Agent Alice Game – Episode 8 – The Legend of Las Arañas

agent alice episode 8 las aranas

troubled teen or concerned citizen?


agent alice episode 8 Rupert

Rupert -worried dad or evil deed doer?

Agent Alice and the team are assigned to a new case that takes them to a Los Angeles suburb besieged by spiders. The streets are covered with huge spiders. The schools are closed, kids are missing, and it appears local authorities have lost control. They search the neighborhood and find a boy trapped in a cocoon. You”ll need two stars to set him free (see scene 1 below for hints). The boy has been bitten and is about to go into shock. Ben needs to treat him right away. They take him to a nearby house. They search the house for help (see scene 2 below for hints). They meet a man named Rupert. They ask if he has a first aid kit or any medical supplies. He does not but says that the school does. He gets them a map of the city. They’ll need it to find the school. By the way, he tells them, the school is closed so they’ll need to find a way in. He also gives them a crowbar which will help them get in the school and double as protection because, as he puts it, “there’s something out there.”

agent alice episode 8 school girl

Innocent school girl or demon?

Pete is assigned to watch the boy while Alice and Ben go to the school to find medical supplies. They break into and search the school…it’s pretty nasty (see scene # 3 below). They encounter a student which they find strange since the school is obviously closed. How did she get in? She tells them they can find medical supplies down the hall in he Nurse’s Office. She points in the direction of the office, they look, they look back, and she’s gone. They get the medical supplies and go back to treat the boy.  His condition is now stable but they need to find the spider that bit him to develop a proper antidote. Alice and Ben go back to the Streets (see scene # 1 below) to search for the spider. They don’t find the spider but they do find a spider patch (a cloth patch with a spider design). They need to examine the patch which will require you to search for hidden objects and earn two stars.

agent alice episode 8 principal hernandez

Caring principal or clueless administrator?

The team is looking at the spider patch when a young man approaches them, snatches the patch, and runs off. He said something about it belonging to Las Arañas (Spanish for “the spiders” – is this a gang?). They go to Rupert’s house to see if he knows anything about Las Arañas. He tells them his daughter is missing. They ask if they can look around. He says yes.They search for hidden objects and find a clue; a family photo. Rupert confirms that it is his daughter in the photo and Pete makes an insulting remark implying that he’s too ugly to be the father. Rupert responds angrily and asks them to leave. You’re going to need two stars for Alice to smooth things over and get Rupert to cooperate with them.

They need to convince Rupert to tell them about his daughter so they can help find her. He’s reluctant – the police don’t know anything and Principal Hernandez is, in his words, useless. They go back to the school to search for clues. They encounter Principal Hernandez. She tells them the school is closed and that they must leave. They explain who they are and why they are there. They start searching despite her objections. They find a clue; a leftover slice of pizza. It’s obvious it was left there recently. How, they wonder, did it get there if the school is closed? They confront Principal Hernandez.  She orders them to leave. They tell her they’re not leaving until they get some answers. You’ll need two stars to talk to the Principal.

The principal tells them the patch belongs to the Las Arañas gang. Their leader is a teenager named Luis. They like to hang out at the Junkyard (see scene #4 below). They go to the junkyard and run into Luis, the same kid who snatched the patch from them earlier. He asks if they’re looking for trouble. They flash their badges and say they just want to talk. Luis panics and takes off. They search the junkyard and find two clues; a beer bottle and a metal box that has been welded shut. It’ll take two stars to examine the beer bottle and 10 minutes to open the metal box.

