthyandwise.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Lurazon-Global-News-Facebook-page-300×98.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 499px) 100vw, 499px” />

latest lucrazon global facebook reply to question

latest lucrazon global facebook reply to question part 2

More questions and answers posted on the Lucrazon Global Facebook page;

Lucrazon Global Facebook Post 4

Lucrazon Global Facebook Post 3


Lucrazon Global Facebook Post 3 Lucrazon Global Facebook Post 2

Lucrazon Global Facebook Post


This leads to the question;

What can you do to get your money back from Lucrazon?

I wrote a post exploring this concern as it applies to Better Living Global Marketing. You can read it here and I hope it offers insight on what you can do to recoup (or at least stem) your losses;

How to Get Your Money Back From BLGM

If you have any other ideas on what can be done please respond in the comment section below.

Here are some important updates from ongoing research and my anonymous sources:

  • They have not been paying since May 2014…steer clear!
  • I was at the launch event in LA. Hector, Mitt and the former President of Mexico WERE there…but they DID NOT endorse nor even speak about Lucrazon. It was all fluff.
  • Several NBC affiliate stations on the west coast have pulled a news story about the LA convention/launch event. This usually happens when the station realizes they made a mistake and are embarrassed that they covered the story. Here’s what it says if you go to the stations website; “The page you requested is currently unavailable. Pages on this site are constantly being revised, updated, and occasionally removed. You may have followed an outdated link or have outdated pages in your browser cache. Please use your browser’s BACK button to return to the previous page. We apologize for any inconvenience.”
  • Lucrazon has not posted a tweet on its Twitter page since May 14 2014. That’s right about the time that, according to some people, they stopped paying their Brand Partners
  • Lucrazon has not replied to any comments on its blog (www.lucrazonglobal.com) since May 2 2014
  • I called Lucrazon customer support at 888-840-0796 and actually spoke to a Lucrazon representitive. So if you have any questions I suggest you give them a call Monday  through Friday 8-5 PST and Saturday 7-4 PST
  • Lucrazon has a training call every Saturday from 9-9:30 AM PST and 12-12:30 PM EST. Unfortunately no one was on the call today (August 30, 2014). Maybe they cancelled today’s training because it is the Labor Day weekend. I’ll try again next Saturday. Here are the training call details;

Lucrazon Global Training Call


  • go to ALTO AL FRAUDE on fb…they have a whole page, it means stop the fraud…..They have the media reports on their page…its chaotic, LG is a fraud…I used to defend them but I gave up..bunch of BS…
  • Yes, im telling this does not look promising for LG…they really screwed everyone. they may think that they can continue to screw people up in Europe but the word gets around fast
  • I bought 8 BUs, I was the leader of a big hispanic group here in Dallas tx, everyone got ripped off…
    many blame me cuz i would give the presentations…i only repeated what the 4 co founders said in their presentations but it turned out to be a huge lie…and yes Mitt Romney did participate in the convention but look, what LG did? they screwed everyone…what can poor Alice, do ? nothing…
  • Merrick bank who was the bank that was working with LG when it first started when they found out what LG did to us, they dropped them immediately from what i heard. Merrick bank is scared cuz we can all sue them for a ton of money
    so from what I heard they froze LG 150 million dollars worth…hopefully we can get some of our money back
  • Dont join no matter what my friend, dont commit the same mistake we already did…we lost our money…dont lose yours
  • Since your on my FB friends now, look up kevin jackson, hes leading an english group…i think its called lucrascam lol…
  • LG will never mention any of this to anyone..they want unsuspecting victims to pay em the 1000 fee…Im letting you know…they havent paid out since like May…they owe people commision money, they have a ton of excuses for not paying
  • Oscar Garcia also on my FB list was the VP of Sales i think…he got kicked out already…do your investigations
  • If you have no interest in becoming a Brand Partner you may be interested in working for Lucrazon as a Developer or Engineer. Read this review by a Lucrazon employee;

whats it like to work for lucrazon

According to the Lucrazon website you can signup and try the Brand Partner program for free for 14 days (no credit card info required).  If you decide to become a Brand Partner there is a one-time non-refundable $1000 setup fee plus $50 per month. Or you can join my #1 recommended program for building an online business for free. And if you do decide to become a Premium member it’s just $47 per month and you’ll get so much more.

Which leads to the final question;

How does Lucrazon Global compare to Wealthy Affiliate?

Thanks for stopping by. Cool

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19 Responses to Can You Make Money with Lucrazon or is it Just Another Scam?

