Everybody is a Winner

agent alice episode 9 sam harper

Sam Harper Blues Guitarist

The team (Alice, Pete, and Ben) goes to a community in New Orleans, Louisiana to investigate a report that people are fighting – and killing each other over lottery winnings. Not just a few people but almost everyone in the community. Pete suggests they begin their investigation at a bar.  A man with a guitar greets them by telling them the bar is closed. Alice tells him they are special agents investigating the recent events. He seems relieved that someone is finally there to make sense of what has been happening. The bar is a wreck (see scene # 1 below). They ask if they can look around. He says sure. They find two clues; a broken bottle and a pool of blood. The man with the guitar is Sam Harper. He tells them it was “the ugliest fight he has ever seen.” Two people were fighting over lottery winnings. They determine that the bottle might be a murder weapon. Sam tells them that something is causing the people to go nuts and it isn’t just the money.

They go to the street and it’s very calm (see scene # 2 below) until they notice that most of the houses have for sale signs on them and one brand new convertible has been vandalized. You’ll need 2 stars to examine the for sale signs and 1 hour (or $25) to examine the car.

agent alice episode 9 craig mallient

Craig Mallient Channel 6 News

Alice examined the “SOLD” sign and it’s apparent that people wanted to leave the community despite the lottery winnings. Pete examined the flashy convertible and discovered it was purchased by one of the “lucky” lottery winners. But then someone damaged it. As Alice and Pete are talking they are nearly run over by a news van. They approach the news van to find out who just arrived. It’s Craig Mallient from Channel Six News. He asks if they are here for the murder or the money. Alice tells him to get the mic out of her face. He tells her she has “bite”…something he doesn’t often see in chicks. Something tells me these two are not going to get along. She shows him her Federal Agent badge and demands that he shows them his van (see scene # 3 below). They search the van and find a clue; a news reel. Pete thinks Craig must have found some dirt on the lottery story. Alice decides to question him to see what he knows. You’ll have to earn 2 stars to allow Alice to talk to the slimy reporter.

agent alice episode 9 amanda

Amanda the Seedy Bar Singer Lottery Winner

Alice talks to Craig and learns that 30 people from the community have won money in the lottery. He’s filming a story about the turmoil that has ensued as many of the winners have turned against each other. He tells her that a singer at the bar named Amanda knows everything. They go back to the bar to interview Amanda. They don’t find her but they do find a pay slip with her name. Amanda arrives and tells them them the  pay slip is hers and it’s her last check because she won the lottery and is leaving. You’ll need to earn 2 stars to get more info from Amanda. I find the News Van the best place to look for hidden objects and earn stars because it is brightly lit. Of course you will only be able to search this scene 2 or 3 times before it gets very difficult and/or before you get locked out.

They talk to Amanda the singer — they ask her how is it possible for 30 people to win the lottery. She tells them that she prayed a lot and her prayers came true. She tells them to go to her church if they want more answers. Alice suspects that Amanda may be the dreamer that is allowing the super-natural entity that is allowing this to happen to enter the real world. They’re about to go to the church but then the “church comes to them” in the form of a broken U.S. currency printing plate and the minister of the church. You’ll need 2 stars to assemble the printing plate (and probably 2 more to talk to the minister).

agent alice episode 9 the good word

They talk to him and he tells them that all of these blessings originate at the local grocery store where the winning tickets have been sold. The grocery store clerk doesn’t like the fact that Alice and her team is snooping around. So far we know that 30 people have won the lottery. We also know that the lottery company has no record of these “winners”. The Reverend says the winning tickets were all sold at the local grocery. The lady at the grocery store is upset that “more cops” are coming around asking questions and bothering “poor folks”. She denies any foul play.

agent alice episode 10 grocery clerk

What do you think is going on? Is this a SCAM? Or is a supernatural force involved?

Scroll Down for Tips, Hints, and Huge Screen Shots

Scene One – Seedy Bar

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 9 scene 1 seedy bar

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 Scene Two – Streets

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge) ?

agent alice episode 9 scene 1 streets

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Scene Three – News Van

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 9 scene 3 news van

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Scene Four – Grocery Store

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 10 grocery store

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Scene Five – Amanda’s House

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 9 amandas house

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Here’s a few tips on how to find hidden objects faster and with fewer errors;

  1. Click search to start the scene on your device
  2. Take a snap shot of the scene on your device
  3. Pause the scene on your device
  4. Go to the gallery on your device
  5. Email the scene to yourself
  6. Go to your email and open the scene on a laptop, desktop or large screen tablet
  7. Analyze the scene for a minute or so (try to remember where all the hidden objects are)
  8. Go back to the game on your device and click resume to find all the hidden objects

If you get stuck just pause the game and refer back to the scene on your laptop, desktop or large screen tablet.

Whenever you don’t have enough energy (see yellow arrow below) you can quit the game by clicking the back button on your device.  It takes 2 minutes to earn 1 lightening bolt of energy.  Most tasks require 10 energy units so, if you run out of energy, plan on waiting at least 20 minutes for enough energy to resume playing.  You can resume playing and start where you left off by relaunching the app.

agent alice quit game


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PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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