diverticulitis surgery

I’m writing this from a hospital bed.* I’ve been here for over 12 hours and I’m not sure when I’m going home.

I’m here because I’ve been fighting the truth, ignoring the inevitable, and I refused to ask for help.  I was having painful stomach cramps for several days. I was taking over the counter medications but nothing helped. Finally my wife Margee, who works in the medical field, demanded we go to the Hospital Emergency Room.  The duty nurse said something like, “you look like sh*t” and ordered a young intern to run some tests.  They decided they needed to perform a CT scan to get more data.

I was beginning to feel a little nervous.  The tests would take some time so Margee left to run some errands.

The CT scan results came in. I was diagnosed with acute diverticulitis and an abdominal abscess. I was told I would be spending the night at the hospital.

When my doctor showed up he said, “You’re going to need surgery to remove the abscess.”

I called Margee to tell her I was being admitted for “observation.”  Here’s my story;

 Day 1

diverticulitis beginning

GW CoverThe news was, at first, very difficult to swallow. I was having trouble visualizing myself sporting a colostomy bag under my new sports coat. I began to cry but I stopped when I realized that I was actually about to get help.

When I got to my room a nurse and a CNA hooked me up to an IV to prevent dehydration.  Then they hooked me up with an antibiotic drip to prevent/fight infection.  I was also given some intense pain medications.  For the first time in several days I was starting to feel physically comfortable and mentally relaxed.  

Margee arrived a short time later.  She then proceeded to double check all of my “connections”.

The nurse asked if I would like a flu shot.  I was about to answer and then…

Margee said, “Yes!”

The nurse asked if I would like a pneumonia prevention shot.

“Yes!” said Margee.

I was not going to argue.


Day 2

diverticulitis middle

Margee told me that the last thing you go to the hospital for is rest. They wake you up to check your vitals every two hours and they wake you to update your fluids and meds as often as necessary.

And if your IV stops working they wake you up so they can get it going again.

And if they’re not waking you up for something they’re waking up your room mate which wakes you up by proxy.

I’ve been here for over 24 hours and I’m still not sure when I’m going home.

I’m being fed and hydrated intravenously. I watch the food network more than anything else. I have my lap top so I can work on my blog posts. The only thing I miss (but not that much) is access to the internet. My smart phone signal comes and goes (mostly goes). I have a land-line so I can keep in touch with work and my family and friends. The hospital staff is amazing.

I saw the surgical team today. The team consists of a radiologist, three surgeons, and a host of medical students.

They explained my options:

Option one was to go in with a special needle (The Needle) and drain the abscess.

Option two was to go in with knives, clamps, and sutures and surgically repair the damage.

They decided to try to drain it first. So they prepared me for a second CAT scan to make sure they knew exactly where the abscess was located. I lay there wondering if I was going to feel any pain when they stuck me with The Needle. They gave me a sedative and I fell asleep. They woke me up and told me they were taking me back to my room.

“It’s over?” I asked.

The abdominal abscess, to everyone’s surprise, was gone.

“This is your Christmas miracle,” an X-ray tech told me as they wheeled me away.

“You healed yourself,” said the radiologist.

The doctors are discussing this unexpected turn of events and should be standing by my bedside soon to tell me what happens next.

P.S. I did ask God to give me the strength to get through this (and apparently He did) and I did meditate and repeat the affirmation that “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy” while using the Silva three finger technique (and that seems to have payed off as well).

I consider myself a spiritual person but I don’t think anything happens without an explanation.  I did some research and discovered that there may be a scientific reason why I was able to “heal myself”.

scientific explanation of my recovery

Could it be that my prayers and meditations actually increased my serotonin levels which allowed me to become more relaxed and decrease my colon muscle spasms?

Day 3

diverticulitis end

I’m enjoying a breakfast of hot tea, orange jello, lemon Italian Ice, and apple juice. If I tolerate this they said I can have “soft” solid foods for lunch and dinner. If I can handle this I will be going home.