  1. LakanDula says:

    I’ve never heard of this company before, but looks to me like one of those with roller-coaster reviews. I tend to stay away from these programs, because it can be confusing to know which comments and reviews are true as the deep blue, or biased. Never knew Mitt Romney’s name was even used or involved, those tend to be fake. Not saying it is though.

  2. Tim says:

    Really well put together and informative review, thanks for sharing.

    I had not heard of this company before, it sounds like I’d want to stay away from them based on this. I’m not big on mlm’s in general though. I don’t think they are scams but I am very cautious. Hyped up claims are always a big part of them. Cheers

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Roland,

    I had not heard of Lucrazon before, but if I had before reading your review I may have been tempted to try it. I am glad I read your review before ever hearing about it because you really point out in depth the kind of information that gives a clear outline for an informed decision.

    My decision is to stay clear, it sounds like a lot of people have lost money, I only hope they stand a chance of getting it back, but you will save some people with your honest review, thanks.


  4. Kunal says:

    Hi Roland,

    Very Very Comprehensive Review, This is the first time I came across Lucrazon and your review was really helpful in understanding more about it, You have laid all the positives and negatives very preofessionaly without being biased towards one particular angle. I can see your post is nearly 11 months old, what’s your views now ? Is Lucrazon worth trying or not ?


  5. Joey says:

    Does anyone remember when the deadline was for refunds? I sent in my refund forms on April 25th…just wondering.

  6. Sal says:

    We were 1 of the lucky ones to receive our money back ($8,000.00). But I know for a fact that there are still brand partners out there that were not so lucky and are still waiting for their refunds. I personally know a gentleman that sent his cancellation documents the same week I sent mine and to date he hasn’t received anything. I suggest you cancel your credit card so they stop billing you the $50 monthly fee. I also know there is a group in San Diego who are getting brand patners together for a class action suit. Best wishes to you all!

  7. Roland says:

    There’s a lot of negative information and rumors swirling around the internet when it comes to Lucrazon Global which leads us to the question;

    Can Lucrazon survive?

    First of all let’s dispel the rumor that Lucrazon is being investigated by the SEC. I checked the SEC website and Lucrazon is not being investigated.

    Second of all Lucrazon is not being sued by the vast majority of it’s Brand Partners. In fact the majority of Brand Partners are holding on to their accounts because they believe (or they’re hoping) that everything is going to turn out alright.

    One bright spot is the Lucrazon Social Media Manager, Ms. Alice Ly. She’s doing a great job managing the Lucrazon brand across all of the major social media platforms and keeping people aware of what’s going on. If Lucrazon is able to fix its problems it will be in position to repair it’s image and restore it’s reputation fairly quickly. You can read more about Alice and the other team members at http://www.lucrazon.com/team.

    I listened to a couple of corporate calls and it sounds like the leaders are working hard to resolve all the problems. They seem confident that Lucrazon can overcome all obstacles and they seem to really believe that the company is here to stay and will be a huge success. They strongly encourage the Branding Partners to hang in there. Since they are not willing to refund the $1000 set-up fees to those that want to quit, perhaps they should suspend the $50 monthly fee until more of the problems are fixed. which leads us to the question;

    What do you think?

  8. Cathy says:

    Meddling politics with economy can be a very tricky business. One should question if they are there to support or to “benefit” from whatever there is to be monetized. I am just saying in general.

    Many people out there have tried to ‘launch new business’ ideas by pulling in some political influence and whether that works or not, it does make those who are trying to operate a decent business look less “powerful”.

    Keep us posted on this Roland.

    • Roland Bonay says:

      You bring up an interesting point Cathy. If Lucrazon is indeed a scam then the politicians involved will have some explaining to do. I’m surprised they have remained silent while it appears that there are some very unhappy people who have lost money.

  9. Neil says:

    Hey, Roland

    Thanks for a thorough review on Lucrazon Global. To be honest, this is something I’ve never heard about online but thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    I suppose with scams sometimes, we have the urge to try them for ourselves to see what the outcome is, just to say that we’ve tried it, been there and got the t-shirt.

    Thanks also for sharing that table above and it just shows that Wealthy Affiliate can beat any online training platform out there.


  10. Richard says:


    Nice review, these guys are clearly to be avoided.

    The MLM get in early then change the terms seems to work every time.

  11. Hi Roland. Thank you for sharing the information. Actually I am impressed with your internet research skill. All the best to you.

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