Opened the metal box and found a 1/2 heart necklace made from scrap metal. Pete suggests that Luis’ girlfriend has the other half. He wants to know what she plans to do with the beer bottle (I was thinking she wanted to dust them for prints). “You’ll see,” she says. She walks a good distance and places the bottle on the hood of a rusted car. She goes back to where Pete is standing. She pulls out her gun. Luis has been watching all along. It’s apparent he’s warming up to her (or at least he’s determined she is not a threat). She calls him over and bets him that she can hit the bottle with one shot. “No way little lady,” he says. “Tell you what,” she says. “If I hit the bottle you give me some answers.” He agrees. She (with YOUR help) hits the bottle. Luis is impressed. You’ll need to earn a star to question Luis about the poisoning. Alice wants to know why the spider patch was found near the boy who was bitten by the poisonous spider. Luis tells her they had nothing to do with it. Rupert suddenly shows up (he heard gun shots). He asks Alice if she’s OK. She says yes. He calls Luis a filthy rat. Luis asks if he’s looking for trouble. Alice asks them to remain calm. She leads Rupert away. She meets up with Ben and Pete to assess the situation and plan their next move. This will take 12 hours lisinopril medication. You can pay $65 and bypass the timer or you just wait. I recommend you wait and while you’re waiting you can keep searching for hidden objects and earning stars.

agent alice episode 8 spider drawing to luisThey talk to the principal to learn more about the spider legend. She tells them to look for a certain book. They find the book and a spider drawing. They consult the book for leads on the poisoning (wait 20 minutes or pay $12 to bypass the wait). While you’re waiting you can examine the spider drawing. Whoever drew it dedicated it to Luis. Talk to Lewis to find out who the artist is (see scene # 1 below to look for Luis). They don’t find Luis but they do find a giant spider. Ben tracks the spider to the junk yard and they discover it is a Dream Creature. Someone dreamed it up and it somehow found its way into the real world. They consult the book and it says, “Beware children, if you are bad a spider will take you to its cave.”  They go back to the junk yard to look for the spider. They find a gas can and some other parts and they (with your help) make a flamethrower to attack the giant spider.  The spider gets away and they follow it to the spider cave.

agent alice episode 8 flame thrower

They search the Spider Cave (see scene # 5 below) and they find a purse and a fire pit. You’ll need to search for hidden objects and earn 4 stars to examine the clues.  Both clues indicate that someone (or more than one) was here not long ago. A name tag on the purse says Jessica (Rupert’s daughter?). They come to the conclusion that Luis and Jessica are lovers and they’ve been using the spider cave as their secret love nest. They also find the other half of the heart necklace in Rupert’s daughter’s bedroom. You’ll need three stars to use Alice’s special gift on the necklace. Once you solve this puzzle the team will share their findings with Rupert. They tell him his daughter is in love with Luis and she ran away to be with him. Rupert is furious and denies the possibility that it might be true. He tells them to leave his home. Something tells them they should warn Luis that he might be in danger (you’ll need a star for that).

That’s all I’m going to tell you. I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you what happens next.  

Scroll Down for Tips, Hints, and Huge Screen Shots

Scene One – Streets

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

Agent Alice Episode 8 scene 1

Click to Enlarge

 Scene Two – Family Home

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 8 family home

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Scene Three – School

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 8 scene 3 school hints hidden objects

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 Scene Four – Junkyard

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 8 junkyard

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 Scene Five – Spider Cave

  How many hidden objects can you find in this scene (click image to enlarge)?

agent alice episode 8 spider cave

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Here’s a tip on how to find hidden objects faster and with fewer errors;

  1. Click search to start the scene on your device
  2. Take a snap shot of the scene on your device
  3. Pause the scene on your device
  4. Go to the gallery on your device
  5. Email the scene to yourself
  6. Go to your email and open the scene on a laptop, desktop or large screen tablet
  7. Analyze the scene for a minute or so (try to remember where all the hidden objects are)
  8. Go back to the game on your device and click resume to find all the hidden objects

If you get stuck just pause the game and refer back to the scene on your laptop, desktop or large screen tablet.

Whenever you don’t have enough energy (see yellow arrow below) you can quit the game by clicking the back button on your device.  It takes 2 minutes to earn 1 lightening bolt of energy.  Most tasks require 10 energy units so, if you run out of energy, plan on waiting at least 20 minutes for enough energy to resume playing.  You can resume playing and start where you left off by relaunching the app.

agent alice quit game


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PLEASE NOTE: Agent Alice is free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, just disable in-app purchases on your device.

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