Members of the surgical team have been stopping by to see how I’m doing;

Medical Student (referring to the cancelled abscess drain): “You missed the Needle! Awesome!”

Intern: “You did great!”

Radiologist: “You healed yourself!”

Doctor: “I hear you miraculously healed yourself…that’s great…I still want to see you in two weeks!”

Head Surgeon: “You’re something of an enigma around here. What you did just doesn’t happen. Here’s my card…I need to see you after the holidays.”

Margee told me that sometimes abscesses “go into hiding.”

I’m not going to argue with that.

One thing I didn’t mention is that, on the day of my admission, the ER nurse told me that my wife probably saved my life. If I waited another day without proper treatment, the abdominal abscess could have started leaking and the infection would have spread through my digestive track and major surgery would have been unavoidable. Thank you Margee!

It’s been 72 hours and I’m going home very soon. 

I’m off the IV and I’m eating solid foods. My last hospital meal is meat loaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and grilled zucchini. It looks and tastes very good. I feel great.

I promised Margee that I will no longer fight the truth, no longer ignore the inevitable, and no longer refrain from getting the proper help when it is obviously needed. Not just as it pertains to my own health but as it pertains to all areas of our lives.

I’m lucky enough to be able to afford excellent health insurance. It’s about time that I start using it so I can go to my doctor when by body (or when Margee) tells me it’s time to do so. I also plan to use it for preventative care and routine maintenance.

I’m also going to start practicing my meditations daily and express my gratitude for things more regularly.

Do you have a miraculous recovery from a health issue that you think might be the result of prayer or meditation?  I’d love to hear from you!  Leave your story, comment, or question in the comment section below.

And, as always, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Diverticulitis (diver-tic-u-li-tis) is a severe form of diverticulosis (diver-tic-u-lo-sis). Diverticulosis is a very common condition in which small pockets form along your colon. These pockets make it difficult for bowel movements to pass through your digestive system. Diverticulitis occurs when food or bacteria get stuck in the pockets causing them to become inflamed or infected. The symptoms of diverticulitis include fever, stomach pain, and nausea.

If you have any of these symptoms, don’t be stupid like me and hope that they will go away. Do the right thing and call your doctor.

P.S.S. I focused on me (as a man) in this article but diverticulitis affects women too.

surgery prep





*P.S.S.S. I wrote this in 2011 and it got lost when Posterous.com went away. So here it is on my new website.


RC Bonay

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9 Responses to Can Meditation Cure Diverticulitis?

  1. What an amazing experience. Reminds me of the expression, I think from the bible, “physician heal thyself”.
    My mother-law, after long abdominal pain, went to hospital with a burst ulcer and died of peritonitis.
    It sounds as if you could have had a close call.
    Very interesting read and thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Hi Roland, I’m glad that you have come up. it kind of funny that we men think we are invulnerable and it is only when we have it really bad that we seek medical advice. I’ve personally never tried any form of meditation but I do have a good spirit and fight for the good mood makes life much easier to live

  3. Hey Roland,

    Meditation surely does heal. I’ve used meditation to heal Headache, Wrist pain, and even to lower blood pressure.

    Glad that you’re doing well!

    • Roland Bonay says:

      Thanks Dan! I’m still a little skeptical about some of the claims such as finding good parking spaces and changing traffic lights but I can’t argue with the results I’ve gotten with meditation.

  4. Virgie says:

    WOW Roland. I’ve heard of people who have had this problem and it can be deadly. Thank God you are on the road to recovery and I will pray that continues for you. Take care of YOU!

  5. Jack Cao says:

    Hi Roland! Great to see that you are ok! Must have been a terrible experience for you on the first day. I came from visiting my wife’s brother in the hospital and he is having stomach problems as well. Not sure if symptom is the same but would definitely like to learn how you meditate. Hope you can give me some tips.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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